New Journey to the West S2 E3

New Journey to the West Season 2 Episode 3:

The show opens to the crew talking about the noodles they had earlier that were the second best food in ChengDu and them being on their way to ~possibly~ getting the chance to eat the best thing in ChengDu right now. LOL. Trust them to whet the guys’ appetites like this and then withhold the food.

They relocate to a restaurant and are presented with chunks of baked clay. Pfft, HoDong thinks the clay is the food itself and Na PD encourages him to go ahead and try it.

They’re thrown right into the quiz and are asked for the name of the food before them. They get the hint that it’s related to the people who eat it and they go from King to commoner and even lower according to rank.

HoDong: “VULGUR FELLOW’S CHICKEN!” Pwahahahahhahah!!!!!


But JiWon beats him to the punch and calls out, “Beggar’s Chicken”. Ding Dong Deng!

Beggar’s chicken originated when some beggars in the past stole a chicken and hid it under some clay. A king was passing by and lit the place on fire. He found the chicken, fully cooked and enjoyed its smell so much that he ended up eating the chicken right there as it was. (LOL, poor beggars.)

Na PD explains their lunch-game for today: they’ll be asked questions related to China’s Three Kingdoms’ Era and if they get it right, they’ll get three seconds to eat something. Hur, this smells of Na PD all over. SuGeun must have learnt way too  much from Season 1 of 1 Night 2 Days because he declares it too much time. HA!

Question 1: In China’s Three Kingdoms, there were the empires Wei, Shu and Wu, which were finally united under Qin and in Korea, there was…

SuGeun jumps up to answer, “BaekJe, Silla and Goguryeo!” but Na PD continues his question to ask which dynasty came after them.


They all get it wrong in turn and when it comes to JaeHyun, he just asks if it isn’t a multiple choice question. Heh. Is he looking down on his bros and himself?

HoDong finally blurts out the first syllable to the correct answer (Unified Silla) but SuGeun steals it and gains the 3 seconds of eating time. Haha! HoDong is this show’s DongGu.

The second question is idiom related and SuGeun takes that too. Look at “Monk XuanZhang” devouring meat. The other guys groan about him unexpectedly winning constantly when SeungGi’s not around and JaeHyun just hears that and comes to the conclusion that SeungGi must not be a goblin then, since he’s not like them. Haha.

The third question: In China’s “The Records of the Three Kingdom”, the three protagonists were Liu Bei, GuanYu and ZhangFei. In France’s “The Three Musketeers”, who were the three protagonists there?

JiWon jumps up and yells, “BRUTUS!” Whaa?? Et tu, JiWon?

Hahahaaa! He changes his answer to Bluetooth! I cannot!

JiWon tries again and again with all sorts of ridiculous answers, including “King Arthur” and “Aristotle” and Na PD gives up and provides the answers of  Aramis and Porthos, only requiring the last name. JaeHyun tries and says “Zorro”. *Cough*


JiWon finally gets it right and “Sun WuKong” tears into the chicken… or was about to until “Monk XuanZhang” tasers him right then. So mean.

JaeHyun gets the next answer right so fast I didn’t even catch it.

At this time, HoDong laments his no-food state and SuGeun yells at him not to fill his stomach with water right when he takes a sip from a bottle, making him do a spit-take. Ew.

Question 5: Say the name of 5 celebrities with 4 syllable names in 5 seconds.

They all try loudly and unsuccessfully in succession but it’s SuGeun who gets it right again. They question the “NamGoong SeolMin” that HoDong had been spitting out in all his attempts and he just answers that he doesn’t know him. Heh. JiWon pulls a fast one on SuGeun and SuGeun makes him pay for it with a very long tasing session. Hahaha, he always forgets about that.

HoDong finally gets the last question right and he rushes to split open the clay and eat the chicken inside in 10 seconds. He gets a bite in the last second and it turns out to be a chicken foot, which JiWon the choding (kindergartner) calls gross.

The End. (Of the game)

They’re up for another round of lunch-quizzes, this time with mapo-tofu and other proper dishes at stake. The theme revolves around 4-character Chinese idioms and they all groan upon hearing that.

