Master of Revenge Ep 6

Master of Revenge; God of Noodles: Episode 6

DaHae narrates that fools don’t even recognise when fate passes by them. Ordinary people don’t care when fate passes by them. Wise people recognise fate just by a look. Fate will always have its way – you’ll meet the people you’ll meet, even those you’re not supposed to meet.

In her kidnapper’s van, DaHae calls for DokGu but he never picks up.

DaHae awakes in her own room, GilDo sitting brazenly nearby with her mother’s clothe in his hands.

GilDo tells her that he won’t forgive her for approaching MiJa nor for digging into Goongrakwon. Instead, she should forget everything about the day her mother died, he says as he lights her mother’s top in flames. Drugged, DaHae can only watch helplessly.

GilDo goes out and slaps his henchman for hurting DaHae. Only he can hurt her. Oh, how lovable you are.

DaHae rolls out of bed and clutches whatever is left of her mother’s top, crying when she can’t smell her mother’s scent on it anymore.

Not-very-good-dog DokGu awakes from his drunken stupor and sees her call. He grows serious and calls her but she won’t pick up as she packs her clothes. Apparently the phone is the GPS tracker and the puppy accessory is just fluff.

DokGu rushes to her room, but finds no one there. He marches straight to Goongrakwon where he’s expected. The first thing he asks of GilDo is DaHae’s whereabouts and GilDo just laughs at how he’s still so soft hearted. He tells him not to keep DaHae’s hope alive or say that he’ll protect her, since he can’t. Even with a GPS tracker, there’s no guarantee that he can save her in time – it only guarantees that he’ll find her, either dead or still alive.

GilDo proposes that DokGu work for him, using DaHae as leverage. DokGu grows livid, ready to beat the living daylights of GilDo but GilDo had moved faster and already had the living daylights beaten out of his lackey, DooChul.

DokGu hesitates and GilDo smiles, saying that his soft-heartedness was the reason he was betrayed and sent to jail. He reads GilDo perfectly – marshmallow with a hard chocolate cover. No matter how angry he is, DokGu’s doesn’t have the social status to truly go head to head with GilDo. GilDo lays that bare for him, illuminating for him the ways of society. Therefore, he, GilDo, will break all ranks and rise his way, all the up there, way to the place where he can get away with any sin.

DokGu understands and asks why GilDo’s chasing him then and GilDo replies that at least DokGu never betrayed anyone to save his own skin. DokGu just asks where DaHae is and GilDo opens his creepy wall of security monitors, one of which shows DaHae shivering in her sister’s living room.

Marshmallow DokGu thinks over GilDo’s words in the private ward he got DooChul. DooChul stirs awake and DokGu asks why he became a gangster when nothing ever goes well for them. Why else, other than because that’s the only thing he could do?

In his shop, Myeong watches the telecast of GilDo’s interview with his new mistress, where he audaciously talks about copying and then innovating as a way of learning. Only thing is that you only copied and took credit for someone else’s work though. Talk turns to a major food writer who had been paid large amounts of money by the government to reproduce traditional recipes with little success. Even then, there’s no evidence of what traditional food tasted like, so there’s no validating it. If so, isn’t that a big waste of money?

DaHae watches the telecast in her sister’s darkened living room as does the major food writer, MiJa, who calls the game on.

Next morning, MiJa is greeted by DaHae, who confesses of her ulterior motives of getting close to MiJa. MiJa isn’t interested until DaHae tells her that she can take down the head chef of Goongrakwon.

They relocate and DaHae presents her with the evidence of her claims without even getting a promise or proposition from MiJa. All she asks is to get into Goongrakwon. MiJa smiles at her innocence and naivety and tells her to stay out of fights between hyenas (okay, she actually said “between adults”). MiJa gets disappointed when DaHae just moves to walk off without even a scream or a threat and DaHae spits back that that does not work for losers like her as she should well know, so don’t even try to lecture her about that without sincerity. It’s disgusting.

MiJa becomes greatly satisfied with her retorts and tells her to leave a number. DaHae just says that she doesn’t have a phone. Gurl, do you live in the Joseon era or something?

