Master of Revenge Ep 7

Master of Revenge; God of Noodles Episode 7:

Hwang opens the lift doors again and enters, standing behind Myeong, eyes straight ahead. Myeong has a mini freak-out, convincing himself that there’s no way Hwang could have recognised him. He gets out; Hwang follows behind. When Myeong enters a pool room, Hwang orders someone to go there and goes in himself, not that oblivious to Myeong’s identity after all.

Hwang corners and confronts Myeong, going so far as to hit him in the stomach when he fakes ignorance. Hwang lists the places he’s seen Myeong, from the broadcasting station, the hospital and now, here, when GilYong runs in, waving a pool stick at them.

Both guys high-tail it out of there, splitting up mid-chase.


In Grandpa Go’s room, another confrontation takes place between GilDo and DaHae. GilDo asks if his warning was not enough and DaHae scoffs that it was a threat, not a warning and tells him that she’s here to make noodles. GilDo doesn’t fall for it and warns her that he can do anything to her – she means nothing to him.

DaHae goes visibly upset as she questions how a father, no, a human could even say that. Please don’t tell me he’s your dad. She rails that because of her “meaninglessness”, she’s been living in hell and collapses the moment GilDo walks away. She turns and sees Grandpa Go’s fingers twitch.

In his alleyway, Myeong loses his tail and GilYong calls him on the phone, demanding to know what the heck he’s been doing that gangsters are chasing him. He refuses to go meet Myeong though (“am I your lackey?!”) and tells Myeong to come get whatever he wants himself instead.


At a pawnshop, YeoKyung reclaims her father’s watch which the kindly pawnbroker had kept way past its 1-year-deadline and tells her never to come back.

GilYoung goes to YeoKyung and passes her Myeong’s thumbdrive, telling her that Myeong will be coming for it. Somewhere else, Hwang learns of Myeong’s escape as KangSuk goes to meet her father. She tells DaHae to keep her father’s possible return to consciousness a secret, even from MiJa.

In his restroom, Goongrakwon’s Noodle Chef fusses with his right arm, apparently sick somewhere. KangSuk enters and asks about his wellbeing then orders him to take in DaHae as an assistant, disguising it as a choice.


KangSuk speaks on the phone with her father’s doctor who doesn’t deliver a definitely positive prognosis, taking the wait and see approach. KangSuk asks him to keep this a secret and the doctor tells her not to worry – Grandpa Go’s guardian is KangSuk, not GilDo. Well, I understand her worry since K-Drama doctors don’t have very good records regarding patient confidentiality.

GilDo meets his Noodle Chef in private and credits him for Goongrakwon being able to pass through the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis relatively unscathed but warns him that he’ll fall from favour if the upcoming banquet fails in his hands. Noodle Chef informs GilDo of DaHae becoming a labourer in their kitchen and GilDo just tells him to use her but throw her away as soon as possible.

In her room, YeoKyung waits and Myeong appears soon enough, apprehensive. Behind, another man in black watches him enter her building.

YeoKyung and Myeong make small talk, updating the other about their own lives because it’s been so long since they’ve met.

YeoKyung brings up TaeHa and pours out her guilt towards him. She stole his freedom even when she could have corrected it but she ran away instead, like a coward.

TaeHa looks out, through the bars of his cell when his fellow inmate and saviour comes back from solitary confinement and gives him a deep bow.  Inmate-friend is presented with cup noodles and lukewarm water just because TaeHa couldn’t get a thermos but he looks moved. TaeHae tells him not to do that and put him in his debt anymore. Aw.


YeoKyung and Myeong relocate to the bus stop where YeoKyung passes him his thumb-drive. Myeong misses a bus on purpose, sitting a little longer to share his own guilt towards TaeHa. He tells her that they should not let TaeHa feel their guilt towards him so that he doesn’t run away from awkwardness. As he hops onto the next bus, he reminds her to meet again on the day TaeHa is released. The stalker in black sees it all.

Noodle Chef assigns DaHae as a kitchen labourer and tells her to thank Madame Go for that.

DaHae’s eyes widen when she sees DokGu appear before her and understands when she sees GilDo at the other end of the hallway. She spits the word “gangster” at him and storms off.


