Master of Revenge Episode 13

Secrets are revealed, alliances are thankfully and finally formed. Even with all the hullabaloo, this is definitely Gramp’s episode. Well, finally. It’s been 6 long years.


Master of Revenge; God of Noodles Episode 13:

GilDo stands amongst his many vats of soy sauce, imagining back to the time when they covered just a portion of the field and when Grandpa Go was still alive and friendly with him.

Grandpa Go had encouraged him to use all 46 of his vats of soy sauce as a stepping stone to expand it to 100, 200 vats of the precious sauce, which he says is the base of all delicious noodles. No matter what happens, he tells GilDo that he definitely can’t forget that last advice.

GilDo’s wife KangSuk comes along and upon hearing that the son-in-law was thinking of his father-in-law, she wonders why she shivers at what should have been a common happening in other people’s eyes.


Back in the present mid-murder, GilDo stops and looks at Grandpa Go. He demands to know why he’s suddenly now GilDo, when Grandpa had kept calling the person who had built up the tiny ChiMeon Restaurant in Masan into the grand Goongrakwon in Gangnam Ha JungTae – the Ha JungTae who slaved and endured contempt in the hands of the Go family. Why is the heralded one Ha JungTae while, his real identity, Kim GilDo, the evil one, when they’re both the same person?

Grandpa Go ekes out that it’s because Kim GilDo is a murderer. GilDo bends low and asks if he’s the only one who’s ever killed and plainly spits out that Grandpa Go’s the one who killed the only person he had ever loved. Wait, what? You mean it was Grandpa Go who killed DaHae’s mother and that GilDo had actually loved her? What? Show, it’s only been 3 minutes in!

He continues to reveal that the daughter of the woman he killed is DaHae and it sends Grandpa into a stress induced fit but it’s not like GilDo cares, because he continues to explain that the only reason he’s been keeping Grandpa Go alive is so that his shares don’t end up falling into KangSuk’s hands and he declares that no matter what anyone says, Goongrakwon is his, Kim GilDo’s, the person who risked his life to build it up.


He offers to make a deal with Grandpa Go, telling him to pass his shares over to him and he in turn will let Gramps live, albeit on condition that he lives like a dead person, and leave KangSuk untouched, then leaves.

A flashback to the past brings Grandpa Go to the time when DaHae’s mother had informed him of GilDo’s real status. He’d left without a word, taking the flyer with him and was stopped by DaHae’s mother, who had sworn to reveal the truth to the rest of the world if he doesn’t. Grandpa Go had gotten so worked up that he had pushed her away. His bracelet had broken during that act and its beads had scattered all over the ground. DaHae’s mother’s head had hit the edge of a table and she had bled profusely. As Grandpa Go ran away, DaHae had emerged from her hiding place in the closet and picked up one of Grandpa Go’s beads, crying over her mother’s dead body. The people in this show really have weak skulls. Or bad luck.

In the present, DaHae reaches Grandpa Go’s side and frets worried that GilDo had already done his thing but Grandpa Go simply stares at the bead she wears around her neck and cries that he’s sorry, really, really sorry.


YeoKyung calls her investigator and doesn’t understand what such an old case (GilDo’s old murder case) has got to so with theirs. Her investigator continues, telling her that the address on the flyer belongs to Senator So’s residence, both back then and now. YeoKyung reels and gets confused but her talkative staff lays it out plainly for her that Senator So had intended for her to search into this case for his personal reasons but did it in a roundabout way so that he doesn’t get hit by any possible backlash. He’s asking her to pay for the meal she had with him the first time they met.

YeoKyung, our woman of action, calls Senator Seo and confronts him for using her and all he says it that Kim GilDo is really connected to her case and to figure it out herself without making snap decisions.

In the kitchen without his assistant, Myeong works on his dish but is suddenly overcome by pain around the area where he was stabbed.

