Master of Revenge Ep 9

“When my mother opened that door, I hoped that she would run away so far no one could find her.”

“When I got out of that door, I was already a monster.”

“I desperately didn’t want to hurt the owner behind this door.”

“Beyond this door exists the real me.”

GilDo melts into his chair, allowing himself to be who he actually is only in there.

Master of Revenge; God of Noodles Episode 9:

We cut back to GilDo’s confrontation with Myeong. He pulls up both sleeves but his arms are as smooth as a new born babe’s butt. GilDo stares accusingly at Hwang and Hwang stammers for Myeong to admit that he’s Choi SoonSeok. Myeong, of course, plays dumb.

With newly conscious Grandpa Go, DaHae gets worked up over the name Kim GilDo, the name that only her and her mother should have known. When she presses him for confirmation, he goes back to lala land and soon after, she’s chased out by Grandpa Go’s deaf-and-mute bodyguard, DongBae.

When she leaves, GilDo’s men in black are running around noisily, trying to find Hwang. KangSuk emerges from wherever she was indoors and DaHae takes the moment to tell her that her father had just opened his eyes.


GilDo gets the report that Hwang has slipped past their fingers and he orders for him to be found no matter what.

Elsewhere, KangSuk is ordering DongBae to step aside and let her in but the bodyguard is resolute in not letting anyone in after “visiting hours”. KangSuk even tries to hit him with a rock but is stopped by DaHae. She eventually walks away and thanks DaHae for possibly being the one who woke him up.

In an alleyway, Hwang falls, mere meters away from GilDo’s men-in-black. Myeong arrives in a getaway car and offers him a ride. Hwang takes it, knowing that he can’t escape GilDo’s clutches otherwise.


While forced together in the small room of a car, Myeong taunts Hwang, telling him that there’s no benefit in trying to use Myeong as his ticket to the old days, since there’s no longer any evidence at all that he’s Choi SoonSeok. He advises Hwang to leave the country, by selling the most fatal piece of information he has to the one who’ll want it the most. Myeong corrects Hwang when he asks why he’s helping him. He isn’t. He just wants to get rid of Hwang.

DokGu prepares to take a bite of raw fish but is summarily summoned by GilDo who won’t take no for an answer. Hehe, he even forbids DooChul from taking a bite until he returns.

He meets with GilDo and takes offense when GilDo orders him to find a guy – Hwang SungRok (aka Hwang). Eventually, he reluctantly agrees when DaHae’s safety is mentioned to be at stake since Hwang is the guy who knows that DaHae is GilDo’s biggest weakness. GilDo also asserts that he will get TaeHa to join them soon.

Speaking of TaeHa, he’s ambling down a street and meets GilYong who’s waiting for him at the end of it. GilYong complains about having to personally go to them all if he wants to meet his friends. Of course you have to do this for TaeHa! Think of what you did the day he was released, you jerk.

We learn that TaeHa hasn’t seen YeoKyung in quite some time and that GilYong has been checking up on dead bodies, even those unclaimed, for any news of Moo Myeong (whose name doesn’t help because it literally means “no name”, which is what unidentified bodies are labelled). GilYong stuffs a box of fruits and vegetables in TaeHa’s arms and drives off.


In his den of solitude, Myeong studies the blueprint of GilDo’s office, concluding that there’s a secret room in there since the dimensions on the drawing and the size of the room that he saw himself the time he reported for his test clearly don’t match. That’s why most secret rooms are underground though I guess GilDo didn’t get that message. He bends over in pain from his stab wound which is when MiJa calls him.

They meet in his diner where she expresses her surprise at his ability to control a whole kitchen successfully. He lays out his plans for reaching the top of the kitchen’s food-chain (hehe, couldn’t help it) – planning to crush then take in the 2nd Head of Noodles. The Head of Meat is unbiased while the Head of side dishes is loyal to GilDo. He’s mainly concerned by the Head of Broths, since, according to both age and experience, he should have been promoted to the highest position in the kitchen. Instead, he’s too silent and therefore too unpredictable.


MiJa warns him of the almost certain hazing that he’ll get but Myeong just pulls out his blueprint of GilDo’s office and shares his conclusions.

The next day, GilDo puts on Moo Myeong’s name tag and comments on his interesting name. Myeong jokes (or bluffs) that his original name was Ha JungTae and that he changed it only because it was the same as GilDo’s (name as known to the rest of the world). GilDo shares that they both share the characteristic of having two names then, and gives him a personal run down and tour of Goongrakwon’s kitchens and its systems.

Inside, 2nd Head of Noodles tells the others of his plan to make Myeong leave within a day and none outright object. Can you just do your job properly?

KangSuk meets GilDo on her way to her father and throws polite words with nasty intent his way as is their daily ritual. She sits beside he father and begs him to so something, wake up or move his fingertips, whatever. She gets a call from Hwang, who baits her with the knowledge of who hit her father. He confirms her suspicion that it was her husband who ordered the hit. He tells her to meet him with his new passport if she wants concrete evidence and that he’ll be sending her a little token in the meantime, if she sends him some money.

