Master of Revenge Ep 17

Yipppppeeeee! People fight in this episode, both physically and mentally and I love it!


Master of Revenge; God of Noodles Episode 17:

DokGu is livid at GilDo’s betrayal and tells him that much and because he can’t be bothered to drag TaeHa out, he punches him into unconsciousness when TaeHa comes charging at him. When GilDo doesn’t act the requisite sorry little puppy and instead brings up Ex-Secretary Hwang and laughs that he, DokGu, will never kill him, GilDo, because he’s too warm-hearted and that was why GilDo picked him (wow, he has some nerve), DokGu punches GilDo in the face over and over again.

Once he regains consciousness, TaeHa finds the office empty and in disarray. He runs into DaHae who’s outside enjoying the shade of the trees and asks her to get into contact with DokGu. On the second call, DokGu picks up, in big black specs and black suits, while getting into a big black car. She puts TaeHa on the line and DokGu tells him where he’d left GilDo (in the trash where trash belongs). YeoKyung runs out of her office the moment she gets a call (most probably from DokGu).

Even though DokGu had told him that GilDo is over and had apologised for putting him in that position, TaeHa runs to GilDo, like the puppy that he is.


Meanwhile, Myeong gets the confirmation from his doctor that his loss of taste is due to his trauma. The doctor says that it can happen under stress but can’t give Myeong an answer as to whether his condition can be fully treated. As Myeong drives, a sense of urgency comes over him, as he thinks to himself that he absolutely has to become the Noodle Master before his condition gets worse.

TaeHa finds GilDo in a warehouse, looking pretty okay for a guy who just backstabbed his partner in crime. The camera pans to GilDo’s red-inked thumb and when TaeHa asks if he’s okay, GilDo answers no, as DokGu had taken the key to his private safe away from him.

MiJa walks into Goongrakwon and finds out about Myeong’s condition in a phone call from his doctor. Huh, so much for patient confidentiality, even if she is his guardian.

She walks in on Myeong’s meeting with KangSuk, who off-handedly refers to Myeong as the Noodle-Master-to-be, and the moment he leaves them alone, KangSuk starts whining about when MiJa will get to work on Goongrak Foundation and harping about keeping Goongrakwon in the Go family again, pissing MiJa off, when all she’s asked is that KangSuk lend MiJa her accounting skills while she offered, in return, to help Goongrakwon with her management skills. Lady, why can’t you see that you need her? It’s true what MiJa said about you running the restaurant to the ground!


Still in the same spot under the trees, DaHae wonders about all the information she’s gotten about GilDo, from DokGu’s words about anyone around GilDo turning unhappy to Myeong’s declaration that he had killed his parents.

She decides to pay a visit to Myeong, who’s unhappily working on his noodles at ChiMyeon and remembering his doctor’s words. She brings up GilDo and asks what he intends to do with her father in a hesitant, round about manner. Myeong replies that he wants to take everything away from GilDo – his father’s name and his father’s Royal Pheasant Buckwheat Noodles that GilDo had stolen.

DaHae can’t really believe that GiDo had actually stolen a recipe, so Myeong offers to prove it to her. He simply presents her with a bowlful of the broth that he’d been making and she agrees that it smells the same, though it doesn’t exactly taste the same. He reveals to her the secret ingredient, the evidence – SoonChae (water-shield plant, aka brasenia) – and she finally understands.

She asks why he’d reveal that secret ingredient to her and he says that it was to show her irrefutable evidence that the original Royal Pheasant Buckwheat Noodles belongs to his father. It pains her to realise how far her father had descended into hell and she leaves, without any more words.

The first thing GilDo does once released is to check his private safe and he finds out that his important papers and money have been filched, leaving behind only a silver coloured case. Of course, DokGu is the only one who could have done that, having taken his key when he’d tied him up. He is so not pleased, repeating DokGu’s name under his breath over and over again.

Obviously, that means that YeoKyung gets the top secret document written by her father that she’s wanted in return for letting DokGu get away along with the summary records that indict him. DokGu asks if she definitely has to go after GilDo, warning her that she has the tendency to go too fast, and she answers in the affirmative.


He therefore tells her that there’s this guy under GilDo, called Secretary Park and named TaeHa, who knows absolutely nothing about anything and entreats her to just leave him alone. She learns that it was him who had introduced TaeHa to GilDo because he had connections to TaeHa’s father and YeoKyung in return shocks him by revealing that she’s the daughter of the people that Park MooTaek had killed.

In his car, GilDo preens in front of a mirror. He growls that he’d gotten the thing that he absolutely couldn’t lose taken away and swears to take it back, no matter how.

