1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 125

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 125:

The guys reach Oidaldo and immediately sprawl over the lounge chairs laid out in a row, right in front of a sea-water pool.  Yoo PD gives them some free time starting from now and lets them just rest.

JunHo tells JongMin to apply oil on JoonYoung, and JoonYoung shows his ankles while JongMin gets flustered. Haha! DongGu says that it’ll be great if there were some fruits and as if commanded, they’re given some coconuts, pineapples and bananas… that haven’t been cut or peeled yet.

They start cracking those coconuts on the ground and looking like a bunch of early stage Homo Erectus, exclaiming whenever the coconuts crack open and dripping coconut juice all over the place.


JongMin takes the pineapple and throws it against the ground, figuring that what worked for coconuts will work for pineapples too, ha. It lamely bounces off but it does work and he gets to the sweet flesh inside. DongGu does the same and they all have a taste of pineapple save for TaeHyun who just peels a banana and scoffs at these losers taking the hard way and making a mess.

Defconn stares at JongMin eating the pineapple like it’s some kind of king crab since he won’t let it go. And then Yoo PD announces the end of their free-time. Ha!

He tells them that he’s prepared some swimsuits for them to enjoy the pool behind and while DongGu glees at that, Defconn complains – all the festivals happen in July when the weather’s warmer but they did their last one in April where they all caught a cold afterwards! Heheh, it was way too cold in April for any kind of outdoor water games… and they’re going to do that again soon (in what I imagine is early May, which is still too cold for any outdoor shenanigans). Haha!


They go and change and JongMin’s belly pouch draws laughter, especially with fresh-from-the-army SiYoon standing half naked right beside him.

Yoo PD! There’s a reason swimming costumes are always dark-coloured! I can see everything I don’t want to see!

Yoo PD asks SiYoon to lead the guys in some pre-swimming warm ups and he throws them all for 100 reps of jumping jacks. They totally all start doing it before getting confused and protesting only in the middle of it, hur. They argue to limit the number of reps to 20 and decide to throw whoever does any more into the water.

It’s JongMin! Heh heh. He doesn’t go without a fight but still, down he goes! Then he comes up and fixes his wedgie on national TV.

Yoo PD gets them to focus and tells that in the 2 hours till the next “cruise”, they’re to play underwater charades. They have to get 5 words/ phrases right within 2 minutes. They can talk and explain, but only when their heads are completely underwater.

DongGu goes on the slide and swears not to be last. His partner, JunHo, follows him and LMAO, is he shivering just standing in the pool?

JunHo nearly curses at the first word (Uncle Tong, a well-known Korean comedy character). He does the character’s infamous dance that just looks terribly suggestive from above water, heh. He gives up on that question and they continue. DongGu continues to get a series of them right… until they’re given the word “yawn”, which is when JunHo goes underwater and mimes it, open mouth and all, getting a large mouthful of salty water.


They fail.

It’s TaeHyun and Defconn next and they do very well at first, but then get stuck on a phrase (“spitting while lying down”) and while trying to explain with words underwater, their heads get closer and closer, face to face…slowly and dramatically… but they just end up knocking heads. Haha! TaeHyun mistakes a high kick for a low kick and they run out of time.

JoonYoung and JongMin go next and they can’t even go straight into the cold water. Anyway, JongMin just gets them all wrong, save for one. Haha, at “Love and Soul” (the subs translate it as “Ghost”, Demi Moore’s movie from 1990. “Love and Soul” is the Korean title translated literally), which is when JongMin declares “I love you!” JoonYoung only gives it a cursory attempt and moves on. On the last word, he gives up and pulls closer towards JongMin’s ear, hoping that he’ll just get the answer if he says it underwater. Heh heh heh, major fail, as all JongMin gets are heart flutters.


It is back to TaeHyun and Defconn and Defconn does so well that the guys label him a genius themselves. They easily pass and I get a terrible eyeful of all of Defconn’s fats.

JongMin and JoonYoung ace their next round and in victory, he rushes to hug JoonYoung, lifting him and all. TaeHyun calls it a bit much but all JoonYoung cares about is that he was warm (compared to the cold water), ha.

This means that DongGu is last again. He’s been last ever since he got kidnapped out of his own home, heh. They pass their round easily enough and JunHo runs straight for DongGu the moment they’re done, revelling in his body heat and refusing to let go of him till they’re out of the water.


