Master of Revenge Ep 8

Master of Revenge; God of Noodles Episode 8:

YeoKyung struts down a hallway and the captions tell that it’s already 3 years later. What is with this show and time skips. And what happened to TaeHa and their friendships?!

Prosecutor YeoKyung enters her own one-person office and finally pulls out the reports regarding TaeHa’s requested case (why take three years?). She looks though the contents and is stunned to see pictures of her dead mother staring back at her. She steels herself and flips through, stopping at the name “TaeHa”, recorded as the son of her parent’s killer.

TaeHa speaks in voiceover, telling us that his father was a drug addict, respected by no one. Even then, he couldn’t simply ignore his father.


One day, TaeHa’s father leaves the house, despite young TaeHa telling him not to. He had promised to return, but that very day, he’d made orphans of his own son and YeoKyung. Child TaeHa had stared at the television report of the arrest, realising the overwhelmingly enormous debt his father had passed down to him. He and YeoKyung had ended up at the same orphanage and from first look, he’d sworn to protect her forever.

Adult YeoKyung takes a moment to take it all in then starts drawing her relationship chart.

Sometime later, GilYong passes by and drops some reports in her hands, not even stopping for lunch. After that, he goes to DooChul to return the month’s debt, calling him by the wrong name again (hahaha) and refusing to work under him.  They look like they’re on friendly enough terms with DooChul calling himself “Hyung”, even if GilYong runs away in the end.


YeoKyung works on TaeHa’s case, even going after a man involved in the case personally. She’s stupefied in terror though, when he makes for her with a knife the same way TaeHa’s father had done to her when she was a child. In voiceover TaeHa narrates that his father had inflicted everlasting scars on both him and her.

DokGu and lackey DooChul meet with GilDo, bringing stacks of ₩50, 000. They take a walk outside, where DokGu “complains” about his “heavy” gold watch as he shares some sympathetic remarks about Hwang, who has since fallen from grace and is made to do hard labour. GilDo doesn’t share the sentiment and blames him for ruining the banquet, resulting in him losing all his management rights at Goongrakwon. Instead, he’s now managing the Goongrakwon Foundation.


In his dinghy little office, DokGu asks his lackey (and still getting his name wrong, hahahaha! Seems like CheolDoo DooChul has given up) where he thinks GilDo is keeping all that money, since they’ve never even seen anything like a safe. DooChul goes all dramatic and suggests a secret room, its entrance camouflaged as a huge picture. Heh, DokGu throws his cigarette butt at him and retorts that it only happens in movies. It happens plenty of times in dramas too, you know.

In his office, we see GilDo enter the very secret room that DokGu doesn’t believe exists and dumps his newly-received money on top of the rest.

He goes to visit his wife, who is apparently not doing very well as the highest management authority at Goongrakwon. He snark-advises her to hire a new head chef now that they don’t have one and questions if she even knows who works the most in the kitchen.

The show cuts to DaHae happily running around the kitchen, enjoying her job as a labourer and even boldly chiding her seniors. She also comments on their new recipes when GilYong arrives to deliver supplies. He’s cheeky enough to tease her and is an obviously welcomed presence in the kitchen. A worker drops a bowl of noodles and DaHae covers for him. All work stops when they finally notice GilDo who had been standing right there the whole time. I have never seen another kitchen less busy during operating hours than this one.

GilDo walks off and meets MiJa, where they trade barbs. She’s not oblivious to his wish for Goongrakwon to fail so that he can grab both it and the foundation, recognising his off-hands approach as deliberate rather than imposed on.


KangSuk shares her worries with MiJa, upset by the possibility of GilDo taking back the reins in three months now that the company’s sales have been falling 10% each year. MiJa recommends a friend as the new Noodle Maker. You mean Myeong? Whatever happened to “next week”? She offers to handle all the possible backlash that could arise by shoving such a new person into the highest position in the kitchen.

DokGu pokes at the pictures in GilDo’s office, heh, while waiting for him. GilDo comes and requests for a replacement for Hwang, wanting someone loyal who can protect both him and, perhaps, DaHae. That gets DokGu’s attention and he offers someone who’s, unfortunately, difficult to persuade. GilDo doesn’t let that deter him, pointing out their good relationship now (as compared to just three years ago) and DokGu starts talking about wimpy Park MooTaek’s son. Urgh.


In a factory somewhere, TaeHa is in the middle of being fired. The slimy manager brings up his murder charge and even refuses to pay him for his fair 6 months’ worth of salary. It takes TaeHa everything just not to punch him but he leaves without incident.

He arrives in his small lonely room, pulls out his thin stack of ₩10 000 bills and collapses in despair. (Where are your friends????) His efforts to find new jobs hit dead end after dead end, his criminal record being too big an obstacle to overcome.

He sits somewhere along a street and GilDo comes along, offering an ice-pop. TaeHa rebuffs him, recalling the time he saw him beat up some other guy. GilDo corrects him – he never does the dirty work himself. He orders others to do it for him. Ain’t no shame with this one.


