Master of Revenge Ep 14

Master of Revenge; God of Noodles Episode 14:

TaeHa manages to break the door down just before GilDo reaches. Myeong hides behind the doors and even though TaeHa waves his concern aside and tells him that he found nothing, GilDo doesn’t buy it. However, Myeong is narrowly saved by the news that Grandpa Go has died and GilDo stalks off.

Once alone, TaeHa tells Myeong that he didn’t do it to save him but to save his own hide. If GilDo ever finds out that he let someone slip through his fingers, GilDo will serve him on a silver platter and therefore, he tells Myeong never to try the stunt again.

GilDo and KangSuk open the doors to Gramps’ living quarters and see his cold body and DaHae’s weak self. KangSuk collapses beside her father while DaHae walks out, thanking GilDo in a quiet and small voice for letting her know who her mother’s murderer was.

As KangSuk and MiJa grieve over gramps, Myeong writhes in pain in the kitchen, remembering his doctor’s words about the phantom pain that keeps hanging over him like a shadow, an effect of the psychological trauma of his childhood ordeal and his ealier stabbing. He thinks to his father that no matter what, he has to enter GilDo’s secret room and find the key to destroying him, swearing to return his father his name.


TaeHa walks around the ground of Goongrakwon when he comes upon DaHae. Upon seeing her upset state, he starts to ask if she’s okay but DaHae just leans into him and cries, saying that she isn’t.

DokGu bounces into GilDo’s office, flippantly talking about how gramps went off so easily after enduring 6 long years. He offers to help out with the funeral but GilDo tells him that he has another job for him.

DaHae hides in a corner, thinking back to Gramps’ apology. DokGu finds her and she tells him that Gramps was her mother’s murderer. That’s news to him. She cries that she had wanted to ask the murder why he’d killed her mother, why her mother of all people. She had wanted to spit in his face but instead, she had asked him not to die and called for help. She’s lost and doesn’t know of any reason worth staying at Goongrakwon for.

TaeHa stands outside, hearing everything.


He reports to GilDo, who tells him that he had tightened the security to his office since there was a trace that someone had sneaked in. He demands to know who had sneaked in, and asks if it was DaHae. TaeHa keeps quiet, going along with his misunderstanding. He bluffs that he did that (staying silent) because GilDo had asked him to protect DaHae. GilDo corrects him that he was put on watch-duty, not security-duty, though he orders TaeHa to forget his earlier orders and protect her from now on.

At Gramp’s funeral, KangSuk stays by her father’s side without rest, holding all her anger and frustration in even when GilDo, the successor and heir to her father’s legacy, is disrespectfully missing. Outside, a large percentage of condolence gifts are being carted away instead of staying at the funeral site.

Myeong heads to GilDo’s office where he’s told to close the kitchen for three days. In addition, he’ll have to make an appearance on broadcast in GilDo’s place. Commands given, GilDo laments about how his father-in-law had died merely 10 days after awakening from a 6 year long coma and recalls the same sad fate happening one of his friends who had fallen off a cliff and survived but died in the end due to his son playing with fire. Oh, seriously? Is that something to brag about?

Myeong is expectedly upset, but he keeps his composure and his face stony.

3 days later, Grandpa Go’s will is scheduled to be announced but the lawyer refuses to divulge anything about it until all parties are present – DaHae is missing.

With some persuasion from TaeHa, DaHae joins the party of three (GilDo, KangSuk and MiJa). The will states that the original ChiMyeon restaurant in Masan will go to KangSuk, the title and position of Noodle Master (i.e, CEO) to Ha JungTae (GilDo) and Gramps’ remaining 20% of shares in Goongrakwon to DaHae.

That shocks KangSuk into anger and she lashes out against DaHae. She accuses DaHae and GilDo for doing things to her frail father. DaHae’s disillusioned and tells her that the ones playing with other people’s lives are them, not her. Giving her a wound and trying to soothe it with money – that sends shivers up her spine.


While KangSuk sits in her room defeated, MiJa keeps trying to show her that all in not lost. KangSuk then shocks her quiet with the news that DaHae is GilDo’s daughter.