MiJa and Grandpa Go’s daughter, KangSuk, go clothes shopping.

KangSuk brings up the snide remark GilDo had brought up on television about MiJa and just says that she’ll be staying out of it, since she’s got neither power nor shield to protect her from her nasty husband’s attacks. Even then, it’ll be interesting to watch.

MiJa just accepts it and tells, not even asks, KangSuk that she herself doesn’t believe that her father’s hit-and-run was an accident, which wipes the smile off KangSuk’s face but KangSuk repeats her stance of standing aside.

MiJa rides her way to Myeong’s shop, relieving in the fact that all her other schedules have been cancelled, since it means that no one will ask her the obvious question of why she hasn’t gotten any results from the expensive research.

MiJa is presented with Myeong’s Royal Pheasant Buckwheat Noodles and is surprised by the taste. She calls it almost perfect but Myeong takes offense at the word “almost” since it’s the first time the dish has been recreated from history. MiJa acknowledges that and changes her statement but remains very curious as to how he could have made something like that when Goongrakwon keeps their secret recipe desperately close to their chests. Myeong explains that he has a perfect sense of taste and therefore can cook anything he tastes.

MiJa proposes a way to get Myeong into Goongrakwon’s chefs-for-VIPs roster as though she were granting him an opportunity but Myeong calls her out on it. She’s the one desperate to recreate old dishes that she can’t on her own. She needs Myeong and therefore they’re of equal standing. MiJa turns to go at the rebuff but Myeong pulls her back in with the advice that she shouldn’t fail and die given all her efforts.

All he needs to do to get in is to recreate Goongrakwon’s most popular dish before the owner and he’ll be accepted without questions. Instead, she has to tell him who her spy in Goongrakwon is.

He recites the names and occupations of all the key members of Goongrakwon’s on-the-ground staff and MiJa fires back that for a guy who claimed to not be interested in Goongrakwon, he sure knows a lot.

Myeong comes clean and says that he’s been learning all about her since three years ago. His chosen menu and the location of his restaurant were not coincidences. He tells her that his enemy is her enemy and suggests that they work together. Alone, they’ll die.

MiJa writes the name of her spy on a piece of paper and let’s Myeong see but not me. Me! What about me? Why don’t you let me see?!

MiJa is driven back home and sees DaHae waiting for her at her gate.

DaHae confidently says that MiJa will need her one day and MiJa barely puts up a front before asking for DaHae’s evidence on Goongrakwon’s head chef.

In his father-in-law’s sunless room, GilDo takes Grandpa Go’s thumb and presses an imprint against some kind of official document. How is that even legal? I guess his room is isolated because it isn’t.

Before he leaves, GilDo says that he won’t be dying as just a pathetic noodle master.

He enters a nearby room when he hears his wife’s laughter flutter from it. He’s greeted by the sight of MiJa and the girl he just had kidnapped, DaHae.

DaHae calmly addresses him and MiJa introduces her as the person who wrote that harsh article on herself. KangSuk likes the straightforward and blunt way DaHae speaks. She talks about DaHae’s impressive sense of smell and asks her to describe the smell of GilDo’s life.

DaHae: “He is scentless. It’s as if he is an emotionless person.”

DaHae brushes it off as a joke, though I don’t see anyone upset by it except GilDo.

KangSuk leads DaHae in a walk around the garden and GilDo takes the opportunity to chide MiJa. MiJa, in turn, just says that this was her answer to his jab on national television and that she’ll continue by recreating the taste of Royal Pheasant Buckwheat Noodles on national television and embarrassing him. GilDo tells her to remember the time she fell to rock bottom.

They head outside and meet with KangSuk and DaHae. DaHae’s to start work as soon as she can and GilDo objects to that when alone with his wife, saying that he never gave permission for such a thing. KangSuk just serves it back, saying that she had always been in charge of personnel, so she doesn’t need his permission whatsoever. She’ll have it her way unless he gives her a reason. She tells him that he’s acting weird.

