Yang BaekHee Has Returned Episode 2

It’s an episode of questions and answers and more questions and more hilariously dumb answers. OkHee gets curious and scheming and has three men eating out of her hand but it’s more due to their own dumbness and affection than her smartness.


BaekHee Has Returned Episode 2: Game of Fathers

The episode opens to news reports about a video referred to as the “Red Socks Video” showing suggestive contents from a colatec’s restroom, revealing juvenile delinquency. The news reports that efforts to reveal the identity of the girl in the video continue and despite her face being heavily pixelated, the yellowish highlights in her hair gives away that the gangster in the video is BaekHee.

Back in 1998, newly engaged BaekHee and BumRyeong dance to the music like doofuses (or at least one of them does) and a little distance away, JongMyung pays a bunch of hooligans some money and swears to destroy the whole thing since he’s not the main character. How suave.

Siting in the same colatec elsewhere, DooShik scoops raspberry wine (or is that cola, I can’t tell) from a huge tub under the table with his can of Cola (lol) and promises to buy love with his power.


Around the corner, someone records videos of BaekHee, who remains oblivious. BumRyeong catches on though and leaves to find the culprit.

JongMyung takes that time to talk to BaekHee who just scoffs at her ex-boyfriend (him) to get over a person who’s already taken. She tells him that she’ll be marrying BumRyong and will be moving to Seoul. He sighs and predicts that BumRyeong, with his top grades, will become a popular university student, while BaekHee, last in class, will most likely be dumped after getting played.

She gets angry at that and sneers at him not to talk bad about a future Olympic gold medallist when he’s just scum who hangs out in clubs. Pfft, she tells him to just run along and guard the door or scrub the place’s toilets as required of his job. He declares that he will stop her from going to Seoul and suggests that they live together for the rest of their lives, since he loves her. Oh really?


BumRyeong doesn’t find the camera-guy, so the he turns all the lights in the colatec off and searches for the tiny red LED that video cameras power on when recording. He finds someone falling over in the crowd and when the guy scampers away, he picks up the camcorder that had been left behind.

He’s cornered in the toilet by hooligans when JongMyung emerges from one of the stalls. BumRyong doesn’t want to cause trouble though JongMyung wants exactly that. He wants to injure BumRyong so that he can’t go to Seoul as a Taekwondo athlete, which in turn prevents BaekHee from going to Seoul and moving in with him too. Seriously? How childish can you get?

A knock comes from the door and when JongMyung yells that the toilet’s out of order, a hand smashes through the toilet’s frosted glass window and opens the locked door. Ha! It’s BaekHee, armed with a fire extinguisher. She walks menacingly towards JongMyung and while BumRyeong manages to separate her from the fire extinguisher, she continues to threaten JongMyung and warns him not to mess with her.


But mess he does, snidely commenting that BumRyeong sure is a tolerant one, able to wear dirty old shoes that other people have already worn. Oh no, he didn’t!

The toilet door gets locked and asses get beaten.

Back in the present, BumRyeong sends mother and daughter home, even piloting a little boat for them. OkHee tells him to give her his number so that she can repay her debt of gratitude and BaekHee puts a stop to that. She offers to compensate him for his troubles but he refuses her offer, saying that he volunteered to defend OkHee because she doesn’t even look like a bad kid. Heh, the girl herself gets confused, replying that that’s the first time anyone’s ever said that to her. He says that people with her kind of eyes are always kind (what?) and that familiar remark alarms BaekHee enough to drag her daughter away.

They’re caught by KiJoon, BaekHee’s husband and he shines his torch in BumRyong’s face. He greets BumRyong with a laugh and BumRyong returns the greeting, though not recognising his old schoolmate.

All three walk back home, with KiJoon resting an arm over BaekHee’s shoulder possessively. He brings up old memories of when they all went to the same school and it confuses OkHee, since BaekHee had pretended not to know BumRyong earlier.

