1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 128

1 Night 2 Days Episode 128: Let’s go to Ewha Womans University! Part 2

Back to the races – Defconn runs around the university’s museum, all out of breath and persuading/dragging a student along to find the information and required pictures to answer his mission questions.

DongGu’s busy running around, torturing his poor VJ and gets his last item, a packet of takeaway tonkatsu set.

TaeHyun is still popping the bubble wrap, which he admits is fun to do when bored but this is just too long, ahahahah. He sings his recent song Cheer Up Song as requested by the ladies and even does a bit of the song then shares that his major in Ewha is childcare, ha. Before he leaves, he comments that it would be great if SooChan could study here and someone corrects that to TaeEun and SooJin, hee.

JongMin is into his hair tying session and gets tips from his volunteers. He’s not doing too bad himself, though I really couldn’t stop laughing at the way a hair bun went limp at a failed attempt.


DongGu returns, to JongAh’s applause and the ladies can’t stop remarking that he’s cool (because he ran all the way back). Defconn returns to JooSeong’s delight while TaeHyun returns and introduces bubble wrap to Maxime. Hahahahaha, SoYoon practically jumps up and goes to hug JongMin when she sees him, admitting that she wasn’t expecting him to finish his mission so early. Have a little faith, people, hee.

Meanwhile, JunHo is still playing “link the words” with the students in the reading room. Heh, in one round, he gets asked what “durty” means and nearly fails at defence (because he spelt it all weird) and in return, he asks what “economy” means, not understanding the word that the student had written. In the end, he fails that round too. HAHAHAHAHA, turns out he’d been playing against an English Literature Major! Then he fails the next round because he doesn’t know any more words ending in E.

While JoonYoung organises his lady volunteers for the photo, JunHo passes by him, on the way to base, hee.


With all members back, it’s time to check whether they’ve succeeded at their missions. DongGu’s tuna kimbap and brownies get the pass… but not his tonkatsu. The other top five delicacies at Ewha include waffles, cherryade and… smile rice (something like a rectangular onigiri). Heh, that means he failed again! He really can’t catch a break!

Defconn goes for his check and his written answers all pass the test… but he’d taken photos of the wrong historical figures. Fail! And then JeongAh explains the mistake in detail to him, hee.

It’s TaeHyun’s turn and Maxime’s sneak attempt to sit on the roll of bubble wrap doesn’t get pass the other members’ eagle eyes and he asks “what?” in banmal in defense, stunning JongMin, haha. But TaeHyun fails anyway and Maxime’s first words are “ey, that’s some other sound”.

JongMin goes for his check and passes. Heh, SoYoon jumps up again and does a celebratory dance and ends it with, “as expected!” I luv her.

JunHo goes for his check and we rewind to the time when he was playing that round. Both he and that student are weak at coming up with words that start with the letter E so he just repeatedly comes up with words that end in E and finally, he gets a small note in the corner admitting her loss.

When he asks the other members back at base for words that start with E, he gets “EXID” (a girl group’s name) from JongMin and “Ero” from TaeHyun.

JoonYoung easily passes his check.

Nice Yoo PD gives the three losers a combined lunch allowance of 2,500 won.

They all head to the student cafeteria and where they’re set up in a corner and asked to order from menus because there are just too many students gathered there for them to go order their food themselves.


The winners order feasts while the losers share a portion of kimbap. Mid meal, JunHo says that he has an extra portion of ramyun and Defconn offers to sing a song in order to get it. Frenchman Maxime ends up being the one singing his choice song of Les Champs Elysees (and JongMin comments that he has perfect pronunciation), to which YAPS only passes the pickled radish that comes with it, hur. He relents and passes the losers the bowl of ramyun to share and when Maxime is asked whether he eats ramyun well, he answers that he finds it delicious because he’s hungry, hee.

After lunch, the boys are then told that their mentors will be leaving (for class) and their happy time together comes to an end.