Across the table, Assistant Head of Noodles (I’m calling him by his name, KiBaek, from now on) works on his dish and his shifty assistant fake-drops an ingredient and replaces the original recipe ingredient of milk vetch root with a combination of mountain ash and Tuckahoe, as per GilDo’s instructions (and secret recipe), keeping his chef out of the loop.

GilDo returns to the table and a bamboo leaf on his suit catches KangSuk’s eye. She gets worried but essentially doesn’t do anything.

Myeong opens his jar of Cho Oh (monkshood/wolfsbane) and mixes it into his broth, flashing back to the instant when he, as Choi SoonSeok, had fallen in his house and when GilDo had set his house on fire for a moment.


The dishes are presented and it’s only then that DaHae re-joins the competition. KiBaek gets high praise for his noodles while Myeong gets the remark that his noodles were a little too soggy. That was due to him being overcome with pain at the moment he was cooking them.

GilDo’s ready to get the competition over and done with but MiJa requests for each chef to describe the ingredients that they had used for their broths. Myeong goes first and at the mention of wolfsbane, everyone gasps, knowing that it was a poison, save for Senator So, who deems it okay since he’s not dead, ha. At KiBaek’s turn , he mentions milk vetch root but DaHae remarks that she doesn’t smell anything of the sort and instead, smells mountain ash and Tuckahoe. KiBum’s assistant goes fidgety and worried while KiBaek is just confused.

When asked if he’d simply forgotten that he’d put them in or whether he really did not put them in, KiBaek answers finally that he certainly had not put them in and pulls out of the competition of his own accord.


KangSuk glares in GilDo’s way and remarks about how such a thing could have happened. Without any way out, GilDo declares Moo Myeong the new Head of Noodles like he’s downing poison. He almost dismisses everyone but DaHae interrupts to announce that Grandpa Go is fully conscious now.

In the locker room, KiBaek packs up. GilDo enters and tears him a new one, reminding him that being hard-headed is not a virtue and hard-headed KiBaek just replies that he’ll make it a complement by studying even harder. GilDo glowers at him and rips his name tag off.

He then sends Senator So on his way, and Senator So confesses that he really attended the competition to see what kind of person GilDo is. He doesn’t have a very good impression of GilDo’s character from the night’s events though. GilDo of course counters that with his promised sincerity towards every bowl of noodles. Senator So invites him to a game of golf and is on his way.


The employees get excited at the news that Grandpa Go has returned and while DaHae’s roommate jabbers about the probable difficulty in having to serve two bosses, GilDo stalks his way into Grandpa Go’s room and catches the doctor’s diagnosis that Grandpa Go has returned to full consciousness and can be declared fully competent (ie.: any legal papers that he writes or approves from now on are effective and lawful).

After long 6 years, KangSuk’s father calls her name. He then addresses MiJa and requests that she takes care of KangSuk, then calls for the staff of the kitchen to be sent in.

His most affectionate staff, Head of Side Dishes, cries upon seeing him and his first words to her are that she’s gained weight. Seriously, Gramps. He addresses each and every one of them by name, asking after them. (And we learn that DaHae’s roommate’s name is CheoNyeo.) He tells them to support their Head of Noodles and talks noodles-philosophy. He calls it his will and says that he woke up just to tell them that.

Everyone cries, knowing that his end is near.

Meanwhile, DaHae is off in GilDo’s office, confronting him about his use of wolfsbane with Gramps and accusing him of poisoning Grandpa Go.

GilDo tells her that Gramps was the father he never had. He lists the chances and opportunities that the elderly had given him till now and looks at DaHae straight in the eyes and asks how he could ever do such a thing. Wolfsbane – he was using it as a medicine.

KangSuk walks in just as DaHae leaves and calls out his use of wolfsbane as he had intended it, as poison, not medicine. He reminds her of their unspoken agreement to play nice but nonchalant around each other and KangSuk agrees, if he doesn’t touch her father.

