1 Night 2 Days Ep 127

2 Days 1 Night Episode 127: Let’s go to Ewha Womans University!

With Yoo PD announcing last week that he’ll be off to recuperate, a slew of PD candidates had been nominated (some, self-nominated, hee!) for the role of interim main PD. The nominees include Kim MinSeok (who cried a river in his last shooting with 1 Night 2 Days), Yoo IlYong PD (who got thoroughly incapacitated by sea sickness the other time in 2014) and Park InSeok PD who’s now the main PD for Unnie’s Slam Dunk (and then instead of promoting himself, he promotes Unnie’s Slam Dunk, hahahah).

With the votes of 1 Night 2 Days, the interim PD is chosen and a month later, he sends the boys messages for their next shooting, telling them to dress up as “boyfriends”. Heh, SiYoon is so excited, claiming that he’ll have to visit the beauty parlour.

On the day of the shoot, New PD sits nervously before the grand stairs of KBS’s building while elsewhere, the guys meetup, chirping and twittering about girlfriends and TWICE. JunHo gets ridiculed for his outfit which makes him look more like a husband than a boyfriend and DongGu wears an all pink sweater with jean-shorts that earns him remarks that he really can’t dress. He’s only let off the hook when he mentions that it was SaeRon’s (his co-star in Mirror of the Witch) choice, hee. Then they are deeply displeased with JongMin’s outfit, ha.


They gather before KBS and recognise Yoo IlYong PD whose little hand-block does nothing to hide his identity. Heh, we’ve moved from Yoo PD to Yoo PD. New Yoo PD mentions that out of the 6 votes, he got 5 and he’s really interested to know who the one that didn’t pick him was. All eyes turn to newcomer DongGu who fakes ignorance then finally admits that he just picked anyone anyhow, since he didn’t know any of the PDs.

JongMin notes that new Yoo PD is the same age as him and the other Yoo PD (this is giving me Oh HaeYoung again flashbacks…) and though he’s a bit awkward with the original new Yoo PD, he’s comfortable and even speaks in banmal to this Yoo PD. Whew…

Once mention of the theme for this shooting comes up again, the boys get all excited again, imagining girl group members emerging from KBS’S doors. Yoo PD tells them that they won’t meet them here though, and requests that they get on the bus.


The bus’s windows are all covered, and though they’re all a bit nervous because of that, the thought of girls keeps their spirits up, hur.

They attempt to identify where they’ll be going to by sensing where the bus turns. If the bus turns to the right, and again, then they’re going back to KBS and it does. They cheer, for they think that they’ll be meeting the girl groups on Music Bank. The thought of female idols gets delights them and they predict that the bus will stop now. Only… it doesn’t. HA!

Pfffft! Then Yoo PD asks if they’re done and tells them to go to sleep. DongGu asks how they’re going to just sleep on command and Defconn just tells him to sleep, heh.

They’re told to get off and for moment in their seats, they guess that they’re at Ewha Women’s University and JongMin’s heart pitter patters. They get off the bus and rejoice at seeing the university’s logo.

Ewha Womans University was founded in 1886 by Mary F. Scranton and was once off-limits to men. However, with a through-road built in 1996, it became open to people of all genders. I’ve been there and it’s seriously gorgeous.

Yoo PD tells them that they’re not here as tourists though… and DongGu has this great idea that he’s going to be there as a boyfriend. Pffft. And whose boyfriend would you be?

Yoo PD tells the men that they’re going to be there as students from the class of 2015 (Korean university students typically group themselves according to when they enter the university instead of when they graduate) at this women’s university (hahahha!) and they very visibly wilt. They wonder how they’re going to do that, seeing how they’re not the “correct” gender and Yoo PD tells them that Ewha does take in male exchange students too.


They joke about their student passes that will awkwardly show them guys as students of a women’s university. JunHo gets sent to the Business Department and TaeHyun gets sent to the Childcare Department. Defcon gets sent to the Food Department and Kim JongMin gets sent to the Neuroscience Department. Haha, he’s reminded of the time when he had to sing one song and write the lyrics to another in a previous episode. JoonYoung is sent to the Music Department and DongGu gets sent to the Literature Department and he might as well be shivering with joy. Then he sees that his pass has his name as “Yoon DongGu”. Pfft. That 20 bucks was for nothing.

They walk through Ewha and though TaeHyun says that though they feel a bit awkward to be in a place all surrounded by women, they like it. It’s a rare opportunity and New Yoo PD tells them that original Yoo PD had wanted to come too, but couldn’t, ha!

They introduce Ewha to the viewers. Ewha will celebrate its 130 year anniversary and most recently, became a popular tourist hotspot, like America’s Harvard or England’s Oxford.

Yoo PD tells them to please show the charms of the university and DongGu says that he definitely will dig deep and show eve.ry.thing. well. Haha. They’re given their school supplies, which include a handkerchief and pick sweaters.

They wear their pink sweaters, greet their passing seniors and are stunned by Yoo PD’s declaration that until they’re dismissed, they cannot step out of the school’s gates. Well, save for DongGu who just goes “yes~” all happily.

