1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 123

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 123:

After a short recap of the previous week’s happenings, a PD addresses the boys, telling them that for the “Sleeping Indoors or Outdoors” game, if they lose, they won’t be able to even step into the place they’re now in for the rest of the night. What is this scary warning” so early into the episode?

They all board a bus (!!!) and offer to donate their outerwear to DongGu, already assuming that he’ll be sleeping outside, ha ha! They worry as the bus goes quite a distance and soon, they arrive at an amusement park in the middle of the night like in TaeHyun’s film My Sassy Girl. They dance their way to their assembly spot to some upbeat music broadcasted all over the park. So cute.


Defconn recalls the time they came with the ladies in the Female Friend Special and everyone reminisces the time spent with BoYoung-ie. DongGu doesn’t know her personally though (and goes wide mouthed at their connections) and they rub their close relations to her in his face. Lol, Taehyun says that he’ll be able to do that too since he’s joined them. I didn’t know this was a “be close with famous female celebrities” programme.

Yoo PD brings them back to focus and tells them that the game for sleeping locations will be here, in what they’ve nicknamed Boryeong-Vegas (Boryeong +Las Vegas because the place is a famous as Las Vegas in Boryeong). TaeHyun asks where the losers will sleep and Yoo PD doesn’t answer then, telling them to move to the place instead.

They’re led to the front of a ghost house and HA! these bunch of scaredy cats raise a ruckus just seeing the painted face on the house’s front wall. Yoo PD tells them that whoever loses will sleep here, and that the game they’ll be playing will be Lucky-Or-Not With Ghosts. Hahahahahaha!!! The veterans freeze and DongGu just smiles, bright as a clear sky’s sun. TaeHyun straightaway offers to sleep outside.


Yoo PD takes note of DongGu’s happy countenance and asks if he’s afraid of ghosts. Defconn replies that DongGu said that he isn’t, at all, and DongGu clarifies that he’s mostly afraid or shocked by sudden surprises but not of the occult. Everyone suddenly goes clueless, asking what “occult” means as a simple piano tune plays in the background. Hurhurhur. Read more books, guys.

JoonYoung supplies that he’s already annoyed just standing there and DongGu looks at him a little disbelieving as JongMin explains that JoonYoung really, really hates ghosts. Hahaha, DongGu points out the funny fact that JoonYoung is terrified of ghosts but not of his hyungs. You can punch hyungs but you can’t punch ghosts, DongGu ya.

Yoo PD tells them that the main attraction at amusement parks are ghost houses and Chicken Numero Uno, TaeHyun, lets out an incredulous laugh, saying that that’s the first time he’s ever heard of that, heh. Defconn asks if Yoo PD’s ever gone into one before and he says he did… with his parents. Pfft. You mean when you were a tiny little thing?


DongGu jumps at that and says that ghost houses are kiddy places and Chicken Numero Dos, JoonYoung, explains that 1 Night 2 Days always ups the ante, like hiring real ghosts as Defconn supplies, hur. TaeHyun already looks like he’s at the edge of having a panic attack.

For the game, they’ll just have to choose the right snack all three times while going through the haunted house.

Hahahaha! A staffer shouts into the haunted house for the ghosts to prepare for the game and TaeHyun nearly curses on national television since they’ve said that there weren’t any. I can’t believe them, really.


They’ll be entering the haunted house themselves, without even a cameraman to follow them. JongMin is designated as the first player and Yoo PD announces into his walkie-talkie that they’ll be chucking him in as if he were candy wrapper, pfft! The guys protest his word choice and JongMin prepares to enter, putting on a confident bluff and telling the guys to expect him at the exit.

HA HA HAAAA! He just takes a peek into the place and turns right back out. He didn’t even take a step into it! The guys call him a bluffer and he just invites them to take a look for themselves. JoonHo goes first, with JoonYoung and TaeHyun close behind. Hee, JoonYoung screams the moment JunHo leans into the entrance and scares JunHo shitless.

JongMin tries again, and makes a few steps into the house, screaming and telling the ghosts to warn him before appearing, lol. Two seconds later, the curtains at the entrance fly open and JongMin comes out, declaring that he can’t do it. Oh le sigh. He tries again and everything goes quiet. The guys assume that he’d gone in for real when JunHo moves to return to his seat, with JongMin coming right behind him, ha!