Back at base, the boys wait for their next mission… and wilt to see the school’s ladies soccer team, ESSA,  head towards them. Oh no. They’re terrible at anything that requires leg control and these ladies have been winning nationwide soccer championships.


It’s a 6 vs 6 game, with 15 minutes each for both the 1st and 2nd half.

Yoo PD tells them that various massage machines are on the line for them and if they manage to score 7 goals, then they’ll get all those machines AND a thousand dollar allowance for their group celebration dinner. HAHAHAHA! They didn’t need the extra push to win!

For the guys, winning or losing doesn’t matter – all they need are three goals in order to be exempted from their morning mission. That means that if they score three goals, they’ll be able to just go home the next morning without having to play any sneaky game and JunHo not-so-softly whispers to the ladies to take it easy on them, an idea they’re warm to… until Yoo PD tells them that the game ends the moment the boys score three points. Heh.

On the soccer field (that admittedly looks smaller than usual to me…), former soccer player Lee CheonSoo fiddles around with a soccer ball and the boys scream in excitement to see him. Ha, he agrees with them when they say that he was the “centre” (MVP) during the 2002 FIFA World Cup and is now the centre of all issues and says that he was shocked when he saw them appear in their bright pink attires. He’s not here as a coach but as their sport commentator/ explainer and with that information, the guys all turn around, looking for Heo Jun (no, not the one Yoon SiYoon plays in Mirror of the Witch), one of Korea’s famous commentators. He appears, but they’re more interested in the pretty lady behind him, who turns out to be Jo EunJeong, a student of Ewha who works as an announcer for matches of the online game League of Legends on the side.

HeoJun comments that it seems like DongGu would be the best player in the group and JunHo retorts at that. DongGu’s absolute failure at table tennis is brought up and HeoJun says that even CheonSoo doesn’t have to be good at table tennis either, so DongGu’s failure at that sport doesn’t mean that he’ll be bad at soccer. CheonSoo snorts that he’s good at table tennis, thank you very much!

Hur, in this game of weird soccer, the ladies are positioned around the field as soccer players would normally be positioned while every single one of  guys are on the offense, the end. Defconn plays the goal keeper.

Lol, Heo Jun has no chill and speaks a mile a minute.


The game starts and the ladies miss a goal while JunHo throws the ball straight into the goal when he’s up for a throw-in. Pffft. He doesn’t even realise what he did wrong (you can’t just do that!) and does a celebratory run, only to end it with a yellow card from our resident international referee who’s back from Thailand.

The ladies miss chances to goal one after another as Defconn, who is amazing, catches all their balls but leave it to striker Jang HyeSoo to score three goals and win eye massages for her team. On our boys side, TaeHyun wins their first goals for them.

Meanwhile, DongGu does a knee kick that sends the ball out, JunHo is always somewhere else where the commentators can’t find him and JongMin plays the game with his mouth.

Defconn saves a ball and Jang HyeSoo scores a goal through Defconn’s legs!

It’s halftime and the boys use the massage machines as much as they can while plopped on the ground. They wonder about the ladies, who are too great a match for them, and DongGu comes up with a plan for him to stay behind until the others seize the ball and get a chance to score. JunHo then gives the excuse that they’re having it rough because they can’t go tough on the ladies and JongMin shamelessly says that that’s the problem. Pfft. Even JunHo whacks him for that and TaeHyun points out that he hadn’t even touched the ball once.


On the other hand, our ladies are busy checking out their appearances using someone else’s sunglasses as a mirror.

In the second round, JunHo’s the goalkeeper and he uselessly brings an icebox to put at the side of the goalpost (to make the goal area smaller), as if that helps.

Jjang HyeSoo starts her kick off by powering the ball straight for the goal and it’s saved by JunHo, who flaps his hands afterwards from the pain of the impact, hee.

JongMin gets the ball and does a really nice pass to TaeHyun that he sadly failed to receive because he almost trips over his legs. ESSA wins yet another point.

