1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 126

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 126:

After a recap of last week’s events played to JoonYoung’s band’s new song Mistake*, the show cuts to the winners getting off the ferry. On the bus to their Hanok hotel, JunHo remarks that this is more like the cruise holiday he was expecting. They’re asked if they’re not curious about TaeHyun and Defconn but JunHo’s like, “who…?” Snerk.

Back on Yuldo island, TaeHyun and Defconn return to the island’s main hall and tell the residents there that they’ll have to stay there till the next morning. One lady: “Oh, that’s good!” Hehehe…

They’re allowed to stay in the main hall – all 14 of them, including staff – and  with accommodation covered, Defconn asks what there is to do until tomorrow. All that comes up is their famous seaweed, which flusters our Maknae PD and he simply says that they’ll carry out their traditional “Lucky or not” dinner game. Pfft, the captions are so dang funny: “whattodowhattodowhatotodowhattodo?!”


As the staffs move the luggage, Maknae PD suddenly announces that they’re going to do everything together.  EVERYTHING. That’s the concept for the trip (“Our one heart”) and it applies to everyone, even TaeHyun and Defconn’s personal staff. TaeHyun complains that there are just three cameras, so they can’t even capture everything so, why?! But Maknae PD has his way and everyone is dragged off along the fields.

TaeHyun predicts that whatever they’ll shoot won’t be shown on broadcast as the screen changes to fit a cinema’s aspect ratio and within a few seconds, Maknae PD’s first ever on-air product is over. Heh, as if to add salt to wound, his seniors publicly rate it 1 out of 5 stars. Main PD Yoo HoJin: “An absolutely incomprehensible, weird production.”


On the other hand, the winners gasp upon reaching the humongous Hanok resort. They enter like Joseon nobility and then immediately turn into modern boys as they flounder over the golden coloured bedspread in their room. JoonYoung opens their window to reveal a picturesque view overlooking some Hanok roofs and the sea. My new dream is to stay there at least a week.

It’s just 6pm and still too early for the dinner game and Yoo PD tells them that they have to get out and show the beauty of Mokpo to their viewers. Too bad JunHo’s tired and doesn’t want to go. DongGu’s all bright and happy as expected.

They’re given three choices – Namjin Night Market Tour, A nobleman’s sport, Horse Riding and a Healing Vacation (right in that resort). Haha, Jung Joonyoung the action-sports hater (except for video games!) instantly eliminates the horse riding one. Nobody actually believes that there’s no price attached to those options (especially the Healing Vacation one. They think that if they choose that, they won’t be given dinner) and despite Yoo PD’s insistence, they’re still hesitant to choose what they really want (the Healing Vacation so that they can sleep…)

DongGu announces that he wants to go visit the night market or even horseback riding, that sounds good too, and the others all lie back immediately, telling him to go himself, HA! He whines that it’ll be too lonely, so the other three play a Korean game of Zero to decide the “unlucky one”. But it’s free food! I don’t know why they’re hesitating!


JoonYoung loses the game has to get up to go. Heh, JunHo plays a song about night    markets, teasing him and evil maknae totally smacks him, not holding back at all.

Bored and playing around with the exercise equipment on their island, Maknae PD tells TaeHyun and Defconn to prepare for their dinner game. TaeHyun asks for the purpose of it when the kind elderlies have already cooked their share and Maknae PD just says that he’ll think about that after they do this one game, heh.

TaeHyun sees that positively as him having an opinion and Defconn just says that he’s plain stubborn, HA!

He pulls out a black suitcase with a passcode lock and says that their dinner is in there. Also, in the spirit of his “one heart/ one mind” theme, the fate of the entire 14 people strong group rests on their shoulders. If they pass, then they’ll get the passcode to the suitcase and they’ll all have dinner otherwise, they’ll all starve for the night.

Pffft, the game to win is Jegichagi, the game where they’ll have to hit a Jegi (a weight of some sort) consecutively with their foot. It is also the game both Defconn and TaeHyun are terrible at. Maknae PD sweats at their terrible skills and offers that as long as they do hit 20 among them both, he’ll consider it a success.

