New Journey to the West S2 Ep 2

The episode opens to HoDong feeling like he got played by Na YeongSeok but not even being sure at that, wondering when it started. Lol, you mean you’ve never felt that before?

Rewind to the night before, where SuGeun is shouting for his underwear and JiWon sleeping on a way-too-small sofa. They all get to sleep, talking about getting one up against the production team. I’ll look forward to the day that happens.

They get told that their morning mission will come through their phones and HoDong gets irritated at that. Meanwhile… we see vampire JaeHyun not sleeping… at all.

The next morning, we see Na PD asking if the hint he’s about to send is too simple (Hee Hee Hee = Korean Hee Haw = Horse) and of course it is, but he’s too afraid that it’ll be too difficult for them, ha!

The moment he sends the message, JaeHyun reads it and kindly informs his hyungs the mission and then runs out into the cold morning street. SuGeun runs off too and JiWon wakes, all blurry-eyed and confused. He asks HoDong what the mission was and HoDong casually lies before walking out. LMAO, and they were all talking about collaborating and getting one up on the production team.


Of the three out there, HoDong seems to be the smartest as he checks his phone for the word “horse” in mandarin and asks a nearby chef/waiter where it is. Along comes JaeHyun, who slows and stays in the background, taking in the conversation. Ha! He runs off to the horse and takes a picture with it first.

HoDong, meanwhile, gets called over by JiWon and he throws him off by asking him to change his slippers into shoes. Then he abandons him to go find his horse. Ain’t no such thing as friends when it comes to food.

JaeHyun sprints back to basecamp and gets confirmed as the winner as he wonders what’s taking HoDong so long.


Pffft, said person is enacting a whole charade out to a Chinese woman in the wrong direction and gets pointed to where the horse is… except that he walks past it, looking for a live horse.

At  basecamp, JiWon is finally done changing his shoes and grabs Na PD’s phone to go. I love that evil-face Na PD makes, knowing that JiWon just took a phone he couldn’t use because it’s locked.

JiWon runs to find HoDong and he runs JiWon in what he thinks is the wrong direction then runs the other way… except that he told JiWon the right direction and JiWon gets second place.

Over on the other side of town, SuGeun waits for the police station to open, just so he can be pointed in the direction of the horse that’s just on the wall right behind him.

HoDong comes along and whines when he gets told that there’s no (live) horse and finally, along with SuGeun, they get their picture with a horse.

SuGeun reaches first and gets third. HoDong sits and gets his 4th-place-20-cents breakfast allowance.


First place and second place are already out on the streets, searching for food. JaeHyun hesitates at the cooked rabbit and mutters that it’s his zodiac animal, aw.

HoDong and SuGeun walk off together. They ask what a certain dish is but can’t understand the reply that it’s pineapple rice. (Honestly, I heard it as ba-bao-po-luo-fan which makes it 8-treasure-rice-pudding though. But the subs say pineapple rice so pineapple rice it shall be.) HoDong busts out his translator app and gets “father and boss”. Ha! It’s like “Sausage World” in Youth over Flowers in Iceland.

JaeHyun and JiWon meet up, buying lots of food with their combined 130 yuan. JaeHyun even offers to pay for some. They walk past a blacksmith and JiWon gets super excited, saying that he’s been training to become one. It’s revealed that JaeHyun is a certified silver jewelry-designer and JiWon replies that he’s hit the highest level as a blacksmith. Huh? Hah, he meant by blacksmith in the game Final Fantasy. Some things never change.


They get and share a 2 bowls of noodles, all on JiWon. JaeHyun gets nervous at the generosity and I’m getting the feeling that he’s getting it right because we see JiWon walk away all, “it worked. The trick worked.”

Later, JiWon says that he did that only because JaeHyun’s new. He’d never do that for SeungGi, heh.


The completely enjoy the noodles with great relish and JiWon says that the shop would have to close early for the day if HoDong came by. It’s great for the other customers that said person has no money then.

Third and fourth place sits sadly along the sidewalk, with HoDong deciding to just keep his money as a souvenir for his son.

They open the first lesson of Ha, HoDong refuses to entertain any requests that are too difficult for him and chooses “Today’s weather is great.” Hahahaha, the lesson ends when he can’t answer what’s “will it rain tomorrow”.


They continue lesson two despite getting weird looks from passer-bys and they go on to greetings. Hee, they practice with a passing cleaner who giggles at their ridiculousness.

Breakfast time ends and they get on a bus to the city. They get some free time at night and all we see is SuGeun sitting and enjoying his coffee for hours on end and hermit-gamer JiWon pacing the streets anxiously and finally abandoning his camera. JaeHyun doesn’t know what to do either and just films the interior of a shopping mall while HoDong… does his Zhu BaJie dance in front of a giant statue of a panda. And their second day ends like this, with the production team’s apologies. Pwahahaha!

The next morning, they get up early to head to Chengdu Panda Base that’s 2 hours away. A short docu-clip describes the place and the pandas, along with adorable footages of lazy, food-picky pandas.

