Master of Revenge Ep 15

That’s the back of a person regretting his life actions. Er, okay, maybe just one of those actions that he keeps doing. It’s not the one we (I) want him to regret though, for he still keeps his allies at bay. Anyway, the truth bombs dropped in this episode lean closer to nuclear in strength, which means that maybe everyone is reeling.


Master of Revenge; God of Noodles Episode 15:

Senator So commands GilDo to pour him a drink, outing that he knows who GilDo exactly is.

GilDo stares at him, perhaps in fear for the first time in his life, and asks what he wants and Senator So replies that he wants the reports on corruption in the defense industry that GilDo had stolen from him years ago, in addition to the entirety of Goongrakwon foundation. Wow, someone’s greedy.  In exchange, he’ll keep GilDo’s secret safe and put him amongst the 300 in the National Assembly.

GilDo refuses, returning his threat with a blackmail of his own – what Senator So stole from the Defence Industry makes what GilDo stole and did look like insignificant rat’s poop. He tells Senator So that even a rat bites the cat when cornered, and Senator So replies that he’s never seen any rat who did that live. Oh, it’s on!


In his office, GilDo flops onto his sofa, all energy drained. He asks TaeHa is he’s ever been terrified of anybody and TaeHa’s sad answer is that he’s most afraid of the blood that runs through him – his father, a murder’s blood. He fears that he’ll go crazy due to it.

Busy man Senator So goes to visit KangSuk next, thanking her for a certain document that’s of great advantage to him (though we really don’t know what it is yet). When asked why she’s trying to bring GilDo down, she answers that she has to keep Goongrakwon within the Go family and out of GilDo’s hands (so why didn’t you study business…). When asked why she chose him for this purpose, she replies that it’s because he’s the only person GilDo fears. I hope that she has some kind of bargaining chip against this guy because there must be a reason someone stronger than her is scared of that guy. She might end up losing Goongrakwon to him instead.

In Myeong’s restaurant, DaHae sees the DNA report and concludes  that Myeong was only good to her because he was planning to use her.


Hahahaha, GilYong has become part of Goongrakwon kitchen’s family, starting from the bottom rung as a labourer tasked to wash the endless piles of dishes. He complains, regretting taking the job offered by Myeong when Myeong himself is going to run, a quip that surprises DaHae who had stalked in just then.

DaHae confronts Myeong, accusing him of lying and using her. Myeong knows the gig is up when she throws the DNA report at him and doesn’t pretend to be nice any more. He snarls at her not to whine, accusing her of lying to everyone  – hiding the fact that she was GilDo’s daughter, going in between MiJa and KangSuk and now, she has Grandpa Go’s shares and looks suspect, especially when she’s the one who was with him during his last breath. She goes to slap him for insulting her but he stops her hand and tells her that Goongrakwon is not just any ol’ noodle shop. It’s a warzone where everyone risks their lives and he therefore warns her not to get in his way by pretending to be so naïve.

She dumbly informs him that he’s no different from GilDo, whom he hates  so much, as if he himself doesn’t already know, and then tells him that he definitely has to return to Goongrakwon and swears to get rid of him then. Okay then.

She sees TaeHa outside and is testy with him, even in the face of his frustrated worries. She accuses him of using her, like MiJa, KangSuk and even Myeong. But you should! Because he’s naively dumb like you.

DaHae pays GilDo a visit at his office and tells him that she saw him at the memorial hall. Fresh from the sting of Myeong’s betrayal, she says that she’ll believe whatever he said at the memorial hall because otherwise, her birth would be meaningless, but she won’t believe anything else he says. She wants her shares back.

She’s disgusted by how the adults are insulting her and the kitchen’s staff’s love of noodles by playing games. She decides therefore, that she’ll use everything she has to protect Goongrakwon, so that it doesn’t fall into hands of entrepreneurs who have no care for its noodles at all.

GilDo remarks that she’s grown and lets her take her shares back. He gives her life advice, in that only by being able to protect what’s yours can you then take from others. Though she retorts that she’s not interested in taking anything from anyone, he tells her that by coveting his position or taking Myeong away from ChiMyeon Restaurant (or vice versa), she’s doing exactly that.