DokGu follows GilDo to his office and gets a hairy eyeball from Hwang at the doorway. Inside, he demands to know what DaeHae is doing in Goongrakwon when their agreement was for GilDo to leave her alone. GilDo snaps that she walked in with her own two feet.

DokGu flips through his numerous name cards that all have different positions. He gets straight to the point, acknowledging that he’s not here to do pretty work. GilDo agrees and tells him that he’ll be laundering money, especially money from those crooks that he’s specifically chosen to attend Goongrakwon’s 100 year anniversary.

He orders DokGu to sniff out their weaknesses so that he’ll have the funds to create the foundation that Goongrakwon will grow bigger on – a foundation that perfectly good and beneficial to society when seen from the outside, he tells DokGu.


DaHae storms past DokGu and heads straight for her mother’s urn and tells her about her upcoming job as a labourer. However, she starts to cry as she questions why her mother loved “that guy”. A flashback repeats GilDo’s words of her being nothing to him. Oh, fish. DaHae cries that she doesn’t consider that person as her father – no, she can’t. She thinks that GilDo knows who killed her mother and she even suspects it was himself. She knows that he’ll try to kick her out but she swears that she’ll never leave with her own two feet. Huh, GilDo’s smell must have changed or something since she doesn’t recognise his smell from the bead from whom she believes is the murderer that she keeps.

She begs her mother to give her strength then apologises for always asking favours from her mom. It breaks my heart.

In his you-can’t-see-me black outfit, Myeong passes the lists of guests to Goongrakwon’s 100 Anniversary banquet to Corrupt Congressman. He passes by his own stalker and gives a pause.

Corrupt Congressman goes to visit Senator So TaeSub, addressing him as “hyung-nim”. Senator So rebuffs that form of address and Corrupt Congressman kneels, asking him to save him once. He asks for help in knocking GilDo down a peg, in return for his loyalty for life.

GilDo attends his own portrait unveiling and KangSuk stares at him in disgust as his portrait joins the ranks of Goongrakwon’s earlier masters and hangs right beside her undead father’s.


MiJa gets a call regarding the banquet and a reporter tells her that he’s being pressured not to attend. She stalks straight for Myeong and questions his motives.

Myeong tells her that it’ll be good for her too if the banquet’s ruined. Since her own shield in the form of the Go clan’s trust got fractured because of the last broadcast, if this banquet fails, then the clan won’t trust in GilDo either and GilDo will still need her. And Myeong needs that MiJa to have that power.

He wants to use her as his power in Goongrakwon and asks her to install him as a noodle-maker in Goongrakwon. After that, he’ll rise up on his own.


Goongrakwon prepares for the banquet and Hwang stands around, perplex that no one has arrived yet, despite the time, save for the Go clan’s unhappy elders.

KangSuk comes down in her flowing red dress and tells Hwang to go inform GilDo.

GilDo goes out and starts his speech, only to get thrown insults. Corrupt Congressman enters, smiling like a Cheshire cat, reveling in his humiliation.

Noodle Chef serves his noodles with shaking hands, and everyone waits nervously. The Go clan’s leader(?) takes just one bite and throws a fit, declaring the noodles terrible. He walks out and orders for KangSuk.

The Go clan leader’s fumes at KangSuk and MiJa, blaming them for the state of things. KangSuk serves it right back to him since he told her to shut up when GilDo was making money, ha ha ha! Instead, she’s displeased with him for getting angry just because their sales are falling now.

MiJa calmly states the root of the problem – that GilDo’s more concerned with everything else but noodles – and the leader commands them to solve the problem together.

KangSuk purses that they just don’t have the share-power to do that and the Go clan’s leader says that they can, if the entire clan sides with MiJa and KangSuk. Even if GilDo uses Grandpa Go’s shares, it’ll be 50% against 50%. It’ll be a fight with a chance of winning.

MiJa informs Myeong of their success and asks when he’ll enter Goongrakwon. Myeong answers that he will in a week, an answer that MiJa is unhappy about but can’t do much. Instead, she warns him to guard against his own spy in Goongrakwon, since that’ll be the guy most likely to backstab him.

GilDo sits and reels from his ruined banquet. He orders for the jerk who leaked the invite list to be brought to his knees before him.

His wife comes and tells him that the clan wants his Noodle Chef fired. She also adds that her father has been declared incompetent, which means that any papers that he supposedly affirmed, even those with his fingerprints, are useless. Ooh, burn.