TaeHa tells GilDo to buzz off, and to take that message to DokGu while at it. GilDo tries once more to convince him, but understands that he’ll be making no progress any time soon. He gets into his car where DokGu is and affirms his satisfaction regarding TaeHa. DokGu entreats him not to break TaeHa even when he ends up disliking him and GilDo just says that he never lets anyone go unless they betray him.

DaHae joins KangSuk in her little bamboo forest and the smell reminds KangSuk of the bamboo noodles her dad would make for her. They end up making those noodles and KangSuk uses the private time to check out the atmosphere in the kitchen.

DaHae: “I just think there’s a lot of noodles; without thinking about the people eating them.”

Myeong sits under the spotty shade of trees as MiJa comes to meet him. Oh right, he was stabbed. No wonder he’s still not in Goongrakwon.

A flashback shows MiJa right by his side in the hospital from when he was unconscious to when he was wheeled into surgery (where he had passed by without notice right under YeoKyung’s nose). She’d warned him to prepare signature noodle dishes as his weapons or simply die in the battlefield that is Goongrakwon.

In the present, she tells him that he’ll be entering Goongrakwon’s noodle section right away, the equivalent of him shooting straight into a senior executive position elsewhere. There’s no time to lose, with the threat of GilDo’s return looming over them.


She gets up to leave and questions the quiet choice of location. Myeong just replies that he died here (Ack! Don’t say that so easily!) and MiJa tells him to do well, since she’s all in like him now. It’s do or die for both.

Myeong heads to Goongrakwon, a minute to 10, which is when they close. The manager can’t refuse him according to KangSuk’s orders and takes Myeongs orders for Royal Pheasant Buckwheat Noodles. He gets a bowl of Buckwheat-with-flour noodles and another with Buckwheat-from-two-days-ago when he complains about the first one. Oh please, chef, you had ONE job.

Myeong confronts the chef, currently only the 2nd Head of Noodles, who gives all sorts of excuses. Myeong doesn’t take his nonsense and leaves, saying that they’ll meet again. On the walkway a level above, GilDo watches everything.


MiJa sits with Goongrakwon’s husband-and-wife pair and suggests bringing in someone from the outside as their new Noodle Chef. KangSuk plays dissatisfied while GilDo looks interested.

In her office, YeoKyung receives a playful knock on her door. Immediately, she knows that it’s GilYong. He’s here to update her about the latest dead bodies around South Korea and thankfully, none of them are Moo Myeong’s. *Facepalm* These people and their inability to communicate.

YeoKyung broods about the exact same thing (okay, she’s more like, “Myeong, where are you”).


A flashback shows us the day TaeHa was released. He had waited and waited, till the sun set, through the rainfall. OH I CANNOT STAND THIS ANY MORE! *Flings stuff left and right* DokGu had waited with him, but TaeHa finally leaves alone, walking past him.

In the present, TaeHa broods in his own house, when his slimy ex-boss comes bursting in with his pay of six-months and begging TaeHa to save him. Whaa?? The answer for the behaviour walks in, sneering at the slimy ex-boss’ behaviour. GilDo brings up TaeHa’s father, who had apparently been sentenced to death for his crime.

He notes the biasness of the law, when others who had done the exact same murders get off by faking ill health. You can’t change the law by screaming or wailing. Therefore, according to GilDo, “you buy the law”.

GilDo turns to leaves, promising to meet again. At TaeHa’s rebuff, he baits him with the knowledge of the person who ordered his father to kill YeoKyung’s parents. With that, he leaves his name card and goes.

DokGu goes to Goongrakwon’s kitchen and sees DaHae hard at work kneading noodles. He gets some from DaHae and reacts with glee until he takes a huge bite and spits it all out. Hee. I know someone who likes pouring salt into liquids too.

DaHae scolds him for working with GilDo even when he had promised not to. DokGu gets worked up and says that it’s so that “uncle” can protect her and DaHae scoffs, spitting back that they’re not biologically related. Oh. DokGu looks like he got punched real hard in the gut.


Outside, DokGu harks back to the day they first met. He was a lousy gangster, a penniless one and therefore had his child taken from him. Even DaHae looks shocked by that information. He confirms her suspicion that GilDo had made a spy out him, and therefore he had gone to DaHae that day, popsicle in hand. After five years of watching her grow up, she became his niece and after ten years, she just became his daughter. He’s in Goongrakwon just because he doesn’t want to leave her there alone and asks her not to hate him. Aw.

DaHae confesses that she was only pretending to hate him and that she actually can’t.


The next day, Myeong walks up the sun-beaten steps to Goongrakwon’s restaurant, swearing to become the monster required to kill the monster in there. He walks past the diners and head into the inner quarters, ending up in the room shared by GilDo, KangSuk and MiJa.

Myeong is put to the test but not without a condition of his own – he’ll control the entire kitchen during the test.

As expected, he faces opposition even before he touches any sort of food. He therefore loudly claims to only go forward with his skills and if he fails, he’ll step back, cleanly without complaint.

