Yang BaekHee Has Returned Ep 3

BaekHee: “Your father is…”

BumRyong: “Her father is…”


Yang BaekHee Has Returned Ep 3: Delinquent

BaekHee: “Me.”                                                                                                  BumRyong: “BaekHee.”

Pffffft… Well, it’s not wrong…


BaekHee says that for raising her alone for 18 years, she ought to be seen as much as that and OkHee the rebellious rolls her eyes and tells her mother to wait and see, because she will certainly find her biological father herself.

At the dock, BumRyong chides the others, asking them if they’ve ever done anything for OkHee while she was growing up. Having done nothing, they have no right to think themselves as her father. Instead, they should band together not to embarrass BaekHee but to take care of their friend who has become a mother.


The next morning, JangMi suddenly jumps up from gardening and greets BaekHee as BaekHee walks by with KiJoon. She grouses about BaekHee’s terse response and gossips about BaekHee’s love life with the other ahjummas, evidently having affection for her yet disliking her.

BaekHee gets a call from the bank, telling her to pay the interest on her family’s loan. She asks KiJoon for money and he nonchalantly says that he has none, since he lost all his pay to gambling in the span of one day and also, she had promised to repay all his gambling debts. He quotes the saying “cutting off your hands won’t help you quit gambling” to which I say we up the punishment for him to “cut off your head”.

On the ferry to mainland, BaekHee asks when he will grow up after betting their house away and losing his job. His comeback is that since everyone on the island knows that he’s an idiot and loser (and he thinks it’s because he’s BaekHee’s husband), he’s not even going to try. (But actually, no one knew who you were until you introduced yourself as the kid from school though…)


BaekHee asks the question I wanted to know, asking if he married her just to torture him and he says that she was more desirable when he didn’t have her. BumRyong’s mother has the same disgust as me because she whacks him in the head with a boiled egg, hee! She excuses herself by explaining that she’s got dementia. Double hee!

BaekHee eats at a restaurant and shuts off the producer of the home-shopping channel she got fired from through her phone. With all possibility of her job returning, she looks around the restaurant she’s in and convinces the owner to hire her as its consultant.

OkHee and BoReum search through BaekHee’s photo albums, complaining about not finding her high school photobook. Instead, she finds out that her mother is BaekHee, the legendary first leader of Becky’s Clique.

That gets her to pay more attention to her mother and she realises her mother’s violent and unsophisticated quirks for the first time in 18 years. She gapes to herself that she’s been fighting against the legendary fighter herself for 18 years, ha!

During breakfast, she whines about all the vegetables on the table and flinches when BaekHee casually leans towards her. Heh.

She confronts her mother for not having a high school photobook and learns that her mother is a high school dropout. When she insists on knowing the reason and calls her mother an embarrassment for not even graduating high school, BaekHee tells it straight to her that she dropped out because she got pregnant.

On the ferry to mainland, OkHee ruminates that one sad fact as all three doofuses on the island stare at her. DooShik and JongMyung try to cheer her up… and BumRyong plays an EXO song over the PA system.


Once they dock, OkHee walks off without greeting them then turns around to tap her cigarette box conspicuously in their faces.

They follow her to a shack and try to devise a plan to get her to stop smoking, with JongMyung getting derailed again by calling her “his little girl”. BumRyong tells them that the crux is that they should act casually and not make their approach obvious… which is how he and JongMyung fake-coincidentally spot her while babbling about anchovies and how DooShik embarrassingly prattles about getting his shovel while BumRyong and JungMyong are already standing in a line as per OkHee’s orders.

OkHee tells them that she’ll no longer be looking for her father and to request that they leave her alone. She tells them that while they graduated high school and went on to have families and live happily, her mother had to give up her education and her dreams and therefore, none of them have any right to want her to acknowledge any of them as her father. They all hang their heads in shame.

BumRyong sends supplies to the shop that he’d brought OkHee to eat at the other time and gets the comment that OkHee is pretty. He agrees with a smile then asks if the owner had gotten a new chef, since her food is suddenly a lot better. Ajumma tells him that she got a consultant, who’s in the kitchen, and it takes a moment before BumRyong sees BaekHee hiding in the small little space between two fridges, hur. She grumbles about the island being disgustingly way too small.


They relocate outdoors. BumRyong tells her that he never went to college since he had gone to work in DaeJeon and BaekHee scoffs at that, telling him to be honest with her, assuming that he left her because he was embarrassed to be connected to the girl in the red socks (main character of the incriminating Red Socks Video). BumRyong refutes that strongly but she doesn’t buy it. He in turn hoped that she didn’t wait long for him and she corrects him that as a silly girl at 18 and abandoned all alone in Seoul, she worked 14 a day and waited long, very long, for him. Anyway, because of that, because he ruined her life, she became even more determined than ever. BumRyong apologises but she just tells him not to come near her or her daughter ever again.

At home, BaekHee reads through all the online comments mocking her. Boston Red Socks never misses a chance to taunt her and even sends her packages containing red socks. When BaekHee tries to identify who that is, all she gets is the return that all his/her identification is fake.