Corrupt Congressman drinks with his “friend” Corrupt Prosecutor (he’s finally introduced as Prosecutor Ahn). Senator So comes in and chases him away with a snark about his two timing tendencies.

He orders Corrupt Congressman to make up with GilDo, now that the fight is over and politics has to be done. No wonder I hate politics. It’s so messy.

GilYong comes out of the bank and runs to his next job, which appears to be a substitute driver for Prosecutor Ahn. Despite Prosecutor Ahn’s bad mood, GilYong doesn’t read the situation and happy-brags about YeoKyung’s achievements, asking him to take care of her. Ack! Keep your mouth shut, GilYong!


He gets cold feet when Prosecutor Ahn shows his temper and asks for YeoKyung’s name again but all it takes is a phone call for Prosecutor Ahn to know the name of his new target. Prosecutor Ahn insults GilYong, calling him a fly and kicking his seat. Hold your temper in GilYong! Hold it in!

GilYong bursts though, and hits a grandma crossing the street.

He waits nervously outside an operating theatre.

Corrupt Congressman meets with GilDo, who offers to give him the originals of his incriminating photos if he outs his informer.

Day breaks while Gilyong frets, still outside the operating theatre. He calls Myeong and makes up a stupid excuse about there being too many deliveries to make that he has to miss TaeHa’s release. Grandma’s son finds him and demands compensation, threatening to throw him in jail otherwise.

Snake Congressman calls Myeong, ready to give him up to GilDo, baiting him with YeoKyung’s safety.

Myeong calls for YeoKyung but she’s getting ready for her interview and doesn’t pick up. Right after her interview, she heads straight for TaeHa but is held up by a meeting with the training institute’s director.

Myeong gives up calling and runs off.


TaeHa prepares for his release, and his inmate-friend asks why he never replied to his friends’ letters despite keeping them all. He replies that he didn’t like feeling their guilt every time he met them. After sharing a final hug with YongJoo (his inmate friend/saviour), TaeHa walks out of his cell, flanked by his other cellmates who bow for him, deep at the hips.

TaeHa is returned the belongings he had on him the day he confessed and the still-bloodied clothing brings back bad memories. The guard brings another basket of clothes though, clothes that Go GilYong had prepared for TaeHa on the day he’s released from jail. Aw.

Anxiously and nervously, TaeHa walks out the doors of the jail. He turns and smiles, a great big heart-warming smile that stretches from ear to ear, when he sees the images of GilYong, Myeong and YeoKyung smiling and waving back at him, welcoming him back. The image fades though, replaced by the real vision of DokGu. This has got to be the shittiest of all feelings that can be felt on earth.


Instead of welcoming his brother from another mother, Gilyong is begging his boss for a loan of 5 million won but his boss either can’t or won’t lend him that money.

GilYong looks the pithy remains in his bank account and end up going to a loan shark. The loan shark ends up being DooChul, who seems to have been doing well. He gets his money only after getting beat up and approving what I imagine must be a very unbalanced contract.

Myeong instead, is heading to meet Corrupt Prosecutor, who leaves at the sight of him. From behind, Hwang grabs and stabs him. Hwang checks his arm and sees the burn mark, finally getting confirmation of his suspicions.


YeoKyung ends her meeting and rushes to TaeHa, but she checks her phone and sees Myeong’s call. Myeong’s weak voice worries her and she rushes to him instead, TaeHa forgotten.

Urgh, damn all this shit.



Damn, damn, damn, damn, DAMN! How much more wretched can our four kids be?

I am supremely angry at GilYong for not holding his anger back while driving (and why would he lie and say he had to do deliveries?!) and I am pissed at Myeong for going off to meet Corrupt Congressman without even trying to change the time of their meeting. I am somewhat annoyed at YeoKyung for not telling the others about her interview earlier (I mean, if Myeong knew, wouldn’t he have been at least a little less scared? Or at least if something had come up and delayed her, the guys would have suspected it, including TaeHa. She could have told him through letters!). I feel the worst for TaeHa, not only having none of his friends coming to welcome him back to freedom but also having to see his worst enemy (who wants to  recruit him for nefarious deeds) instead.