At a point, JoonYoung tells DongGu, “let’s run”, and with Defconn’s help, DongGu gets the ball and kicks it towards the goal post and it initially heads towards ESSA’s goalkeeper’s hands but in a state of confusion, ends up getting kicked into the goal by JoonYoung who had charged in nearby.

They celebrate their goal, all exhilarated and while JunHo runs out of his place to find out that he’s missed the celebration, HyeSun made a kick-off goal. HA! It’s 6 to 2 in ESSA’s favour.

The boys get a sense of the game and the game goes on really well. The commentators point out that DongGu’s running the distance the average professional soccer player would run in a normal game in this mini field, with him covering both the back and the front.

He ends up colliding quite hard with ESSA’s goalkeeper when he can’t stop fast enough and pfft, JongMin and JunHo come running along with a stretcher. They try to push her to lie… on the ground while JunHo lies on the stretcher himself and is subsequently dropped mid carry off, ha! The goalkeeper is fine, though a little dazed because she got hugged by DongGu, hee.

ESSA’S kick off sends the ball straight to the goalpost and though JunHo saves the initial ball, HyeSoo runs in and scores it for her team.


Another kick off has the ball flying towards JunHo… and he catches it but stumbles all the way into the goal, giving ESSA a point, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

The commentators single out DongGu and JoonYoung, thinking that it’s on either one of them to make the last goal. DongGu does get a chance to score, but misses the goal. The next time, he tries to make a goal together with Defconn and manages to score their last required goal! YAAAAAY!!!! I think I’ve figured it out. If it’s a team game, as in one with all the member’s interest at stake, DongGu wins. Otherwise, he just loses. Remember, this member, forever! One for all! (But not all for one…)

The game comes to an end and soccer player Lee CheonSoo says that team 1 Night 2 Days did better than expected, delivering a wonderful line about DongGu who just ran a lot and achieved nothing but ended up scoring a goal because he ran a lot. He also praises Defconn for his great goalkeeping skills and disses JunHo, asking if they even had a goal keeper in the second half. Hahah.

In any case, it’s a win-win situation for both teams. ESSA walks away with massage devices, a thousand dollars and even promises of getting our boys’ soccer shirts, heh, and our guys don’t have to do any morning mission.


In their dorm after a shower, Yoo PD asks how they feel after a workout and a shower and they reply that they’re starving. That means that it’s time to play the Lucky-or-not dinner game with delivery food on the line and he tells them that the mission is to give a surprise lecture to 500 students. HA! I can’t believe that DongGu is excited and pleased even by this one. The theme is “The Story That I Want To Tell You” and they have 1 hour to prepare for it. At the end of the lectures, the students will vote for the one they felt was the best and JunHo asks if they can wear masks for this, eh heh heh.

While the others wonder what to talk about, DongGu already has a cool title, “Even the road navigation doesn’t know”, and is jotting down topics that he wants to tell them. He explains that he loves listening to lectures and frequently listens to famous lectures in his car and had always wanted to do one.

An hour flies past real fast and with palpitating hearts, they do a short cheer (“Remember, this member, forever”) and enter the auditorium to very, very loud cheers.

TaeHyun thanks them for coming and JunHo leads the crowd in screaming out “1 Night 2 Days” and laughs at JongMin’s pale face. It’s okay JongMIn, I would have cried if I were you.

DongGu goes first and everyone cheers “Yoon DongGu! Yoon DongGu!” as he enters the stage and he quietens them with, “alright, now listen to Oppa!” PFFFFTTTTT!!!!! I see you, JeongAh, trying not to cringe.

He starts off by saying that he joined 1 Night 2 Days in order to be better known as Yoon SiYoon but ended up becoming DongGu, hee. He’s a natural at this. He introduces his topic by bringing up a worry that his mentor JeongAh had shared with him – whether to chase her dreams or choose the steady path like her parents wanted – then goes on to speak right to the students’ hearts, saying that although people are much more knowledgeable today than ever, many don’t know much about themselves – what they want or what makes them happy.

