Master of Revenge Ep 10

Master of Revenge; God of Noodles Episode 10:

The show opens to the moment TaeHa and Myeong meet, with YeoKyung narrating in the background that her friends live in a monster’s house. The friend she loves like her life and the friend who saved her life. The scene cuts to GilDo in his chair – “and in that monster’s house, a monster lives”.

Myeong hides in a room and freaks out, wondering why Taeha is in the monster’s den here. He walks out where TaeHa’s waiting for him and they both relocate, since they can’t talk in Goongrakwon.

KangSuk is watching the recorded confrontation between GilDo and DaHae when MiJa comes. She overhears a little from outside KangSuk’s room and the moment she enters, KangSuk slams the laptop down but her face hides nothing. MiJa notes that she’s been like that ever since she was young and therefore, she can’t hide a secret.


KangSuk asks MiJa about DaHae, but MiJa just replies that KangSuk should know about DaHae than herself, being the one constantly around her the past three years.

In a pojangmacha, TaeHa is persuading Myeong to leave Goongrakwon. Myeong going to Goongrakwon, Myeong seeing him at Goongrakwon and even today, everything that’s recently bad in their lives ends up being related to Goongrakwon and all that only started the moment GilDo appeared in their orphanage. He fears for Myeong’s life, but Myeong finally comes clean as to why he can’t give up. He tells TaeHa the entire events regarding his parents and how he hasn’t slept well since the day they burnt to ashes. Therefore, now that he’s here, he can’t stop.


In turn, Myeong tells TaeHa not to run away from his guilt and to meet YeoKyung, something that TaeHa hasn’t done since he was released. He tells TaeHa never to come to Goongrakwon ever again and leaves, with TaeHa yelling, terrified, that he could die.

DaHae works on kneading some buckwheat noodle dough late in the night when MiJa comes in. MiJa remarks that for a mere labourer, she’s not afraid of the highest authority regarding noodles in the place – GilDo – and even has the current highest management authority – KangSuk – wrapped around her fingers. What an interesting child. She sends a digital blueprint of GilDo’s office and orders DaHae to get into the secret room there.


YeoKyung sits in her office doing nothing, asking if she’s on suspension. She tries to work on TaeHa’s case but her mouthy staff (another investigator? Who?) just tells her to leave it alone or risk the wrath of the higher ups. Prosecutor Ahn comes in just as they argue and commands YeoKyung to go eat rice-with-soup. (“Have you eaten?” “Yes, I’ve eaten.” “Then let’s go eat rice-with-soup” HAHAHAHA!)

YeoKyung is brought to Senator So, who reveals his close relationship to her father, who was once his second-in-command. He gives her a photo of her father and tells her of his wishes to meet whenever he thinks of her father.

He brings up DokGu and hints at her to look into him. When she replies that the case is no longer under her jurisdiction, he tells her that investigations shouldn’t be restricted by that. Is that a permission-not-permission?

In his car, Senator So waits, and GilDo’s mistress comes to sit beside him. Oooh…

Apparently, she’s his pawn but she hasn’t been able to get GilDo to do anything much, including getting into politics, in the three years she’s been beside him. Senator So consoles her with the fact that he still doesn’t trust her even after eight years.


YeoKyung walks to her office and endures the curious stares from her colleagues. When she demands why, her mouthy staff asks excitedly about her meal with the senator and imagines her climb up the career ladder to be super smooth. YeoKyung retorts that it’s not like that but her investigator agrees with her colleague – every file that they’ve requested and were rejected suddenly came to them right after YeoKyung had that meal with the senator.

DokGu complains about Goongrakwon Foundation’s lack of money (they can’t touch the enormous amount of money stashed away as slush funds) and GilDo just tells him to bring TaeHa.

Speaking of whom, TaeHa is at DokGu’s office, riling DooChul up when YeoKyung’s investigators enter the place and take all their documents (hahaha, even the investigator turns DooChul’s name upside down, hee!). She recognises TaeHa as the boy she took to the orphanage and as he turns to leave, TaeHa finally comes face to face with YeoKyung.


In her office, they make small talk, YeoKyung telling him that she’s there as a friend. TaeHa tells her not to apologise, thank him or cry. Also, she should drop the case that he’d requested. He’d feared for her safety, ready to just leave the past as it is. Upset, Yeokyung reverts to her identity as a prosecutor and tells him that no matter what, a crime is a crime and that she’ll continue to investigate. She can’t give up after his pitiful six years and her arduous six years, not even if there’s a possibility of her getting hurt. She wants him to be who he is – the person who’ll fight to the end without giving up.

DaHae is swamped with dishes to wash and she notices that there’s just too much broth left from the customers. GilYong comes along with the supplies and DaHae’s friendly colleague treats them to some snacks that she’s made. They choke when KangSuk interrupts them though.

