Journey to the West S2 Ep1

screenshot_1N2D_03TV version

The show opens to a cartoon, narrated by SuGeun in gibberish that’s not-Cantonese-not-Mandarin-not-exactly-Korean either and tells us that the dragon balls have returned to China.

The day before they leave for China, the casts gather and the first thing HoDong says is that he doesn’t know why he’s there. I’ll tell you. You’re prey for Na PD. He drinks the PPL drink that they’ve scored due to newcomer Ahn JaeHyun’s casting and it’s surprisingly good.

Talk turns to SeungGi leaving for the army so unexpectedly early and JiWon calls out Na PD for arranging a meeting only after hearing about this.

Na PD tells them that the crew don’t actually know the newcomer well but SuGeun should since he’s worked with him before. HoDong asks for the name of the show and SuGeun just says that he can’t remember anything after the hardships of the past 2 years. That’s so sad. The show tells him to drink some bitter ChongMyeongTang for his memory loss.

A hidden camera brings us back to the crew’s meeting with Ahn JaeHyun who jokes that he totally checked the expiry date of his passport and packed everything for the trip before coming. Haha! Na PD’s reputation precedes him. He even brought his luggage!

Apparently, it was SeungGi who recommended him as replacement and Na PD does a background check by asking if he’s got any criminal background and whether he pays his taxes properly. That’s just twisting the knife now.

Their ties run deeper than expected because JaeHyun offers that he’s participated in the Chinese version of 1 Night 2 Days (there’s a Chinese version of that show? I didn’t know) and swore that he’d never participate in variety ever again. Says the guy sitting right before the god of variety.

Back at the casts’ meeting, SuGeun leaps up and happily guesses that JaeHyun is the newbie. HoDong is like, “who?” and JiWon just sits with a blank face. JiWon only recognizes him after You From Another Star is brought up while HoDong still doesn’t know a thing. Does he not watch TV? SuGeun on the other hand has him saved as “Delivery Boy” in his phone.

SuGeun teases the clueless HoDong and gets reminded of how they were the best 4 years ago.

JiWon ends up lying on the ground and mentions how HoDong was once excessively amazed by how far technology has come. HoDong disses himself by saying that if everyone were like him, no one would even have realized that there were 365 days a year and suddenly he gets excited by that.

At that moment, JaeHyun arrives with his huge luggage and the seniors greet him as Actor Ahn.

The atmosphere turns awkward and everyone gets shy. HoDong starts off by assuring him that they’re all good people even before anyone has said anything. HAHAHAAA!!! For some reason, HoDong grills him like a prospective father-in-law, asking everything about him.

JaeHyun’s stiff posture cracks me up.


JaeHyun gets asked what he thinks of HoDong and all that comes up are of him eating ramyun and having violent tendencies. HEEHEEHEE! Have they been drinking soju? Because HoDong’s all red in the face. JaeHyun’s word choice is amazing and cracks everyone up because he says he doesn’t remember the victim (as in “criminal” and “victim” in police talk). This guy is so refreshingly filter-less. HoDong tries to get back at him by grilling him some more but he’s all clean until he gets asked if he lives alone and lives “haphazardly”. His odd grin clues in HoDong to something passionate…*cough*

Na PD gets to the main issue by officially introducing JaeHyun as their new member on the new trip and HoDong punches SuGeun in the arm in excitement. He IS violent! Then he pushes JiWon to the ground when he tries to offer a toast. HA! And he does this all while ordering the rest not to make JaeHyun feel uncomfortable.

They’re shown a video that SeungGi shot for JaeHyun 2 days before his enlistment. While the music is sentimental, he subtly disses them all in the in the only way evil maknaes are allowed. He calls HoDong old, someone who eats too much and announces their arrival even after moving just 10m. JiWon is described as someone who knows he’s crazy, a gaming addict and not easy to talk to even though he’s warm. And he sleep-sits. SuGeun has scars in his heart that need healing and SeungGi specifically tells JaeHyun to remove his phone from his hands when he watches sports (so he can’t bet on anything). Plus, his farts smell terrible. Then he ends it off by with a heart-warming request for JaeHyun to accept their positive energies and to react to their jokes.

The screen turns to black… but he comes back to tell JaeHyun never to trust the “over-rated” producer Na YoungSeok no matter what and to always be suspicious of him. I think we’ve got that covered. Also, JaeHyun has to come back alive.


The time comes to choose the new Monk XuanZhang. The privileges for the new monk remain the same, from the (Show Me the Money) card to the rights to electrify Sun WuKong. And, for this trip, a free, full head shave immediately after being picked at expense of the production because the viewers thought the monk should look like one. Do you want them to want the role or not?

