Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 12

(You know the drill: Image Heavy)



Boys; Act 2:

When your bro is depressed, crack stupid jokes.



Sunday morning:



What to do after drinking:



Life Lesson #3:

“If you let go of the past, you’re being born again, you know.”
“If you want to be unhappy, you just hold onto it.”
“So it’s all up to you.”

Although that might not be the right thing to say to a deeply heartbroken person.






Mama bear in the house:




Seriously, desperately, need a hug:



Having a Noona is great:






What she says: “The person that’s truly guilty shouldn’t be beaten.



What he gets: “So the things that I’ve been doing are not bad enough that you have to beat me up? I will do something really bad from now on then okay?!”




“I love you” is always right:

Even if it doesn’t solve the problem, it makes
the hurt a little less hurt-y.



Eliminated from the “Mom of the Year” Awards:




No words required.



The glorious Isadora:



What he considers “Acting out”:

Seriously, she falls like that and you go: “Noona, get up”?



Father of her child:

I feel bad for her already.



When a package comes for your neighbour:

Sit in her empty house without her knowledge.



I’m not okay




Even then, we should break up:



This lady needs some love in her life:

Not this one though.



Another K-drama mom who thought she was doing right by her child:

But ends up doing the exact opposite.



Prison guards! Prepare for them!




Taking up on his offer to curse him out:

But is still  miserable while doing it.



Our HaeYoung is a psychic:


“One day, you will cry because of me.”


I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.


I love you.



Finally figuring out that you’ve been wasting precious time:



I’m not going to die with regrets:


Then drives dangerously as if asking for death.






If there’s something you want, work for it:






(Psst, can you tell your twin over at Master – God of Noodles
to tone down the kiss-assery?)


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