It’s a chain-reply game in the same format as HoDong’s disastrous dinner-game the night before and for every wrong answer they provide, they get a dish taken away. JaeHyun promptly gets his wrong and the others try too and gets his question wrong, save for HoDong. They complain that Na PD didn’t pronounce it properly (pfft) and they get a redo… where JaeHyun gets it wrong again. One dish gone.


Maybe it’s because he’s a newbie, but they really encourage him and assure him that they won’t blame him for failing. JaeHyun goes again and gets his right… which is when JiWon misses his because he was busy congratulating JaeHyun, PFFFT!

Na PD must be feeling good because he lets him go again but then he gets it COMPLETELY wrong. Hahahaha!!! What kind of 4-word idiom is “buchang dong” (basically a city around the west side of South Korea)?! I love the way Na Pd takes absolute pleasure in screaming out “DDAENG!” And he wasn’t even referencing Buchang-dong but BuKchang-dong! Two dishes gone.

HoDong gets the next one wrong and their Mapo Tofu is given away. Will they get to eat anything?

HoDong trains the director to say it slowly and rhythmically… and then:

“Spring. Summer…” “…New. Year.”

PWAHAHAHAH!!! JaeHyun ah! Even kids know that one! (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.) He really didn’t know though and even asks for something easier.


They do a group hug and they comment on JaeHyun’s cold hands. HoDong tells him not to cram-read his Chinese books anymore. DongGu didn’t become DongGu in a day, JaeHyunnie.

They do yet another group hug at HoDong’s insistence and SuGeun points out that JaeHyun’s whole body is cold and ask if he’s a real vampire, hee. The guys really don’t want JaeHyun to feel bad so they keep consoling and defending him (“you are one of us, that’s why you’re like that”) until he tells them to just stop already, hehe.

They enter a very, veeery slow and easy round where the first three get theirs right and 4th-in-row JaeHyun feels the pressure. He can’t even hide it, hee. He gets it right.


JiWon goes and answers “Sum Sum Dim Sum” which slays the whole room.  In the end, they’re just fighting for the rice but thanks to JaeHyun, they don’t even get that.

They’re given the menu and allowed to order whatever they want with their leftover 10RMB. JiWon sneaks a bite from the food they couldn’t eat and HoDong scolds him loudly, then spends a ton of time there fiddling with the food.

They’re given quite a lot, mostly paid for with JaeHyun’s wefies with the staff.

Talk turns to JaeHyun’s small appetite and how he used to deliberately go hungry back in his modelling days to stay in shape.  They’re all concerned, save for HoDong who just silently and continuously eats, using a soup scoop as a spoon.

And suddenly they’re all hearing of the morning mission from Na PD. It wasn’t lunch but dinner?


They’ll be going off to meet the largest statue of Buddha in the world in two groups – one by boat and one by walking all the way there. Their mission is to not be the one with panda eyes by 8 in the morning. The crux is that there are only 2 markers and the ink can be removed just by washing it off with water and soap. If everyone has some sort of drawing on their face, then the one with the better drawing is the loser.

HoDong pairs with JaeHyun and SuGeun pairs with JiWon. They do this weird hip hop introduction and SuGeun cracks both me and JiWon up (he practically gasps for air) with his supreme HoDong-dissing skills.

HoDong and JaeHyun go to Sugeun and JiWon’s room to agree that neither wash off the ink after it’s drawn and while HoDong argues with SuGeun, JaeHyun steals their marker. HAHAHA!!! And neither SuGeun or JiWon even knew about it until 30 minutes later.

They head to the other room, where HoDong just tells them to search for it. SuGeun doesn’t even bother and just takes HoDong’s phone, ready to use it as a bargaining chip but HoDong wrestles it out of him and without anything left, SuGeun settles for being a nuisance as he bugs them with Hodong’s new toy and phone calls. Heh, JaeHyun sends the toy back, and manages to find the button that makes it sing continuously. Pfft.

At 7.20am, HoDong and JaeHyun wash up and creep to the other room, where there are two defenceless dead logs. HoDong manages to draw a whole circle on JiWon’s eye when SuGeun commands them to stop. But it’s already too late and the rascals run back, with JaeHyun, and then later, HoDong, sitting against their door just so SuGeun can’t attack them.