YeoKyung meets with Senator So who gives her the document that KangSuk had given him. It’s records of money transfers using cheques under DokGu’s name and she immediately recognises this as evidence of GilDo’s money laundering. She intends to go after Goongrakwon Foundation but Senator So loudly objects. He tells it to her straight that all he wants and will allow her to do is bring GilDo down and then retrieve a document in his possession. That’s it.

YeoKyung keeps the papers and stands her ground, telling him that she’s not his errand girl. She asks what exactly it is that he wants – to bring GilDo down or the papers – and say that she won’t tailor her investigation just to suit him.

She started all this only because of her parents and she’ll stay on that path but Senator So says that he’s not helping her for nothing. If she wants to negotiate a deal and find out from him who it was that ordered her parents killed, she’ll have to give him something that benefits him in return. That thing would be that document, which he warns her not to open at all or risk death.


Before he walks off, he tells her that what angers him the most is when someone abuses his goodwill. (!?!?!@#%@#%!%@?!!?!?!?!)

Once alone, he calls Prosecutor Ahn and tells him to conduct the search and seizure himself.

In her office, YeoKyung ruminates over Senator So’s deal and calls Myeong.

He’s at ChiMyeon restaurant, preparing its menu himself, from writing to taking photos.

YeoKyung comes along and presents him with PPL vitamins from V&B. (What? If they went that far, the brand should at least be mentioned.)

Yeokyung takes a bite of Myeong’s noodles and declares it delicious. Then they get down to work, with her sharing the bank statements with him and her intent to carry out the search and seizure the very next day. He worries about her walking into danger first and then sighs that he doesn’t even know where the secret room is.

He then asks her if the bank statements are reliable and asks where she got it from. She hesitates, but reveals that it’s from Senator So and the air goes uncomfortable between them, both probably knowing what that means. She passes him more information regarding GilDo and then leaves.

TaeHa wanders around Goongrakwon and sees DaHae. He tries to defend himself from her earlier accusations, saying that he was protecting her and that no spying or surveillance is ever done at such close distance. It works, and she apologises.

He walks off to meet with YeoKyung and they’re both awkward with each other.

She asks him for a favour she herself calls shameless and asks to know where the secret room is. She knows that Myeong has already tried going in and failed and only stops TaeHa from leaving by revealing that Myeong wants to try going there again. She therefore informs him that she’ll be going into the place herself first this time. He sighs and tells her that he’s never even been in there either. But he shares that GilDo’s been carrying a fountain pen around wherever he goes even though he doesn’t need one, and is always visibly antsy when he doesn’t have it.


Before he leaves, YeoKyung agrees with his earlier words that friends may not mean much in the grand scheme of survival, but requests that he not push them away on purpose.

The next day, YeoKyung waits anxiously for the warrant that ends up in Prosecutor Ahn’s hands. He orders for the search and seizure of DokGu’s office and GilDo’s office to occur at the same time and they’re off.

They interrupt GilDo while he’s in the middle of mini-golf practice and all he does is calmly welcome them to do their thing. YeoKyung gives TaeHa a small glance and then goes to do her job.

MiJa learns that it was all KangSuk’s doing and frets in frustration, knowing that this will not only hurt GilDo but themselves as well. KangSuk says that’s the price she’ll have to pay to bring GilDo down and she’s fine with it.

While GilDo nonchalantly reads his papers, the other prosecutors scream in frustration, having found nothing dirty. YeoKyung announces the end of the search and seizure and request that he sign a form for it, something that’s clearly not in procedure from the looks of her investigator and Prosecutor Ahn’s face.


She sees the fountain pen then GilDo used and requests to take a look at it. Inside, she finds a button, which she presses and opens the door to the secret room. Wow, YeoKyung. A force to be reckoned with.

The other investigators walk into the room and find it completely empty.

A flashback reveals that GilDo had everything emptied during Grandpa Go’s funeral. Oh man, I fear a little for TaeHa now.

