Master of Revenge Ep 3

Master of Revenge; God of Noodles Episode 3:

Myeong narrates that as time passes, memories fade and all that remains are happy thoughts. However, if you lay your hands on something you’re not supposed to, bad memories return like a nightmare and come back to haunt you. We rewind back to the night of the hit-and-run and see that it was Chauffeur Hwang who drove the truck. Call 1800-XXX-XXX, for Chauffeur Hwang, who will drive anything and everything for any and every purpose. Murder included.

Myeong asks who Choi SoonSeok is and tells the director not to try anything funny since his parents are dead, and the director doesn’t try to stir anything up. However, he does remark that it’s odd that Myeong can remember that but not his name. In a weird dream-or-not-sequence, we see GilDo spying at Myeong’s childhood photos. Myeong realizes that he has to destroy the one evidence that links him to Choi SoonSeok and heads for the director’s office but is too late. The director takes the photo out. Yeah, everyone wants that photo.


In a golf field, Goongrakwon’s lady boss, Go KangSuk, is “flirting with the ball” as one of the ahjummas in her suck-up entourage loudly comments and hits a good shot. When the same ahjumma comes and asks how she could hit so well, KangSuk serves the same comment back at her, heh. She tells her to get out of her sight.

KangSuk gets a call from someone telling her that someone’s alive and next we see her, she’s sitting before a hospital’s operating room, probably waiting for her father’s operation to be over. She asks for her husband who is nowhere in sight but instead, is off at the buckwheat farmer’s hospital ward taking his lands away by way of stamping the invalid’s  thumbprint on some papers. In consideration, he gifts them some grapes.


After that, he heads to a sauna and hands the land deed off to a certain Mr Park who offers to build a golf course over the area and raise its value to 10 times higher than before and splitting the profits with GilDo. The accompanying corrupt Prosecutor So snarks about GilDo’s father-in-law’s hit-and-run which prompts GilDo to advise him not to bite off more than he can chew. Basically, shut up.

Finally, GilDo goes to his father-in-law. He dismisses the one chef/employee/friend who wanted to stay and trades barbs with his wife regarding their cool reactions. He then kneels by Grandpa Go’s side once the operation is over. I spy a hypocrite.


They head outside, done with the formalities. As they wait for their respective cars, GilDo tries to guilt trip his wife again but gets informed that she wasn’t taught well, giving the reasoning that her father made noodles the day her mother died, saying that it was so that she could live forever in the afterlife in Seoul accent. That’s her practicing for the move to Gangnam. She tells GilDo not to smile, since he’s the god of noodles while she can because she’s just the neighbourhood witch. As she heads into her car, she remarks that there’s no one who can stop his move to Gangnam anymore, probably knowing what’s up.

In his car, Chauffeur Hwang apologises for not doing a clean job but GilDo tells him not to say such things. Accept punishment or succeed, since words are nothing but empty little things.

KangSuk decides to take a ride around the area and sell all her club memberships.

Meanwhile, another driver decides to play be-an-ass with GilDo, weaving in and out of their lane, cutting abruptly before their car periodically. GilDo sees the reason why Grandpa Go hadn’t died in Chauffeur Hwang’s driving in the midst of the chaos. It’s because he’s bringing in his own judgement and breaks the car instead of going through with his actions.

GilDo decides that this is a good time as any to impart some life skills and snarls at Hwang to do everything he says, down to the letter without a single restraint. He calls for Hwang to ram into the offending car at full speed, once, twice. Before the third time, he lists the consequences for going through again – a dead driver and a murder charge with a witness nearby – and tells him to step on the gas pedal. Just inches before his car touches the other one, GilDo calls for him to stop.


GilDo gets out of his car and strolls over to the other driver who’s wincing and stuck in his seat. He makes him lower his window and passes him his name card. GilDo reads him his rights of calling the police or the media but threatens that if the police come find him or the media ever links his name to this incident, the driver will die, no matter what. Then he throws a few bills into the car and walks off. Oh, how magnanimous of you.