Recalling the time JongMyung had referenced baseball, she suspects him of being Boston Red Socks and heads to his game shop to smash tiles, 20 at a time.

She takes him out for coffee and tries to apologise to him for anything that she may have had done wrong to him. He figures out that she suspects him for sabotaging her and steely says that she’s not that important to him for him to do that. Instead, he tells her, she should be interrogating BumRyong who thought that way and even ruined his own life for her. What?

On the same ferry they take every day, BaekHee sees BumRyong’s mother eating ice out of someone’s leftover drink and stops her, cleaning her up. The act surprises OkHee and when some ajummas complain about a smell, most probably from BumRyong’s mother, BaekHee squishes her bottle of fish sauce on purpose and passes the smell off as her fault.


At a public toilet, BaekHee cleans up BumRyong’s mother. When he says that he could do it too, she says that his mother is a woman too. For her pride’s sake, it’s better if someone else other than her son did it.  She takes the chance to ask him if there’s something between them that she doesn’t know.

OkHee comes in with a bucket of water and helps clean up granny and rebuffs BumRyong and BaekHee’s attempt to drive her away. She tells her mom not to be embarrassed if she has to face the same thing as granny in the future, because she’ll take care of her, knowing that her mother only has her. Aw.

BumRyong remarks that BaekHee really raised her daughter well and it makes him envious.

JongMyung goes to KiJoon to collect his DNA result and sees that KiJoon’s already seen the results. JongMyung learns that KiJoon is BaekHee’s husband and connects the dots, knowing that he read the results because his “love” for OkHee is conditional, based on who her father is. He slaps KiJoon on the shoulder and tells him that though he himself can’t have kids because he’s infertile, KiJoon can’t have kids because he’s worse than a beast. He leaves without even reading the DNA report.


BaekHee heads to JangMi’s house and comes at the moment the couple is engaged in a huge fight. She gets riled up seeing JangMi’s cut lip but then stills to see DooShik emerging from the house a lot worse for the wear. HA!

As DooShik chops wood nearby (they don’t even have a fireplace), BaekHee sits and drinks with JangMi. JangMi tells BaekHee that even if Yang SoHee (her current name) has no friends, Yang BaekHee has and tells her to just be her old self. DooShik still hangs around and doesn’t go though. Then he blubbers about OkHee and BoReum getting along, close as sisters.

JangMi tells her that DooShik still thinks of her as the Innocent Mary and that she’s his femme fatale “Matari”. Lol, she meant the spy Mata Hari and when JangMi affirms that it’s “Matari”, the name reminds her of the online comment by “Becky, It’s Me”, the one who complained about the fly in her food. Hee. Cut to JangMi on her knees.

She confesses that the fly story could be something ambiguous since she had left the container open… so…

She honestly says that she doesn’t like BaekHee going on television and coming back to the island because her husband keeps looking for BaekHee and mentioning her. She says that if DooShik hadn’t kept screaming BaekHee’s name that night, she would have forgotten everything about BaekHee and would have lived happily. She blames it all on the bracelet.

Back in 1998, we see that BaekHee had passed the title of Leader of Becky’s Clique to JangMi, along with her bracelet. That same night also saw JangMi twittering about BaekHee and BumRyong’s union (“The teachers are worried that if the two of them have a kid together, that kid would be a trouble maker”) to DooShik who was drunk on raspberry wine. Lol, she re-enacts DooShik’s reaction the time BumRyong punched DooShik’s tooth out and confesses that in her heart, DooShik is number one. Then he slumps over, drunk, and the police come.

JangMi carts him off to safety all the way to the dock and when she waves her hand at him to wake him up, he sees Becky’s bracelet on her hand and pulls her in. Then the camera pans up.


Later, he wakes up alone and sees BaekHee’s bracelet, concluding whatever it is that he concludes. HAHAHAAAAAA!!! This is so ridiculous!

JangMi complains about how he kept calling for BaekHee that night and how him calling that name still rings in her ears. Ha, BaekHee stares at her, unbelieving, then takes moral responsibility and for that apologises, exasperated. She tells JangMi to tell DooShik the truth but romanticist JangMi doesn’t want to, wanting to protect her husband’s beautiful memory of his first love.

JangMi sends BaekHee home on her scooter and cart, heh, laughing that she didn’t drink to eliminate possibility of BaekHee and DooShik staying under the same roof.

BaekHee sees BumRyong’s mother squatting outside her house barefooted. She brings BumRyong’s mother in and cleans her feet, asking if BumRyong knows that she’s here.

BumRyong’s mother asks after OkHee and is sad when she’s told that OkHee is asleep. She apologises to BaekHee and pulls out BumRyong’s old pager, saying that it’s all her fault.


Back to that day in 1988 when the police had raided the colatec, BaekHee and BumRyong had escaped and climbed all the way up to someone’s pool house. BaekHee wondered how the police had known of their event that day, wondering if someone had called the police.

They decide to stay the night until the cops leave and take the first boat home tomorrow. She sits and fans herself with her shirt, complaining that the place is too hot. BumRyong tells her to tie her hair up because she’s too beautiful otherwise. Heh, he’s super bothered by her close presence and her little acts, though she’s completely oblivious and naïve.