YeoKyung storms straight towards Myeong and screams about how he could do this to her. She knows for sure that he was the one who informed GilDo, since she hadn’t shared anything about her plans with anyone else.

Myeong simply replies that she can’t bring GilDo down yet, not when he hasn’t gotten his revenge and that sends YeoKyung into an angry rant, telling him of how all three of his friends are walked into danger, risking their lives, just to help and protect him and blasts that if this is how he treats them, then even if he gets his revenge, he’ll be all alone. He’ll be crying alone and laughing alone. Yes! Go YeoKyung!

Prosecutor Ahn is getting creamed by Senator So for his complete failure (he didn’t even get DokGu). He asks in a small voice regarding YeoKyung’s punishment and Senator So tells him to go easy on her, settling for a simple suspension.

GilDo pays Myeong a visit and thanks him for tipping him about the search a warrant, although he’d already prepared for it, having expected it. They talk, all while that file about GilDo and the blueprints of the past and current map of his house/office lay bare on the table right behind Myeong. I don’t know if GilDo has seen it or not. However, he tells Myeong to build ChiMyeon up, to become bigger than Goongrakwon.

As he leaves, Myeong asks if he lived long at BongPyeong and GilDo replies that he lived there for two years, staying at a friend’s house, training to make noodles.


That gets the wheels turning in Myeong’s head, and as he flips through the documents about Ha JungTae that YeoKyung had given him, he learns that the very address that GilDo had registered his new identity under is the very address that his own family had lived in when he were younger. He connects the dots and it floors him when he concludes that the very name that he’d been cursing the whole time, Ha JungTae, belongs to his own father and that GilDo had not only killed his father. He had even stolen his father’s entire life.

YeoKyung recollects herself in her office when she sees Kim GilDo’s Wanted poster. She tears it off and storms into GilDo’s office, Wanted poster in hand.

She calls out the name Kim GilDo and shoves the Wanted poster in his face, asking if that’s him.

GilDo fakes ignorance and instead, lists everything he knows about her, which frankly freaks me out with how much he knows, saying everything, even those not in the official case report, repeating the very process of her parents’ murder act for act. Even when TaeHa screams for him to stop and YeoKyung shouts for him to continue, he relays the events of that night calm as you please. He asks if she knows who made the phone call that saved her life and tells her that it was himself. WHA-??? He then repeats her father’s mobile number, off by heart. Wow, whoa… WHOA.


He tells her that he and Senator So have been keeping watch on each other for 30 years and tells her that she should be investigating her parents’ murders instead of investigating him.

YeoKyung walks through the hallways, deadened, not even hearing DaHae when she calls out for her.

In shock, TaeHa asks if it was Senator So who made his father a murderer and gets the affirmation that it is. He almost goes to do some serious damage but GilDo stops him, telling him that he’ll die if he confronts Senator So like this. And then he puts a comforting hand on his shoulder.

YeoKyung paces outside ChiMyeon restaurant where Myeong is but doesn’t dare to go in. They both miss each other by milliseconds.

7 days later, DaHae is back at work but the orders have left. Myeong took the customers away with him, seriously.

Head of Go clan marches into GilDo’s office, where he’s sleeping and orders for GilDo wake up. He roars that ChiMyeon is selling their Royal Phesant Buckwheat Noodles at just half the price at Goongrakwon, accusing GilDo of selling the company.

ChiMyeon restaurant is teeming with people with a waiting time of 40 minutes. They go there and call Myeong out. He presents them with bowls of that very dish he made himself.

All it takes is one bite for the head of the Go clan to throw his chopsticks down and become certain that GilDo had given the recipe away. He demands that GilDo appoint Myeong as his successor and write a contract preventing Myeong from opening any businesses that threaten Goongrakwon or risk losing his position by force.


In her office alone, YeoKyung stares, deep in thought, with nothing to do. Her investigator comes in and gives her some papers regarding Senator So. She admits that there are some dirty things there and informs YeoKyung in a sorry voice that her father was never Senator So’s right hand man in the military. Instead, he was disgracefully discharged for whistleblowing about the corruption in there.