Yoo PD introduces them to their student mentors and the first lady is Joo JeongAh from the Department of Korean Language and Literature who volunteers as a guide at the school’s museum. Yoo PD asks if there are any other questions for her and JunHo asks where her hometown is. What? Anyway, it’s in DaeGu and when she was in kindergarten, she was often called drunkard (Joo-Jeong-baeng-i), a play on her name.


The next mentor is Kim JooSeong from the Department of Special Education. She’s a student from the class of 2016 and though she’s new on paper, she’s not actually that new, since she had actually entered the university twice.

The third mentor is Maeng SoYoon from the Department of Korean Music. She’s a student from the class of 2016 and JoonYoung almost splits his lips with how wide his smile is. JunHo asks if she’s ever been called that old but famous comedy character MaengGu and she agrees. Since JeongAh is the drunkard and SoYoon is MaengGu, he asks what JooSeong was and she coolly answers that she was nicknamed “wild horse”.


Mentor number 4 is Kim WanSeon from the Chinese Department and she greets herself in both Korean and Mandarin and all Kim JunHo asks if she was compared a lot to Korean singer Kim WanSeon back in the days, heh.

Yoo PD’s voice cracks when he introduces Jeong YooJin from the Dance Department from the class of 2014.

The next student is from France and is a guy. HAHAHHA! DongGu literally goes weak in the legs from laughter. He’s Maxime Labarthe and is from the class of 2014. They ask why a guy like him would choose to study in Ewha and he goes a little embarrassed then answers that it’s because due to his university’s arrangements, if one wanted to study in Seoul, then he could only choose to do so at Ewha.

The mentors are requested to cough up something from their belongings and they’re used to decide who their mentees are.


Defcon ends up with JooSeong, DongGu with JeongAh, and JoonYoung with WanSeon. There’s Maxime left in the remaining pool of mentors and JongMin screams for them not to change the owner of the scarf his holding, heh. JunHo is paired up with YooJin and TaeHyun with Maxime. JongMin rejoices like crazy to be paired with SoYoon.

They’re sent off for their walks and introduction around the school and the guys with female mentees fawn over their ladies while TaeHyun and Maxime decide to just go.

TaeHyun confronts married man Kim JunHo for looking way too happy to be paired with YooJin. As he walks, JunHo flashes his student pass everywhere, embarrassing YooJin.


JongMin is brought to Ewha Campus Complex by SoYoon and JoonYoung is already in there with WanSeon, asking her to set up a meeting (some sort of group blind date) for Ewha students and the solo members of 1 Night 2 Days. She doesn’t answer, just saying that it would be fun, ha.

TaeHyun is being treated to Maxime’s favourite food from the school right outside the complex. TaeHyun asks where they’ll be going, then correctly guesses that Maxime has no idea since he’s so new to the school. Haha, Maxime fakes looking for a map and is feeling awkward, because a mass of fan girls have gathered around them.

YooJin brings JunHo to the school’s gymnasium where she and her fellow students would practise dancing (but is currently empty) and asks him to demonstrate a dunk shot… which he’s of course too short to carry out successfully. She gives it a go and fails too, so they lamely walk out the gym.


With SoYoon, JongMin talks about music and she has to ask what Koyote’s signature songs are. She doesn’t recognise the titles but the moment JongMin sings them, she sings and dances along. JongMin asks if she knows of his “Saligo Daligo” song and she’s confused because she thought it was an old song that had been just… there… the whole time. Then explains that it’s his own song… ha.

She brings him to the music department and to the hall where the students are putting on a performance. The performers end their show and meets with SoYoon and JongMin. He requests that they sing a part of their song for the viewers and it sends Goosebumps up my arm with how good they are. He asks what they think of him (they answer that he’s handsome) and that in 1 Night 2 Days, if they could choose a member, who would they choose? They answer in unison, “Jung JoonYoung.” Heh, no one can win over the maknae.

DongGu the educated is brought to the school’s history museum by museum guide JeongAh. He choose really well. And then we are treated to the entire history of Ewha University. They start off again with Mary F. Scranto, founder of the only women’s school that was recognised by the King of Korea at that time and move on to Esther Park, whom DongGu recognises as Korea’s first woman physician. During the Janpanese occupation, Ewha was deprived of its name and demoted to a simple 1-year course institute. DongGu walks around displays and momentos of the school’s great history of empowering women and regrets his earlier ignorant exuberance at coming to the school just because there were women here.


Speaking of whom, Jung JoonYoung is totally enjoying his time around the women and lamenting the fact that they’ve no food because they have no spending money.

Then we cut to all JunHo requesting for Kimbap and Defconn directly coveting another poor student’s kimbap.

JunHo meets with Defconn and sits at the same table as him. A kind student feeds him one of her kimbap and the poor student whose lunch was being stared at gives Defconn one of hers. And then they describe it like it’s special food from outside the universe.

The whole cafeteria suddenly bursts into an uproar and the reason for it is DongGu, angering the other two men, hahah!