He turns the TV on to try and distract himself but the first channel shows models in skimpy swimwear and in the second, the leads of a drama are kissing. He leaves the channel on the third one on,  the one that simply played the national anthem. Hur.

As he lies on the pool table unable to sleep while he thinks she’s already on cloud nine, he tells her that she’s been pretty since she was young and tells her that he’s trying his best this moment to protect her.

BaekHee calls him an idiot and tells him that she knows how dumb he is right this moment, since she’s seen him act foolish since she was six. The lights all switch off one by one and soothing background music comes on.

The next morning, they creep out of the pool house, with BumRyong remarking about how eerily calm the morning is and BaekHee wanting to eat. He sees a flower nearby and sneaks one into her hair.

They go for kimbap where the other customers look at her all weirdly. BumRyong explains that as her being more beautiful than normal. The ajumma of the place tells her not to come by anymore though, because she’s driving away the other customers. From a nearby TV,  they find out that the video of BaekHee (the Red Socks Video) by that creepy stalker has made its way to the police and the news.


BaekHee and BumRyong prepare to run away to Seoul and just before they board the bus, BumRyong passes her all his belonging and sends her off alone, swearing to solve the problem and protect her. He promises that he will come for her and that she will be able to return home.

A series of flashbacks show how BaekHee had moved from place to place as her funds dwindled, calling BumRyong and shivering in fear every time.

BumRyong meets with a reporter and while he’s there to ask for the return of the video clip and telling him that BaekHee’s the victim for the video was not taken with her consent, the reporter doesn’t care, calling him and BaekHee a bunch of delinquents. BumRyong begs, tears, snot and all, but the reporter leaves, spitting about him behaving that terribly all for one woman.

It drives BumRyong mad with anger and he attacks the reporter in the lift even when stabbed with a pen, not letting up even when security holds him down.


He’s sent to jail and tells his wailing mother never to tell BaekHee about it. His poor mother falls in distress, blaming BaekHee for ruining her son’s life. In Seoul and heavily pregnant, BaekHee cries into a phone, telling BumRyong that it’ll be the last time she’ll be calling him and breaking into sobs, at her wits ends.

In the present, BaekHee fingers the pager as BumRyong’s mother tells her that she’d hidden both the pager and her letters, even the one that informed him that she was pregnant. BaekHee realises that the letter she got telling her to get an abortion was from his mother and that BumRyong didn’t even have any idea that she was pregnant in the first place.

BaekHee cries, wondering how she could do this to her, admitting that the stares and fingers of other people didn’t even compare to how much it hurt her hating him every single day.

BumRyong’s mother cries for BaekHee to forgive her son, taking all the blame when BumRyong knocks on the BaekHee’s door, awkwardly asking her if his mother’s there.


BaekHee just stares at him, angry and disappointed and her red eyes have him concerned.

She tells him that she’s upset because of him, wondering if he’ll just go beat up the person who caused her to cry. She tells him that he gets on her nerves and he apologises and offers to disappear from her life.

She demands to know what exactly he’s apologising for, like a fool.

BumRyong sees his mother emerge from BaekHee’s room and knows that BaekHee knows everything.

He tells her not to cry and to listen to his words. He tells her to look ahead and move forward, to keep going forward without regards to the past.

BaekHee hits him in the chest, asking what she’s going to do, when she’s grown up with him for 18 years and then hated him for 18 years.



It’s said that the truth will set you free and this episode is a perfect example of that saying.

By knowing about her mother’s past, OkHee has come to understand her mother more and can freely express her feelings for her mother better when in the past she just didn’t understand her mother’s actions and simply resented her. (Not that BaekHee was such a stellar and blameless mother herself, but she did well enough. Very well.)

By understanding BumRyong’s situation and circumstances, BaekHee realises that she wasn’t abandoned on purpose but by accident and that it wasn’t because she wans’t loved but because she was loved too much but too wrongly. Even if she doesn’t forgive BumRyong, the knowledge of that fact alone can help her hate him less and release some of her feelings of burden. Although, to know that you had a part to play in the ruination of someone (but I stand firm in perspective that going to jail was BumRyong’s own fault, 100%) must hurt somehow.

The way JangMi cares for her husband is so sweet but so foolish but love makes us foolish beings. DooShik’s just dumb though, love or not. I can’t believe that he based it all on a stupid bracelet, pfft.

It’s not explicitly said but with two out of three candidates eliminated, there’s only one person who could be OkHee’s biological father (supposing no one suddenly pops up from nowhere) and all that’s left to do is for OkHee to come to terms with her paternal parentage and for our gang to find that bastard Boston Red Socks.

I have a feeling its KiJoon though. He is not exactly loving towards BaekHee or OkHee and seems to have a grudge against everyone on that island. Maybe he got bullied in high school and came back this way for revenge. It’s a stupid revenge, if it’s really that, though everyone on this island seems to take things to the extreme…

I’ll be looking forward to the return of Becky’s Clique next episode!


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