MiJa asks DaHae if she’s insisting on Goongrakwon just for the noodles and DaHae says that she’ll do her job of spying well and will only listen to her nagging if she messes up. MiJa hands her a smart phone to take videos and pictures of anything she can in Goongrakwon, since she doesn’t trust her.

YeoKyung (yay! I missed you!) stares at her calendar and sighs when a knock sounds at her door. She opens to see just a fruit basket and knows immediately who it was from.

She runs out to meet GilYong (yay! I missed you too!) and tells him to come in and stop running off like that. He tells her that he’ll meet her the day TaeHa is released and she starts to say something when he cuts her off and drives his fruit truck away. I guess he never went to learn how to weld then.

YeoKyung sees a note in the fruit basket with the address to Myeong’s restaurant.

YeoKyung goes there but it’s locked and sees DaHae about to cut the chain on a nearby bike. Ha, it’s DaHae’s bike but YeoKyung thinks that she’s stealing it and requests for all sorts of documents and recites the law word for word from the criminal code like the top student she is. She even calls the police but the matter isn’t big enough for more than a short report.

In the process, DaHae learns that YeoKyung is Myeong’s friend, though she doesn’t have his number.

DaHae rides off and loses her tail by crossing the train tracks just before the train comes by. Another car comes up behind the stalkers and it’s DokGu who whacks one through the window and completely incapacitates the other in the time it takes for the train to pass by.

DaHae looks at him from the other side of the tracks but drives off, ignoring his gesture for her to take her phone.

DokGu calls GilDo, telling him that he’ll work with him in return for DaHae’s safety. He’ll never work for him, since he works for no one.

GilDo walks into his office and watches the actions of the oblivious and unwilling participants of his candid cameras before turning his attention away to the guest list for Goongrakwon’s 100 year anniversary banquet. He crosses off MiJa’s name and tells Hwang to keep it confidential.

In that span, Hwang looks curiously at the screens where he sees Myeong meeting with the corrupt politician that GilDo had socked with a cup.

Myeong returns to his restaurant to find the bike missing and money for the broken lock.

In prison, some mutt talks about TaeHa’s release date being too early for them to bond. If you do anything funny, I will personally crush your man-bits.

At lunchtime, TaeHa sits alone but is surrounded by some members of prison-society. Someone pulls out a knife and puts it in TaeHa’s hand, directing the knife towards himself. The crazy bastard tries to get himself stabbed by TaeHa and TaeHa resists with all his might.

Suddenly, another inmate flies towards the crazy gangster and absolutely clobbers him. No one can stop him, not even TaeHa and it takes a few beatings from the security and them dragging him away for him to stop. He looked thoroughly livid. Woah. WOAH.

TaeHa goes to serve his lifesaver dinner at his isolation cell. He asks the inmate if DokGu sent him to keep an eye on him and he says no, he was sent to protect him instead. TaeHa takes that in and almost rises to go when the inmate voices his request: he’d like more sausages in his dinner. Hee, he’s so cute.

GilDo walks along the hallway of the broadcasting station and is bumped into by Myeong who has that you-can’t-see-me black cap on his head.

In a kitchen hidden away, he’s in his chef’s uniform and a programme staff presents him with the various, specially selected bowls that he should use. Myeong picks up GilDo’s bowl and then we cut away to the recording set, where MiJa shoots stink eyes at the announcer-interviewer who’s being way too affectionate with GilDo.

It’s a minute to recording and MiJa tells him to prepare to be embarrassed and GilDo tells her to try doing that.

As he makes his noodles, Myeong narrates that whenever he had made noodles, he just wanted every bowl to bring joy to the people it feeds but now, that thought is long gone and he wonders if he’ll ever get it back and if he’ll ever have a place to go back to.

At the recording set, the noodles are presented and GilDo is shocked from the first sip.

MiJa watches on smugly. GilDo gives his opinion and its scathing on every level, stating the faults of everything from the broth, the noodles to the pheasant meat. Everyone tries theirs and make faces. MiJa tries hers and she frowns.

Before he leaves, GilDo twists the knife in further, telling MiJa to go take a hike.