KangSuk calls DaHae’s colleague and apparently, roommate, out and orders her to keep watch on DaHae and to report all of DaHae’s actions to her.


In the kitchen, DaHae requests to taste the problematic broth for the Royal Pheasant Buckwheat Noodles. Myeong has noticed the leftover broths and checks the problematic broths too, but he isn’t very kind with DaHae while at it.

KangSuk sees her husband while walking the grounds and reminds him that Goongrakwon is not his. That doesn’t deter GilDo though and KangSuk accuses him of neglecting his work as the highest authority in the kitchen and wishing for the restaurant to go down. GilDo puts the falling sales on her. I’d say that you’re both at fault, given that the problem is bad food.

KangSuk barks out DaHae’s name and registers the shocked expression on his face. She brushes the outburst off as a request for his agreement to promote DaHae to the Noodles Section.

DaHae and Myeong are busy investigating the soy sauces used and manage to snub their senior along the way. The problem’s not with the soy sauce outside, so they head to the super-secret sauce kept in the storage, which Myeong uses a sledge hammer to gain access to. He opens the lid to one of the crocks and smashes the entire crock to pieces, declaring the sauce has gone bad. And you couldn’t just say that first because…?

He explains to GilDo that the pots were not made of the material that they should have been made of and therefore the sauce couldn’t breathe and ferment properly and went bad. The Head of Broths laugh at his embarrassment when they’re alone and Myeong tells him not to feel bad, for it was GilDo who had the pots changed 2 months ago. Uh oh… Head of Broths tells him never to say that out loud or they’re finished.


In his office, GilDo ponders over Myeong’s ability to tell that the pots had been changed from just a look. His mistress enters his office and tells him to prepare for the by-election or wait another 4 years. Instead, GilDo insists that he has to get Goongrakwon first.

His mistress advises him to do anything to get nominated in order to get a place in politics where he’ll then have power rivaling the other big shots.

KangSuk comes in and scoffs at her bold moves with GilDo. She’s aware that the mistress is trying to get GilDo into politics and tells her not to bring Goongrakwon into it. She comments that she’s the fourth mistress GilDo’s already brought in and warns her that she, KangSuk, can be more dangerous than gangs, so watch out.


In private, KangSuk gives GilDo the go-ahead to enter politics but tells him that it’s either noodles or politics. Don’t dream of having both.

Congressman Choi joins GilDo for golf where he’s congratulated for getting successfully elected into his third term. GilDo asks for his help in meeting Senator So and Congressman Choi just directs him to Myeong, whom he says is closer to the senator that himself.

Said Senator is now sitting with Myeong in his little restaurant/diner and being presented with Lotus Flower Noodles, a delicacy that’s said to be the best kind of noodles in the temples.

Senator So recounts the moment they met in a temple and takes a slurp of the noodles.

Once done, he asks about Myeong’s health and offers to open a restaurant for him. Myeong answers that he’s a little late, since he’s now working at Goongrakwon and Senator So goes visibly disappointed. Is it just because it’s harder to call on Myeong now or is it related to GilDo?


DaHae heads to Grandpa Go’s room, where KangSuk sees her and tells her not to come any more. She says that it’s because DaHae is going to get busier as a Noodle Maker, a position that she’s intending to promote DaHae to. She subtly rebuffs DaHae insistence to continue coming and just says that she’ll call for her again if she wants her.

TaeHa broods and keeps thinking about the way Myeong walked past him at Goongrakwon. He rushes off to find DokGu, who complains that the investigators are annoyingly turning his place upside down. TaeHa asks DokGu to protect Myeong’s identity and DokGu tells him to just enter Goongrakwon and protect him himself. Oh no you don’t! Be quiet!

Dammit, TaeHa agrees. In return for granting his favour, DokGu introduces him to his “daughter” and tells TaeHa to protect her. Cue googly eyes and happy flowery background music, hahahaha!

DaHae pretends to be unaffected but the moment she enters the changing room, she frets about not even having put lipstick on.

DaHae walks past him without a word in Goongrakwon but then returns to remind him about the sunglasses that she had dumped on him and even eyes him from behind a pillar.


GilDo sits in his office where Myeong joins him. He asks Myeong to set up a meeting with Senator So for him and Myeong agrees, on condition that he be promoted to Head of Noodles and be brought to all of GilDo’s PR events.

GilDo interprets that as Myeong’s intention to become his successor and Myeong doesn’t refute it, just saying that he’ll do anything required, be it noodles or politics. He knows that he’s not asking for much, considering GilDo’s intentions for wanting to meet with the Senator. GilDo informs him that he’s still doesn’t trust Myeong fully and Myeong just tells him to do as he pleases and that he’ll come to trust him eventually.


Outside, TaeHa stands before GilDo’s office and he meets Myeong’s eyes at Goongrakwon once again the moment he opens the door. Myeong stoically walks off, as TaeHa walks in, neither acknowledging the other.

