1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 124

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 124:

The episode opens with a Kakao text exchange between the members and Yoo PD, him telling them to dress up for the cruise they’ll be going on in the next filming.

The day comes and JunHo steps out of the car, ordering someone to deposit 20 billion won into his mother’s bank account, lol. Next, it’s TaeHyun who laughs at his own outfit and pulls out his phone to play along with JunHo, acting as a rich investor.

Defconn comes along in a bright pink suit and tries to play with them but TaeHyun calls him the boat captain and JongMin saves him from embarrassment by being the bigger embarrassment with his classic 1980s sailor’s outfit. Complete with hat. The guys laugh at him and the focus turns to DongGu who says that his outfit was inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio when he acting in Titanic. Defconn says he thought DongGu was the repairman and JunHo thinks he looks like the boy in the Dog of Flanders.


JoonYoung appears in his flaming, attention-grabbing all-red suit-and-pants combi, kicking his way to them. Heh, he says himself that he thought it was too much but from a distance, it actually looks okay.

They get excited by the thought of the cruise ship and Yoo PD starts the episode by addressing DongGu’s happy and enthusiastic feedback from last week and Defconn calls him weird. You of all people have no right to say that!

So because of that feedback, the crew went back and thought a lot and decided to send them on a luxury cruise to the islands off Korea’s west coast of Mokpo. The thing is, that they can only get onto the return cruise after completing the missions they’ll be given on the respective islands. In other words, no complete mission equals no go back. The boys burst into small laughs at that. Hur.


Defconn predicts that DongGu will be left on the island and DongGu is determined that today will be different because the sea will give them energy, ha ha. JunHo tells him to tamp down the optimism a bit, reminding him of his big fat failure at table tennis. Ha! Ji! Ma! (Don’t! Do! That!)

Defconn suggests that they cement DongGu’s variety character and JongMin offers “body, one side; mind the other side”, aka, his body doesn’t follow his mind, aka, he bites off more than he can chew. Lol. JunHo shortens it to “Yoon separately”. DongGu vehemently rejects that nickname.

Yoo PD introduces, with pictures, the super upgraded base camp (if they get off all islands) and man, I love those hanoks. I wanna stay there. JoonYoung points to the courtyard in the picture and says that’s JunHo’s sleeping location later, heh. JunHo disagrees, since there’ll be one more space indoors when DongGu gets left behind on an island, ha.


Before they get on the cruise, Yoo PD tells them of their personal staff’s complaints – why aren’t their charges going onto islands?! TaeHyun asks if they’re crazy. Hahaha! Apparently, they want the boys out of mainland so that they get some rest time and free food paid for by one unlucky 1N2D member’s card. Hee!

That was a beautiful tradition that started two years ago with JongMin as the first victim and JunHo demands to know who started it, ha! JongMin says they should make an adaptation from that and turn the situation on its head. Yoo PD must have had the same idea since he decides to strengthen the bond between staff and entertainer by making them go through good times and bad times together. He orders invites the boy’s staff to tag along with them. Whichever guy gets left on the island will be accompanied by his (un)lucky staff. Haha! Way to turn it on them!

In the bus ride to their cruise ship, JoonYoung says that he’s been on cruises many times, especially when he went to China. He describes the facilities on the cruises and the stars one can see on one and the boys wow at that, imagining the paradise.

They get off the bus and head to a row of ships. Yoo PD tells them the direction of their cruise and Defconn immediately points to the one three ships away. Yoo PD meant the ferry right behind them though. Heh.

The guys protest but Yoo PD insists and insists that it’s a luxury cruise ship… then slips up and calls it a ferry. Ha ha! The guys get welcome garlands from AlphaTak who’s dressed in a full Hawaiian-Holiday outfit.


The five men grumble their way into the “cruise” (DongGu is, of course, optimistic as ever) and they complain about the cold as they sit on their plastic chairs on the top deck of the ship. TaeHyun uses DongGu as a blanket, draping DongGu’s leg over his own short-pants-wearing ones. Yoo PD welcomes them to “1 Night 2 Days Cruise” and explains that it’s a cruise because it makes stops at many places like a real cruise! The guys laugh at his obnoxious excuse.

Now that they have even numbers of members again, they’ll be split into groups of two. JoonYoung says he won’t pair with DongGu and the rest follow the sentiment. So mean!

Their opinions don’t matter, since the crew have already set the teams. Yoo PD calls TaeHyun and baits him with the word “actor”. DongGu jumps up in glee and TaeHyun gets downcast and Yoo PD finishes his announcement and calls for Defconn. He was an actor in a short film that got an award at  a festival in Houston. LOL, so random.