MiJa decides that she has to teach DaHae a lesson and meets her outside. She tries to convince DaHae to join forces with her and in turn, she’ll fulfill DaHae’s dreams of succeeding in Goongrakwon. DaHae looks at her in the eyes and tells her that she herself doesn’t even know what her dreams are, so how can MiJa know? She says that she’ll think over the issue about the shares then walks away, promising nothing.

Myeong makes his appearance on national broadcast, being suave and slick as he teaches HyunJeong (GilDo’s announcer-mistress) how to properly knead noodle dough. He leads the programme so well that it makes GilDo jealous. HyunJeong is right there by his side, poking him in the wounds by telling him that Myeong’s appearance generated twice the ratings his appearance made. Myeong’s so popular that he could have his own fancafe.

GilDo looks at her and asks if she can teach him how to cry.


DaHae walks around the empty kitchen, tenderly stroking all the counters. TaeHa comes in, arms full of groceries and asks her where the “somen” is. Lol, you’re at a country’s highly respected noodle restaurant and you expect to find instant noodles there?

He ends up making the noodles from scratch, with DaHae at his side. He presents a bowl of noodles to DaHae and earns a smile from her. He’s so pleased by it that he remarks about it, revealing that he’s been keeping count of the days she hasn’t smiled.

As she eats, she asks if he really has to be that strait-laced and formal all the time and learns that he’s never had a girlfriend before. Heh, she calls him a sweet potato, a Korean slang for something being so frustrating (because one chokes on sweet potatoes), and he just stammers that same thing back at her, not understanding the meaning.

When Goongrakwon opens again, something has changed. There are lines snaking around its entrance and it is all due to Myeong’s popularity. CheoNyeo teases him for it but Head of Meat tells him not to be embarrassed for he fully deserved it for having doubled Goongrakwon’s sales since going on broadcast.

That’s not all that contributed to the success though, since it seems that even the food must have become better, seeing how Head of Broths can no longer sleep on the job.

CheoNyeo sighs at DaHae’s absence though and Head of Side Dishes barks that she must have been too burdened with her 20% shares to come to work. That’s news to the other employees and Myeong.

MiJa calls Myeong out and tells him of DaHae’s parentage while he fakes ignorance. She regrets that GilDo now probably has 50% of the shares on his side, assuming that DaHae will automatically side with her father. Myeong tells her not to jump to conclusions and offers to talk to DaHae.

He sees DaHae in her room at Goongrakwon, feeling trapped. She wants to leave the place but she doesn’t have anywhere to go. Myeong invites her for noodles at his shop instead. He brings up her newly attained shares, though he doesn’t seem to covet them, telling her to just give them away. He wants her to come back to work and lets her stay at his restaurant for as long as she wants and needs. Though he smiles at her, that smile fades the moment he turns away.


YeoKyung gets the information that Ha JungTae (GilDo) renewed all his required paperwork the very day the investigation period for Kim GilDo expired. She learns that he did that all in Gangwondo, BongPyeong. That’s Myeong’s hometown.

She heads to Myeong’s restaurant and sees DaHae emerging from his door and goes suspicious. DaHae defends herself and says that she’s there for a reason and that she didn’t stay together with Myeong, though I have no idea why she can’t just get straight to the explanation. YeoKyung walks off with a huff like a girlfriend-but-not-really-girlfriend. Hee!

TaeHa worries when he doesn’t see DaHae around and when  Myeong tells him that she’s fine, he grabs him by the lapels, reminding him of his earlier warning not to drag irrelevant (to his cause) people into his schemes. Myeong just pulls his arms off and says that people who are relevant (to her) should have taken better care of her then.


TaeHa reports to GilDo that he DaHae’s not contactable and GilDo just waves it aside, saying that he’ll be meeting her soon anyway.

What he means is that he’ll be going to her mother’s memorial and spinning a cock and bull story about missing her and his regrets regarding his poor daughter while crying crocodile tears, knowing that DaeHae would surely appear and see that. (Er, okay, I might have been a bit harsh on GilDo.)

As DaHae hides from GilDo, TaeHa hides from DaHae, seeing her see his boss cry.