GilDo sits with Myeong and asks him to answer truthfully. First, he asks why those noodles are on his menu and Myeong answers that it was because he was never told not to them there. Hahahahah, that sounds like an answer from a rebellious teen. Also, it was GilDo who told him to make ChiMyeon bigger than Goongrakwon.

Secondly, he asks where he learnt to make the dish and Myeong answers that he has perfect taste.

GilDo accepts that and offers a test for him. He’ll make one of the toughest dishes he knows of nd Myeong will have to recreate the same taste. If he does, GilDo will name him his heir and make him top dog at Goongrakwon, bringing him back. If he fails, he’ll conclude that Myeong had stolen his recipe and he will have to pay. He sets the test for the next day at 10pm.

YeoKyung reels with all the information about Senator So that she learns and goes to his office, mellowed.

She’s changed tact and offers herself fully at his service. She’ll bring GilDo down like he wants and in return, requests the return of her staff.

GilDo himself is flipping through his self-made recipe book and decides on Pear NaengMyeon.

The time comes for the test and GilDo prepares the dish, all while thinking to himself that there’s no such thing as an absolute sense of taste. At the same time, Myeong strides down the halls of Goongrakwon. As they think, their thoughts interlace, with GilDo deciding that Myeong must have learnt his recipes from the real Ha JungTae while Myeong thinks that this is the last step he needs to reach his desired position. GilDo decides that he will ask Myeong about Ha JungTae and Myeong resolves to be calm. If Myeong’s eyes even waver a bit, then he’s Choi SoonSeok and GilDo swears to kill him. Myeong reminds himself to not to give himself away.


Myeong arrives for his test and smells bamboo when there’s no such thing amongst the ingredients.

While he grills, it’s story time for GilDo and he basically tells his own life story while disguising that it’s him. He goes all the way to the part where he pushed Myeong’s father off a cliff and set him on fire. He even goes all the way to describe the sound the burning shed made, but Myeong gives nothing away, even staying eerily unreadable.




Well. Well. Well. Well…

Now that truths are out, is Noodles ramping up the action from now on? Because I think this is a good time as any to start doing so.

The thing about Noodles is that for most of the series, the tension and the fighting had been under the surface, and some times we’re pleasantly surprised by the actions the different characters take but really, for most of the time, we don’t know why the heck they do what they do. Now that the fighting has been brought to the fore, seeing metaphorical blood spill makes me happy. It’s more fun that way. *cough*

I’m not surprised that the big bad is Senator So. When you have a guy lasting 6 terms in a political arena teeming with corruption, you don’t exactly expect his hands to be clean. What interests me (but doesn’t surprise me) is how GilDo fears him that much.

Speaking of GilDo’s fears for him, I find KangSuk “using” Senator So her way to be super risky. Like I said before, KangSuk comes off as a princess to me and this episode only strengthens my belief. I find it naive in the way that she simply tells it to him straight that he’s the only one GilDo is afraid of and that she’s using him to keep GilDo from Goongrakwon. My comment about her hoping that she has a chip against him is because she’s actually putting herself in enough danger to risk losing everything if Senator So wants it that way. Also, I can’t be bothered about her “Goongrakwon has to stay in the Go family” speech when none of them have the skills to run it. The head of the Go clan pisses me off especially with how he goes around throwing tantrums when Goongrakwon doesn’t make money when he doesn’t even do anything to ensure it does and KangSuk… well, if you’ve read all 15 of my recaps for this drama, you’d know how I feel about her.

Another character that frustrates me is DaHae and I really think that Myeong hit the nail on the head by calling her outburst “whining”. I don’t know if it’s the writing or the portrayal but when she was upset and railing at Myeong, I was annoyed at her rather than feeling for her which I should have been feeling because it is true that she is being used and that she has the right to feel tired of it all.

Then again, Myeong has the tendency to go the other extreme and see everything as life-and-death.

Show, make me like this. And turn me that way because you’re so good that you blew me away.



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