Next, Jung JoonYoung… and KIM JONG MIN! LMAO, JoonYoung’s so obviously NOT impressed while JongMin is already out of his chair and exclaiming loudly in excitement. It takes the guys a few seconds to remember JongMin’s crush on JoonYoung and they tease them relentlessly about it. JunHo tells JongMin to remember that they’re not a dating variety show and then goes visibly disappointed because that means he’s paired with DongGu.

JunHo lists all the games he lost last week and asks what he’s good at. Yah! You got to eat a great, filling lunch because of him!

Hee hee, DongGu says that it’ll be fun to raise him (the way you raise a puppy) and the guys direct him to The Return of Superman.


DongGu remains positive as ever, telling them to enjoy the windowless ship and the kiss of the breeze of nature on their cheeks and JunHo just retorts that they’ve had 2 years of that – enough.

Down in the covered cabins, JoonYoung calls for his honey to sit beside him, hur. TaeHyun and Defconn call themselves “Michael and Douglas” as in the American actor Michael Douglas so JunHo points to DongGu and himself and calls themselves “Leonardo (and) Dicaprio” respectfully. He suggests actress Demi Moore’s name for JoonYoung and JongMin, the former of which grimaces and the latter of which laughs happily. Heh, they just find him weird.

JunHo then decides to change his team name again, to “Tom Cruise” to fit the concept of the trip and then declares the team names done and demands food, ha.

At that very moment, the captain announces that they’re at Dallido’s dock and they all prepare to get off.

As the walk down Dallido’s dock, DongGu’s adlib strikes again as he says he feels like running around (Dal-li-(da) = to run) while JongMin sings his song that DongGu once unintentionally dissed him for.

Dallido is called as such because it looked like a half-moon and their mission here is titled “Kids, Let’s Go to School”.

Their mission is to get the 5 kids belonging to three separate households on the island to the one elementary school on the island by 9am. If the kids sit on their chairs by then, they’ll get a hamburger set.


YAPS already plans to put DongGu to work, relying on his experience in search operations that he thinks he got in the army but DongGu reminds him that he was a Marine and that search and rescues are done by the search units, not him. Hehe. It’s been too long since JunHo came out of the army.

Team Tom Cruise gets YooJung, a girl who wants to become a zookeeper. Lol, why does DongGu need to explain “zoo keeper”?

Team Demi Moore gets the “Cow siblings” who must be twins, TaeJoon and TaeHwan.

Team Michael Douglas gets a pair of siblings. One of them wants to be a chocolatier (cue dictionary DongGu’s explanation) and the other 10-year-old one wants to become a software engineer (I’m impressed). JoonYoung tells them to leave him alone for he’ll change his dream, heh. So uninspiring.


The teams split to go find their children and interact with the friendly locals. JunHo and DongGu are saved from going the wrong way and as they walk, JunHo says that he’s been getting good energy ever since DongGu joined. Because of him, he can sleep indoors. Hahaha, come to think of it, he won every game the day DongGu joined them. In contrast to sunrise-JunHo, JoonYoung is becoming a sunset, ha!

JoonYoung and JongMin walk off in what they think is the right direction. JongMin asks one grandma where the kids’ house is and a few steps later, he needlessly asks another person the same question. JoonYoung gets angry at that, haha!


They pass by a cool grandpa on his tractor who offers them a ride and gets caught by Defconn and  TaeHyun. The guys enjoy their ride… that’s moving at the same speed as the people walking beside them.

Defconn and Taehyun continue their way to the distinct big blue barn and are a little surprised at the size of the island because they’re not getting there as fast as they thought they would.

YAPS and junior ask a lounging grandma for YooJung and scores as they’re told that she lives in the house right behind her. When it comes to luck, DongGu has it all.

They enter the house and call for YooJung who is still in bed. They enter her room and JunHo greets her with a simple “you know who I am, right”. He asks if DongGu is handsome and YooJung says no. She likes JunHo better.

She lives alone with her grandparents on the island while her parents work in Ilsan, Seoul, an experience that DongGu shares with her. His grandparents raised him til he was in middle school.

JunHo asks about his aspirations to be a zookeeper and they’re taken aback by her answer of a white tiger as her favourite animal. Heh, DongGu remarks that she’s just as passionate as him.


JunHo asks why she doesn’t eat breakfast and she says she isn’t hungry. They ask her to eat anyway, so that they can join in (YAPS-in-training asks for something to cure hangovers) but she resolutely says she’s not hungry. Hur, not a pushover, this one.

DongGu helps prepare her new shoes as she freshens up and JunHo gets asks why he’s not doing anything. He retorts that kids now a days even start puberty in third grade (age 8-9) so 5th grader YooJung is practically an adult, to which adult-like YooJung tells him not to talk nonsense, heh.

JunHo offers to get her an autographed record of her favourite singer and someone behind the camera tells her to tell him not to lie, haha! DongGu doesn’t even back him up and calls him a bad man.