MiJa heads straight for Myeong, demanding the reason for the mediocrity. Myeong just smiles and replies that the name she had written was not her spy in Goongrakwon. He won’t give her his all when she won’t even trust her. Hahahaha, she got punked.

Myeong says that he’s fine and will serve Goongrakwon’s VIPs later if not sooner even without her. If she wants his help, then she better play nice.

She doesn’t say anything for a long time, so he just announces that he’ll start working on Goongrakwon’s anniversary banquet. She’s startled that he knows about it and realises that he has his own spy in Goongrakwon. He gives her a small smirk. Whoa… *slow clap*

In the hospital, the corrupt congressman/politician with a broken nose gets his bandage off. He calls a prosecutor for drinks and off he goes to stress his hurt body with alcohol.

Congressman tells Prosecutor to look into a dirty man (I’m guessing GilDo), but Prosecutor declines, not even tempted by the offer of a fast track up the ladder.

The reason becomes clear when GilDo walks into the room and Congressman realises that he’s been backstabbed. 1 point to GilDo?

Congressman gets into his car and Myeong hitches a ride without even asking.

On a rooftop elsewhere, Myeong discusses his plans to bring GilDo down with the congressman. Congressman wonders why he’s so obsessed with bringing GilDo down, asking if GilDo killed his parents. Bingo. Not that you would know.

The alliance doesn’t seem strong, since Congressman tells him that he could backstab him too and Myeong just tells him to try, because he’ll return it back to him a thousand times worse.

DaHae reports for work and KangSuk introduces her to DongBae, a burly guard who can’t hear or speak. That sounds perfect for your family.

DaHae’s to follow DongBae’s every command – to stop when he says and to move away when he says. That way, she won’t get hurt.

KangSuk brings DaHae to her unconscious father’s bed side. Wow, you’re really showing her everything.

KangSuk tells her that DongBae is responsible for hygiene, so all she needs to do is talk to the sleeping man. DaHae voices her thoughts of DongBae’s not-thorough work as she takes out a wet wipe and cleans Grandpa Go’s thumb. KangSuk mistakes the red stain to be blood but DaHae smells and declares it ink.

KangSuk moves to bring her out but DaHae requests to stay. She wants to talk to Grandpa Go and tell him a story. KangSuk just finds her lovable and grants her her request. The minute she leaves, DaHae raids the place, not knowing that GilDo is watching her every move from his office. Oh damn you.

Hwang supervises the printing of the invitations to the anniversary banquet, making sure that all the digital files are deleted the moment the hard copies are done.

DaHae smiles when she finds a picture of her mother/ herself(?) as a young girl and a much younger grandpa standing side by side when GilDo storms in, furious.

Myeong narrates, stating again that people who will meet each other, will meet each other no matter what.

Myeong enters an elevator and sees Hwang. Hwang doesn’t seem to see him though, staring resolutely ahead. They pass and Myeong heaves a little sigh of relief. But Hwang comes back and looks at him straight in the face this time.

Myeong: “Sometimes we meet people we should not meet. And… sometimes you’ll meet someone whom you should never have met, again.”

GilDo stares down at DaHae as she stares resolutely back. The camera pans down to Grandpa Go’s hands and we see a finger twitch.



THIS! This is my episode! Or rather this is the episode that will make me stan Noodles. There’s so much going on and I absolutely adore that nothing is straightforward and simple.

Myeong surprised me so much when he pulled that trick with MiJa and sometimes this show makes me feel like I’m dumb or something because they like to talk in circles, after which I get confused. No wonder Myeong talked about not making noodles for joy earlier. He was already ruining that batch.

I miss the foursome, I really miss them. When I saw YeoKyung and GilYong again, it felt like a long-time thirst had been quenched but their scenes were so short and I just wanted MORE, okay.

Interesting that the two who want revenge against GilDo have perfect senses – one in taste and the other in smell and those are the two senses that are the most valuable to Goongrakwon. Did they train it or something?

I don’t know what to say. I have a lot to say but I can’t think of any now and I have no time because I have to catch a flight. This is the last of the pre-written posts, so see you guys back in real time!


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