A replay shows us that he didn’t even make it round a corner and had just walked like 4 steps before turning back. He’s unbelievable.

DongGu gets up to go and he simply enters with a quiet “fighting” gesture. He starts greeting something and the guys laugh at the way he’s talking to himself. He even giggles, which the guys hear and JunHo suddenly wonders how big the haunted house is in the same way people ask how big a residential home is, lol.

Suddenly, they hear a yell and TaeHyun is absolutely shocked still. The chickens take that as confirmation of the scariness of the place, while inside, DongGu laughs brightly at the fake ghost that had popped out, hee. The ghost tells DongGu to choose between wasabi and chocolate flavoured churros and DongGu replies that he likes both. Wha?? Haha.

As the nervous people outside discuss the ways they think a ghost is following DongGu, he comes out from the entrance, munching on his churros. He explains that he lost, since he was supposed to take the short one, something that puzzles even Yoo PD. He offers JongMin as bite, which he spits out immediately as DongGu walks away smirking, lol. He’s becoming one with the concept of this show.

DongGu continues munching on his wasabi-churro, explaining that he likes the taste because he likes raw fish. They crack me up.

Next, Defconn stands up stiffly and makes a great deal of noise as he enters the place. He meets the churros ghost and flinches when the ghost tells him to hurry up. Outside, SooChan, TaeEun and SooJin’s father crumples to the ground in fear while JoonYoung and JunHo shiver quietly in their seats. PWAAHHAHAHHAHAH! DongGu thinks that they’re pretending to be this scared for the camera and exclaims that it’s “incredible how doomed [they] look.” I think they’d like to smack him about now.

Defconn bounces out of the entrance, having failed his churros mission and he tells TaeHyun to just sleep outside, heh. He says that his elbows hurt since he kept nudging the walls.


It’s JoonYoung’s turn and already, he looks like he’s about to lose it. Heh, we’re shown clips of JoonYoung swearing to kill all the ghosts that dare to come out in The Great Scare-Off two years earlier and him coming back even before he’d walked the full length of the hall, lol. In the present, DongGu praises what he still thinks is them acting while Defconn spits out some lines about being tired of acting scared.

JoonYoung takes a step in and his head cocks in hundreds of angles a minute like a chicken does and Defconn tries to push him inside. Heh, ain’t nothing like fear to give you strength since the skinny chicken pushes Defconn out. JoonYoung tries again, but he just really can’t and gives up.

It’s JoonHo’s turn and he separates the curtain, hanging them over doors and asking Defconn to hold them. He walks in and warns him not to let go of the curtains, a little less scared now that he can see inside, which is when Defconn slams the front door shut. Oh, you little piece of shit.


JunHo pounds on the door and falls out when Defconn opens them. He’s not even joking when his 42-year-old self yells at Defconn not to do that and tries to go in again. Just one second later, he comes running out, hur. As the guys fuss around, the most chicken of the chickens, TaeHyun, has his head in his hands, totally dreading his turn.

SooChan’s dad takes a peek into the place and someone has to choose that moment to ask if the dripping liquid is blood. Haha! He can’t walk in so he tries crawling in but he dashes out the moment some scary music is played. He apologises that he’s just not gonna to it, nope, not gonna. Lol.

Defconn says that they’re all just going to be sleeping right there if this continues.

JongMin goes again and he asks for directions in a place that has only one route, lol. He screams his way in and even shrieks. Defconn laughs and I think he’s already tired of this but Chicken Number One and Two just can’t hide their fear.

In replay and inside, we see JongMin screaming at a fake spider and after a while, he comes out with churros in his hand, seemingly crying, hee. Defconn explains that even wasabi tastes great in the haunted house and that no one knows what they’re eating till they’re out.

It’s DongGu’s turn and he just charges into the place. Heh, the reactions outside are more animated than inside as DongGu just greets every ghost he comes across and giggles when they try to scare him. He gets the churros right and picked the right cotton candy but he takes so long and eventually comes out of the entrance, complaining about spiciness, churros and cotton candy in his hands.