TaeHa meets with GilDo and accepts his offer to work with him. GilDo takes him in, and lays down the law that TaeHa has to follow. First, he can’t decide anything. He’s just to follow orders blindly. I don’t like that rule. Second, he’ll pay if he lies, tricks or betrays GilDo. I don’t like the sound of that either. Thirdly, he can’t mention anything regarding his father until GilDo allows it.

GilDo brings him out and orders him to drive. He calls someone and orders them to prepare for a guest while TaeHa drives to an underground parking lot. Immediately after stopping, another van pulls up and charges at TaeHa. He takes them all down easily enough, single-handedly. It was all a test by GilDo.


GilDo orders him to stop and commands for Hwang’s former room to be cleared. He tells TaeHa that he had to test him, for he’ll be investing a heck ton of money into him. Of all the objects he owns, TaeHa will be the most expensive one. I do NOT like the sound of that.

A henchman clears Hwang’s stuff and is nagged by DaHae’s roommate. Curiously, she insists on sorting the trash herself and the reason becomes clear the moment the henchman leaves. She rifles through the stuff and pockets pictures of DaHae with GilDo. Something else catches her eye and makes her gasp in shock.

TaeHa drives GilDo back and voices his uneasiness but GilDo just says that he wants him to feel that burden.

DaHae sneaks around GilDo’s room and finds the button that opens the door to his secret room. Well that room ain’t as secret as it should be. She manages to hide in the room just in time as GilDo walks in and she gasps at the place.

Myeong heads to his locker and sees a document waiting for him. His nod to DaHae’s roommate confirms that she is his spy in Goongrakwon. He opens the document and reels to see DNA confirmation that DaHae is GilDo’s biological daughter.



Yes, yes, yes! Everyone meets! TaeHa and Myeong, TaeHa and YeoKyung, TaeHa  and DaHae, wife and mistress, TaeHa and DokGu, PEOPLE SEE EACH OTHER!!!!

I hope this marks the return of tightly written Master – God of Noodles. It’s not that the show is bad. It’s the contrary – it’s so good. But for a while, it had been too complicated and too vague, curiously choosing to reveal only little bits here and there without revealing our main character’s motivations. That was what made me so confused because I didn’t know what they were trying to do (save for taking revenge but there are 1001 ways to do that).

At least now we know for sure that Myeong is aiming for Head of Goongrakwon (I guess he’ll be bringing GilDo down from there) and that he won’t/ can’t stop because he can’t sleep well until he does so. DaHae is there to search for her mother’s murderer… although I still don’t get what her plan is but I’ve just made peace with it, accepting that she has no plan because she’s just too careless otherwise. Even YeoKyung has a stake in this fight, now that she knows that Goongrakwon has something to do with her parents’ death.

The show also tends to gloss over issues that the audience wants (okay, I want) to know more about like the 4 kids’ relationships, opting for the “we will get there when we get there!” approach, which, you know, I’m a little too impatient for. Why can’t you just tell me the destination earlier so that I don’t feel like I’m running in circles.

It’s obvious that TaeHa is choosing to sleep with the beast just for his friends’ sakes – because Myeong just won’t get out of there and YeoKyung just won’t stop – which is very in line with his character and his guilt. All his life, he’s lived for another person – YeoKyung or for his father (or at least the memory of his father). And I just hope, hooooope, that he gets out the drama alive now that he’s in GilDo’s clutches. His life is more tragic than our revenge master’s.

I don’t know if Senator So is a good guy or bad guy. I can’t decide. Is he nice to YeoKyung just because he really liked her father and sincerely wants her to succeed or is he just using her as a pawn? I could believe that he was just another nice man without any intentions until it was revealed that he had planted someone right beside GilDo and had planned for her to be there for three years and more. In other words, his thing with GilDo goes way, way deeper than “nothing much”.

It’s wonderful that YeoKyung doesn’t place any blame for her parents’ murder on TaeHa whatsoever and that she’s made the case as personal for herself as it was for TaeHa. But it’s also scary how that means three out of four of our kids are involved with GilDo, the scariest man I’ve ever had to meet in dramaland. GilYong, though not doing anything much in terms of revengy-stuff is the glue that’s keeping our 4 kids together and for that, I love him to bits.

Seeing how practically everyone’s out to get GilDo from all the wrongs that he’s done to them, clearly, GilDo’s father has done a nasty one on him. How does one person have so many enemies?


3 thoughts on “Master of Revenge Ep 10

  1. I agree with you that this episode was good, i was lost for like 4 episodes

    when Da Hae asked Tae Ha about the sunglasses, i found myself grinning widely then i said to myself oh there something to grin about in this drama it’s a first

    I am suspicious of that senator too I don’t trust him, actually I don’t trust anyone in this drama expecte the 4 friends

    Thank you I enjoyed your recap and reading your thoughts


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