Just Because…

Other than Master – God of Noodles, I’ve also been watching (and LOVING) Oh HaeYoung Again, my crack show. I mean, you need some fluff and happiness to counter darkness and insatiable human greed.

And I just want to say…

When will Monday come?!

I’d like to praise the high lords over at Dramabeans because recapping is so hard and takes so up much time you don’t even know. T_T

But it’s kinda fun. Especially 1N2D recaps, heh.


Things I’ve learnt doing drama recaps:

1. According to a recap done today, I take about 4 hours from start to end to recap a one hour show. That means, each recap takes about a 1:4 ratio of time to complete. That includes watching and writing the words (I do them at the same time), screen-capping the pictures, proofing the “essay”, inserting the pictures and other formatting stuff. That is everything goes super smooth.

2. In other words, I am torn regarding 1N2D’s episode lengths. If it’s long, I LOVE it, because it’s funny and enjoyable and there’s just more joy!!! But then… it’ll take me a whole lot longer for each recap… T_T

3. These things need stamina. I never knew finishing a recap could be such a relief.

4. Pictures come out really nice under sunlight. I still remember the vibrant colours of 1N2D’s episode 121. They were simply gorgeous.

5. It’s harder to screen-cap pretty pictures for variety as compared to dramas. Because varieties are all about the moments. Catch them fast! You may not be able to retake them. But dramas are all rehearsed and every angle is done on purpose. Most of the Noodle screen caps are done really easily but with variety, sometimes I can play a moment over and over again just to capture that perfect shot.

6. I tend to get those shots of people laughing or smiling in varieties.

7. Recapping process: (Usually I watch the raws the night before)

  • Download episode.
  • Write episode while watching the episode on Viu or Viki or somewhere.
  • Transfer to tablet for checking and to choose moments to screen cap and where to put screen caps.
  • Episode should be all downloaded at this point which is when I start screens capping.
  • Upload images.
  • Read through and write comments (if it’s a drama) while pictures are being uploaded.
  • Add pictures through HTML (because this is wordpress.COM and it’s seriously limiting in the html/css customization area).
  • Clean up.
  • Post.


Feeling guilty:

For being super behind on New Journey to the West Season 2 and Law of the Jungle recaps. But I just cannot anymore. They’ll come, but slowly… slooooo~ooooo~ooo~owly. Not like any one misses them anyway. You’re all about 1N2D, I can tell!

And also, I really want comments. And I shameless for stating that? Haha!


Today’s learning:

How to restore pages. New Journey to the West Episode 1 went blank on me and I thought I would cry. Thank you WordPress for saving previous versions! Whew.


2 thoughts on “Just Because…

  1. Hi 😉 I really appreciate you recapping 1N2D and LOTJ. Even if it takes you a long time, it’s okay. I’ll wait!!! Thank you!


Recapping takes hours... leave me a comment please? 😜

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