DokGu and YeoKyung relocate to an interrogation room in the prosecutor’s office where YeoKyung had implored him to reveal everything he knows about the matter. He says that GilDo had once come to him to request a murder but he’d rejected that offer, since he does anything but murder. GilDo had therefore turned to nice, wimpy Park MooTaek and had sent him off to YeoKyung’s house with drugs and a knife, where he’d proceeded to kill her parents in his drug induced state. What? What in the what now? Then he comments that if he had not called then, YeoKyung would have died too. HUH?! She’s confused and asks how GilDo could have memorised her father’s phone number by heart then and he laughs, saying that it’s easy, as long as one has access to the case files and recites her father’s phone number off his heart. He sighs that this means that he owes her a debt then. He asks her to look him up whenever she needs him.

YeoKyung returns to her office where she’s greeted shamelessly by GilDo, who had been waiting for her.


He plainly asks why she let DokGu go, ignoring her attempts to change the subject, knowing that by doing that, she’s made a deal with DokGu. He threatens to reveal the bribe that she took and take her prosecutor’s badge away but she doesn’t care, as expected. He tells her to choose between Senator So or him and asks her to think of what Senator So will do once he learns that she has the corruption report. GilDo’s not the only one pointing a knife at her. She agrees that their ending won’t be a pretty one, since they’re both rushing towards each other (with metaphorical knives in their hands) and she explains that her knife will only stab one person right in the heart.

She stops him from leaving and brings him to the interrogation room. Congressman Choi’s aide is tied up as prisoner there and while GilDo asserts that he doesn’t know the guy, the guy admits that he had met with GilDo a total of six times, three times during which money was exchanged. YeoKyung agrees that she doesn’t have the evidence to indict GilDo but that’s why he’ll be subpoenaed in the future for such cross examining sessions and therefore, he can forget about vacationing overseas.

GilDo calls for a meeting with Prosecutor Ahn, basically looking at him like a dog, and demands that he keep YeoKyung in check, reminding him of the tons of money he’s shoved down Prosecutor Ahn’s throat. He snarls at his audacity to side with Senator So and mentions the way Congressman Choi went out the moment he had betrayed GilDo. However, Prosecutor Ahn has had enough and warns the aristocrat who does noodles not to talk so much just because he gave a few dollars.

That doesn’t sit well with GilDo, so he throws his glass of liquid at Prosecutor Ahn’s face and stuffs his head in the platter right in front of him. He growls that he won’t be going down alone as he’ll make sure that Prosecutor Ahn’s last ten years of accepting bribes and corruption will be revealed, bringing him down along with himself. He orders Prosecutor Ahn to set up a meeting with Senator So for both of them and notes that no one can back out or leave until it’s over. Prosecutor Ahn meekly agrees.

Back in his office, GilDo wonders to TaeHa about why YeoKyung is still coming after him despite making deals with both Congressman Choi and DokGu. TaeHa apologises to GilDo for not protecting him better but GilDo just sighs and says that if Senator So isn’t the one with the corruption report, the first one to see his inner monster will be YeoKyung.

DaHae is still ruminating over Myeong’s words in another spot at night and TaeHa soon joins her. He asks why she’s not asleep at the late hour and she explains it off as him making her worry by showing her his busted face. She wonders out loud about DokGu’s words regarding how people around her father turn unhappy and how there has been no exception. She wishes that TaeHa will become that one exception, if he definitely has to stay beside GilDo but the day’s events must be taking its toll on TaeHa because he ends up sleeping away on her shoulder. Heh, this boy’s getting bolder.


During lunch hour, Myeong is back at Goongrakwon and tasting all the dishes as Top Head Chef. DaHae presents him her dish but that’s when his loss of taste hits him and he simply checks with DaHae that she did the entire cooking process right, the fourth time that afternoon already. Head of Meat also presents his dish, beef tartare and is somehow surprised when Myeong declares it fresh and presentable. He walks of with an expression of uncertainty and suspicion.

It turns out that Head of Meat is MiJa’s spy and he tells her that Myeong had accepted the beef tartare that he had tampered with lots of salt. That confirms MiJa’s suspicions and she tells him to keep it quiet, since Myeong and KangSuk are on the same side.

That same beef tartare gets taken by GilYong, then covertly passed to CheoNyeo, and ends up in the storage area where they both insist that they’re just recycling it, not stealing it. They spit out the one bite they have of the dish and DaHae enters that moment. She takes the dish from them and finds out about its horrible seasoning herself. She understands that it means that Myeong is suffering from taste blindness and she sits outside with her computer, searching for its possible causes on the internet.


GilDo walks in on Prosecutor Ahn and Senator So playing a game of Go. Prosecutor Ahn promptly leaves them alone and when Senator So instructs GilDo to try and win the game of Go that Prosecutor Ahn had started, GilDo wipes the stones off the board onto the floor and presents Senator So with the full lists of donators to Goongrak Foundation (even if it’s just the list with borrowed names, it’s still a huge deal.) He brings up the confidential document and just waits for Senator So’s reaction… which is to ask where it is.

