I’m Baaaaaaaaack! with little rambles

Hey guys, I’m back from my one week holiday.

I’ve just polished my Noodle recaps (Ep 4 was so embarrasing) and added more thoughts.

So I’m getting to 1N2D recaps and God of Noodles recaps for now.

Wait for them!


To tide you over, this is an actual conversation I heard at the airport:

*First call of boarding is announced and everyone near the boarding gate rushes to queue and board the plane. Not this boy’s parents though.*

Boy: Mommy, why aren’t we going to queue?

Mom: We’ll go after the queue has shortened.

Boy: What if the plane leaves, then we cannot go home. You have to find another plane to go home. *pout*

Boy: *whine* *whine* *whine* Later, the plane go without us!


The kicker:

Boy: You all so naughty.


Pfft. He’ll make a great variety star.


It’s been a short while since I’ve started this blog and I gotta say, writing recaps is not easy. From downloading the episodes, typing and coming up with the words, choosing moments to screencap, screencapping and then formatting the post on wordpress with picture hosted elsewhere… it takes quite a while, and now I know that, lol.

Writing the words itself takes the greatest toll on my time, since at fastest, it’s 1.5s for each 1s of video. The median rate is more like 2.5 to 1, which means that if the show is an hour long, I usually take 2.5 hours just to get the words out, without even proof reading. Also, I’ve learnt that my proofreading skills can be quite terrible, hur. The latest recap took way longer though, because it turned out to be such a monster.

Lol, I remember the first time I recapped episode 121 of 1N2D. It took me a full 27 hours over the span of three days from start to end, heh. I was so inexperienced I didn’t even know where to start. Even downloading the raw was a problem. I’ve improved a lot since then, I think.

Fast forward to like, 2 weeks later and I’m churning out 5 episodes of God of Noodles in 3 days. (The editing’s not fantastic, but the posts are out.) It’s been an interesting ride.

I do this because I love those shows, though really, it’s because I want to share about them to many people. If I brought you joy with those, then tell me, because it just makes my day. Also, I wonder if all bloggers feel this, but I adore comments, because it feels like I’m interacting with people and not just a wall. I can squee with you guys and I love seeing you guys squee too!

Also, I’ve learnt that 1N2D is all the rage, heh, and it’s not just me. The popularity of the recaps of those is no joke. I kid you not, but it has like 400% more hits than recaps of the other shows, including the drama recaps of Noodles. Speaking of Noodles, I wonder if anyone has much to say about those. I don’t think so, from what I’ve seen. :<

Anyway, enjoy the recap of Ep 123 of 1 Night 2 Days. I’ll try to get the next one out asap – according to my schedule! I don’t get paid for this… T_T


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