Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 11

I take back everything I said about this guy. Everything.

(Image Heavy! I’m not kidding with this one!)

(Edited once more at 4:29 am UTC-0 time.)


When there’s no time to jump his bones:

Jump into his arms instead.



You know you’re a family for sure when:

Bro screams at you.                                                Noona refuses to spread jam for you.


And you still show them your embarrassing nails.



Yup, family:



What she says:



“Don’t bring a bunch of flowers!”




What the man who almost married her does:







When shit hits the fan:







Three Blind Mice:


Six Blind Mice.

   Still blind under sunlight.




Their version of cheering up a depressed person: Kidnap him to go party.



Again, Oh HaeYoung Again:

Just how many are there?!



Just let me die:



Best Mom of the Year:


Even then, sometimes mommy can’t help.



What to wear when you want to be someone else:



The appropriate reaction after breaking up someone else’s engagement and lying:



Why couples break up:

Because she goes too far…

…while he doesn’t go far enough.



I’m a 33 year old!



Bad Step-dad example:

“Let’s not meet anymore (after my remarriage).”



Heart VS Mind, DoKyung Version



You know you screwed up real bad when this guy speaks sense:


“Is sorry enough? I love you! Even if I die, I love you! And then you should have kneeled!”

“I’m asking if you really like that woman!”

“Are you asking because you don’t know?!”

“I don’t know! If you don’t say, how am I supposed to know?!”



Shock of my life:

I thought she was crying out of guilt.

Until she said this:

“You thought I was marrying that person, right? That’s why you ruined that guy, right?”

“Thank you. I feel like I can live now. Thank you.”

“I don’t care. Even if you ruin a hundred people, a thousand people, I don’t care. Because you did that because you loved me. It was because of me.” 




Upgraded Truck o Doom:
Because standing in the middle of a road is safe:



Son of the Stupid Idiot of the Year:

“Cutting it off, seems like the right thing to do. Even if it’s for that woman. After all, I’m going to die.”



We’ve been played guys. We’ve been played.


What happens when you’re sound of mind:
(Done after some sleep)

Because pictures only tell a thousand words, I feel like I have to clarify.

“Do you know what hurts?

Even until so recently, because you loved Oh HaeYoung that bitch, you wanted to break up her wedding.While I was in pain from the rock you intended for her but hit me, you were thinking of her.

And like an idiot, I confessed to you.”

In other words, “are you sure you love me and not her?”

The above aptly described how emotionally stunted or insensitive DoKyung can be, because she was so obviously asking if he loved her for who she is without connection to the other Oh HaeYoung or even anyone else, yet he never picked up on that. Her emphasis was him thinking of the other Oh HaeYoung, not even on her broken marriage or because he lied.

Therefore, I was furious with him not because he broke her heart or because he didn’t kneel or because he didn’t tell her “I love you” or even because he hid away. No, I was furious because he wasn’t treating her like an equal. He assumed that she was not as strong as him. He assumed that she wouldn’t be able to handle it or make fair enough decisions. He explained nothing to her, be it how he broke her engagement or how he’s seeing stuff and believes that he’s going to die.

“How could I have told you, without hurting you more.”

“Even if it’s for that woman.”



9 thoughts on “Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 11

  1. I loved the part when the boys just started following DK around. Seemed a little filler but it was sooo cute and funny. We might not have seen it if not for the extension so I’m really glad! And I was so confused at the end of the episode. What was happening?!?! :_(

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Best. Recap. EVER!!! And I totally agree that the part with all the boys in a line was a nice little filler and sort of described how they all feel about him. They do love him, in a little boy sort of way. But thanks for describing how I felt after watching without and then with subs. Your hard work really pays off.
    Thank you for this!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Why? Wae? Wei shenme? Mengapa? Porque?? LOL I love you!!! This is the best recap ever!!! I’m sharing this post – don’t stop me coz you can’t! Must share this joy with my girlfriends!


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