Then he calls the main writer and informs her that TaeHyun and Defconn are too terrible at it. HAHAHHAHA!!!! He gets the idea of introducing one more person into the game and points for TaeHyun’s ill-fated staff EunBi to join the game. Pffft, the grandma behind doesn’t understand what the heck they’re doing playing games and not eating dinner.


Defconn hits 9, EunBi 2 and TaeHyun… 7 because Defconn was hovering too close nearby and broke his concentration. HAHAHA! And then Maknae PD tells them that that’s it. There’s no other game. Why do you spread out the rules?!

They go again and get it right a few times… but all that’s recorded on the requisite video-proof on the assistant PD (maknae writer)’s phone is of the times they failed. Or it looks fishy.  PWAHAHAHHA!!

They have to do it AGAIN and Defconn kills it by hitting all 20 himself. Maknae PD gets flustered, not knowing if that’s admissible and the guys command him to send that video, right now! Pfft, he and his assistant PD (maknae writer) have terrible teamwork. They can’t even send a video without problems.

They go again once more and Defconn hits 13 while EunBi only hits one. That means TaeHyun has to hit a total of 6 and… he fails because he ends up kicking Defconn in the nuts. PWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! OMG, HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!! That is HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! One moment please! Hee! *wheeze* *wheeze* *cough* *cough*


The terrible PD talks with his boss who tells him to pass the phone directly to the cast, ha! He passes the phone over to TaeHyun who complains immediately about them choosing a weird kid and he screams the entire events out – the sun has set! They have no time! And they’ve succeeded so many times already! They have enough footage! *wheeze*

Yoo PD gives them the first two numbers (45xx) and they just agree to get it cleanly right in front of the television cameras and Yoo PD can check it back at headquarters.

At Mokpo, JoonYoung asks if JongMin and JunHo are really just sleeping (yes) and DongGu asks if he’s really weird for wanting to experience new stuff like going to the market. After all, they came all the way down to Mokpo!

They reach the market and simply the sizzling sounds have me salivating already. This must be torture for all you Muslims out there. Today’s the first day of Ramadan (the period when they have to fast), isn’t it?

They stop at a store for grilled octopus legs and JoonYoung pays with coupons (aka, the production crew pays for this). They get asked what it tastes like and JoonYoung’s fabulous answer is, “like octopus”. DongGu is a little more detailed, saying stuff like “fresh” and “because it was grilled just enough” and JoonYoung’s input is “right, right, this is it”. Pffft. They’d make a fantastic pair for a food show.

They walk to another store and another and man, the food is making me salivate.

They wonder what to get for the Hyungs and JoonYoung is like “something funny”. DongGu, after a pause, is like… “that’s right”. Ha, he’s been corrupted.

They get some takoyaki skewered octopus and ask for the dashi flakes to be stored separately.


They enter a private room and asks for salt and capsaicin sauce, which the staff immediately produce for them. Hur, only on 1 Night 2 Days. SiYoon reads off the label on the capsaicin sauce and goes, “do not eat directly” and then lets out an evil grin. Haha!

They add capsaicin and salt and another layer of capsaicin. They sprinkle the dashi flakes on top and are absolutely satisfied with their work.

They barge in on JunHo and JongMin who are snoring. JunHo wriggles around immediately, acting as if he didn’t sleep. They present their food and JunHo takes a bite of the Takoyaki octopus and… is okay because he missed the capsaicin. JongMin eats the next bite and gets hit with the full force of the spiciness. Still half asleep, JunHo doesn’t suspect anything and tries another bite and the next moment has him gulping down water and wiping his tongue with wet tissue. HAHA!


JunHo tells DongGu that he’s becoming YAPS 2.0 and wishes that he’d spring a big one on TaeHyun and Defconn, hur.

Yoo PD wonders if they’re too full for the dinner game now and JunHo replies that nope, he’s hungry. So he says, “Oh, shall we delay it then?” He means dinner. JunHo asks what they’re going to do in the meantime and he gets the reply, “sleep”. Heh.

Back on Yuldo, TaeHyun and Defconn have been fiddling with the lock for 30 minutes and finally open it to reveal… packets of ramyeon and instant rice (with the necessary cooking utilities). Ppfft.