The guys get on an open tram and head into the bamboo forests where the pandas reside. Haha, they make weird noises and the captions write that it’s good that they went before their conditions became worse.

The first thing that greets their eyes are baby pandas hanging off a tree and eeeee!!! I have nothing to write! It’s just lots and lots of adorable, squishy little balls of black and white.


They watch and give commentary to a baby panda trying to climb a small ladder and wake up another, ha.

Its panda time and I think I need to respect the show by stating some panda facts here. Female pandas are only fertile 2-3 days a year, hence it’s really hard to get them pregnant. When they are though, they usually give birth to twins, but have a habit of only raising the one that’s most likely to survive. The other is therefore cared for by the keepers. Pandas are born without much fur to maintain their body temperature and it’s only after three weeks that their signature coat comes in. At about 6 months, they climb trees, though pandas tend not to share trees with each other. Save for these two twins.


The guys just look and aww at them like dads.

They soon head off to meet the 0.1 ton teenaged pandas that are just rambunctious and full of energy. They watch them eat and eat and eat and eat and then take a we-fie.

OMG, I don’t even have anything to say but I’m smiling like a fool.

The keeper brings over a bowl of cut apples just when HoDong asks if all they eat are bamboo leaves. Hahahahah, the pandas immediately run over and the editing makes them look like they’re having a brawl just getting to the apples on the stick. The keeper intervenes when one of them gets too greedy so that all of them gets to eat the apples.


Later on, they head to visit the world’s largest Buddha.

On the bus, JiWon gets some me-time that he uses to complain about his old-man ailments and HoDong checks the photos they took. They get their packed kimbap and immediately SuGeun looses some of his when the van bounces. I hope that’s the Chinese version of kimbap because Koreans eating Korean kimbap in China does not sound very adventurous.

SuGeun sees HoDong finish his in record time and asks another one for him which, curiously, our Zhu BaJie refuses. JiWon asks for another one for himself and heh, HoDong asks is that’s not too much for him, eyeing his food. He gets rejected and instead, eats some of SuGeun and JaeHyun’s… then asks for another.


The elder guys break into an old song medley to which JaeHyun gets confused, not recognising the songs. SuGeun suddenly starts hosting an old radio show and just hams it, making JiWon burst out into a curse as he acts as a listener of the radio channel, ha ha.

A while later, everyone but the one person who never slept throughout last night, falls into slumber and JaeHyun reports the death of HoDong’s seat – the seat that bent too much, *snerk*.


Soon after, they arrive at Leshan to meet the largest Buddha on earth that’s been carved into a cliff side. After passing by Sun WuKong and walking into their hotel at the Leshan Tourist Complex, SuGeun accuses the production of setting up a candid-camera as they walk into their too-good-to-be-true accommodation. It must have been some kind of PPL because it comes without a price (for the cast), though having nothing at stake for their games is not a problem Na PD and his team have problems with. They’re led into a room with JaeHyun and SuGeun’s suitcases on display along with other things and, ah hahaha, JiWon just heads for the toy-version of the Simpson’s house, food not needed.

HoDong sees the SD card that documents all his adventures from yesterday’s free-time on display and insists that it must be saved. The rest don’t care and he gets sulky-faced.

They’re made to face a Brand Quiz, which is something one only sees on internet TV. The men will have to come up with products listed under the given brands in a relay without a mistake.

They’re told that they can get everything if they answer correctly and JiWon grabs his Simpson’s House and guards it like it’s a baby. Then he gets the answer wrong.


Na PD: “Name 3 ice cream flavours under Baskin Robbins. 1, 2, 3-”

JiWon: “I’m sorry, I really have no idea.”


HoDong says that there should be flavours like vanilla but no, what they want were special, brand-unique flavours like “Mom is an Alien” as JaeHyun supplies. What in the world is that ice cream?!

They try again with underwear brands and because this is shown on tvN, we get the first three answers bleeped out until we reach HoDong, who shouts, “BBC!”


They put HoDong first this time and:

Na PD: “Name the brand of a magazine.”

HoDong: “Mona Lisa!”

He gets the answers wrong one after another, his mind going blank every time despite being given the answers beforehand and it just breaks my heart to see him driven to tears.


The things in display disappear one by one and Na PD gives them another try, asking for the names of entertainment agencies. HoDong answers with “Shin DongYub”. Oh no…

And it’s over.

The guys feel their loss but try not to get too upset for HoDong’s sake.


JaeHyun shares a room with HoDong and keeps trying to comfort him.  He watches TV, all the way till HoDong sleeps… and hears him snore as loud as a flying aeroplane’s jet turbine. Aw, he doesn’t clap his hands to wake HoDong up as SeungGi had advised and just endures it. If this goes on, Gu HyeSun is going to get a panda for a husband, if not a zombie. If it’s neither of the two, then she’s getting a vampire.

They’re back on the bus and HoDong sings his Zhu BaJie song the moment they’re asked for any song, lol.