They go one step further and get out of the hotel, setting up cameras themselves and making the staff speechless. HoDong expresses his amazement at JaeHyun’s sneakiness.

After the deadline at 8, Na PD enters JiWon’s room and can’t help but giggle at his panda-face. Outside, JaeHyun shares that he learnt all those tricks from Season 1 of New Journey to the West and 1 Night 2 Days. Heh.

A series of clips show JaeHyun’s evolution to become a variety master over the next few days of their trip. He’s so good that even JiWon tells him to forget about dramas and just focus on variety. Yes, please.

In the present, panda JiWon appears in the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast, making everyone laugh.


Leshan’s giant panda Buddha (JiWon’s not washing that circle off and it keeps messing with my mind) took 90 years to carve – 30 for the head, 30 for the body and 30 for the bottom. JiWon and SuGeun are dropped off at the entrance to the hike, where they’re to endure a climb all the way to the top of the Buddha’s head and a descent all the way to the bottom and then back. Sounds like torture to me. An advantage that they’ll have over HoDong and JaeHyun is the ability to see the little Buddhas on the way there.

In their bus, JaeHyun and HoDong are waiting for 11.30am for their boat while JiWon and SuGeun have been walking for 20 minutes and are still not even at the Buddha’s head.

HoDong tries on the free-size life jacket that just makes him look like a giant in a kindergarten’s shirt and on their way to the Buddha, JaeHyun gives out modelling tips.


JiWon and SuGeun finally reach the top of the Buddha, where JiWon’s first words are “what’s here?” Pfft, his nose is bigger than your whole body and he’s a total of 71 meters and you can’t even find him yourself.

HoDong is especially nervous to see the Buddha – the Buddha that’s been hand-carved and created with clay and wood; the Buddha that’s been standing there for 1200 years.

He’s so moved when he finally sees the Buddha… and then the the boat just passes by. Hahaha! The ferry doesn’t stop, flustering him, but it does after making a U-turn.

Is Na PD with the walking group? Mwahahaha. This from a guy who refused to hike in Youth Over Flowers Iceland. JiWon and SuGeun endure a suuuuuuuuuper long queue that takes longer than two hours just to get to the foot of the Buddha. SuGeun starts singing “Youth” by Sanulrim (there’s also a remake by Kim Feel and Kim ChangWan for Answer Me 1988’S OST), probably feeling his youth fade away, hur.

Already done with their cruise, HoDong and JaeHyun return to their bus, where talk turns to JaeHyun’s My Love from the Stars co-stars Jun JiHyun and Kim SooHyun. Eventually, it turns to talking about HoDong’s favourite actresses and he says that he’s dreamt of Kim HyeSoo and going bashful quite a few times.

He’s asked what his ideal food before dying is and he squeals at that, explaining that he won’t care whether he was a good son or what the public thinks of him at the moment just before he dies like the rest of the world. Instead, he’d be bemoaning about all the different food in the world that he hadn’t gotten to eat yet, HA! He continues to describe his ideal dish in great detail (“the beef shouldn’t touch the broth”) which ends up being Pyongyang Cold Noodles and Grilled Beef. Kyaaa~

JaeHyun’s is rice in a soy sauce marinated crab’s shell. These people know how to eat.


Meanwhile, JiWon and SuGeun finally make it to the Buddha’s foot and they stare upwards, with the intersection of three rivers right behind them – the dangerous intersection that the Buddha looks over so that boats would cease to flip in its turbulent waters.

Still waiting in the bus, JaeHyun talks about the diets he took in the past and then he and HoDong start eating (again) and HoDong takes out his one true love in the entire world – coriander. Ew. Not my thing.

He even manages to persuade JaeHyun, who didn’t even like the smell of it, to eat some and between them, a whole bag of coriander turns into a whole bag of air.

Finally, SuGeun and JiWon finish their hike and end up at a restaurant, where they order Chinese food that is very interestingly very much like Korean food.


HoDong comes along and joins them, calling the NOODLES and TWO bowls of fried rice he ate earlier a snack. He doesn’t even answer SuGeun’s question, being so busy inhaling more food.