YeoKyeong is at her board of relationship-web, wondering what the connection between Ha JungTae and Kim GilDo is. She gets the idea to try and identify the new address of the land where GilDo’s house used to stand on and learns that Goongrakwon is currently sitting right atop that land. She and her investigator find out that while most of the land belongs to Goongrakwon’s establishment, a part of it belongs solely under GilDo’s name.


YeoKyung superimposes the old map from years ago over the new one and the area that once housed GilDo’s home fits right nicely within the area that GilDo had bought for himself. She concludes that Ha JungTae and Kim GilDo are one and the same person.

The next morning, Myeong addresses his kitchen and he makes Head of Broth take over the currently empty slot left by KiBaek. He swears to give his utmost best and his humility touches the staff. They start the day off with 3 sets of Goongrakwon’s signature Royal Pheasant Buckwheat Noodles.

KiBaek’s assistant is bothered and keeps mindlessly whacking his poor bird. Myeong tells him to get his act together in the most polite way ever, even offering a bow and tells him not to feel to guilty.


GilYong comes to deliver their supplies and shoots Myeong a hard stare before turning and walking out.

Myeong goes after him, and GilYong deadpans that he must be feeling great to have become Head of Noodles while YeoKyung is still investigating Goongrakwon. That information horrifies Myeong but GilYong just walks off.

KangSuk sits beside her father but he only calls for DaHae. Hahaha, KangSuk complains at that and pleads that he give her power by giving her his shares, so that she can fight GilDo.

Gramps calls for his lawyer and KangSuk is only too happy to fulfill his request.

After work, Myeong catches DaHae and asks for a meetup that night, since she has the day off tomorrow, for a small celebration. He accepts her apology for running off, totally understanding that she could have prevented a huge accident and suggests that they have their celebration at his Fish Noodle shop. What about TaeHa?

Speaking of the devil, he finds DaHae getting on her scooter and asks where she’s going. Myeong comes up in his car and offers her a ride. Awkwardly, she asks if TaeHa would like to join them and he rejects, though he sighs after they leave.

Heh, he’s there right behind Myeong’s car, following them on car and even on foot. Myeong sees him in his rear view mirror and later, around his shop. All they do is stare at each other, neither saying a word.


As Myeong prepares a Konjac dish, DaHae chatters about the old times they shared and brings up his friend (YeoKyung), telling him that she had seen her at both the Fish Noodle shop and at Goongrakwon. Myeong hands over the stuffed dog that she had dropped the day she was kidnapped and she delights in getting it back.

As she eats, Myeong proposes that they play a Truth or Drink game and DaHae agrees. Pfft, she’s losing. She goes first and asks why he entered Goongrakwon. He drinks and returns the question but she keeps mum and just chooses to drinks. Why?! I need to know for sure! This lightweight ends up getting dizzy.

He takes the opportunity to ask her how she got into GilDo’s secret room and even though she whines that it was her turn, she does answer it… then falls unconscious.


Myeong brings her out, where TaeHa is waiting. TaeHa takes over, wrapping all around her like a protective boyfriend and quietly tells Myeong not to involve innocent people in his revenge schemes any more.

In his car on the way back, TaeHa sighs and his breath is enough to wake DaHae up. She’s still drunk though and it’s hilarious how he squirms as she sniffs him up, declaring that it’s a nice smell – that it’s TaeHa’s smell. He nags at her for drinking when she knows her lousy limit and when she rests on his shoulder, he nudges closer so that she can relax better.

Back in Goongrakwon, she stumbles around on her way to her room, refusing his help when she suddenly decides that she needs pictures. She whips out her phone and starts taking super close, shaky pictures of him, then a we-fie, and when she presses the phone all up in his face again, he takes the phone away. That only means that she’s all up in his face instead and they look at each other a good moment before DaHae kisses him. EEEEEE!!!! She falls against his shoulder and sighs that she likes TaeHa’s smell. She really likes it. Then the doofus goes and smell himself, heh.