They look through her awards (When are they going to school? Will they even reach there in time?) and read an award she made for her maternal grandparents who have been raising her. JunHo calls her kind and she says she doesn’t think she’s that kind. He takes his words back because, yeah, she didn’t feed him, ha! DongGu flames the fire and says that Jeollado people are kinder since they always ask if someone has eaten.

She quips that they should have eaten before coming and JunHo backs down, saying that they’ll get to eat hamburgers if she gets to school on time. After a pause, she says that she shouldn’t go then. Pwahahahah!!! She’s so cute and such a troll!


Meanwhile, JoonYoung and JongMin worry that they’re on the wrong path and… they are! Haha!. They get off to walk and head to the twins’ house. They call out but get no response at all. They look around and are pretty sure that they’re at the right house but find nobody at all, not even their shoes. HA HA!!

Both the boys and their crew are flustered by the turn of events and Team Demi Moore heads out down rows and rows of farmland with no humans.

TaeHyun gets asked about whether he sends his kids to school and he says yes and that every morning is a war. Soon, he and Defconn see a humongous blue metal barn and are told that the family owns 200 cows. They must be the richest on the island.

They enter a large house and head for the boy, UiYeong, who rolls under his blanket and calls their entrance an invasion of privacy, hur. TaeHyun tells him to get ready but UiYeong refuses, knowing that his teacher won’t be there until 10am. TaeHyun therefore tells him the truth that there’ll be hamburger for all if they get there by 9am and UiYeong leaps out of bed, haha!

They go for his sister GaYoung but she doesn’t even show her face. TaeHyun hits the nail on the head that she’s shy and they leave.

Outside, UiYeong explains to him undone homework as homework that he “doesn’t have to do” and Dad TaeHyun laughs at that bullshit as he  goes through UiYeong’s school bag. GaYeong is ready and they’re off.


Finally, YooJung and Team Tom Cruise hit the road where JunHo complains about his garland that even YooJung agrees is ugly. They play a game of rock-paper-scissors and YooJung ends up wearing two of them.

JunHo asks if they can go slowly and YooJung agrees – she can just get there late anyways. Haha! She learns that they don’t get to eat otherwise and calls the crew bad people. Heh, she’s like Choi SungHoon. JunHo tells her to say that to Crayfish PD (“the guy who looks like a tired lobster”) later.

As they talk, JunHo refers to himself as an oppa (reserved for males older but close in age to females) and YooJung objects to that, calling him an ajusshi (uncle). SiYoon is an oppa though!


JunHo tells her to rank the guys of 1 Night 2 Days and she chooses DongGu as her favourite, because he’s handsome. Hee! She’s queen of mildang (push-and-pull). When JunHo complains that she said she liked him earlier, she says she lied. She goes shy as she says JoonYoung is her second, followed by JunHo, who’s appeased. Last is JongMin, because he’s ugly, aw.

As Team Micheal Douglas walk with their kids, they meet up with Team Demi Moore. UiYeong speaks pretty well for a third grader and he’s so excited for the hamburger.

They reach the school, Dalli Campus, with twenty minutes to spare.

While they’re relaxed, JongMin search anxiously for the twins who are not there at all. The teacher sends a call to their parents and tells them to send the kids to school. JongMin waits outside and mistakes the crews’ car as the twins’ as inside, UiYeong sister answers a negative to whether she thinks her one and only brother can become a software engineer, eeish.

JunHo sees that it’s just 10 minutes to 9am and they run all the way to school, with old man JunHo lagging behind. DongGu drags her through distractions like JoonYoung and UiYeong to her seat.

The twins TaeHwan and TaeJoon arrive and reach their seats with 8 seconds to spare. Apparently, they had two houses and JoonYoung and JongMin had gone to the wrong one.


They sit outside in the warm sun for hamburgers and JunHo jokes that the cast look like they’re ruthless businessmen there to take over the school and turn the school into a resort. Defconn is also not impressed with their burger breakfast, telling Yoo PD that the kids get hamburgers sent to them with just a call. Haha, YooJung tells them not to look down on island-kids.

JunHo announces YooJung’s list of preference and Taehyun gets dissatisfied with at his 4th place position and brags about his friendship with Descendants of the Sun actor Song JoongKi. Heheh, GaYeong makes him her number 1.

Talk turns to the fifth graders having to leave the school soon and Defconn tells YooJung to tell JunHo to build a middle school behind. JunHo just continues with his mean businessman act.


The mission to leave the island is one of telepathy. All three teams will have to act out the same way given a word. YooJeong’s team is joined by her teacher to make the teams equal in terms of the number of members.

Defconn thinks that their team will have a problem winning with cheeky UiYeong whereas JoonYoung thinks they’ll win with their twins. Defconn adds his (b)romance with his partner to their advantage.