The pinchy lady who pinched OkHee earlier that day screams upon seeing BaekHee, calling her a witch and kicking her. Amusingly, BaekHee hides behind BumRyeong and BumRyeong drags the lady away, addressing her as “mom”.

Under covers and in bed, OkHee reviews the stealth video that she’d taken of BaekHee and BumRyong in the truck when they were “dancing” away. She sees the tattoo on BumRyong’s finger and is reminded of the same tattoo on her mom’s finger. When BumRyong does a sudden stop and they both curse the exact same time in the exact same way, she’s so surprised that she sits right up. A laugh bursts out of her and she narrates in voice over that that’s the first time that she’s ever seen her mother not care about how others viewed her. She texts BumRyong (how’d she get his number?) and asks to meet alone.


In school, DooShik and his wife JangMi reviews a video of the fight OkHee was involved in the other day, since their daughter was also the involved in it as the previous leader of Becky Clique. Lol.

Hilariously, DooShik’s take away is that OkHee’s left foot is dominant and he’s glad to know of another person like him. JangMi scolds him to focus on the issue here and they all learn that as punishment, their daughter (HONG BO-REUM, Yoo HaeJung) will be subjected to 2 weeks of forced volunteer work (what an oxymoron). The catch for the light punishment is that her parents will have to come fetch her every day after school and both parents throw mini fits, since it means that they’ll have to take the ferry and come all the way from their little island to school just to get their not-so-little girl.

DooShik screams and blames his wife, talking about who’ll feed the cows (lol, throwback to an old but popular Gag Concert skit) and JangMi tells him to tell that to himself.

Suddenly, OkHee, who had been wiping the windows nearby (as “volunteer work”) announces that her guardian is here. That person turns out to be BumRyong, whom she self-proclaims her godfather. Pfft. When asked if her own mother knows of it, she replies no and JangMi’s remark is that she’s as weird as her mom, ha! Or maybe BumRyong, and it gets DooShik shouty again.


As they walk off, BumRyong asks OkHee if she’s really 18 and everything about her time of birth. OkHee talks back and BumRyong remarks that she’s just like her mother. OkHee asks how BumRyong knows DooShik. He explains it as a close but strained relationship, since he made DooShik lose his front teeth (HAHAHA!!!!!) and explains that it was because DooShik kept chasing “BaekHee”.

That name gives her pause and she asks if the name’s BaekHee from Becky’s (in Korean, BaekHee) Clique. (Note that she doesn’t connect it to her mother because her mother had changed her own name to SoHee.) He asks how the heck she knows of that and she tells him that she’s the 19th leader of the clique. Cue exasperated sighs. Hee!

She follows the timeline and concludes that he would have been in school the time Becky’s Clique was formed and BumRyong starts talking about “BaekHee Trouses” (a Korean pun) and switching the subject.

He asks what the deal is with calling him to school and suddenly declaring him to be her godfather and tells her to tell her mom to fetch her starting tomorrow. OkHee whines that her mother seriously will never do such a thing.

She recalls the days when she was nicknamed “Janitor’s Daughter”, since her mother never came to pick her up even after all the kids and teachers have gone for the day and it was always the school janitor who sent her home.

But what really got her goat was when the other kids’ mothers would not-so-subtly call her a bad kid and she just had to suck it up because she didn’t have a mother to stand up for her. She calls herself her mother’s Ugly Duckling and therefore, she always got into trouble without guilt. BumRyong looks after her as she walks away, pity and hurt in his eyes.

He takes her out for grilled meat and advises her to try to understand her mother. He asks about her father and she nonchalantly replies that her father doesn’t care about her. He sighs.


He tells her then that he’ll be her godfather who’ll save her from all these kinds of injustice and she pffts at that. She calls the islands’ ahjussi-s nosy, but admits that sometimes, she likes it. She likes that they care about her, since she’s never felt that before.