Back on the boat, they come across an Israeli and make small talk. Later, they comment that their cruise is great enough to have foreigners on board and all they need now is some fabulous, restaurant, which Yoo PD agrees and tells them that of course they have it – a global buffet  on deck– all while in shades and leaning against a pillar. I’ll give it to you – you looked half-cool. Heh.

They head upstairs and are surprised to learn that they’re allowed to just eat, no games involved. HAHAHAHA!!! It’s just instant noodles from around the world and they only have 10 minutes to eat it before the ferry reaches its next destination. No takeaways allowed. I love 1 Night 2 days.


They boil water and stuff raw noodles in their mouths while they wait. It’s mayhem the moment the water boils and while JoonYoung calls for cold water to be passed to him, JunHo’s already off somewhere alone, inhaling the only limp but ultimately uncooked noodles on board.

They eat as much as they can, stuffing everything in until the very moment the ship fully docks on Yuldo.

On land, JunHo complains about only being given instant food (hamburgers and instant noodles) when 1 Night 2 Days was supposed to showcase the splendidness of Korea’s cuisine, heh. Yoo PD tells him not to be so disappointed yet, because back on mainland in Mokpo, Jeollado delicacies are waiting for them in that high class hanok described last episode.

Yuldo is a small island with only 60 households and they’re the most famous for seaweed (you know, the super delicious I-can-never-stop-eating kind that comes in packets and slathered with perilla oil?)

On this island of luck, they’re introduced to that place that is always available on cruises – casinos. Welcome to Yuldo casino, JunHo! Heh, he had a gambling scandal (where he lost a ton of money) back in 2009 where, because of that, he was kicked off Gag Concert for a while.

They’ve even prepared a dealer for them (a writer from the staff), along with real casino chips they’ll exchange for their real cash but their “storage bag” for the chips is simply a plastic bag, hee.


Former gambler JunHo gets asked what a dealer does and he replies that he doesn’t know, haha. He shows off all his gambler’s moves and is promptly embarrassed.

On the way to their “famous casino”, JoonYoung mistakes fishing nets for the island’s famous seaweed, hur. Yoo PD tells them that the island is famous for its seaweed, manila clams and small octopus. I notice that DongGu likes to exclaim “Omi” like a countryside grandma, haha.

They end up at the meeting hall for the elderlies of the island and are very warmly welcomed by all the grandma and grandpas there. Taehyun is requested for a hug and JunHo gets jealous because he wasn’t called, heh.


JunHo laughs in disbelief as he correctly guesses that their opponents are these nice elderlies before them – the elderlies who are determined to suck all their money from them. Haha, the boys tell them not to let their guard down for they have pro-gambler Kim JunHo on their side.

Yoo PD starts to explain the game they’ll play at this casino and a grandpa creeps towards the gambling table, eager to start the game and take all our guys’ money, hehe.

In this game, they have to guess whether the number of chips in the elderly’s hand is even or odd. If they get it right, the number of chips they have will increase in equal amount to those they’ve betted (maximum ₩5,000). If they get it wrong, they’ll lose the chips. BUT! The way to win is to lose all their money within the 45 minutes it takes for the next boat to come. HAHA!


In other words, they have to guess wrongly and lose all their money before the boat comes to get off the island. If they get it wrong, they’ll get another turn. Otherwise, it’s the next team’s game.

JoonYoung goes first and punches the air when he gets it right… which is the wrong reaction since it just increases their chip-pile. Haha. TaeHyun and Defconn gets theirs right.

Experienced gambler JunHo comes forward for his turn and continuously gets it wrong (remember that that’s a good thing!), and surprises everyone in the room. He lets DongGu go for a turn and DongGu immediately increases their chip-pile. LOL.

At half an hour till the boat arrives, Yoo PD lets the maximum betting amount increase to ₩10,000. You just don’t want to stay there right?

After Team Demi Moore’s and Team Michael Douglas’ turn, it’s JunHo at the fore again and he gets Every. Single. One. Right Wrong. Unbelievable.

Then TaeHyun comments that his skills are great and he’s doing great… but his image is getting worse with each round, haha! He yells for DongGu to take over and DongGu promptly gains themselves chips.