TaeHyun gets a video call from the winners in Mokpo and he complains about Maknae PD, HURRRR.

JongMin, JoonYoung, JunHo and DongGu arrive at an open space with a dinner with a foot volleyball court set up. DongGu gets all excited and partner JunHo forces a laugh and DongGu says that he hit the absolute low the last time with table tennis and the skills that he’ll show now can only be equal to that with table tennis or better. That’s not very reassuring, DongGu.

Yoo PD tells them that in addition to the normal rules, there’s one more, called the “3 point rule”. For every three points, they get to choose a dish from the shared table for their team. One can also steal food from the other team. LOL. This continues until the round ends at 12 points.

Team Demi Moore chooses their third player, AlphaO player FD Lee GyuHwan and Team Tom Cruise chooses Seo DongHwi from the camera team. JunHo asks DongHwi about his foot volleyball experience and he says that he played it in the army.


The food for the first one comes out and they wow over the sliced raw meat and octopus and the bibimbap. JoonYoung declares it war.

Yoo PD introduces their new international referee (since our resident referee is in Thailand for a family holiday) and Choi SeungHyeok, the PD for the helicams walks in. He looks very, VERY familiar to me though? Where have I seen him? Argh, can’t remember.

This referee is unique in his own way and suggests a basketball jump to decide who serves first.

JongMin steals the ball and laughs at DongGu being bad at basketball too. In the very first game, DongGu loses it for his team, lol. Every time they lose a point (not necessarily his fault), he over compensates with overzealous encouragements but he wins the 3rd and important point with a diagonal net shot and wins a dish for his team.


And then Demi Moore wins the next point to even out at 3:3 and steals the sliced raw meat and octopus that Tom Cruise had chosen, hur.

The game continues as JongMin loses his footing and DongGu does a body wave and loses a few more points (don’t think I didn’t hear you screaming “DongGu” the whole time Kim JongMin). Team Tom Cruise reaches 9:6 points in Team Demi Moore’s favour and JunHo steals the raw delicacy back. Then DongGu fails the serve right in the next point. Hur.

At this point, AlphaO Lee GyuHwan announces that he’s tired. HAHAHA!

JongMin is up for the next serve, screaming for DongGu… and then promptly fails it. Pffft.


In the end, Team Tom Cruise loses the first round making it DongGu’s most recent loss in a series of losses. DongGu’s still super optimistic and JunHo says that it’s tiring him out, ha. DongGu tells him not to lose hope, because normally, the food in the second round is always better than the first.

The food appears and it’s braised cutlassfish with abalone and chicken ginseng soup.

JunHo tries to fob a questionable win and International Referee sides with reason, discounting JunHo’s claim, ha. DongGu misses a head shot and whines cutely to be let off and JunHo pulls a muscle trying to kick the ball (which he misses anyway).

JoonYoung fouls by hitting over the other side of the net and JunHo gets a chance to steal food for their team. He overanalyses the sequence he should take the food in order to remain with the ones he wants and smart SiYoon just says that there’s no thinking this.

The enter a nerve wreaking round where the ball brushes the court lines on all sides but DongGu ends it when he catches the ball instead of hitting it back. HA!

That means that JongMin gets to steal a dish and he uses it to taunts DongGu. Heh, enough with it, JongMin.

JongMin hits the ball with his hands, and completely misses the ball. DongGu serves an out and does a head wave and the two dishes just change sides over and over again. They get to 11:11 and because of the deuce, the ending score changes to 13.

HAHA, finally, Team Tom Cruise wins and greedy Team Demi Cruise tempts ex-gambler JunHo with the words “all-in”, asking for another round. Nonononono!! You know how hard that win was for you!


But JunHo remembers his earlier all-loss and falls for the temptation and the go into third round.

JoonYoung correctly explains that this last round is all about whose mentality is stronger and less greedy and we see that play out on court, with JongMin losing a point because he was thinking too much and not simply hitting.

DongGu loses quite a few points for his team, catching the ball instead of hitting it and JunHo loses a point for his team because he thought the ball was out and confused his own team members. International referee admonishes him for not trusting the referee because he never called “out”, haha. Referee is king.