In his car, GilDo confirms that those were fake tears that he shed (he might be lying though. TaeHa doesn’t buy it fully). TaeHa brings up the 20% shares but GilDo changes the subject, saying that he’s hungry.

DaHae lays the flowers that she must have bought at the same shop as GilDo at her mother’s urn and talks to her picture. She fingers the red/pink/rose woolly gloves that once belonged to her mother that GilDo had put in there and smiles through tears.

KangSuk calls DaHae over and apologises for her outburst the other day. She tells DaHae that she still thinks of her as a daughter and cares for her, not so subtly bringing up their promise the other day of looking out for each other.

DaHae’s reply that she doesn’t know what to think is not the reaction that KangSuk was looking for and she screams in upset again. She mocks DaHae for being the same as her father (what, what? Is she dumbly spitting that out just because she’s upset or is she assuming that DaHae knows that she knows because I don’t think DaHae knows that she knows, and I don’t see any shock from her at all… Did I miss something?). DaHae spits back, asking if she knows who made her mother that way.

GilDo has lunch at the dumpling shop that he’s been going to for 30 years. He regales TaeHa with tales of his younger days, when he’d be beaten by his alcoholic father and repaid with dumplings. Over time, he sometimes made his father angry on purpose so that he’d bring home dumplings for him to eat. That’s so twisted.


GilDo shares life advice with TaeHa, telling him that he became successful by not having friends. Oh, I think you meant “becoming fleetingly successful and lonely” because your position doesn’t seem to be as secure as I think you think it is.

That night TaeHa ruminates over those words and pulls out the old picture of all four of our kids when they were young.

YeoKyung meets Myeong  in his restaurant, teasing him for having such a clean and nice smelling restaurant, as if he has a girl. She gets right down to business soon and shares all her information about Ha JungTae, from his old address, the way he returned to life in the official records and shares her conclusion that Ha JungTae and Kim GilDo are one and the same. I don’t understand why he’s acting like he doesn’t know all these.

YeoKyung asks about the secret vault but Myeong replies that he failed. However, he assures her that no matter what, he’ll get in there. He has to.

In her car, she gets a call from Senator So who learns that she doesn’t have the evidence required to make a decisive move against Goongrakwon Foundation and so Senator So offers to tighten the noose around GilDo’s neck.


He calls GilDo over and reminds him about the money that he wants laundered, telling him that he can’t wait much longer.

GilDo returns to Goongrakwon, bitter, where HyunJeong tries to convince him to go onto the new show. It’ll be good for his political career as it’ll have him as host of the show and appearing frequently on air and therefore becoming much more recognisable to the people in time for the upcoming election.

GilDo ‘s not impressed by its intent to bring on Myeong, as well and the father-and-son concept that they’ll have to play on air. HyunJeong asks if he’s just jealous of Myeong and GilDo snarks that that’s not it. Myeong’s susccess threatens him in another way – if Myeong brings up the sales of Goongrakwon, then management rights at Goongrakwon will slip further from him as it’ll seem as though KangSuk is doing the job well enough to conitnue as head.

He’s only interested in his possibly loosing Goongrakwon’s management rights and expansion work at ChiMyeon, a sub-label of Goongrakwon’s. He’s expanding ChiMyeon in case he fails to grab Goongrakwon, using that as back up.

KangSuk and MiJa gripe about DaHae being a difficult one and when talk turns to Goongrakwon, KangSuk has the cheek to say that she’s in no mood to manage it. (… …)

MiJa promises her that something interesting will happen and Myeong enters the room at that moment, telling KangSuk that GilDo will be shamed during broadcast. They’re bringing him down.

TaeHa rushes into GilDo’s room, shoes in hand, apologising for coming so late because it was difficult finding dress shoes with 7 cm heels. Hahahahaha!

During filming (GilDo must have accepted that programme after all), Myeong and GilDo’s noodles dishes are equally delicious and therefore are tied in the competition. Myeong says that that’s no fun and therefore busts out a bowl of longevity noodles (when did you even prepare that), made from one root and suggests that they give a try at pulling it out without breaking it.

Myeong does spectacularly (of course) while GilDo fails miserably and that whole section goes on air, embarrassing him and making both MiJa and KangSuk laugh.