In order to pick the monk, they’ll play a game of “I Know My Sins”. They’ll be given multiple choice answers to invented scenarios related to ethics and in order to answer, they’ll have to raise their hands and confess a sin before supplying the answer. …Again, do you want them to want to answer or not?

As expected, everyone confesses and chooses the obviously wrong ones.

SuGeun goes for it but his sin is deemed too feeble so he grasps at straws and declares JaeHyun a bad person. JiWon cuts in and screams that he’s bad as he points to SuGeun because “I WISH HE WOULD DIE!” AH HAHAHAAAAAAA!!! He chooses the wrong answer and SuGeun gets the (positive, I should remind you) point. 2 points and one gets to be the revered monk.

They continue on to the next question and HoDong fights to answer even before the choices are mentioned. (Un)Fortunately, he picks the wrong answer. JiWon struggles to find a sin to confess (because he never goes out so he never gets the opportunity to do something bad) and ends up confessing the one thing they all strove not to mention: his addiction to games that led to neglecting his family. Hee. That breaks the dam and SuGeun fake-starts by talking about sports. It gets HoDong volunteering to be Monk XuanZhang. Aw. But after all that trouble, SuGeun can’t remember which option was the correct one.

He can’t trust JiWon when he offers option 2 so he shouts loudly and confidently, “NUMBER 5!”


Everyone howls in laughter and Na PD jubilantly announces their new, soon-to-be-shiny-headed Monk XuanZhang. I’m getting abs from laughing!

SuGeun gets his head shaved on international broadcast. Eyy… that’s not even nearly short enough. He looks cute!


He doesn’t like it and gets it cut again, only to end up looking like a grandpa. I cannot with his self-destruction.

SuGeun chooses his Sun WuKong. The honor goes to JiWon and SuGeun relishes putting that electric thing wherever it’ll deliver the most intense shock on JiWon. Hee hee, he falls over from the shock instantly.

They prepare for bed and Jaehyun relieves the traumas he’d received through the night and says it reminds him of military camp. SuGeun moves so that JaeHyun has to sleep beside HoDong and receive his soothing, constant snoring, that gets punctured by a fart.

Cut to morning, and JaeHyun hasn’t even slept a wink. Poor boy. To add to insult, JiWon suddenly sleep talks, talking about a grandma. He gives up and goes to wash up as HoDong wakes and asks where breakfast will be at. Then he tells JaeHyun that he “didn’t snore much, right?”

On the other hand, the guys wonder if JiWon is even alive.

SuGeun asks for shampoo and gets overly impressed by JaeHyun’s, calling it “Actor Shampoo”. In fact, he doesn’t even want to wash up but ends up doing so just to try using it. They want everything of JaeHyun’s!

Just how much hair spray is HoDong planning to use? Because I see no difference


They pack and leave for ChengDu, Sichuan, China. Talk of marriage comes up and they tell JaeHyun to ask for advice from JiWon.

Hahaha, HoDong moans for the toilet in Chinese and even adds in a “Sir” on their bus ride. Here comes the start of questionable Mandarin and a one of Na PD’s schemes.

The show labels the start of the incident “NAK-O” (fall behind) and we cut to 30 minutes later when the crew talks in secret about sending recording equipment into their van with the guys. Why…

We get a recorded clip of Na PD saying that he wishes they would record themselves to save costs. HAHAHA!! Following clips show JiWon lamenting that they always fall for the production’s tricks and SuGeun questioning their ability to record the show.

And then we see Na PD confessing that he had over estimated them. You think?

Back on the bus, SuGeun takes pleasure in preparing JiWon for the shock. Oh, pure, sweet revenge! HoDong calls it “you reap what you sow” and JaeHyun eyes practically beam with respect for him for saying it, which launches this huge spiel of JaeHyun actually being a fool like the rest of them. Just a handsome fool.

They even have a quiz before dinner to check how dumb he is!


10 minutes before they get thrown away!

The crew gets them off the van without their luggage with the excuse that they need to clean it. I’m already chuckling. Then they tantalize JaeHyun with a spiffy high tech camera that can shoot both what’s in front and behind at the same time.

They take selfies and HoDong even makes calls regarding CF contracts. The crew drive off but they’re oblivious. SuGeun even consoles JiWon when he complains about the cold by telling him that they’re going indoors soon. JaeHyun: “Oh, they left!”

From the distance, the crew look on in disbelief at the non-reaction and it takes a few minutes more before the guys realize what had happened and curse. Their new camera even breaks down but JaeHyun just happily continues to record with it.

They’re told through texts to get to their guest houses by 8:03pm or their luggage will be sent back to Korea (!!!).

They head to an ATM to withdraw cash on their dubious card but they can’t even get past the password.


A PD goes back to kindly return their jackets. JaeHyun even notices and runs to catch them but all he’s concerned about is the broken video recorder!  They need SeungGi so much. I even think Lee SeoJin would have broken something if he were stuck with them.

