Law of the Jungle (2016) Ep 122

How long has it been since I last recapped this? Haha… I even needed the recap in the episode to refresh my memories but here we go!


Law of the Jungle in Papua New Guinea: Women’s Special

SongHyun enters the water and ByungMan comments behind that it’s the first he’s ever seen someone hunt with snorkelling goggles, not that those things are of any use since visibility’s less than 10cm in those murky waters.

As the eldest among the ladies, she had felt the pressure to feed her younger group mates. 20 minutes later, she emerges and gives an interesting smile. She’s back with a net full of clams!

They boil the clams and wait for them to open. JiMin whines for YoonYeong and we find out that it’s because their toilet had collapse, HA! Why’s the mechanical engineering graduate not the one fixing it but them? Then, she finally uses the toilet (that’s still way too close to the living quarters) after 12 hours.


They go to clean the clams and feel cheated when the clams are like less than 50% the size of their shells. JiMin drops a piece but manages to grab it back, saving her hide in this group of starving, tired adventurers. They cook the clams over the fire again and an expression of bliss automatically appears on everyone’s face the moment they taste it. ByungMan lifts the smoking bamboo pole he used to steam the clams and they play with it, imagining it to be an Olympic torch.

ByungMan splits the bamboo to reveal the gloriously steamed clams and they squeal in amazement. HaYoung almost drops one and makes my heart stop but she manages to catch it before it touches the ground. YoonYoung ends up with the last piece and totally chuckles and giggles involuntarily at the taste.


HaYoung suddenly finds 3 forgotten pieces of clams and they recite a tongue twister to decide who gets to eat those. Not-Korean KangNam, JiMin and YoonYoung are out and they continue with the next game of perfect pitch with the other four. In turns, they sing up the scale from Do all the way to the Re in the 3rd octave. ByungMan’s faced with producing the highest Mi after that and KangNam pulls his sideburns in an attempt to help him produce that note. HAHAHAHA! It works perfectly.

The girl breeze through their turns and so ByungMan is faced with the La of the 4th octave. His sideburns are pulled and he passes again, HA!

It’s the end of dinner but not he end of the day for them. They pull out the palm fruits they had gotten on their way to base camp and boil them, attempting to get palm oil.

The ladies take a breather after a long day and rest their feet on the spit above their fire and compare toe sizes. Uh… Dinner was too short an affair, as they imagine their feet as barbecued meat.

They wear the pajama pants JiMin had prepared for them and sleep under the huge mosquito net SongHyun had prepared. As they sleep, ByungMan builds a fire for them, quietly commenting that they did well.


The next day is bright and shiny, and they wake up in good spirits, waiting to see what surprises it’ll bring. The palm oil had been well extracted and KangNam slathers it all over his face and after, ByungMan combs it through it broom-like hair, making him look like a monkey.

They assemble for further instructions and JiMin whines to ByungMan then that she hopes that they’ll get to eat more today, because the clams yesterday were just too little. ByungMan returns that she shouldn’t be saying that to him since the Women Tribe is supposed to be self-sufficient and she plays it off like she was just talking to herself real loud, ha ha!

ByungMan announces that they’ll be leaving the place and moving further inside the jungle, since a scout that morning and yesterday’s find yielded nothing much that’s edible. They find it a pity that they’re losing their shelter, but choose to do so anyway.


They tie the wooden and bamboo poles of their shelter together and throw them into the water between their rafts, planning to reuse them for their next shelter. Before they leave, the PD informs the ladies that if they choose to continue with the move, they will not be able to return back to civilization until their 100 hours are over as their 24 hour out-of-jail jungle card will have lapsed. They all raise their hands, some albeit a little hesitantly, when asked if they’ll continue.

The journey continues and is smooth sailing. Now that there’s less stress, they discover the beauty of the jungle of Papua New Guinea and ride gently into a still, wide river. All of a sudden, ByungMan decides to build their shelter right there and then, in the middle of that large body of water. What?

He explains that it’s been his dream ever since he came onto Law of the Jungle, to build a raft with a shelter and glide down the river like that. It’s essentially a floating bungalow. Wow.

Oops, they lose balance and the canoe/raft flips sideways. ByungMan and YoonYoung fall into the water but JiMin and HaYoung manage to hold on.

They get right to work, not shying from the water and tie their rafts together, using the balancing portion that sticks out as the base of the new floating shelter. JiMin asks about their cameras, worried that they’ll lose such expensive equipment and ByungMan jokes that their PD is rich and throws they all their cameras and buys new ones each trip. JiMin is suddenly very interested to know if he’s single, hur.

ByungMan gets a giant plastic container to put under their floating home and with its addition, the foundation is done. They’re all pleased with it, imagining the cool, bug-free home that’ll cradle them to sleep.


In voiceover, ByungMan narrates that he realises that these women do well and are as reliable as the male members, reassured by them, seeing how they don’t even hesitate to enter the water to gather supplies. Of course, did you think women were all weak, helpless little waifs?

