M: God of Noodles pre-cap and notice

Noodle fans! Who’s with me?

The recent drama Master: God of  Noodles (literally translated from Korean) or Master of Revenge (the apparently official English title) has been such a joy to watch. I found it a little sad that Dramabeans is not recapping it, even though they’re like my drama-shrine. (Drama gods are a different thing and I think they’ve been sleeping on the scheduling these days.)

Anyways, I decided to take up the above mentioned drama, though I will not be recapping the first episode since Dramabeans has already recapped it. It’s an insult to let it linger in no-one’s land! Go find the recap of episode 1 there, haha. Yes, I’m a blogger who doesn’t really care much for being a completest. I’m better off being more practical. When they’ve done such a great job, why bother spending more time writing your own if your opinions aren’t that much different?

This post is just to bring you guys up to speed on the drama’s characters so no one gets lost. It’ll also clarify some of the names that I’ll use in the recaps. So without further ado,

Credited to GongLeeGlobal and taken from their Facebook page. Totally not done by me. Thanks!

With regards to Chun JungMyun’s lead character, his current post-fire name is Moo Myung, which basically means “no name”. I’ll be taking Moo as his surname and therefore Myung as his given name. Actually I spell it as “Myeong“, in accordance to the Revised Romanization of Korean systems that was put out by Korea’s own Ministry of Culture, though I admit that I don’t follow it strictly because I write DokGu as DokGoo. Yes, I’m fickle. His friends call him Myeong too, but they usually add something behind to make it seem a bit more affectionate. I.e.: Myeong-ah or more commonly, Myeong-yi or Myeong-yi-yah… etc. When he’s referred to as Choi SoonSeok, his name from before the fire, I’ll just refer him as that then.

Another problematic (as in naming, though his personality sucks too) character is Jo JaeHyun’s psychopathic antagonist character. Post-fire, he’s known as Goongrakwon’s Ha JungTae to everyone in the drama but I’ll still stick to his name of Kim GilDo since that’s who he is at base level. And Ha JungTae was another name that he stole, so it’s not really his name.

I spelt Lee Il Hwa‘s “GangSook” as “KangSuk” since that was what I heard.

Jo HeeBong‘s “DokGu/ DokGoo“is actually supposed to be romanized as “DoGgu” but that just looks funny to me and phonetically incorrect. Lol, to hell with rules.

Anyway, with that cleared, enjoy a week of Noodle recaps which I wrote one after another and will be posted automatically according to schedule by WordPress because I’ll be overseas on holiday. Muahahaha.

Any comments, please leave them in the respective recap posts (like, recap too long, too short, too sassy, too boring… etc etc  though nothing much will change at least till episode 6’s recap because I’ll be on holiday and am not gonna touch the recaps that have been done, hur) and do discuss with each other regarding the drama as much as you wish. What is the point of having recaps if we don’t squee (or rant when it comes to GilDo)?

(That also means no 1N2D recap this Monday, sorry. T_T)

Goodbye. 안녕. 再见。さようなら。Selamat Tinggal. Au revoir. Adiós. Ciao!


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