JongMyung is in KiJoon’s office, discussing about his fertility (he’s currently infertile but he was once fertile) and when he asks where he can do a DNA test, KiJoon offers to do one just for him. When asked if KiJoon knows him, KiJoon has to remind JongMyung that they once went to the same school. Pfft, no one ever recognises him.

On the ferry home, OkHee joins with DooShik’s family. DooShik pays special care to her and ignores his wife, who’s immensely jealous. The two of them walk off, leaving OkHee and BoReum alone.

OkHee gets a message from a music agency in Seoul, requesting that she come down for an audition after seeing her in one of her online videos. BoReum starts off her reply with, “Unnie, I know you’re crazy…” then saves her own hide with “…about what you love” (pfft) and says that she’ll be a great star just like Becky’s Clique’s first head.


That gets OkHee interested and she asks what that person was like. BoReum tells her that she was a person who used to fight the boys and never lost to anyone and now uses her oratory skills to sell Jeotgal (salted, fermented seafood) all over Korea and made it big.

OkHee gets another message from the “agency”, telling her to bring 500, 000 won each for her two auditions.

Back home, OkHee whines for lunch money from her mother who refuses to give her cash. OkHee knows that her mother won’t give her the money even if she tells the truth and says that her mother knows more about the salted fermented seafood that she sells than her own daughter.

BaekHee knows that her daughter probably wants to become a singer but is adamant that she won’t, no, can’t, believing that her daughter doesn’t have the skills to survive in the industry. OkHee retorts that the best thing the Ugly Duckling ever did was leave its home where the mother never knew its worth and therefore didn’t end up with debilitating low esteem. Ouch.


Her dad comes out and all he does is complain about her noisy stomps and her annoying voice. Ow! He hands over the money that she’s been whining to her mother about. She takes it and leaves the house.

BaekHee, who has heard everything, throws all his laundry in his face and tells him to do them himself. She takes offense at him calling her daughter’s voice annoying and says that for a child who didn’t have a father for 14 years and was so glad to have had him, couldn’t he have had been at least a decent father to her?

KiJoon wishes he could but every time he sees her, he’s unconsciously reminded of him. He asks if BaekHee doesn’t see that her daughter is increasingly looking very much like her biological father.

In the garden, OkHee squats and sighs.

She’s called out by BumRyong’s mother, who looks to be in her right mind now and the two of them, along with BumRyong and DooShik sit around a campfire at the beach and enjoys sea squirts.

Woo BumRyong’s mommy feeds OkHee some sea squirt that she’s initially apprehensive of but ends up liking and Mommy remarks that she’s never seen a Woo ever not like sea squirts. Heh. So not subtle, this one.

She asks OkHee to pour her a sea squirt shell full of soju, wishing to drink one from her just before she dies.

OkHee tries to sneak some soju and is caught by her godfather. DooShik passes her some other kind of seafood and JongMyung comes along with some mudfish, bought specially for OkHee. She’s moved and says to herself while looking at all three men that she’s 18 and she’s going to find her “real father”.

The next day, she calls BumRyong out, on her way to go sell gold. He asks what kind of gold she’s selling and she pulls out a ring that’s obviously worth more than it’s weight in gold to BumRyong. Apparently, that was the only piece of jewellery her mother gave her in middle school, which was when she once stole all her mother’s jewellery and was embarrassed at the pawn shop because they were all fake. Ha! She tells BumRyong nonchalantly that her mother gave her the ring because it was the only real one and because it was tacky. Hee, BumRyong wilts at that.


At the pawnshop, BumRyong gets offended when the dealer quotes a low price for the ring and he lists down all its specifications, adding that it’s in the design of a dragon, and that it’s so obvious! (Even though OkHee hadn’t even figured that out.)

Heh, that was a test for BumRyong and OkHee reads him as Candidate 1, Woo BumRyong, a guy who’s easy to fool.

She correctly guesses his blood type (B) and he goes serious, asking how she would know that. Hur, she just says she guessed from his personality, calling him timid and gullible.