Shiet. Bastard director calls at that time, little Myeong’s photo in his hands, telling GilDo that he’s probably found the child he was looking for and asks him to come down to the orphanage to confirm it with his own eyes. Soon after, he changes his mind though, offering to go to Goongrakwon himself. He chuckles at the prospect of money coming in. I’d like to sell your organs for money.

GilDo sits in his office and circles Sarang Orphanage (Myeong’s orphanage)  in his book of where’s-SoonSeok.


Apparently, the director’s not that urgent for money, since GilDo sneaks into his office and finds the picture there. YeoKyung suddenly pops up from behind the director’s desk, scaring both him and me. He hides the swiped photo behind him as she tells him to go out when the director comes in and leans eerily towards her. He moves to pick up a remote(?) and the camera lingers on his slightly open drawer. The director and GilDo both leave and a while later, YeoKyung leaves too, with some books.

Outside, Myeong sits before a bonfire made with everything but the damned photo. YeoKyung comes along and cheerily takes the photo from him, lamenting that it’s the only one with all four of the friends taken together. She hands it back to him, telling him to keep it safe so that they can make copies of it later on. Aw, dang it.


YeoKyung goes to her school teacher, who turns out to be a former orphan at their orphanage. She hands over the orphanage’s accounting books that detail the director’s embezzlement, saying that she won’t interfere in the orphanage’s affairs after she leaves it.

TaeHa meanwhile sits and prepares for his police examination but daydreams of the soy sauce thief not two minutes in. That soy sauce thief is currently recording and identifying her numerous soy sauces and has a wall about noodles that would put any other revenge-y person’s wall-of-nemesis to shame.


The boys go shopping at a convenience shop or a mini-mart and GilYong complains about a man wearing a ring or something. He then scolds the cashier for saying the “sex” in “unisex”, convinced that she’s being dirty, lol. TaeHa pops up beside them in his full, girly sunglasses glory.

They get out but don’t get far when the gangster that they fought and beat the other day  (also DokGu’s new underling) intercepts them and swears to make them cry. All TaeHa does is note that he got a new bike while getting his name wrong, hee.

Next we see, all three boys are atop said motorbike and enjoying the breeze back home. They cross paths with soy sauce thief but TaeHa doesn’t look her way and the others don’t’ recognise her.

Soy sauce girl meets with our newly released gangster DokGu at a restaurant and asks for the same thing that he’s having which turns out to be a bowl of noodles. She gets pissy with the noodles, accusing that the broth is made of artificial seasoning and accuses that the shredded chicken is bleached. The ahjumma defends her food and gets a little too puushy, so DokGu offers to check her kitchen, at which she wilts and quietens.

She and DokGu reconvene outside, where DokGu praises her ever-sharp sense of smell and chides her for not even greeting him after 5 years apart. DaHae, the soy sauce thief, addresses him as Uncle DokGu in return.


They stop at another place and DaHae drives DokGu nuts, determined to find something about her previous lover out of him. Too bad, he doesn’t know anything and just gives her a dog whistle disguised as a phone where he’s the dog it’s meant for. With smiles, they part, him going off to pay his debts.

The town must be seriously small because he crosses path with TaeHa. TaeHa goes to visit his father’s grave and is surprised that there are offerings there.


At night, Director is all sleeked up and heads out. He sees the missing picture that was once in the display cabinet and smirks. I don’t like his smirk. He tells YeoKyung that he’ll be out on a “business trip” and to manage the kids.  Myeong watches him go, feeling uncomfortable.

He turns to the kitchen for comfort and makes noodles in soy milk for TaeHa alone, the night before his physical exam.

The next morning, Myeong sees TaeHa off, assuring him that he’ll get into the academy. Despite being nervous, TaeHa replies that he knows that, therefore Myeong can’t do anything bad (or he’ll have to catch him as a policeman).

TaeHa prepares himself at the starting line, his gang there at the stands, making a ruckus in cheering for him. Haha, YeoKyung screams for him to run a kilometer under 150 seconds and so he does, zooming into first place with 149 seconds. Even YeoKyung is shocked at how fast he ran but the rest just say that it’s an of-course thing, since she told them to do so. It’s always been like that. They’ll do anything YeoKyung tells them to do so that she smiles, making them smile, aw.