JoonYoung himself is also constantly swamped by happy fangirls as is TaeHyun. Sad Defconn and JunHo simply have people walking past them. Heh, JunHo even has to ask someone else to take a photo for him and YooJin.


Back at base, Yoo PD asks how their time was spent and DongGu is super happy while JunHo gripes that he was brought to an empty gym which only had the lingering smell of sweat and wasn’t even allowed into the changing and showering rooms below. Hur, isn’t that an of course?

Defconn says that he wouldn’t be able to focus and study if he was really admitted into Ewha because there are too many flowers – flowers that can move and speak – and Grandpa DongGu says that there was only one for him, referring to his own mentor. Everyone moans at that and DongGu jokes that this is the real day when he gets discharged from the army (because he’s then back in society with women).

Yoo PD makes them come up with a  greeting, using their previous “yomo jomo” (various sides) catchphrase they’d made during their time as Seoul University students. Cutie pie YooJin comes up with a cute one and JoonHo ruins it for her with his old man gags. Heh.

Opening done, the guys are sent on mission around the campus without their mentors. Depending on how well they do, their allowance will change correspondingly. First place gets ₩20,000, second place gets ₩10,000, third, ₩5,000, fourth, ₩2,500 and fifth and sixth place get nothing. So harsh!

They pull out their missions cards blind from a jar and JunHo whacks JongMin for taking the pink one he had wanted. Pfft, they have to play rock paper scissors for it and JunHo wins and gets his choice.

TaeHyun’s mission is to find a box around some stairs and Maxime’s concern is the word “box”, which he doesn’t understand. Ha! Defconn sighs at his mission card which has a heck ton of words on it. He’s to take various photos of certain things around Ewha.  DongGu is tasked with getting three out the five delicacies of Ewha and JoonYoung has to pose like the photos he’ll be given and capture them on camera. The guys exclaim when they see the picture of female graduates posed around a guy and JoonYoung calls it his dream.


JunHo opens his precious pink slip and is told that he has to go to play a word game with the students at the reading room while JongMin who got his stolen simply has to go to Ewha’s powder room and tie the hair of five students. Pfft. He gets a book of styles for reference.

TaeHyun walks off and asks where that particular stairs is and is told that it’s where he and Maxime had spent almost their entire hour. JunHo scampers around looking for his reading room and DongGu gets information from his army of fangirls and then he parts through the sea to run. Defconn gets directed to his location of interest and his helpers get stolen by JongMin who interrupted them mid run to ask his questions.

JoonYoung has to find graduates to take photos with him, eliminating all the current students that are gathered around him.

DongGu is the best at directions, having had the best mentor, and he catches up to JongMin on his way to his food store. JongMin tries to pull him back but he zooms off and while screaming for DongGu, he suddenly pauses, because he forgot where he was supposed to go, HA!


His little helpers run into the building after DongGu, telling him that it’s the place but DongGu’s already got his brownie and is powering his way through the campus. His poor VJ screams after him and a flashback to his admittance interview reveals that he can run 100m in 13 seconds. Wow…

DongGu runs to get Kimbap and describes the surrounding buildings to his VJ like he’s a regular at the school and after a while, he’s just a dot in the frame as the VJ gives up. Hehe.

JunHo on the other hand is at the base of Ewha Campus Complex where he’s being told that his connect-the-word game will be in English. Pffft… this from the guy who doesn’t even know what “parents” is in English, let alone spell them. His poor mentor is informed of his weakness, haha.

JunHo tries his first round with a student and fails terribly. He tries again with another student and gets stuck at Apple, which he had been challenged with in the previous round and he chooses to follow it up with Esc (ie, the escape button you see on your keyboard, lol). He gets a pass for that and gets challenged with yet another word starting with E… and he completes it with E.T. Pfftt.

Taehyun reaches his stairs and sees his box immediately. He opens it to find a huge piece of bubble wrap in it and a card telling him to pop them all, using only his fingers. Seriously? Haaaaa!!!!!

The students volunteer to help him pop them all and he just sits there, doing nothing. He didn’t even request for their help! They rev up when they hear that it’s key to him getting lunch.

JoonYoung finds his graduates and asks them to help him take a photo.

JongMin find his ladies and tries to tie someone’s hair… and takes a millennia to do so. Screams are suddenly heard and the reason is because DongGu had passed by, on his way to get kimbap.


JongMin’s terrible at tying the student’s hair, breaking several few rubber bands and the PD doesn’t let him go until she’s satisfied. He gets one of DongGu’s fan and ties her hair.

DongGu gets told to get Tonkatsu for his third item and he runs off, not even needing to ask for directions. Poor VJ.


Next Week!

Someone asks DongGu if he believes that there can be just friendship between men and women.





5 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days Ep 127

  1. Why are episodes so short?????? Especially, when they’re really fun.

    Thanks for the recap. Jong Min’so Sali Go Dali Go cannot catch a break. Hehe.


    1. Heh, and that song actually has a rather deep meaning if you think about the lyrics.

      Well, the episodes are now about an hour and fifteen minutes long… not too bad.


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