She ends up not selling that ring and getting a loan from BumRyong. She promises to pay him back but in tiny instalments that’ll leave her owing him money for 10 months.


She narrates that she didn’t have to go around looking for her fathers since “all the naïve men” in the island “applied themselves” as we see JongMyong standing up for OkHee at her workplace when nasty mini-shop ajumma’s thieving son orders her to get him a ramyeon and screaming for the guy nearby not to smoke in OkHee’s  presence. Then he gifts her a huge teddy bear and scrubs the toilets for her.

He brings her to the barber to dye her hair a proper black and nags at all the people there not to take advantage of OkHee. She labels him Candidate 2, the guy who wants her to learn from his mistakes.

The barber plucks her hair repeatedly and she catches on to what JongMyung is trying to do… then sells her hair to him for an exorbitant sum of 50,000 won per strand of hair. HA!

He hesitantly asks how she’d feel if the results come back that she’s his daughter and all she requests is for him to pay her money – the overdue child support. This girl, heh. And he falls head over heels for that.


Meanwhile, DookShik is trying to bribe BoReum’s teacher with some raspberry wine and while he uses BoReum as a cover, he’s actually looking out for OkHee. He tries sneak-flipping the Teacher’s record books to look at OkHee’s records but is stopped. Instead, he gets the tip that BoReum’s the closest to that kid out there pulling out weeds in the sun. That kid’s OkHee and soon, it becomes DooShik, hur.

He complains about her being to do forced labour and being at risk of requiring a blood transfusion (lol) and OkHee just tells him what he wants to know. Her blood type is B.

He wilts, since his blood type is A but she doesn’t discount him from her list of possible biological fathers, understanding that the biology behind it makes such a thing possible. Ha! He then says that she’s clever, like her mother, who was 46th out of 56th in class.

She asks to work at his cowshed, since he pays 6, 000 won an hour and he takes that as her wanting to spend time with him (assuming that he’s her father. Pfft.) She’s really much more interested in the pay though and although she considers him the 3rd candidate in her list of possible fathers, she doesn’t take to the idea as readily as when she did for BumRyong and JongMyung.


The next day, she’s at DooShik’s cowshed for her part-time work when DooShik calls her out. He stuffs 60,000 won in her hands and when BoReum appears and demands the same, OkHee babbles about “family discount” and having to be grateful to one’s father for bringing one up, telling her to only accept the appropriate 6,000 won. HA!

During dinner, recalling back to the times when all three men had addressed her as “like their daughter” because they’re friends with her mom makes her see her mother in new light and she ends up much more interested in her mother than ever before.

A package comes to her house for “Becky” (the English version of the name) and while OkHee sends the post man away, KiJoon smirks. BaekHee sees it runs after the postman, wearing mismatching slippers. She squats outside her house, opening the package from Boston Red Socks and OkHee looks on, wondering why her mother’s so secretive these days.


BaekHee goes live on air at a home shopping channel to sell her Saimdang Jeotgal and inadvertently reveals her less than elegant side as she responds to all the live comments. Haha! The producer ends up telling her to ignore the comments and soon, the official on-air seller takes over when she gets too nervous to continue properly.

Things go well until a certain comment says there are flies in her product and right there and then, BaekHee stands up for herself and her products on live television, freaking the producer out. The she tells the scaremonger to call her or she’ll come find him. You go girl!

She recovers from the blip but a comment from “Boston Red Socks” calling her the “Red Socks Girl” stuns her speechless. The commenter continues to say that the video was very interesting and it makes her fall into absolute horror as her lower lip trembles.

JongMyung, hangs around the dock, waiting for BaekHee and all three men, including BumRyong and DooShik, preen when they see her come.

Their fellow passanger-neighbours tell us how all four of them were once as close as coats of paints, known as the Fantastic Four. However, once puberty hit, and love came, with BaekHee dating JongMyung, who was the tallest, then BumRyong who became the handsomest, the group broke up. Heh, how does DooShik even fit in this love square?