They work on the floor of the shelter and then the cover, with some of them rowing the float off at the same time since heavy clouds are coming.

That day so happens to be KangNam’s birthday (which he forgot) and the ladies all sing the birthday song for him. HaYoung takes over rowing duties from him and KangNam becomes the first person to completely relax and enjoy their new shelter. He says that he wants to get a girlfriend this year and someone just shoots that wish down immediately, hahah!


In shallow waters, they goof around, pushing KangNam into the water. Soon after, they row off again, moving towards the sea, where they anticipate more edible finds.

Soon, they reach land and immediately want to catch fish. KangNam wanders into the sea water and exclaims that it’s warm. LOL, JiMin does the same and then asks if it’s because the fish peed a lot (because the water’s warm like fresh pee). Where’s Kim ByungMan anyway?

YoonYoung finds a long and thick branch that’s hanging off its trunk like a cantilever and they attempt to sit on it. HaYoung manages to climb on, along with SoJin and they manage to create an amusement ride right there in the middle of a jungle, heh. The branch manages to take on the weight of all five ladies and with KangNam and ByungMan’s help, they enjoy a fun break.

It is 30 hours till the end of their adventures as night falls. On that flat beach, they search for wood pieces to make a table and a fire. While the rest fill their hands with little pieces of wood, HaYoung searches around and drags a huge LOG instead.

They pass by a papaya tree filled with big, huge papayas. It must be a rare thing for them since they don’t realise what it is until several minutes later. They also don’t realise that it’s unripe until they cut open and try one and are hit with the bitterness.

The men come round and tell them that it’s salvable – all they need to do is leave it under sunlight to ripen. A few steps away, ByungMan finds a cassava plant and pulls it up to reveal several thick long tubers. The sight makes the girls squeal in excitement and soon, they’re all peeling the cassavas with their teeth like chipmunks and eating them raw.


They move their raft-shelter further inland to prevent the sea waves. Hahahahaha, the work tires KangNam and he requests to rest for an hour after they’ve moved just one side. Bu they continue and then clean it up.

Meanwhile, SoJin is somewhere else looking for crabs for dinner. Pfft, she waits before those tiny little holes on the beach, swearing to get them. She finds a frog and follows it in hopes of finding crabs but comes upon a scene of two frogs mating instead, heh. She’s so intrigued that she can’t look away and stands there a good moment, narrating their every move.


HaYoung and YoonYoung join her on her crab hunt, hoping to find enough crabs to feed three per person. YoonYoung finds (a tiny) one and they grab it. It’s here that she announces that she has 20/20 perfect eyesight and therefore doesn’t look in the mirror often because she sees all her zits, hur.

They exclaim and fuss over a palm sized one and the show shows flashbacks of mud crabs found in the other trips, as if to laugh at their excitement over such tiny little things.

They manage to catch a bagful and head back.


KangNam and HaYoung dig a hole in the ground with their bare hands, not even bothering to wait for a shovel. The girls play with the leaves that look like those Korean fans and reenact a Korean fan dance. Pfft, ByungMan just stares at them in disbelief and claim them crazy from hunger. But when JiMin starts yelling at KangNam for complaining that she didn’t do the dance well, ByungMan steps in to correct their “dance”.

He positively praises them for cleaning the leaves with that “dance” and they line their hole in the ground with the leaves and steam their cassavas. Someone remarks that the cassavas are delicious and KangNam just asks how she’d known when she hasn’t even tasted them yet, haha.


They search for more crabs while the cassavas cook and head further into the forest with Kim ByungMan as lead. The girls shrink back little by little as they come across all sorts of unfamiliar things like an exposed root so long and wide that’s shaped like the skeleton of a huge fish and a really long centipede.

ByungMan finds a partially rotting red palm and a red palm weevil pupae, an insect that serves as a main source of protein for the people of Papua New Guinea. They remind me of Timon and Pumba from The Lion King. KangNam picks one up with lots of fuss and ByungMan passes a piece of weevil-eaten-red-palm around and they shudder automatically at the smell that’s similar to rotten food.


They dig around inside the log and find an adult weevil. ByungMan uses his hands to brush off some wood chips and screeches suddenly, nearly making KangNam’s heart stop. Hahahhaha! He explains that it’s just because he can’t stand those squirmy little things. Even if he’s eaten them before, he can’t stand the way the larvae squirm around.

SoJin grabs the larvae and it gets passed around the ladies. They get amazed at the way it “does the wave” and dance along. SoJin grabs another one that’s just nodding its head and they go from “wave” to “swag”, hur.

They find a piece of wood with a larva’s head sticking out of a hole and wait and watch it squirm out.


ByungMan shrieks again and KangNam absolutely shivers in fright, hahaha!!! KangNam picks up the offending bug and holds it near ByungMan, who jerks back and screams for daddy, HAHAHAHHA!! This is so funny. It’s such a funny contrast seeing the jungle-hardened man shriek at baby bugs.

HaYoung gets a go at shredding the rotten log and finds them many more red palm larvae with her great strength.


Next Week!

They go diving in the sea.


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