Myeong worries quietly about their director’s cavalier attitude despite the photo going missing. It’s only when GilYong remarks that he should have brought a video camera to record TaeHa’s amazing feat that Myeong understands why. He rushes off and finds a taxi but he gets dragged out when he obviously doesn’t have the money to pay. As he walks across the orphanage’s grounds, Myeong concludes that he has to leave to survive. And he has to survive no matter what in order to get his revenge.


Director enjoys his way into Goongrakwon, pleased by all the finery. He meets GilDo and hands over a tape (but not before he gets his cash) as Myeong scrambles for his belongings, prepared to flee, as he finds the evidence-tape in a drawer. We cut to see the director and GilDo watching a dirty movie and the director being dragged out, HAHAHAHAHA!

Myeong puts his tape in the player to watch its contents and YeoKyung casually comes to sit beside him. On the swings, he asked her how she knew that he was Choi SoonSeok and confesses that she overheard GilDo and the director that day. She rips their sole existing (animated) reminder of their younger days apart, telling him not to run away, since they’re kids with nowhere else to go.


Director returns to the orphanage, downcast. He sees Myeong standing on the steps and gets angry, asking if he was the one who replaced the tape. Myeong just looks at him nonchalantly and asks if he agrees that “success is the best revenge”. He doesn’t think so though. He believes that the best revenge is to pay someone back with more than you’ve received. So stay out, or you’ll be ruined too.

DokGu eats ramen with his lackey DooChul and asks him who the best fighter in the area is. He’s led to the casino GilYong works at and beats up the head honcho there. He takes over the place and his lackey orders GilYong to bring the bike back, even daring to punch him since he now has a backer.


GilYong heads back home and asks for the bike but is told that TaeHa’s returning it. He curses and dashes out, so of course Myeong does the same.

TaeHa rides the bike back to DooChul (is it ChulDoo or DooChul? Their many mistakes are confusing me) who sits in the middle of his trash pile, looking smug as a bug in a rug. He orders his minions to gather round and throws a punch at TaeHa who avoids it easily. The ruckus wakes DokGu and he sends the gang off to run a lap around a mountain, lol.

He addresses TaeHa and provokes him by talking about his father. It’s obviously a sore point because next thing we know, TaeHa’s run straight for the best fighter in the district.


By the time Myeong and GilYoung reach him, he’s sprawled on the ground, beaten badly. GilYoung throws a punch at DokGu and misses but gets one in return. Myeong doesn’t even bother, the only sane one here, and moves to take TaeHa away.

DokGu asks if TaeHa will become a cop and Myeong confirms it, and says that DokGoo will be the first one he’ll come after when he becomes one. DokGu sneers at that. If he runs just after hearing his father’s name, when will he get to DokGu? What’s your beef with him, you bugger?

Chauffeur and right-hand man Hwang tells his boss that he doesn’t think that the orphanage’s director lied and GilDo gives it a thought.


The director in question stumbles towards some steps and flails over it, all beaten and drunk. He gets a call from the police station from his corrupt friend, telling him of the existence of the evidence of his embezzlement in the police station.

He runs off and basically kidnaps YeoKyung. WHAT THE ****! DON’T YOU DARE! He chokes her and strangles her then gets atop her. Knee him in the nuts, YeoKyung, KNEE HIM THERE! But she gets a weapon, some award plague, and as the guys return, they hear the director’s scream reverberate across the field.


GilDo reviews the tape he’d received from the piece-of-shit and rewinds it or fast forwards it, until he sees video image of the back of the children.

The boys run into the director’s office. YeoKyung huddles in a corner, shirt torn and bloodied while the director lies face down in his own pool of blood. Oh, snap.