JongMyong sidles up to her and comments about that the traits OkHee shares with him and says that he still keeps the note that she had given him that night on the boat – the note that started the “civil war”.

Apparently, in 1998, JongMyung had kidnapped her and sailed them off somewhere remote. She gets so angry that she smacks him and he flings her bracelet off. She jumps into the water to retrieve it and JongMyung jumps after her, thinking that she’s in danger. Instead, he’s the one flailing for dear life. HAHAHAHA! They’re all so pathetic!

BaekHee saves him by dragging him by the hair and reluctantly administers CPR and the next thing he knows, his boat is docked and he’s pantyless and shirtless, with a note stuck to his forehead. LMAO, that’s how he concluded that he and BaekHee had done the deed and that BaekHee’s finally his.


Current day BaekHee reads the note, imagining its contents said in young BaekHee’s soft, happy voice. Ha, that’s obviously JongMyung’s imagination and BaekHee’s so unimpressed she throws the note into the sea. What he calls the best days of life, she calls the worst days of her life.

She tells him to forget and give her up and walks off. Then, DooShik sidles up to her, babbling about OkHee’s left foot being her dominant foot. HAHAH!

She starts off saying that she likes him… for being faithful and naively good and ends it off with pleading him to remain nice and faithful to his wife. BumRyong watches all this, eyes completely off the road sea ahead.

At night, OkHee eats her dinner and BaekHee tells her to come right back home and not to get involved with the island’s men anymore. Too bad OkHee tells her that she has plans – to meet up with her godfather, her best friend and her employer.


When she reveals who they are, BaekHee’s so shocked she plants herself right opposite her daughter and OkHee comes out direct, asking which one of the three is her father. She tells her mother that it’s no use trying to hide her past, since it’s inerasable, like her father is to her.

On the dock, DooShik and JongMyong talk crap about OkHee probably being their daughter while BumRyong just keeps quiet. And then the two doofuses end up arguing.

BumRyong finally speaks up and tells them both never to talk about BaekHee or her daughter ever again or he’ll rip their mouths out. But both are still really, really interested to know who the father is, and in her home, OkHee demands to know the same.

Both BumRyong and BaekHee start answering that… but of course we don’t get to hear the rest of it this week. Tune in to Episode 3!




Laugh out loud funny and intriguing, this four episode show has entered my “like”-list. I don’t exactly love it, but it’s interesting enough to keep me interested, in the characters, their lives and especially, what happened that day and who the father is. I want to know what happened “that day” that drove BaekHee out of her island, alone and pregnant.

They say that you can take the girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl and BaekHee’s the epitome of that. No matter be it 5, 10 or even 18 years, she still has the innocence of the island. That said, she’s of course a lot more sophisticated than her childhood friends who crack me up with how pathetic but well-meaning they are.

BaekHee and her daughter’s relationship hurts me and I understand OkHee’s contempt for her mother yet wanting to gain her approval. She just wants her mother to love her and BaekHee does, but never lets her know. I know that it’s because she had her daughter at 18 and struggled to make ends meet for them both and therefore didn’t know how to go about “mothering” her and that makes me sympathetic for her but OkHee doesn’t know that and it keeps crushing her.

Despite being a straightforward, short series, it has quite the number of mysteries. Of course, there’s the question of who OkHee’s biological father is and what had happened that night but there’re also other things like how BaekHee ended up with her current husband who also so happened to be her schoolmate and why in the world she’s back home. I mean, I get that his gambling debts must have drained her accounts but what was it that brought her all the way back when at 18, pregnant and alone, she had stuck it out in the unfamiliar mainland? Also, what’s the deal with the “Red Socks Video” and who in the world is out for her? And why now?

I’m so glad this is just 4 episodes.


Recapping takes hours... leave me a comment please? 😜

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