JongMin hands him a cup of milk and DongGu takes one glance and rejects vehemently, remembering his salty milk earlier in the morning. Ha! The show’s gotten to him. They laugh at him and DongGu opts for a new bottle of water. JongMin drinks the milk to show him and DongGu orders him to swallow it the way a kindergarten kid would. HEE!


DongGu drinks the milk and apologises for not trusting them, heh. I don’t think anyone blames you.

Defconn goes in and makes a hell of a ruckus again. It’s like he’s beating people in there! Hahaha, a replay inside shows him hitting the walls with his elbows and bellowing the moment a clown reaches for his belly. Defconn calls the clown a good actor just for that, pfft. That’s the stage where he has to choose the cotton candy and he passes over to the stage where he has to choose between tomato juice and capsaicin extract. A few moments later, he comes out of the exit door, having passed all three stages. He asks the crew to edit out the part where he swore, heh.

It’s JoonYoung’s turn and he says that he’ll try to get pass the first stage steadily enough. Yoo PD then asks the million dollar question of whether Chicken 1, 2 and JunHo are able to pass through the first stage and JoonYoung suddenly wilts as he says “no”. Hee hee.


JunHo offers to go and JoonYoung lets him so he walks off in the opposite direction of the entrance… to get a gag, pfft! JunHo moans his way to the first stage, hahaha and he passes the first churros stage. He ooohs his way to the cotton candy stage and picks one that just won’t fall apart.

He exits from the entrance and introduces his duvet-cotton-candy, hehehehee!

I think Yoo PD is irritated and wanting to sleep by now since he gives up and offers them the choice of going through the place in pairs and passing all stages to win a place to sleep indoors or going alone and only needing to pass two stages.

Chicken 1 and 2 go together, heh. What difference to their courage does that make? Barely 90cm into the place, they’re already screaming like their lives depend on it, muaha. A replay shows that the reason was… because their feet touched. PWAHAHAHHAAHHAAAAA!!!!! They even wiggle on the spot! I am wheezing here!


They take one step, two, and then a sudden sound has them tearing out of the place. I cannot with them. TaeHyun falls to the ground and JoonYoung looks like he really cried.

JongMin goes alone and passes the first two stages and fails the third but that’s enough for him to earn a sleeping spot indoors. Hur, he munches his fears away on cotton candy the moment he comes out.

It’s DongGu’s turn, but he allows JunHo and TaeHyun to go first, probably not expecting them to succeed, heh. They go in and JunHo warns that he’ll just continue on himself if TaeHyun runs away and TaeHyun says he can’t run away alone in that place.

Outside, DongGu ends up rooting for them, not even minding if he has to sleep outside.

Inside, TaeHyun has his eyes absolutely fixed to the ground as JunHo drags him in. They pass stage one and two and take a pause when they see a familiar face in the third ghost. Didn’t he appear as the eunuch in the last scare-special?

They choose their drinks but we’re as clueless as the guys outside who only hear loud screams and some banging. JunHo then bursts out into the light from the exit and TaeHyun follows behind declaring “success” in a falsetto, mwahahaha!

SooChan’s dad collapses onto the ground and JunHo says he was so annoying.

They all ask about DongGu, who’s lost his spot indoors by giving way to his hyungs, but it stops at the not sincere oh-dear-too-bad level and they drape their outer wear on him.

Finally, the game is over. I can’t believe they took so long just for that. There were just three “ghosts” in that place and not even many props. Yoo PD, I am disappointed, hur.

Anyways, DongGu and JoonYoung are designated to sleep outside. Their morning mission, as Yoo PD tells them, will be to reach their meeting area in the hanok by 9am without the help of the morning song where further explanations will be given then. DongGu and JoonYoung will have a car come for them in the morning.


Yoo PD wraps the long night up by saying that the two losers can actually walk all the way to the hanok to sleep with the rest if they want to, to which DongGu just silent-laughs at the ridiculous offer. JoonYoung totally claps and says he’s gonna do that. DongGu rejects the idea, saying that he’s tired and that this is an opportunity to take photos of an amusement park in the morning! JoonYoung just fusses with the navigator on his smartphone and insists that they walk to base camp since ghosts will be walking by if they sleep there. Oh seriously, ha.

DongGu’s sweet and says that he’ll do whatever JoonYoung wants but laments that he’ll lose the rare chance to sleep in an amusement park. JoonYoung blurts out that he’ll let him do that next time.