In his office, GilDo sits in his office and watches her spill angry tears through his numerous security monitors. He attributes the usually stoic lady’s tears to Hwang’s doing.

KangSuk swears to turn into a monster to repay the monster that’s been living with her. Not so fast there lady.


Hwang sees her sitting on a garden bench from his spot and prepares to meets her but ends up getting dragged away by DokGu’s men.

GilDo appears before his wife, informing her that whoever it is she was going to meet won’t be coming soon. He jeers at her naivety at believing Hwang’s words with the saying that cornered people will lie. He insists that he didn’t order harm on his father-in-law and that he’s an honest man.

He offers to return the money that she’s spent, with the warning that he will never touch people who don’t touch him or his things. However, he will never let those who touch either go and KangSuk has already laid her hands on both. KangSuk is forced to swallow her bitter tears.


DokGu calls GilDo with regards to Hwang and his soft side rises as he worries about what GilDo will do. GilDo assures him that nothing will happen.

Hwang sits in his car, ready for his doom. GilDo asks once for Myeong’s real identity but since Hwang knows that his life won’t be spared either way, he just says that Myeong isn’t it. He warns GilDo that it’s not over yet and smiles hauntingly at GilDo through the car’s back window the entire time he’s driven away.

Halfway through work, DaHae sneaks into Grandpa Go’s room and wakes him up with the magic words “Kim GilDo”. She does her “spell the word” thing again and gets the words “murderer”. She asks and asks him whether that means that GilDo is a murderer when KangSuk comes in and kindly dismisses her.


KangSuk addresses her father, swearing to bring down the beast that made him this way. Therefore, he should wake up soon. She cries though, that she’s not confident of lasting till then and just really begs for him to wake up already.

DaHae wanders the ground in a daze, absorbed in the new information when she sees GilDo. She calls out to him and makes him stop by addressing him as “Kim GilDo”. She rants about his many names and whether this new name was a ploy to hide both her and her mother, threatening to expose him to the world. She finally asks if he’s ever killed a person and GilDo gets so worked up that he grabs her shoulders and shakes her.

MiJa comes upon them and interrupts, not buying GilDo’s lie of “I was just giving her encouragement”. The two scatter and in her spot, MiJa wonders at the fact that GilDo just avoided a fight.


DaHae calls her uncle and asks to meet him as soon as possible.

She waits outside in the darkness and the drizzle for him, to which he rails at her for.

Haltingly, she asks if “Mr Ha” is the one who killed her mother. He denies it and repeats that it wasn’t her father who killed her mother, he swears his life on it, but he doesn’t know who killed her nor does he even know who Kim GilDo is. DaHae dismisses him and DokGu yells at her for calling him out just for that. Poor little everyone’s-dog.

GilDo is presented with pictures of Myeong visiting Corrupt Congressman. He calls the congressman (we finally learn that he’s Congressman Choi) and asks to meet.

In his kitchen, Myeong is enduring eight hours of continuous kneading, cooking and plating, earning the pity of a sympathetic co-worker (from another station). MiJa sees this and is deeply upset.

She confronts KangSuk who essentially doesn’t care. She doesn’t treat her not-friend kindly either, remarking on MiJa’s stance of “trust no one” that if one doesn’t trust anyone, then one has no friends either. Like them.


Myeong wheezes at the end of lunch shift on his third day at work. I’m not sure whether that’s 100% due to his strenuous work or if part of it is due to his stab wound, even if the sympathetic co-worker lays bare how hard the work is.

Myeong is summoned to GilDo’s office, where Congressman Choi is waiting and promised a welcomed guest. Both him and Myeong are stunned when they see each other and GilDo looks at them with suspicion during that awkward second.

Myeong breaks the tension by recognising Congressman Choi and they throw GilDo in for a loop when the congressman responds in kind. Heh, thwarted.

Outside, alone, Congressman Choi remarks on Myeong’s correct prediction that GilDo would call him in. Myeong throws some barbs his way and declares that he will get his payback from Congressman Choi. Despite Congressman Choi having backstabbed the Myeong, I must say that there are no very hard feelings between them.


Resting after a tennis game, Senator So asks for promising candidates and YeoKyung’s boss shows in papers regarding YeoKyung, the girl who topped the exam and the training institute with basically the highest scores since both were implemented.

He notes that she’s from an orphanage and stick-straight and therefore not the kind Senator So would be interested in but one look at the names of her parents has him declaring that he’d like to raise her (as in mentor or develop, professionally). Why do I not like the sound of that?

Amongst YeoKyung’s web of persons of interest, GilDo is present. She recalls the day he had come at her in the orphanage after the director’s death. Her investigator enters the room and advises her to drop the case, since it’s already past its statute of limitations, it’s dangerous going after the men in the case and also because the higher ups dislike it. She drops to banmal when YeoKyung remains resolute, reverting back to her identity as the person who brought YeoKyung, TaeHa and Myeong into the orphanage and therefore knows why she’s like this. YeoKyung stands her ground and orders for investigations into Goongrakwon.

