Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 14

Because Isadora is pretty.

(Image Heavy! This one’s a real whopper.)



DoKyung’s way of saying “I love you”:

“Nice to meet you! sh#@^$%

If I were the only one who got sick, I would have felt so unfair. But since you’re sick too, I’m super happy to see you! sh#@%$


Even if I could turn back time, I would ruin your wedding in the exact same way and therefore you would move into the next room, and then we would have met (dated) like that again.

I’m sorry, REALLY SORRY! But I’m not sorry at all for breaking up your marriage! SH@%$#





But these are my true feelings.

Because I held back my desire to hold you and have all of you, I got sick.




Bliss. Because “I love you” is always right





Most unprofessional shrink:




Poor kid is left out again:

For his own sake, that’s a good thing.



That’s my mom’s family photo… but why am I not in it?




Queen of Drama…




… In the presence of boys…




Poor Oh Mama:








Call me Oppa:




When I date, the cops all activate

Only this couple.



I give up on my fool of a daughter




Take her. Be happy.



In deep shit:



Isadora the fantastic:

And she’s pregnant!



Staring in awe at his future wife:

Let’s be honest here, he’s not getting away.



JinSang ah, you’re not a bad guy

So stop acting like one.



Finally realising the mess he’s in:











In tribute to all lil’ bros out there:

Know your place.



Never learns his lesson:

In trouble due to alcohol; uses alcohol to run away from trouble.



Feeling betrayed:



Love hurts:






It hurts too much.



No common sense:

Oh, HaeYoung…



Curse fate:




I’m scared…

It’s okay.



What… is this…?


And talk to meeeeee!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 14

  1. “When I date, all the cops activate” LOL. Love your comment!

    Love the reminder of how deliriously giddy our couple were when they first reunited. Esp with our HY rolling on the floor! 😂😂

    Hope you’ve had as much fun putting these up as I had of viewing them. Thank you.


    1. Yaaaaay!!! Comment!!

      Haha. Yeah, I do love these IMPcaps. It’s a whole different ball game compared to normal recaps in that points must be made succinctly and accurately and the pictures should be positioned, spaced and evened out to prevent overcrowding. I love it, being able to play with styles, and it helps that the director of this show is fabulous at playing with angles and depth.

      And of course, because the show is LOVE.


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