HAAAAA!!! The mid game score consists of JunHo-DongGu having ₩45,000, JoonYoung-JongMin at ₩75,000 and TaeHyun-Defconn getting a grand total of ₩95, 000. They all started with ₩ 50,000.

JunHo continues to guess wrongly (that’s a good thing!) without even getting a single one right and even he can’t believe it and bursts out in laughter, goose bumps running down the back of his neck.

It’s a straight loss from Kim JunHo! Whoa! DongGu addresses him as “Teacher”, using the most polite and respectful term ever. The variety gods were shining upon you and your “minus-touch”. Don’t ever gamble, Fairy of Squander.


On the other hand, TaeHyun gets all of his right without fail. Hahahaaaa!!

5 minutes to the boat’s arrival, the managers and stylists fret, worried about who’ll be left behind. Yoo PD lets Team Demi Moore and Team Michael Douglas bet against each other and TaeHyun wins it all, along with a stay at Yuldo, getting a total of ₩205,000! HAHAHAAAAAAAA!!! The variety gods were shining upon you too!

The managers and stylists scream in happiness upon seeing JoonYoung run towards them with arms outstretched, save for TaeHyun’s, hah.

The four on the ferry tease the two left on the island and plan for a party on their “cruise”.

On the island, Yoo PD introduces Taehyun and Defconn to their three VJs and his maknae PD whom they’ll have to be responsible for on the island. He describes the time as free-time for them until the next morning and Defconn moans at that, since he doesn’t know what to do.

On the “cruise”, the four climb up the top deck and see cocktails and a karaoke machine. Haha, they can only drink the drinks if they get above 90 on the karaoke machine. Everything’s a game at 1 Night 2 Days!


I.O.I girl group member Kim SeJong’s number 1 fan chooses Pick Me as his song and jams to it. Uncle fans JunHo and DongGu are totally excited and JoonYoung scores 98 and gets JongMin and himself mojitos. Hahaha, JongMin grabs his hair in celebration.

DongGu scream-sings to Let’s Ride a Horse by Crying Nut and gets 96. JunHo even added a rocker scream. They enjoy their mojitos and instant noodles to JunHo’s raspy version of What a Wonderful World. What a combination.


JunHo: “Goodbye Cha TaeHyun, goodbye Defconn!”


Speaking of them, they’re pressuring the maknae PD (who only joined the programme a month ago, which means that he’s about as new as DongGu) to come up with something for them to do, so he does and passes them pouches and tells them that they’ll be responsible for their own and the accompanying crew’s food and accommodation. Hints are in the pouch.


Next Week!

Maknae PD COMPLETELY messes with them. HAAAAAA. Next week, where are you?


By the way, has anyone watched TaeHyun and Hong KyungMin’s “Cheer Up Song”? (Himnae Ssong)

Watch it here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujbXY4wNCjc

Edit: JoonYoung’s new song! Sympathy. Can’t believe I forgot! 😡


10 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 125

  1. Hey…thanx for the recap. Didn’t know that anybody’s recapping this so I’ll be a regular since today =) This is a gem of an episode though it’s short. I wish it runs longer like before.


  2. Thanks for the recap. 😀 ♥ This episode was totally hilarious, especially Junho with his gambling. xD 1N2D have one of the best editors, the captions are as hilarious as the members’ antics and love how they always promote their new released songs. Starting with JJY’s Mistake and ending with HongCha’s Cheer Up Song. (y) ♥


    1. LOL, yeah. Recapping every 1N2D episode leaves me in a dilemma because I don’t know what to leave out and what to put in when almost everything is funny! But I can’t put everything in or I’ll take forever to recap it! You just have to watch the episode yourself. But I hope my recaps still bring joy~


      1. Haha, yeah, that’s true. I always look forward to your recaps in case I missed something so it’s definitely more than welcome. 😀


  3. Wow.This recap came out fast. Thank you!!

    I love Kim Jun Ho!!! Minus touch!! And the entire gambling segment was gold. Dong Gu is such a happy virus, I’m glad he was cast and I just can’t get enough of Jongmin/Joon Young bromance.


    1. You’re welcome.
      I just hope the JongMin/JoonYoung bromace doesn’t get played out too much. But I trust this show. It’s quite sensitive (to people’s feelings), actually. (For a Korean show)


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