Prosecutor Ahn comes in and orders her move to the Special Branch while also commenting on her complicated web of connections displayed so clearly on her board. She’s confused by how a newbie like her could simply enter the Special Branch and Prosecutor Ahn (who’s part of the Special Branch) lays bare for her that the strongest among the prosecutors is the one with the strongest backing. He envies her.


YeoKyung questions her direct boss about the odd move and he explains that her status as an orphan with no family (of course, along with her smarts) made her supremely compatible with the Special Branch, where, because she has no family and therefore no links, she won’t be swayed by those in power that they’re supposed to investigate. Uh huh, yeah, I totally believe you. Not.

A knock at the door announces Senator So who gets his first look at YeoKyung in person and likes the look of her.

TaeHa sits in his room and thinks through GilDo’s words. He heads for DokGu and asks if DokGu knows for sure that GilDo had told the truth regarding his father. He says that he’ll meet GilDo and will ask everything regarding what he knows about his father.


DokGu brings TaeHa to Goongrakwon and they both order their noodles and call each other tacky. TaeHa orders the exact same dish that Myeong had last made for him alone.

In the kitchen, Myeong is positively about to collapse when the 2nd Head of Noodles passes both orders to him. He makes them and the noodles are sent out.

DokGu and TaeHa empty their bowls, leaving not even a drop behind.

TaeHa meets with GilDo and immediately asks for the identity of the person who made his father a murderer. GilDo doesn’t give the name up, just stating that it’ll be useless even if he knows. With his current status, TaeHa will die if he takes a stand. Therefore, come work with GilDo and build his influence. Maybe he’ll be strong enough to get his payback later on and GilDo will tell him the identity of the person then. TaeHa leaves.


KangSuk receives a parcel from Hwang. It’s a thumb drive, with a video record of DaHae and GilDo’s confrontation, complete with sound. She cries and laughs in disbelief to hear DaHae, her one and only confidant in her closed palace, address GilDo as a father.

TaeHa walks down the halls of Goongrakwon and meets face to face with Myeong. After a very short moment of recognition, Myeong walks past him, not even stopping when TaeHa calls his name to his back.



Stupid Myeong. *Grumble grumble* Really, I don’t want to harp on this “lack of communication” issue anymore, so I’ll just leave it at that.

That was a woozer of an episode, though I’d say it’s more so for KangSuk and DaHae than us. KangSuk finally gets confirmation that her husband’s not as clean as she had hoped he would be and DaHae’s learning that her father’s not just simply a hungry man. He’s a starving man, one willing to do anything to get what he wants, including murder.

KangSuk’s swear to become a monster seems more like an angry reaction rather than her actually having the ability to become one. To me, she strikes as a person who’d have liked a simple, happy life but instead is thrown in a pool of crocodiles and left to fend for herself. She can try all she wants, but the instinct to betray or defend will not come as easily for her as it will for GilDo, who’s had to do both ever since his mother left the house and abandoned him to his violent father. It feels like she’s a princess trapped in an ivory tower. Even though she’s head of Goongrakwon, even though she commands so much power and money, she’s ultimately alone and therefore, the seeming betrayal from DaHae, her one confidant in the place of monsters and sharks, was such a blow to her because it marks the moment when she actually has no one she can fully trust anymore. And like she said, people who can’t trust don’t have friends. That’s a tragedy for people like KangSuk as compared to people like GilDo and MiJa.

Finally, we know DaHae’s deal. She just wants to know who killed her mother and she’s going after GilDo because that’s her only link. Still, entering Goongrakwon seems like an odd choice for her. I mean, she could have gone the way of YeoKyung and become a prosecutor or simply become a journalist or something instead of becoming a labourer and… remaining as a labourer even after three years… What is her deal in Goongrakwon? I want to know her plan. I mean, if after three years, all she gets is the name “Kim GilDo” and the word “murderer” and that’s her plan, then that’s a bad plan.

GilDo remains hard-hearted and a snake, especially with the way he treats Hwang. Leave him alone and he’ll leave you alone but touch him or his possessions and he’ll strike you with venom, making sure that you die. That’s okay, actually, except that he judges others based on his own perspective and wants and lets his desires colour his lenses and an innocent guy like TaeHa can end up tangled with him just because GilDo decides that TaeHa’s “his man” and his “property”. Despite his earlier declaration that he never throws away people who don’t betray him, see what he did with Hwang – he reduces Hwang to the lowest position the moment he’s disappointed him and now he’s is going after him after Hwang strikes back after being cornered. That’s why I’m worried for TaeHa because you don’t actually know where GilDo’s line is and whether TaeHa will unconsciously cross it and gain his ire.

If I were to compare GilDo to another character in drama land, I’d call him a grittier, darker version of Yoo Jung from Cheese in the Trap, except that Jung has never killed anyone and GilDo’s already killed three (and two more based on suspicion and unsuccessfully tried killing one more (plus one more if we include Myeong)). Also, GilDo wants stuff so you may not actually know what his “possessions” are while Jung is just “leave me alone”.



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