At Team Demi Moore’s match point, the referee lets JunHo say a few words and he says “just give me one spoonful”. Ha. In the end, Team Demi Moore wins it and takes all the glory and food.


JongMin wraps up the game and slays it with, “and for the whole day, Kim JunHo has been losing.”

JoonYoung comments that DongGu is just 10%, referring to the one moment when he won that 100,000 won for their lunch that one day.

The winners eat and hit the raw octopus that surprisingly still moves even after such a long time.

JongMin offers to give JunHo and DongGu a spoonful of food if they do a comedy skit and comedian Kim JunHo absolutely slays it. DongGu goes for his turn and picks on JongMin’s less than perfect call-cue insists that this is simply a mission and he’s not throwing away his pride for food, unable to remove the actor Yoon SiYoon from within. The he comes out with a lame pose and everyone laughs… but it’s a laugh of embarrassment. Even his own teammate gives zero points.


JunHo goes again to rectify the mistake and pissy DongGu swears that he absolutely won’t laugh when JoonYoung plans to prank him by giving him a silent reaction. JunHo’s embarrassed at the cold response… then JoonYoung bursts out laughing, unable to hold it back.

They both get a spoonful of the bibimbap respectively and food presenter DongGu starts waxing lyrical about it.

On Yuldo island, Maknae PD tells the others that they’ll be taking the first boat at 7am and then calls for the light to be turned off and for everyone to lie down. That’s their big event for tomorrow, getting off the island. Pfft.


The next day, they wake up to their morning song, with Maknae PD lazing in till TaeHyun wakes him up. They reach the dock and worry when they see no boat. They look around and see the schedule for the boat… which is scheduled to come at 8:05am. HA! Apparently, the ferry leaves Mokpo at 7 but reaches YulDo at 8! HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Maknae PD: “How did it happen like this?”

On Mokpo, the others wonder why TaeHyun and Defconn aren’t coming and finally, they turn over. TaeHyun pushes Maknae PD towards the crew and tells him to go while Defconn tells him never to come back. Heh, they complain about him, to the others’ puzzlement and shoot down Yoo PD’s attempts to defend his junior.


Yoo PD says that he’s congregated them to tell them something important – because of his accumulation of stress and fatigue, he won’t be able to be present for their next shoot. Defconn goes a little confused at this announcement of mandatory rest on television and suggests another word for him – vacation.

JongMin offers another one – exile – pfft, and Defconn says that maybe he’s off getting an adoption. Lol, they’re just playing with words. (IbWon (to be admitted into a hospital) + GwiYang (exile) = IbYang (adoption)). The captions reveal Yoo PD’s pithy financial status, whining that he doesn’t even have money to get married, so what do they mean by adoption.

In any case, they’re therefore here to vote on the substitute PD and are shown video clips of the various contenders delivering their pitch.


PFFFTTT, terrible Maknae PD’s is the first one.

Maknae PD: “Hello, this is 1 Night 2 Day’s Maknae PD Joo JongHyun.”

Defconn: “Isn’t this crazy?!”

Maknae: “It’s been a month since I’ve entered 1 Night 2 Days and honestly, HoJin senior also started off as the maknae of this show so somehow, I feel like I can do this so if our Hyungs can follow me well, it seems like I will do well. So please, definitely, choose me.”


Let’s wait another 9 more years, Joo PD.


Next week:

New PD appears, trying to hide his face but everyone recognises him. Welcome to Ehwa Women’s University!


*I’ll put up the link to JoonYoung’s band’s new song on the 8th when it comes out.


5 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 126

  1. Thanks for this. Read this while waiting for subs. Hope yu pd gets better. Btw about the helical pd,he used to be a comedian so maybe you’ve seen him as one. Or in the older episodes of season. It has been a while since he appeared on the show. I think the last time was in jejudo when they couldn’t travel to Marado. 😉


  2. The referee, helicam PD, was the one who cried the fastest when the members played against the staff and he was also one of the nominees for the Scene Stealer Award when they held their own awards show. He lost to the International Referee though.

    Jong Min: “He received pain as a reward.” Hahaha. Hope Yoo PD gets well rested, he’ll be sorely missed. Defconn’s state of emergency. :)))) My sides!!!!

    Thanks for the recap 🙂


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