Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 15

  Those days when I couldn’t love you more (more, more)



Not-Wife waiting for Not-Husband:




Surprise Failed! Hee!


Still, happy as a lark.



What to do when you’re bored:







Act drunk.


Psych session:


People generally have two kinds of emotions: Love and Fear.

One’s fake, the other’s real.

You know what’s real,so knowing that you felt pity
and regrets about your love when you were dying,
you therefore changed how you loved.

But, why did you die?

(Because TaeJin’s still too bloody furious.)



When life didn’t go the way you wanted it to:



My wife is a gangster black belt:




Don’t call me brother-in-law!!!



How can you even think of being with me…


…when you can’t even kiss me?



Reeling from hurting his ex:



Meanwhile his current girlfriend…

I’m going to grab the bouquet at your wedding!



It was Han TaeJin:




Mom’s hurt:


If you have the guts to go all the way with HaeYoung, even marrying her, come to the wedding. Otherwise, don’t.



Bad wig of the day:



You’re pretty:




Oh HaeYoung


Not all letters and love are for just one of them.



The only daughter in the world who’s threatened


If she dares dance.



The weirdest kiss I’ve ever seen:














But also kinda one of the most heartwarming.



Because you can’t/ won’t tell the truth…

…she thinks that it’s just a 70 for you.



For being in Love, 

For Hurting you,

I’m Sorry.




4 thoughts on “Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 15

    1. No one’s gonna disagree with that. But I think the better thing to do is let him express and dissipate all his anger. He’s going crazy with anger, and I would have too, if I was sent to jail, had my fiance “stolen” and the whole reason was”it was a mistake”.

      Liked by 1 person

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