I think that brings me to the point about this four that makes me rage. They don’t TALK. Well, I mean, of course they do, but they aren’t honest with each other and their communication sucks. Big time. What happened to them is obviously very unfortunate but the way their hurts cut so deep is also partly thanks to their own miscommunication. This rift clearly stems from the way their orphanage’s director died (curse you, director. I hope you rot in hell) and the other YeoKyung and Myeong’s ensuing guilt – guilt for being happy, guilt for being fine. GilYong doesn’t seem to feel that guilt at keenly as they do, but he’s not as open to the rest as they are to each other and is one to hide behind a happy-go-lucky mask.

So, GilDo is DaHae’s biological father (if I didn’t connect the dots wrongly). This is kind of like the whole “Luke, I am your father” shenanigan to me. Till now, I don’t understand what DaHae’s ultimate goal is though. Is her goal to make noodles? That sounds shallow to me. Is it to find out who murdered her mother by getting close to the one person who knows the murderer or so she thinks? Why does she think that GilDo knows who killed her mother anyway? I am so confused.

I don’t know what Myeong’s ultimate goal is. Is it to bring GilDo down from inside Goongrakwon? He’s a pretty smart guy, seeing the way he’s manipulating events to steer them towards his advantage and knowing full well how each person and their power affects the others in this complicated spider’s web of relationships but his naivety shows itself when he goes to see Corrupt Congressman without any kind of preparation or apprehension. Yes, he was threatened with YeoKyung’s safety, but if he were experienced like MiJa (she actually told him to beware of his spy), he wouldn’t have gotten stabbed. At least confirm that he has the girl before running off to your death!

Like I said before, this show has a tendency to show, not tell, which is fantastic… except that when your audience loses you, I think it’s time to throw them a bone.


5 thoughts on “Master of Revenge Ep 7

  1. “this show has a tendency to show, not tell, which is fantastic… except that when your audience loses you, I think it’s time to throw them a bone.”
    At first, I enjoyed the style of showing instead of telling but now I have reached the stage where I wonder if it’s because there is no bone to throw? My fear with this show now is that we can analyze all we want, connect the dots but they all lead to nowhere.

    “They don’t TALK. ”
    This often happens in dramas but the lack of communication among these 4 friends is quite unbelievable. It’s like they don’t have mobile phones or have ran out of paper to write letters! Tae Ha is the only one whom I can excuse because we are let in on how he views himself with respect to the 3 especially Yeo Kyung. It’s guilt and unworthiness. I don’t know what is Gil Yong’s purpose, he seems like a simpleton so I won’t be too hard on him. I know too little about him at this point. I am disappointed with Yeo Kyung even more in the next episode. She seems to have forgotten Tae Ha. But that contradicts her opening the investigation into his case. So I think it’s a flaw in the story telling or direction? I only get that she’s concern with Moo Myeong. And Moo Myeong! I will save my rant about him in the next episode recap.
    I totally agree with you in that I do not know what his ultimate goal is. I know he wants to destroy Gil Do but how? I don’t mean the exact plan but I need to have a sort of vague idea of his end goal. Is it to take Gil Do’s life but I remember he said he had numerous opportunities to kill him but didn’t. Is it to take Goongrakwon away from Gil Do? Is it to take away his wealth? Or to expose him for all his crimes and restore his father as the real creator of Pheasant Buckwheat Noodle?

    may continue my comments in the next episode…


    1. Lol, you seem so frustrated. And I thought I was the only one!

      I know! I was all ready to rave about this show but then it looses me and I’m like… huh? Am I the stupid one or are you just making me go in circles because you have no destination?

      I still love this show, by the way. I still love the way the characters talk in circles, the way there’s more than just one layer with regards to their actions. I think they going the “drop you in the middle of their lives” way and so they’re not showing narrative storytelling (save the beginnings) and easily dishing out information. (I get a heck confused by all the noodle titles and note that Corrupt Congressman has been known as Corrupt Congressman since he was introduced. Either I didn’t catch his name or the show never told me.)

      I love you, show, really, I do. I even write recaps for you! Just help me to love you more!


  2. So I just rewatched the Dahae/GilDo confrontation scene to make sure I heard/read correctly. Then I read your recap because I still wasn’t sure. That GilDo is her father (maybe) is a bit of an unsettling development.

    Say it isn’t so!


      1. I completely understand, no worries! I’ll keep on watching, hopefully catch up, and find things out soon enough! 🙂


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