I guess the crew really knows kids because they offer a stack of gifts as prizes that they’ll get if and only if they win the games and send their team members on board the boat. Their eyes go wide and UiYeong is especially excited.


Team Demi Moore goes first and gets model and they come up with… that weird pose used to mimic a cobra. HAHAHAHA! I knew they would cheat!

YooJung goes next and gets the first one right. But the second, “muscle”, has JunHo trying to sneak-change his odd-one-out posture and he gets called out.

GaYeong and UiYeong get their’s correct and hahahha, they run straight for the prizes. Hee! Also, UiYeong is little YAPS. They get the second one right too. The others complain about UiYeong sneaking and push him around and behind the others. Hee, the lazy uncles don’t do the third one right and they get it wrong.


It’s TaeJoon and TaeHwan’s turn and UiYeong objects to the little differences in their pose and Yoo PD has to argue with a kid that he either acknowledges this or get his earlier questionable win revoked. Hehe, Uiyeong lets it slide.

They move on to their next one (“left hand or right”) and JongMin moves his left hand all the way to his chest before correcting and raising his right like the others. Haha. Failed.

It’s JunHo’s turn (“sit or stand”) and DongGu’s flinch raises a ruckus. JunHo tries to pass it off as a cough and soon-to-be YAPS is already learning well. Too bad they fail.

Team Michael Douglas fails too, with Defconn’s scary poking gesture.

Several rounds pass and it comes to the twins’ group. They’re told to close their eyes and turn to the right or left and JongMin swirls to the left while the others turn to the right. HAHAHA, JoonYoung rails at him since he told him to always choose right earlier. JongMin’s a left-hander, isn’t he?

The teacher fails it for YooJung’s team when they’re told to dance. UiYeong shows them an example while the twins fight as one of them tells the other to dance like in the past but the other refuses. JoonYoung tells him that he’ll get a prize if he does and he does it then, hee.

UiYeong and team get a super easy word and they win it, both siblings running straight for the gifts while TaeHyun and Defconn still have their hands in the air, expecting high fives. Hahaha!


They go off and the twins’ team wins theirs and go off too, not forgetting to tease the losers on their way out.

Meanwhile, it is 17 minutes to the ferry leaving and Team Tom Cruise wins theirs in two tries and run off. Haha, I’ve never seen Yoo PD move that fast before.

A video message from JunHo after the trip shows him with YooJung’s autographed album from her favourite singer SoYou. Aw, YAPS kept his promise.

In the show’s present, as the kids walk off with piles of presents, JunHo and DongGu worry about being left behind at a place with nothing to do. Heh, JunHo’s especially worried when he doesn’t see the ship that hasn’t even arrived yet.


They head towards the cruise (that’s labelled in big letters “Tour Ferry”) and go straight to sprawling all over their spot in the closed cabin. DongGu crouches in his corner and get told by the rest to just lie and rest. Soon, they all fall into deep sleep.

Near their next island, Yoo PD starts to address them but then realises that DongGu is missing. He’s out in the dock enjoying the sea breeze and compares the atmosphere to that in Titanic. Can you stop talking about Titanic? It’s not romantic! You know that ship went down right?

Yoo PD just continues and mentions the resort on the next island, which JunHo doesn’t believe. He points to sleepy JoonYoung and accuses Yoo PD of turning people into chickens when the odd fire chicken, DongGu, returns from his adventures.

DongGu goes to the window and waxes lyrical about the view near Oedaldo and JunHo plays along without even taking a peek, throwing out all the standard expressions.

They finally stand up and see the resort not-liar Yoo PD was talking about and the words “Island of Love” on the dock’s welcome arc.


On the dock, Yoo PD welcomes them to the second destination of the tour that he claims they’ve chosen and DongGu claps while the rest mumble about them not actually choosing it. Since the island is called the “Island of Love”, they happily speculate about the girl group members who may be waiting for them but DongGu goes stiff, since he’s not familiar with them.

They head towards the resort as Defconn plays with DongGu’s suspenders.

The End.


Yoo PD, I was promised Defconn’s kicked nuts! Where are they?!


Next Week!

JongMin declares his love for JoonYoung.


6 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 124

  1. I enjoyed the recap …I have not have a chance to catch up with the last episode so your recap served as an appetizer for now 🙂


    1. Appetizer? It’s a filling appetizer then, hehe.

      Honestly, I think I only fast tracked through the “Posing Game”. This episode was kind of flat and went by really fast.


  2. KJH is so great at adlibs, one of my fave K gagman ever. Some netizens didn’t like this epi that much because they’re gonna stretch the trip for 3 weeks. But, I disagree since we need epi like these from time to time. JY in mid-yawn in the featured screencap :)) Next week is so exciting. Kim Jong Min ❤


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