The four winners head off in their buses and all they can talk about is DongGu… who is currently playing with a torchlight. He spots the tent the staff has set up for him and JoonYoung and smiles at its big size and the staff being so nice as to set it up for them. His ex-marine side comes out as he compares this gift to what he slept in barely three months earlier and JoonYoung looks at him like he’s nuts.


They head in and JoonYoung fusses at the thought of ghosts, asking if DongGu hyung would like to go for a walk.

The four winners sleep immediately but JoonYoung just can’t sleep and makes small talk with DongGu. He talks about his experiences with all the morning angels that have visited him whenever he slept outside and talks about travelling with 1N2D. He reassures DongGu hyung that it’ll get easier during specials and he’ll learn more about himself through the trips. DongGu opens up and says that he’s never met something that he thinks he absolutely can’t do (this is the guy who went to the marines because he was afraid of water).

The night gets deeper as SiYoon shares that he’s the most scared of people’s judgement of him. JoonYoung hears him out as SiYoon says that he’s envious of JoonYoung’s carefree and straightforward image. Because his debut projects were such big hits, SiYoon feels the pressure to put on a good front and is scared that people will see his other side and not like him. JoonYoung gets obviously sleepier as he advises that he should talk to his senior actor, TaeHyun about that. Aw, I loved that small talk. JoonYoung really felt like the innocent youngest kidright there and it’s obvious how much he loves 1N2D.


All the guys sleep but a sudden squeak makes JoonYoung’s eyes pop open. He reaches for DongGu, who might as well be a dead log now and just ends up hiding in his parka, falling asleep soon after.

Morning comes and we cut to inside the tent with no DongGu.

Said character is exhausting his extra energy on arcade games that aren’t even operating, practicing for his sageuk on the wooden horses on the merry go round, turning ride entrances into his own gym and posing sexily like the 200% scale painting of a model. Then he pouts that he’s bored because there’s no one. Hur, he’s just so endearing.

The show reminds us that there always was a morning angel every time JoonYoung slept outside and we see someone in a black wrap-around enter his tent. Heh, it’s just DongGu in an all-black Joseon outfit, complete with gat (the hat). JoonYoung just looks at him sleepily and is not impressed. Haha, failed!


Defconn wakes up, as does JongMin and they all gather at the front lawn. DongGu comes running downhill still in his Joseon outfit and JunHo asks how his night went. In true DongGu fashion, he replies that it was fun.

They enter the house and are greeted with a table tennis table. Heh. TakGu = Table tennis = DongGu’s character’s name in the drama King of Baking, Kim TakGu. Although his Tak means upwards or high and his Gu means to ask for or to look to. So basically, it means to look high up and has nothing to do with table tennis whatsoever but when one reads the Hangul, they’re written exactly the same. Not the Hanja though. Also, DongGu has absolutely no experience with table tennis whatsoever. Nothing. None. Nada.

Anyway, JunHo demands to know why he didn’t play table tennis in that drama (because that’s crucial in avoiding the punishment they’ll get if they lose in the upcoming game) and Defconn says that they’ll be playing basketball instead if his name were some sort of play on the word. At least his name wasn’t Kim Bungee then, DongGu supplies and JunHo is reminded of the nightmare when he went off the edge in an earlier episode and had screamed for mommy.

The game they’ll play is relay-table tennis and unlike the previous episode that did that, it’ll be all six against that one guy on the staff’s team, nicknamed AlphaTak (another play on the computer software AlphaGo that recently beat Korea’s esteemed Go player in Go in a game of five). Snerk, the guys’ moods visibly drop, save for DongGu who gives a determined clap, complete with the “this is it!” face. The order will be one-of-the guys, DongGu, another-of-the-guys, DongGu and etc. They try it out and DongGu totally lets his ball bounce TWICE on his side in just the first shot. Hur. Someone declares them doomed. He doesn’t even understand how to serve, ha.

He succeeds a bit with JoonYoung’s extra-dumbed-down instructions. The guys try to get a concession for their table-tennis-blackhole but DongGu insists that he can do this. Also, he says, varieties that show growth or development stories are all the rage these days, so they should totally do that with him! HAHAHAAAAA!