Still in his restaurant, Myeong aches over calling YeoKyung, but he eventually does and she storms over. She says that she’s just there to state her piece and then leave, not letting him get any edge in.

She knows that he’s after GilDo and that nothing she says can stop him, so she’s not going to bother. She drops the bomb that GilDo’s related to her parent’s death and therefore, they’re fighting against the same enemy. She proposes that they work together but the numbskull insists that he can do it alone. He doesn’t want YeoKyung involved in this and dealing with a monster.

YeoKyung asks if he’s ever killed anyone. She has. And that she’s walked around, free as a bird, allowing TaeHa to take the blame while she, a murderer, goes off to become a prosecutor. She asks him who the monster is, feeling like she’s one.


She tells him that she’ll step down from her position once the issue is wrapped up and will return TaeHa to his original place while she will pay for her crimes. She tells him to therefore not run away from her. He remains silent.

She walks off, tears in her eyes, but doesn’t get very far before Myeong runs out and envelopes her in a hug. He tells her that he knew she would jump into this just for him without even thinking, which was why he pretended not to know her in the first place. But now, he tells her that there’s no running away anymore, asking her to go forth together. YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Thank you!

YeoKyung returns his embrace, grateful for him coming round.

Moment over, Myeong lays his conditions down. He makes it clear that he’ll always go first and that YeoKyung can only follow. She must never step ahead alone or the deal’s off.

He tells her about GilDo’s secret office and how to get in there. He’s sure that GilDo is laundering money there and YeoKyung says that he has to get enough evidence for her to be granted with a search and seizure warrant, after which, she will then close the noose on Goongrakwon Foundation. See! You are so good together! Never talk about going alone ever again! It makes you look stupid!

She gets a call and they part ways comfortably.


GilDo’s at a golf resort, applying sunscreen and snarky Prosecutor Ahn is there to provide the day’s required quota of snarks. GilDo asks about YeoKyung and Prosecutor Ahn simply replies that he’s cut off all resources for her, so she’ll probably be quieting down soon. Okay then.

Senator So enjoys his time golfing with GilDo and Prosecutor Ahn and when he asks if “you” exercise, GilDo tenses and tension filled music comes on for some reason.

After the game, they sit down for drink and Senator So orders Prosecutor Ahn to go to the restroom for a while like pee can come on command. Heh, Senator So doesn’t get it immediately, saying that he just went but of course he goes in the end.

Senator So uses their time alone to request that GilDo launder some money for him through Goongrakwon Foundation, whose services Congressman Choi has had the privilege of learning about. If GilDo takes up on the offer, his foundation will be practically untouchable by law enforcers (since Senator So that almighty will put a stop any possible enquiries, thereby saving himself from being caught for money laundering) but the catch is that instead of the 1 year that it normally requires, GilDo has to launder and return the money back within 3 months. GilDo voices the improbability of it succeeding and Senator So just commands him to make the impossible possible.


With his lawyer at his bedside, Grandpa Go declares his last will and testament.

When the lawyer emerges from the room, KangSuk is there to ask about his will and her part in it but the lawyer keeps his mouth shut.

GilDo catches the lawyer on his way in and gets the information that Gramps had his will changed.

DaHae reviews  her collection of drunken masterpieces and beats herself over it. TaeHa creeps around behind her and DaHae’s roommate, CheoNyeo, sees him and pulls her direct boss out of the room, knowing what’s up.

DaHae startles when he asks from behind her what she’s doing. She awkwardly says that she was drunk yesterday and that she doesn’t remember anything… and asks that nothing had happened, right? Hee. He answers that nothing happened (nope, never), then bites his lips. Ehehe.

He relays GilDo’s orders for her to meet him at Grandpa Go’s living quarters in 30 minutes and when she asks for the reason, TaeHa replies that he doesn’t know and walks off. Myeong watches all these from his corner.