The other guys are so impressed by him that TaeHyun starts audibly mumbling about him being able to pass off as a legit professor and DongGu bursts out whining at them, saying that they had promised not to disturb him, hee!


He continues to talk about how difficult dreams are for people and shares that even his fellow army friends, who are the same age as them , had no idea how to answer the question: “What do I do with my life?”


The first lecture: Even the Road Navigation Doesn’t Know

He brings up the PIXAR animation, Cars, and  brings up how the main character Lightning McQueen ends up the on the side road that he never knew of running parallel to the highway that he’d driven though a hundred, a thousand times. He compares the road to our lives and shows that when we make detours, even though we take a much longer time to get to our destination and have to endure the climb up the hills and the rolls down the hills, that side road, that detour, shares with us beauty that we would otherwise ignore and miss.

He then brings the topic closer to home, talking about himself. Just like them, he was once a student, going to school, doing part-time work and all of a sudden, he was casted in High-kick Through the Roof and even though he was a kid who had no idea how to act or even read a script, he was suddenly praised and loved as an actor. Then after that, he starred in Baker King, Kim TakGu, that got ratings higher than 50%. Anyone else would have been happy and exhilarated by that but he?

No, he was scared.


It was because that wasn’t an achievement he earned himself and it terrified him, because he thought that it was solely due to his luck and that if he went even further, the public would find out that he was not all that, that he was too normal and could fail, and he would therefore lose everything that he had achieved and gained that instant. His acting senior TaeHyun’s face of understanding appears onscreen.

He therefore began to hide himself, avoiding all shows, especially variety. Why? Well, we all saw how terrible he was a table tennis. Pfft. He’s a pro, really.

However, while he was hiding, his other coworkers continued working and striving on, even if there were mean comments and became actors and actresses worthy of pride. While he was in the military, he deeply regretted hiding and holding back and losing the chances to experience the ups and downs of life because he was afraid of failure so much so that he decided to join 1 Night 2 Days.

Even if it’s hard and scary, he wants to feel those joys and sadness from chasing one’s dreams, or even from simply living life, for himself.

Then he ends the lecture, reminding everyone that the whole thing was for the dish that he had chosen for dinner, hee.

After a lot of comments about how he had performed too well for a first lecturer, it’s time for Defconn, who greets the hall with a cheesy “I feel full, even though I didn’t eat much, (DongGu:” Surely not!”) due to your warm welcome”. Hur.

If DongGu’s story was about seizing chances and his regrets about not taking opportunities, Defconn’s story is about a man who took those opportunities.



The second lecture: Turning Chances into Miracles

He’d debuted in 2003 and had gone on many different shows, even one that turned him into a labourer at a makgeolli factory. Unlike DongGu who hid so much, he was eager and when JaeSeok had asked him to meet for Infinity Challenge, even though the quickest he could come was in 1 hour, he said that he would make it there in 10 minutes. That’s how he ended up in Infinity Challenge (as it’s 8th member, an irregular pitch hitter that fills in for when the regular hosts can’t appear for that episode for whatever reason).

Later while working, he experienced an energy slump and really considered quitting when HyungDon had told him to take it easy and stop being anxious. With him, they created the team HyungDon and DaeJun and proceeded to release a slew of hits (Hemansahang, Meet Me, Give me beans, Get Out) and soon later, he ended up on 1 Night 2 Days, where the morale was so low that they didn’t even try to get close to each other because they thought that the show would be over in 6 months. Hee.

Instead, it has continued for 2 years and 6 months and became greatly loved. In any case, what he accepted as simple little jobs turned out to be great miracles for him and he wishes that the students, who are all in the prime of their life, would seize all sorts of opportunities like him and as he raises the picture of his choice of dish, he tells them that he hopes they’ll meet miracles. Haha!