What kind of blasphemous horse radish coconut cake! I am so glad that director died (who said I was ever an angel) but I am so worried for what this means for the kids. I mean, it’s the olden days, they’re orphans, they’re poor and they don’t have any powerful backer. Add all of that up and they’re screwed because they’re the kind of people who fall through the cracks of immature justice systems. Urgh.

On the other hand, we have GilDo who is bat-shit crazy. He’s heartless, ruthless and demanding. He’ll do anything to get his way and it seems like his wife knows him well enough and is disgusted. However, she’s not strong or powerful enough to enter the fight and therefore just sneers every time he comes around. She’s smart and calculating and cold, but she has this air of defeat around her, as if she’s just resigned to her lousy fate, like a girl from a heavily patriarchal family, which I guess she is, if her father had to find an heir for his noodles despite having her.

It’s interesting that she and GilDo don’t have children between them. Did GilDo go cold too fast or something, because getting an heir is that one thing many traditional establishments insist upon.

DokGu is an enigma. Why does he keep harassing my cute TaeHa?

I love, love, loved the line that Myeong said about the boys always doing whatever YeoKyung wants just to see the smile on her face so that they could smile too. That speaks volumes about their close relationships and I’d hate for them to break apart. But that’s part of growing up and the time’s coming sooner rather than later, no thanks to the director who has a skull the strength of cheap single-pane glass.


2 thoughts on “Master of Revenge Ep 3

  1. I liken Kim Gil Do a.k.a. Ha Jung Tae to a cobra (or a rattlesnake) – he’s okay if you leave him alone, but cross him at your own peril. If he wants something from you or you stand in his way of getting something – YOU ARE GOING TO DIE – no qualms about it.

    The scene where he tells his driver to ram into the other car sent goosebumps up my spine. It was so chilling. He wanted to punish his driver and teach the other guy a lesson, and he succeeded magnificently. Hah! Who would’ve thought he’d leave the other driver alive? I was almost convinced that he’d kill him, but he leans in slowly into the man’s window and issues a soft spoken warning into the other driver’s ear. Snakes are quiet and deadly aren’t they?

    One of the things I enjoy most about this drama is Gil Do’s reaction to his wife’s caustic remarks. She’s the one person who sees who he is quite clearly (and I think he knows it) but does not challenge him head on (because she knows she’s powerless), but doesn’t defer to him either, so he doesn’t quite know what to make of her or her remarks. It’s the only time I’ve ever seen him at a loss.

    I hope the relationship between YeoKyung and the boys never changes. It so heartwarming that they would do anything do please her, and she would do anything to protect them. I have an inkling that who she really likes/loves(?) is Moo Myung, but there’s nothing definite to show that yet. Also, other than brotherly devotion, I wonder how Tae Ha feels about her. When he ran the laps for her, I kind of wondered if there wasn’t more to it?

    I initially wondered why Kim Gil Do and his wife never had kids, but on second thoughts, if she can’t stand him, especially when she knows what type of man he is, and I’m assuming the starry eyed rose petals she had when she married him quickly disappeared, then it’s no surprise she isn’t sleeping with him, is it?

    Thanks for your recap Peeps! Sorry about my long comment.


    1. Hey, long comments are gold. Never apologise for them.

      I agree with almost everything you say, except for the part where there was surprise that GilDo didn’t have the other man killed. Logically, if he did, then he’d lose his right hand man, who’s already a possible danger to him by knowing so much of his evil deeds. Also, there was no need to kill him – he gives GilDo nothing, not even the satisfaction if GilDo were to kill him and GilDo isn’t run so much by emotions as much as cold logic, unless it comes to fear, then that might affect his thinking.

      I was wondering how soon KangSuk lost her rose-tinted petals. Lol, usually the required heir would be born asap, but not soon enough for this case I guess, hurr.

      Honestly, I think YeoKyung is slightly closer to Myeong than the other guys, just because GilYoung is a trickster and a prankster and TaeHa is… well, he’s just normal and focused enough on his own life. Myeong on the other hand is quiet and seems like a good listener. I don’t doubt that any of the guys would drop everything for her, but Myeong just seems that little bit more… approachable? How do I put it?


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