Yoo PD tells them that if they pass this, they’ll go home immediately. Otherwise, there’ll be a small punishment, to which JunHo says never to believe him and JoonYoung backs him up with the evidence of them bringing a table tennis table all the way there just for that punishment. All the while, DongGu is busy practicing serving the ball.


The guys try it out despite their misgivings and just the relay alone shows some promise (save for when JunHo messes it up and yells at DongGu, ha).

They start and both JunHo and DongGu successfully pass the ball over… except that DongGu gets mesmerised by his successful return that he drops the bat racket and makes Defconn miss his ball.

It’s the second game of three and DongGu messes up the first return. Oops.

The cast turn to Yoo PD and asks for five tries instead. DongGu says it’s crucial to show his development on air! YAPS just goes straight for splitting the team into three but nope, Yoo PD doesn’t budge an inch.


They go for the third round which shows a lot of promise but TakGu messes up in just his second-to-last turn! Urggh!!!!

DongGu goes to Yoo PD with ultra-polite posture and all but begs for more rounds. Yoo PD’s tough though, so JoonYoung says out loud that no one actually said start, so those rounds technically don’t count.

Everyone jumps at that, including former policeman of the group, DongGu. Yoo PD relents and gives them one more try after they announce “Go”. YAPS whispers something in DongGu’s ears and he starts off the game with some gibberish shout. PFFT! That terrible attempt to muddle with the start (if they win the game, they’ll accept his “Go” but if they lose, they’ll say that he didn’t actually say “Go”) slays the room and DongGu tries once more, only his actor-pronunciation is so clear it leaves no room for argument, ha!

They pass all the way to DongGu’s last round but TaeHyun passes the racket a little too late or DongGu just didn’t have enough time to hold it properly and he misses his last shot. AW!!! I totally heard someone scream in pity.


DongGu collapses to the ground but when YAPS asks if he actually said “Go”, he leaps back up and says, “I really this: DoJon, not DoJeon ( meaning go or challenge)”. PWAHAHAHA! Welcome to 1 Night 2 Days, DongGu.

Everyone bursts out in laughter and the show just won’t stop repeating the moment earlier that morning when DongGu had messed with their rigged game of odd one out because he “wanted it to be fair”.

Yoo PD waves them off and allows for three to be let off the hook. Everyone crowds JunHo, king of table tennis on 1 Night 2 Days.

They ask what DongGu will pull out and DongGu totally fakes them. TaeHyun even pulled a claw as he deals with his dizzy head that’s been trying to decide what to pull out so that he can avoid DongGu. They do that again and again until it’s JoonYoung-Defconn-DongGu and JunHo-TaeHyun-JongMin. They’re informed that the penalty will be to take a dip in the cold water in the pool outside and JunHo whimpers about his cold while DongGu says that at least it’s not the sea. Defconn tells him to be quiet, hur.

They play and as the gap in the scores get wider and wider, aw, DongGu gets increasingly obviously upset about it (his face actually goes red!) but puts up a front just not to lose it on camera. His words about being scared of people’s judgement are ringing in my ears now. It doesn’t help when the other team does their silly dance of victory and rubs it in their faces every time they score a point.

Midway, JongMin tells them to trust DongGu once, since they’re gonna lose anyway (so mean!) and so they do. JunHo does a short serve and DongGu returns it successfully. Only thing is that JunHo stares at his own serve so long that the return ball bounces twice before he even passes the one racket to TaeHyun, heh. Yay! One point from DongGu! Too bad JunHo shows his prowess in the next serve and DongGu’s team loses the next point. As that team rubs it in his face, the show plays back to the moment in his pre-shoot interview where he had labelled JunHo “out of the question/consideration”.


DongGu tries to take another racket but tiger Yoo is there to stop him. Heh heh, DongGu is now shooting people nasty looks and asks if they’ve never jaywalked in their lives.

Between DongGu’s mistakes, Defconn’s mistakes, JoonYoung’s mistakes and JunHo’s smash, JunHo’s team wins it, 11 to 3.

JunHo and pals really rub it in his face with their stupid dances (JunHo even throws in GuTaeng’s signature dance moves) and Yoo PD just tells him to practise table tennis in his neighbourhood and tell them when he thinks he can beat those annoying cockroaches. Lol, I’m betting that he takes a course and practises so hard that his skill will be three-quarters to Olympic level. But in the present, both JoonYoung and Defconn are like, “no way”. I believe him though!