They rave over the food and finish it all, which is when Na PD tells that that they’re to find their own accommodation for this last night in ChengDu. No five-star hotels though.

Back on the bus (again), JiWon receives some food from his Chinese fan, which SuGeun opens and the guys all eat. SuGeun must never have tried a tangerine before because he marvels at the taste. He plays around and suggests that the sequel to Three Meals a Day be Three Days in China and HoDong totally wants in with the plan. He really wants to do it all together. For ten years. Hee.

They reach their destination and they’re surprised by how big the place is. SuGeun and Jaehyun get their luggage back (which they have to send off again to the airport 2 hours later).


Later, the guys congregate in the living room and Na PD requests Jaehyun do a catwalk but he just turns the attention to HoDong, who’s sitting stylishly “like in the cover of Food magazine” as SuGeun says, which is when JiWon comes in munching on a bag of chips.

The dragon ball games have returned. If they pass the game, then their wish will be granted. If they fail, shooting ends immediately. Remember HoDong in last season? He couldn’t connect a portable speaker to a smartphone and the show ended right there, hur.

This time, they’ll have to complete the challenges individually and JiWon’s the first to go. His is to debate on whether UFO’s exist, a thing that he very, very, veeeeeeeeeeeery sincerely believes is true.

His opponent will be Yang JeongWoo PD, a Seoul University graduate. He starts off gently and asks why JiWon believes in UFOs and JiWon starts talking about “Unknown Flying Object”. PFFT.

Yang PD’s strategy is to basically use Socratic Questioning in hopes that JiWon will drive himself into a corner just trying to answer all his multiple whys but JiWon won’t be deterred, asking why they can’t believe that crop field circles can’t be the UFOs’ way of leaving their mark when we humans have already stuck our flag on the moon. Touché.

He doesn’t even fall for Yang PD’s trap-questions, from refusing to change the subject to science and answering that we haven’t seen the UFOs because the aliens can’t survive in our environment and also wouldn’t bother to come by UFOs just for a brief stay.

The JaeHyun starts talking about the dark side of the moon that’s nobody’s seen and the aliens that could be living there. Heh. We’re talking about UFOs now, not aliens.

Soon enough, Yang PD has the upper hand and he starts talking about scientific hypotheses with HoDong’s opening of “light years”, a concept that he himself or even JiWon doesn’t even understand. Snerk.


They don’t understand Yang PD’s ultra-scientific explanation that if the aliens could travel faster than light, then they wouldn’t need to create a flying ship just to send them here. (…because no mass can travel faster than the speed of light. In other words, if it traveled faster than the speed of light, it has negative mass, which means negative spaceship and to our puny little minds, that just equals to no spaceship.)

Yang PD replies JiWon then that if they did that, then they’d have to travel through space and time which JiWon just asks why they can’t use UFOs to do that then. We don’t have the science to answer that now, so PD is stumped, heh.

HoDong takes over and suddenly talks about the world being void of romance and literature if everything were just filled with facts and launches into an emotional (I swear he sounded like he was on the verge of tears) story about a mayfly born on earth during winter (mayflies only live a max of 24 hours as adults) and telling the guys in heaven that it only snows on earth. Is the mayfly lying then, and is earth only that then, if that’s all it saw? HAHAHAHA! In other words, if we don’t know about it, does it mean that it doesn’t exist?

But he messes it up a bit so they go on a detour and eventually, he comes back to arguing though pathos and accusing Yang PD of crushing the hopes all of those people who believe in UFOs. Haha.

They come to a standstill and technically, it was HoDong who stumped them, not JiWon, who was supposed to do that and so Na PD allows JiWon to choose another subject.

Na PD throws out a common debate from back in the days: “Between Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson, who would win?”


Former athlete HoDong shuts it down with: “I think the one whose condition is better that day wins.” Hee!

Na PD takes that round as a tie and calls out HoDong for his challenge. Despite his earlier one-two punch K.O.s, he declares this the end of the show. Ha!


But there’s NEXT WEEK!

They run around showing people their bare backs and SuGeun screaming at them not to turn the lights on because he’s right there and completely naked.


Recapping takes hours... leave me a comment please? 😜

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