Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 10

(Image Heavy!)

Life Advice #1:

If you accept the fact that things are transient, your life won’t be tough.


When your not-boyfriend kisses you senseless but doesn’t call back:

Or when you’ve sent out 1500 job applications and get zero calls back.


Epitome of “ditching your chores”:


Perfect example of Heart VS Mind:

 *Why is it so hard?*


When Noona is too embarrassing:


When you’re late for class:


When your life is in shambles and there’s an idiot mocking you:


Life Advice #2


“What? Embarrassing?

Existence itself is always embarrassing, did you know that?

The fact that we live and breathe is embarrassing!

Going on living and eating is embarrassing and being told you’re an embarrassment is embarrassing!

And what the hell’s wrong with being embarrassing? Is that something to die about?

You can’t live through the embarrassment, can you?

But I won’t die because I’m embarrassed and that’s why I’m the winner, got it?”

Therefore, gain strength, have faith, and live on bravely.




Stupid Idiot of the Year:

Right up there with Kim YoungSoo of Come Back, Mister


When Dad disappoints you:

And when director wants to break my heart.


Makings of a couple:


“Am I that easy of a woman, to come when you call me to come?!”
“I missed you.”


When in front of your crush:



Happiness is always pretty:

(Of all the scenes, this one left the deepest impression on me. Her chattering, and him just laughing along. It’s the most comfortable, most intimate, most peaceful. Most Beautiful.)


When a Man falls in Love



When you’re out of your mind:


And you don’t care.


When you’re in a nice remote area and all he wants to do is to go home



Goodbye, Hot Night:



The man who chooses our HaeYoung every time. No matter what.



8 thoughts on “Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 10

  1. Hello,
    I stumbled on your blog through soompi and can i say you are awesome! I have never had so much fun reading’ a recap. Its so funny and creative. Though i am only watching OHY from your recap list, i’m tempted to watch the other shows just to enjoy the recap. I had a huge smile reading the stuff esp on an otherwise crappy day.

    PS – i read the other post and i did not realise recapping takes so much time and effort. *thumbs up*


  2. Hi! I clicked on over from OT & love the IMPcaps. “When Noona is embarrassing” made me do a spit take. From now on, I will remember not to stop by while I’m snacking.


  3. Love this! I think you captured the whole episode quite succinctly and so funny. The only thing missing was when OHY tells her EX no to lunch and he looked so sad.
    Great blog and recaps! Thanks!!!


    1. Eh, his sad face didn’t elicit much emotion from him. Not that he’s a bad actor, it’s just that the scene elicited nothing from me, so…
      I basically watch the entire episode (live) and then pick those I end up still remembering even after the episode ends.


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