They head to a hotpot restaurant and it must really be an instinct because they don’t just start eating. They taste the sauces with their chopsticks that Na PD allows like it’s some kind of generosity and HoDong describes salt as spicy. Oh my, I guess the sleep didn’t do anything for him.

The sauces stimulates their salivary glands and they’re sent off to get 8 skewers of food of their choice. Ha, the kindergarteners SuGeun and JiWon choose the exact same thing while HoDong’s is all meat and one cabbage leaf.

They put them in the hotpot and eat a skewer each. Then they’re allowed to eat the rest. Ehng?

They finish it and Na PD tells them that instead of the Lucky-Not-Lucky game they used to play, they’ll now play Lucky-Lucky-Lucky, where they’ll get 10 sticks for every wrong answer they give. What the heck is going on? Even HoDong gets weirded out as he rejects increasing the 10 sticks to 20. But the game only ends when they get the answer right.

Hah! SuGeun realises what the production team is trying to do – feed them still they’re stuffed and about to burst – to the rest of the “fools”. HoDong says that’s why he went with 10, because one should never trust Na YeongSeok.


They get a proverb relay that starts and ends with the same person wrong thanks to JiWon’s “sincerity is the way to dry skin”. They go on another round that’s sped up and JiWon gets it wrong. HoDong offers to get 20 sticks in one go, since he expects that they’ll just get it wrong the next round. Ha ha.

The mistakes are getting to JiWon and he asks to go first but gets relegated to 4th player (to complete the 4th and 5th proverbs). They play another round, all of them getting it right and expecting HoDong to get it wrong so that they get to eat more but… the last contestant, the one who determines when they’ll stop eating, gets the answer right with a jubilant shout. Everyone including Na PD and partners stare at HoDong in shock and he kneels when he realises what he’d done.


JaeHyun is just adorable as he weakly says that he got all right too.

Lol, the mission to feed them to death failed too badly.

The guys can’t let HoDong off this time since he messed with their food and everyone sighs half-angrily when they hear that HoDong didn’t know their plan of him getting it wrong until he’s full. Heh, this is what happens when you have 4 not-so-smart people in a group. SeungGi would have realised HoDong’s terrible condition with the game earlier and put him third or something, not the super-important first and last.

The poor starving goblins head back to base without a satisfying dinner and on the bus, Na PD informs them that they’ll need to film more at night as they don’t have enough footage because of someone. Still, the guys try to comfort him, aw. They joke that’s he’s a rookie actor for messing up until it doesn’t seem like a joke. They’re just balls of frustration save for sweet JaeHyun who keeps comforting HoDong every step of the way.

SuGeun is obviously trying not to burst on camera as he tells HoDong to go get some beers with the money he’ll give him and HoDong curses at the subtle command to take a time out, ah ha ha. JaeHyun is made to go with him and JaeHyun says that he’d learnt a lot. Yeah, a lot about what not to do.


Na PD bring us the 5 stages of grief after messing up a game.

  • Laughing for no reason.
  • Endless self-justification
  • Desiring to escape reality
  • Blaming others (Ha ha, HoDong blames the staff)
  • Total and complete devastation

HoDong and JaeHyun go to a minimart and gets a whole pack of beers and a giant bag of peanuts. HoDong gets some beef to go for the poor guys who didn’t get to eat meat because of him. He keeps talking about his guilt, obvious that he’s feeling so guilty that it seems like he’ll melt into his shoes if shame were liquid. He even takes JaeHyun’s off-hand remark that sleep will soothe his heart as a dig to shut up and sleep, heh.


HoDong displays his athlete’s sense of tenacity as he declares that he’s done feeling sorry for himself and adds a little hop as they enter their hotel.

Aw. I gotta say though, that for someone who didn’t really make China a big part of his life, HoDong’s Mandarin (whatever short snippets we hear from him) is not bad at all and I love that he keeps trying.

Next Week!

It’s sleep mayhem, or rather, no-sleep mayhem as their morning mission is to make the others look like pandas or they’ll have to climb mount Leshan. At night, JiWon debates with a Seoul University scholarship awardee about the existence of “Unknown Flying Objects” with his uncommon logic.



Extra: Smithsonian National Zoo Giant Panda Cam; SanDiego Zoo Panda Cam <- The last I saw, the panda on this one just kept eating, lol.


2 thoughts on “New Journey to the West S2 Ep 2

  1. Wow, there’s a recap for this! Thanks so much!!! There were some things that I didn’t get, like when Jiwon took Na PD’s phone and I thought he wouldn’t be able to unlock it, but he managed to take a photo and even came in second.

    I’m trying hard to like this new season. Hope the episode gets better.


    1. I bet Na PD has the latest new generation phone that allows people to take photos without entering into the main system of the phone. He can see the photos he takes but of course that comes with the security that the person that isn’t logged in can’t see the photos that were taken when the phone was unlocked.

      Like you, I’m trying hard to like this season too, because that feeling isn’t coming naturally. I don’t know why…


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