JongMin goes next and starts off telling the room that he’s not someone really qualified to teach anyone but even though he has a limited vocabulary, he wants to tell them that even fools have lots of worries.


The third lecture: A Fool’s Concern

Koyote’s leader for 17 years, 1 Night 2 Days’ member for 9 years! They cheer him on, and he continues to say that the point is, he was never the one in the spotlight. He was always the one beside the main character. The room goes solemn and he gets flustered, muttering that he didn’t mean to do that. HAHA. This is so JongMin.

He explains that he started off as a dancer for the first generation idol group R.E.F. at age 18 and he once thought that the cheers they got was for him. He then went on to become a dancer for Uhm JungHwa, taking the position right beside her and getting coined the “V man” . He thought that meant that  he was handsome, when he never thought that way before.


Later, he went on to variety shows and became the “Innocent Man”, then became “Clumsy” and finally simply became a “Fool”, a character type for which he became the icon of. Right then, he was drafted for his military service and had to leave 1 Night 2 Days and while he was gone, the show had wormed its way into the people’s hearts and earned a huge following.

When he returned, he suddenly found it unfamiliar and became lost. He really thought a lot and concluded that he needed to be positive, so he read all the positive comments and quotes he could find on the internet but that didn’t reflect in his performance and he ended up getting harsh criticism. That was when he fell for the negativity and started to think bad of himself (“I must be a person the world doesn’t need. I’m sure you’ve felt that. Who’s felt that?” *crickets* “Oh, you haven’t reached there yet then! You will get there soon!”) but then he went back to those positive quotes. Like that, his outlook went from positive to negative and then positive and to negative again and it just flip-flopped like that for a while until he realised that:


The positive person builds planes; The negative person builds parachutes.


When you’re in a slump, think of that.


Life’s like that.

A child once told his mother that he wanted to live a normal life when he grows up and his mother replied that that’s the hardest thing to do in the world.

We all want to live normal lives, but when the time comes to decide, we don’t know how. Even then, we continue on with our lives.




In our youths, we can be anything. We can be confident in our dreams.

Like an uprising plane, live, with the people who support you.



Next Week!

It’s JoonYoung, TaeHyun and JunHo’s lectures. Also, a special guest comes to give them a lecture that brings them to tears.


15 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 128

  1. Again, thanks for the recap! This episode seemed so short…! The part with the stretcher was hilarious! And love how they compared the epic shoot with Captain Tsubasa, bringing me back to the old days… The lectures were really inspiring, too. Looking forward the next episode! 😀 Curious about the other’s lectures.


    1. You’re welcome.
      I loved the lectures the most this episode. Hope the inspiration that they conveyed came across in the recap.

      Lol, JoonYoung’s topic is about his past relationships.


  2. Thank you!!!

    What a great episode, I laughed til my stomach hurts in the first half and fought back tears, because it really hit me hard, during the lecture in the second half. This show is the best!


  3. “…he was never the one in the spotlight. He was always the one beside the main character. The room goes solemn and he gets flustered, muttering that he didn’t mean to do that. HAHA. This is so JongMin.”

    Hee! I love Jong Min so much. Thanks


    1. Heh. JongMin is so sweet, but he can be so annoying sometimes, like when he teases DongGu (oh, the relief I felt when DongGu had his “revenge”). Still, he’s a sweetie pie.


  4. Hi thanks for the recap! Do you know the title of the last song and who sing it? (when the last lecturer came and some of the student cry) Thanks in advance:)


  5. Peepy ya, it’s not Yoo PD. It’s Il Yong PD. Yoo PD is on vacation. I really like this episode cos Donggu shines in this one with the golden goal and his speech. And Iistening to Jongmin’s speech, I’m glad he got the strength to go through it all. I always have soft spot for him. A Fool’s Concern.. I really like that title


  6. Huh, just started watching this episode because I was bored and saw your comments on DB and I love YSY. Never watched 1N2D before. It’s awesome, thank you! Glad to know I wasn’t the only one sobbing through the lectures.


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