Argh, seriously, those three drive me nuts with annoyance with the way they constantly humiliate him. Woah, really. So affectionately annoying!


JunHo: “It’s not a matter of passion. There are people who really have no talent.”

*Helpless, disbelieving sigh and smile*

So mean! That was his first try at table tennis!

In the chaos, JoonYoung remains quiet; this is the first time he’s slept outside and has to go home late. This is the DongGu effect and he monotones that he’s happy and thankful.

The winning team refuses to go home and JongMin sits with DongGu as he recovers from his blown mind and regrets not practising table tennis while in the army. I don’t think most people think of that while in army though.

JongMin consoles him that his positivity is hilarious and endearing when a present from the United States come for him. It’s a shirt of a guy hitting a bear, HAHAHAHA! I like this person’s sense of humour as it’ll forever immortalise the moment JongMin once answered “what should you do when you run into a bear” with “hit it first!”

He gets told to send the fan a video-letter in English and here comes the weird-English portion of Korean variety shows. Hahaha, he ends his request to meet her in New York with “coming soon!” like a movie advert.

The losers prepare to get into the freezing water and JoonYoung tells DongGu to act like it’s hot water. He likes the idea and does it so well that his acting senior praises him. Just in case anyone forgot that this is the same guy as actor Yoon SiYoon (the name he paid 20 bucks to get and 1 Night just ignored).

Right before they go full body in, the winners rub their table tennis prowess in DongGu’s face again and suddenly he’s so not cold at all, aw. I see you DongGu, the only one of the three in just a white tank top without a black inner shirt.

They enter the water and DongGu does the ending clap.


The reconvene in a pretty place to do the closing and JongMin totally ruins the atmosphere with a terrible song. Ha, JoonYoung gets annoyed but continues and the camera goes down the line, with TaeHyun finishing it off with “1 Night 2 Days at Chungnam, Boryeong”, ending DongGu’s first trip with 1N2D.

The episode’s not over though, since we see a recording of DongGu at his welcome dinner swearing to hit one of the three winners right in the philtrum and telling the viewers to wait for the day it gets broadcast early in the morning on KBS with the national anthem playing in the background. MWAHAHAHAHHA!!!! He just won’t let it go!


JongMin just replies that with “you’re eccentric” (I’m not kidding, it’s JongMin who said this) and DongGu does a petty little stomp of frustration, ha.

The episode still doesn’t end because after that is a series of him actually attending courses and steadily hitting a stream of table tennis balls that fly their way to him. Eeee! I told you to believe him! This is the guy who went to the marines just to overcome his fear of water. He knows no chill.


Next Week! (Today…)

The boys are spiffed up and stand before cruise ships. Yoo PD delivers the notice that DongGu wasn’t fazed by his first trip at all and called it fun. Heh, Defconn, you better not give him shit for that. They end up in the countryside where TaeHyun kicks Defconn’s nuts. Pfft.


8 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 123

  1. Thanks for your recap once again. 🙂 It’s fun reading it with your thoughts added. 😀 And I totally thought the same about him practising table tennis. Hahah. And I’m really looking forward your recap for the next episode! (I saw some spoilers on twitter and omg… That JJYxKJM will kill me…)


    1. *Kim BoSung’s “Loyalty!”*

      Haha, thanks for your encouragements.

      DongGu will beat them all at table tennis for sure! Just give him a year. Or half a year.


  2. I loved it when DG came out of the haunted house and lying about the churrios game (long/short). I didn’t see it coming but what a clever trick.

    The chat between JY and DG was really sweet.

    DG seems to be a fast learner. I can’t wait the day he will challenge his teammates for a game of ping-pong. I bet everyone would eventually want to be teamed with him.

    And… I think there will be some bungee jumps in the future… heeheehee…


  3. I rewatched this episode for the third time..i think..and i just can’t help laughing at DG being so “polite” to the ghosts..hahaha. i mean..who says “hello” & “thank you” to a ghost that try to scare you? His grandma really tells the truth when she said DG always greet everybody!(ghosts n all). I really hope one day they’ll have another horror-themed episode with scarier ghosts!


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