Then they realize that the password that they’ve been hammering into the machine is missing a zero but it’s been 3 wrong entries too many and a smiling bank teller informs us that a card gets suspended when the wrong password has been supplied three times. “It’s the same everywhere in the world.”


At least JaeHyun gets the recorder working and they’ve found a Chinese person who tells them that they’ve been fiddling with the wrong ATM. Lol, heaven is on their side this one time. Or not, because they try another machine and the card remains suspended.

Without any money, they decide to open the emergency pouch that SeungGi had prepared for them but all that comes out are the address of the guesthouse and a taunting message that says, “You expected something right? If you’ve opened this, it mean you’re doomed. *smiley face**heart*”

They decide to try and borrow money and get engrossed in getting the chinese pronunciation for the request right. HoDong even starts hearing things. People! You have no time!

The production team gives them one more chance to get to the guest house in one hour, on the condition that they choose which 2 person’s luggage gets sent off within 10 seconds. It’s SuGeun and JaeHyun’s. They even get told that there’s allowance prepared for them, though it’s under a rubbish bin in the cold outside.

HoDong leads then down the wrong, long escalator but gets lucky when he meets a woman who can speak English. She tells them that by bus, it’ll take more than an hour to their guest house and directs them to the subway. Despite that, HoDong remains fixated on the buses, asking any person about it on the way there.

That worked though, because they find a Korean-speaking lady who leads them to the subway station after a cheer that HoDong insists they do. Then, at the subway, they find a Chinese man in a yellow jacket who is kind enough to lead them to their station.

On the train, they meet a Chinese who speaks fluent Korean (and with great pronunciation!) without having taken any lessons (Respect!) and get requests for selfies, especially JaeHyun, the star(‘s brother) from the nation-wide hit You from the Stars.

The Chinese man in the yellow jacket even kindly offers to transfer stations and walk them all the way to their guest houses. JiWon gets antsy about rushing there, worrying for his bag while JaeHyun just takes it easy, already having had his bag sent to Korea.

JiWon flares up at how HoDong is taking the time to correct his Chinese now but then ends up creating a ditty with SuGeun. ~When your mandarin is bad,  it’s!~ Haha!

They reach the street near their guest house, a street that dates back to the Qing dynasty and is lined with fantastic, sizzling, cheap food.

Just then, they spot a member of their crew and part ways with the kind guy there. They burst into the allocated room with a huge “Ni Hao!” and HoDong demands another cheer to announce their arrival and celebrate their accomplished mission. HoDong: “We, know~ (in Chinese) did it (in Korean)!”

Phew, what a relief that they actually found their lodgings. Man, I would have slaughtered whoever tried that whole trick on me.

Later, HoDong realizes the mistake he had made during the cheer when he had meant to say “We’ve arrived!”


JaeHyun asks about his rucksack, concerned more for its existence than that of his luggage because his lip balm is in the rucksack.

The guys head out for dinner along Kuanzhai Xiangzi and meet a total HoDong fan who does the Zhu BaJie skit with HoDong.

They’re introduced to the sumptuous feast of SiChuan dishes that had been prepared. They play two games of rock-paper-scissors and SuGeun wins both and gets to taste the food. It must be an ingrained thing that they don’t just simply eat it.


Dinner game is introduced and this time instead of losing or gaining the food, the food becomes part of the game.

In the first game, they have to eat 2 bowls of Spicy DanDan Noodles under 1 minute while feeding each other. Also, if any of them cough, sneeze or clear their throat from the spicy food, they’re disqualified and dinner ends. So, it’s either endure an empty stomach or endure indigestion.

The game starts, but two mouthfuls in, HoDong and SuGeun are already coughing.



Next Week!

JiWon wakes up alone. Everyone runs. HoDong acts out something complete with weird noises. JiWon comes out in bath slippers. They visit panda bears.


Naver Version Highlights:

When they get to bed, HoDong asks JaeHyun if he’s contacted his parents. He replies that he’d only  sent a message to them. HoDong asks if he’s called his girlfriend and he says again that he sent a message to her. Then he laughs awkwardly.


Hehehe. Had the news of his upcoming marriage already spread at that time? I can’t remember.



4 thoughts on “Journey to the West S2 Ep1

  1. Great recap~! I’m absolutely loving the second season! AJH fits in so well with the members! Hope they do more episodes than usual.


  2. Awww. This sounds so fun. I’ve been wondering about the new season. Are viewers reacting well to it? It really seems like a great show.


    1. Well.. at least there are no complaints. I know that JaeHyun is being looked favourably upon. I do find it a great show, if only a little old fashioned and with odd editing, mostly because of HoDong (ha) and it’s internet-focused-variety format.


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