Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 16

Because of you, I live



Petty revenge! Boo!


Too bad he’s paranoid because he’s expecting his death.



Uh huh. You did very well.

Because I liked you first, you got me!

The moment I first saw you, right when we met, I made you mine. I did well, right?



In this whole, wide world, I love you the most, my brother-in-law!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! *Evil younger sibling cackles*



I recommend all noble idiots to this psychiatrist:

“Even if he doesn’t date her, what’s going to happen will still happen!”



Confirmed. This one’s a Drama Queen.




But we love her that way.



Why aren’t the cops doing their jobs?




My daughter…


Even if I want to hate her, I can’t.

Because I’m her mom.



Because I’ve known you for so long, 

You don’t have to say the words.



They’re definitely a new couple.

“So, shall I quickly get fat while you quickly grow old?”

Let’s wait 50 years later and see what they say then.



Peace. Brings calm and makes friends.

/*Here, eat all the bacon and grow fat! Muahahahahaaaaa!!!*/






And you can’t even get the story right!



What a damn great relief I was saved from that!

But my poor friend…



You can stop.


Even if you think a hundred times or a thousand times more,
the conclusion will be the same.



I’m sorry, Noona… T_T

For being such a coward.



You’re NOT the only who got HURT!




Don’t tell me that you’re taking revenge because your woman got stolen.

That’s not love.



And, you can do whatever you want,


But please don’t hit him.



It was great for you that HaeYoung came.



Protecting her man’s pride:




Can you stop talking?


Because I want to tell you that

I love you.



8 thoughts on “Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 16

  1. I swear, seeing the screen caps has me grinning from ear to ear all over again. Love, Love this drama. And is there anyway Mama Oh can meet Dk’s Mum and I don’t know, take off her clothes and beat sense into the woman? Just saying. Hae Young might not want to fight because of the whole respect your elders ish, but Mama Oh doesn’t have that problem.


      1. Well, the showdown can always happen in the Park household. That way Soo Kyung can toss in her own two cents as well. That woman needs all the shaking and screaming and terrifying that they can dole out. Plus, Soo Kyung’s famous bat.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the quick recap. I’m finding it hard to watch this and keep waiting for the dreaded axe to fall. At least this way I can see nothing really really bad happened. Now I can be at ease until I watch it all later.
    Why doesn’t Do Kung just tell Oh Hae Young about his visions? At least she could tell him of the ones that didn’t come through how he imagined them. Sigh.
    again – thank you for the fast recap.
    Love Mama Oh!!!!!


    1. Well… normal people would think that’s crazy… and she doesn’t need more crazy-speak to turn into evidence for her being that special to him. And anyway, that’s way too crazy to make it a burden for her. Even he only came to understand it recently. And if he tells her, he’ll lose the only happy sunflower in his life.

      Although I agree that he should tell her…


      1. Yeah, I agree. DK should tell her about his visions. Keeping her in the dark about the vision of his death may cause him to act in ways that he can’t explain to her, like him being unable to attend her cousin’s wedding, causing misunderstanding and pain to her. Needlessly.

        Telling her about it will definitely make Our HY sad. They can both remain sad about it, or choose instead to seize whatever time they may have left to love one another to the fullest for how much ever time they still have. Which may be for a very long time, for the visions have been changing. Nothing has been set in stone, it seems.

        Liked by 1 person

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