RAT: Jo SeHo

Random Amazing Treats: Jo SeHo’s face of absolute flabbergast

*Face of complete concern*

On Episode 278 of Quiz to Change the World/ World Changing Quiz, Jo SeHo was asked why he hadn’t attended fellow celebrity Ahn JaeWook’s wedding by Kim HeungGuk

But he doesn’t even know Ahn JaeWook personally!

“Who?” */What is he talking about?/*


“I don’t even know him, how can I go?!” */I must save my reputation!/*


*Vehemently explaining*


*/My life rests on how I handle this moment!/*

And this sparked an internet trend of people asking why he didn’t attend their birthday/ graduation/ return from overseas/ their concert/ fansign (because some celebrities took part in teasing too)… etc or why he didn’t come save their drunk ass. LOL!


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