GilDo squats beside Grandpa Go’s bedside. He apologises for waking the old man up and asks if the old man has corrected his wrongs. Grandpa Go assures him that the house will go to GilDo but GilDo’s not convinced, seeing how he wasn’t part of the will-making process. He pulls out Grandpa Go’s old bracelet, the one that broke when DaHae’s mother had fallen. Grandpa Go’s eyes widen and questions why he has that thing.

A continued flashback shows that GilDo had returned to the house to see his beloved’s dead body. He had seen young DaHae, scared, hiding behind the door.

He puts the bracelet on Grandpa Go’s wrist and tells him that DaHae will be coming any time soon.


Myeong stalks towards GilDo’s office, which TaeHa sees, and attempts to open the entry to the secret room.

Grandpa Go exerts all his energy trying to remove the bracelet while in GilDo’s office, Myeong presses the wrong button and sets the alarm off and locks the doors shut.

He’s trapped inside, with the doors locked and TaeHa’s outside trying to open it.


GilDo gets an alarm and he rushes towards his office, ordering his guards to follow.

TaeHa tells  Myeong to step back and slams himself into the door so hard that the surrounding wall pictures fall. That lock must have been made for alien invasions because it doesn’t even budge.

Meanwhile, DaHae reaches Grandpa Go’s side and he begins to convulse. She sees the bracelet on him and tears run down her face, wondering why it’s there, wondering if it belongs to Grandpa Go, and wondering if he had killed her mother, all while his heart rate shoots up.


She screams at him to tell her why he had killed her mother and yells at him not to die but all he does is eke out, “I’m sorry”… and then he flatlines.

Myeong and TaeHa still can’t get the door open and GilDo’s getting closer and closer, step by step.

DaHae grieves, for the loss of Grandpa Go and the chance to hear the reason her mother was killed.

Myeong heaves from the strain as his wound acts up and TaeHa stares at the door, at his wits end.



What in the what now? This show is so crazy and this episode spilled so much tea I could swim in it. The awakening of Grandpa Go excitingly shakes things up and his death is sure to bring about great changes to the status quo.

For so long, things had hung ambiguously. During the time Gramps was unconcious, GilDo had been the figurehead of Goongrakwon but yet was not actually the head but then might very well be the head and that sentence alone should tell you how complicated the situation was. Now though, people are going to be put in firm positions, with Head-not-Head Gramps gone. Although, the way he went with regrets is such a sad way to go.

In a surprising twist, it turns out that Gramps had killed DaHae’s mother and that GilDo has been on a revenge path himself. I think the latter one shocked me more because he’s no longer just a greedy guy while the former means that it was just an accident and that Gramps was not a courageous guy, which is no surprise.

It also shows that Not-just-a-greedy-guy GilDo is an angry, greedy guy and such people are so much more unpredictable. That explains how he’s been such a less than brilliant villain (I mean in terms of smarts). The fact that he also loves and loved means that he’s not actually a simple straightforward psychopath who’s unable to feel remorse and that he’s choosing to be terrible just because he wants to be and because he feels he’s owed. He’s not all logic. He’s swayed by feelings too.

Honestly, it shouldn’t have been so surprising, given how he’s had DaHae followed and had forgiven her when she so obviously had trespassed his secret room. About that, I wonder if he had the alarm installed due to that.

I love, love, loooooove that YeoKyung and Myeong had teamed up because it just makes them so much more stronger. They’ll be able to share information and rely on each other to cover the other’s backs and really, Myeong’s reason for keeping her out of the loop was so stupid because she would just have continued digging around and if he’d caught her unawares, she could have been in danger herself. In this game where unpredictable variables can mean death, let’s try to reduce the number of them, okay? Now I wonder whats a safe way to bring TaeHa into their alliance, since he’s going to be stuck right next to GilDo the snake and won’t be leaving any time soon. Not that he can even if he wants to, and people like him need all the information they need not to step on any tails and end up bitten.

I wonder how his relationship with DaHae will fold out and how her parentage will affect him. Will it be a shield or a sword?

Also, Myeong is such a manipulator, not that we didn’t know that.


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