He tests the dishes that the kitchen’s staff make and finds fault with every single one of them. In return, their customers that afternoon had great lunches.

At the end of lunch service, Myeong addresses the kitchen, acknowledging that it’s tough but that it has to be tough and will only get tougher from now on. He thanks the staff for their good work and they clap for him, some accepting him while others can’t.

DaHae tries to get a one-on-one with him outside but while she’s friendly, he’s a lot colder. He tells her to act as if she doesn’t recognise him. He could die and so could she. I would have said “way to be dramatic” but after his stabbing, I won’t.

KangSuk is pleased with Myeong’s performance, but she’s testy with MiJa, refusing to thank her for bringing in a saviour in the form of Myeong. MiJa addresses the crack in their relationship, formed when KangSuk had simply stepped aside when GilDo was all ready to bring MiJa down and voices her intention to take Goongrakwon for herself. Not so close anymore, I guess.’


Somewhere on Goongrakwon’s grounds, Myeong appears before Hwang like a ghost and punches him in the guts, the same place he was stabbed and Hwang collapses with the wind taken out of him. He tells Hwang to wait and see what he’ll do in Goongrakwon.

Hwang storms towards GilDo’s office (why does he walk with such a severe limp? Did I miss something?), demanding to meet GilDo.

Hwang begs to be returned to his position and only catches GilDo’s attention with the name “Choi SoonSeok” – the son of his “friend” and the one who leaked the banquet’s invite list. He has to admit that the dead body in the morgue back then was a lie.


GilDo gets down to his level and demands to know who Choi SoonSeok is. Hwang gets him to promise his reinstatement in return for the information.

KangSuk goes to see her father and notices DaHae’s shoes outside. Inside, DaHae is gently wiping Grandpa Go’s hands. She regales him with tales of the first time she had noodles and describes the taste of the noodles as one that she can’t forget. KangSuk stops at the door and turns once she hears the private talk.

DaHae continues to say that the person who made the noodles… was the person she hates the most – GilDo.

Like a spell, Grandpa Go awakes.


She goes through the alphabets and writes the letters that corresponds to those that were called out when his fingers curled.

GilDo storms straight for Myeong.

She reads the name “Kim GilDo”.

He yanks his sleeves up.




At this moment in time, I’m not sure what to feel…

Finally, we’re told of the true relationship between TaeHa and YeoKyung and it perfectly explains why I kept feeling like TaeHa was especially attentive to YeoKyung, yet not actually falling for her when they were young.

That was a bloody terrible thing for a father to do, though I guess we’ll be exploring that a bit more in the episodes to come, so I’ll withhold my thoughts now.

Watching this show can be kind of tiring (I actually already am) with all the different relationships spun three hundred and sixty degrees from zero. The “adults” have nothing simple between them. They’re the epitome of “Dog eat dog world”. The “kids”… aren’t as close as I would have liked them to be and therefore it was nice to see the relationship between DaHae and DokGu, both who care deeply for each other and just know it, even though they’re not biologically related, in contrast to all that.

I really, really hate the way Myeong is going about all this, cutting off his friends and everything. Like dude, can’t you at least tell them that you’re alive?

At this point, I don’t really have much to say. What do you think?



(Maybe next time I should avoid writing this immediately after watching the next episode, hur. It messes with your mind…)



4 thoughts on “Master of Revenge Ep 8

  1. It took me shorter than expected 🙂

    “I really, really hate the way Myeong is going about all this, cutting off his friends and everything. Like dude, can’t you at least tell them that you’re alive?”
    I don’t understand Moo Myeong. Why does he need to do this? I am guessing that he wants to protect his friends especially after being threatened with Yeo Kyung before. But I don’t see how he can successfully achieve this since he didn’t plan on disappearing forever but surface at the opportune time to take revenge. Wouldn’t his friends recognize him at that time? Just like how Da Hae recognized him. If he’s going to tell them to pretend not to know him if they run into each other now, why can’t he tell them as soon as he recovered? Am I missing some logic here? This is made worse by the fact that they don’t show Moo Myeong thinking of his friends. At all. I know he’s bent on being the God of Noodles but it would be nice to show just a little.

    “I don’t understand what DaHae’s ultimate goal is though. Is her goal to make noodles? That sounds shallow to me. Is it to find out who murdered her mother by getting close to the one person who knows the murderer or so she thinks? Why does she think that GilDo knows who killed her mother anyway?”
    So, I am not the only one. What makes it worse is that Gong Seung Yeon is too inexperienced an actress to bring forth the layers of her character. I can’t take Da Hae seriously. Whatever grand plan she has or the immense hurt she suffered is all watered down to childish excitement or pouts. She was serviceable in Six Flying Dragons but lack the gravitas for this role.

    Hopefully things will look clearer and better this week.


  2. Seriously, the situation about Myeong working in Goongrakwon ….. the whole time I’m thinking, “Hwang’s there! He’s going to recognize you! Did you consider that?”

    Then he appears before the guy and talks to him!



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