Back in his office, GilDo does what every teenager does and searches himself on the internet, growing angry at the negative headlines.

HyunJeong comes to find him with files and advises him to use Myeong, even for his political motives, instead of becoming petty.

GilDo meets with Myeong alone at the newly built branch of ChiMyeon restaurant. GilDo informs Myeong that he’s been assigned to this place for work and it throws Myeong off guard. Myeong reiterates that he’s Head Chef at Goongrakwon and suggests that instead of working at ChiMyeon full time, he’ll work at both at the same time, three times a week at either place. Also, he wants to be officially announced as the heir to Goongshik restaurant (aka, the parent company to Goongrakwon).

GilDo looks him in the eye and tells him to resign from his current position. That’s what it’ll take to gain his trust and therefore the title as his successor.

DaHae is at Myeong’s restaurant and thinking about GilDo’s “heartfelt pleas” said to her mother’s urn.


She calls GilDo and meets with him.

She tells him that she’s sorry for accusing him of killing her mother but that doesn’t mean that she’ll be all chummy with him since it’s a fact that he’d abandoned her. GilDo asks about her shares (disguising it as concern) and she says that she doesn’t care for them. She came to Goongrakwon because of her mother and will stay because of her love for noodles.

GilDo meets with his wife and MiJa, telling them about his plan to push for a sub-brand of Goongrakwon. He has DaHae’s shares and his, which gives a combined 50% of all the management shares for Goongrakwon. He still has to fight against the other 50% to get his way, but Myeong makes it easier for him by resigning from his position.

Outside, MiJa slaps him for betraying her, when he refuses to give her the reason, only promising that Goongrakwon will be hers. (WHY MYEONG, WHY?!! A mouth is for talking and explaining, why do you never explain anything? I thought you two were in this together!)

KangSuk calls Senator So.

Myeong does an internal dialogue, addressing his father and swearing that he’ll do anything to gain GilDo’s trust – even give his heart if he has to – so that he can become GilDo’s successor and therefore gain the power to return his father his name.

Senator So appears at Goongrakwon on a sudden visit. GilDo’s informed and heads out, taking a particular pen with him.

The air is tense between them, and Senator So harps about his money again. He asks if GilDo doesn’t want to go into politics, knowing that this money will be of great help to his political career. GilDo levels back, wondering why Senator So assumes that he wants to enter politics, when he’s never said such a thing.


DaHae flips though Myeong’s things and sees a copy of her DNA report. Uh oh…

With both coming on strong and neither backing down, Senator So demands that GilDo pour him a drink.

What’s a guy who killed a woman with an ashtray trying to do by trying to become human, Senator So asks.



Myeeeeeoooonnnnggg….. Just why, dude, why? I thought you were in this together with MiJa. Why are you keeping things from her when you’ve both agreed that you’re both staking your lives for this? Just why? Do you need lessons on teamwork?

MiJa can take comfort in knowing that she’s not the only one Myeong’s keeping things from, if my reading of Jung ChunMyung’s Myeong is not wrong. He’s keeping things from even YeoKyung, whom he just agreed to go forward with in the last episode. How is it that he doesn’t know that GilDo was based in his own hometown and if he does, why is he acting like that’s news to him?

However, I don’t think MiJa’s completely open to him either. Has she ever told him who her real spy in Goongrakwon was?

I don’t know if I’ve ever said this but DaHae is more like a commodity than a real person wanting revenge in this show. Before, she was the weakness and strength to everyone’s plan – she’s GilDo’s daughter and sole weakness, she’s MiJa’s spy, she was KangSuk’s closest confidant and basically had KangSuk wrapped around her finger and Myrong’s nice to her because she’s her father’s daughter.

Last episode, it was learnt that Gramps owes her for killing her mother and now, everyone wants her, not for the person she is but because she’s the walking version of 20% of shares. GilDo claims that he has her authority to use her shares, but I’m not sure to what extent she’s letting him use them – has she passed everything over to him, or is this a one time thing?

TaeHa’s the only one who wants her for herself (I might be going on a limb here since the boy has said no such thing but he’s as transparent as clear glass) and they both actually match each other, both little rabbits in a snake pit.



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