Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 9

Oh HaeYoung Again IMP(ressions) cap, Episode 9

(Because a real recap takes too much work)

(Image Heavy)


When Life is just too crazy – be crazy with it:

(Try not to scare your co-workers too much.)


How to stop a bout of drunken violence:

(Because hands are too cliche.)


Effects of Alcohol Part 1:

1. Make your not-boyfriend take responsibility for your drunk ass.

2. Bite him and run like a loony. (Too much gold not to be made into a gif.)

3. Wake up terrified, thinking that you got raped. Then ask not-boyfriend how come you two didn’t sleep together.


(Extra: When your not-girlfriend is just too embarrassing. Also while trying not to pounce on her.)


When you’re completely out of the loop:

(Did I miss something?)


Effects of Alcohol Part 2:

1. Drink to oblivion.

2. Go crazy whacked-out.

3. Make a damned mistake.

4. Do the crawl/stumble of shame.


What normal people do for people whom they don’t care:

(Nope, I don’t care about her at all. Nope. Why isn’t she coming home?)


*Dolphin squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel*


And then he has to go be a guy and muck it up



Yup, DoKyung. That was my reaction too.


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