GilDo plays it off and says that he’ll turn the document over in a few days. As a favour, he asks that Senator So let him take care of YeoKyung however he sees fit (whatever nefarious way that means) and while Senator So is initially reluctant, GilDo hands over proof that YeoKyung has accepted bribes and therefore isn’t that invincible as a prosecutor. All Senator So has to do is pretend that he doesn’t know anything.

In her office, YeoKyung holds the document that she had gotten from DokGu close to her and thinks to herself that she absolutely can’t lose it. She swears to get both GilDo and Senator So with the document and the moment it goes missing, it’ll mean that she will go missing too.

She calls GilYong for a favour and heads to her car where she’s shocked out of her skin when TaeHa comes up from behind. He warns her of the danger that she’s getting into and how GilDo’s coming onto her and points out exasperated that it was just a hand this time. What if it were a knife? She would have been dead.

He pleads her to just let the matter go, since it’s not like anything will change even if she succeeds her goal. She yells at him that the one who had her parents killed and turned his father into a murderer wasn’t So TaeSeob but the Noodle Master (Kim GilDo). TaeHa gets as confused as I was, and asks her who she heard that from. He shouts that he doesn’t know what to believe anymore and implores her to watch out for her safety then leaves.

MiJa takes over GilDo’s room and goes through Goongrak Foundation’s papers. Hahaha, so much money’s missing that she scandalized by his boldness and all he says is that that she can report the foundation to the police or shut it down as its director. However, she’d look really stupid doing that.

Given the pitiful state Goongrak Foundation is in, he suggests that they work together to pull a fast one on KangSuk. She seems to warm to the idea and puts up the condition that she has to get Goongrakwon and he’s fine with it, because all he wants in Goongrak Foundation.


She almost reveals Myeong’s loss in his sense of taste when GilDo’s announcer-mistress saves Myeong life by entering and pours cold water on the party. MiJa gets disgusted by her presence and walks off, leaving them alone. HyunJeong reminds him of his filming schedule and updates GilDo on his political deadlines when DaHae enters the office and requests to be allowed on television too. She’s introduced to HyunJeong as Goongrakwon’s major shareholder.

Outside, GilDo asks for the reason she wants to do the show and she says that she wants to show the world that there are female noodle makers too. GilDo brings up her “betrayal” at the call for his dismissal the other day and she just says that she decided that on her own and doesn’t get swayed by others.

Prosecutor Ahn visits YeoKyung and he’s a lot more subdued. He tells her that Senator So had called them and requested that YeoKyung stop what she’s doing until he tells him or get dismissed. He tells her that he had wanted to talk back at the Senator for that but ended up not doing so because he has his three kids to think about.


He knows that Senator So must have gotten hold of her weakness and tells her that he can’t help her cause since he’ll all covered in corruption. Instead, he offers to be her corrupted shield and tells her to go after GilDo with all that she’s got. She asks for reason to the change in tune and he simply replies that sometimes, you just want to keep what little pride you have. GilDo had horribly humiliated him and he advices YeoKyung to return whatever bribes she’s accepted or risk turning into pitiful ol’ him. HA! He mutters that he can’t last for much longer than a month.

DokGu sends YeoKyung a message, telling her to check her mail. It’s a request for a witness.

Before the recording for GilDo’s programme, Myeong thinks to himself in his changing room that he’s come so far and will have to be careful since everything that he’s worked for can turn to dust with just one mistake.

The time comes for GilDo and Myeong to go on air too and this time, DaHae joins them. (HyunJeong tells the director that they’ll just continue addressing GilDo as the Noodle Master, even though he was recently demoted from that position). The theme of the competition this episode is “father”. Myeong makes NuReun Noodles, which was more commonly known as KkolDu Noodles, to signify his search for his father’s name.

DaHae had made the very same seafood and manila clam noodle dish that GilDo had once made for her as her father. She explains that her noodles meant for her father to understand that it’s still not too late, that he can repent for his crimes and return to the beginning. GilDo reveals his dish… and it’s the exact same one that DaHae had made. He says that he doesn’t have a father and so made a dish that he would have liked to make for his child as his first dish to (her) if he were a father.

When the time comes to test-taste the noodle, DaHae takes Myeong’s noodles. Her expression gives it away that they taste funny but she continues to pretend to relish it for the cameras.

Once over, Myeong thanks her for her help, which she dismisses and GilDo asks Myeong to talk with him.

In his office, he gets thinks over DaHae’s words about her wish for her father when So TaeSeob calls.

So TaeSeob agrees to release YeoKyung to GilDo, giving him permission to do anything he wants to her. Oh shiet.


Not one to waste time, GilDo calls for a hitman, who is seen by TaeHa from the hallway and who so happens to be the one who tried to stab TaeHa in prison.

As TaeHa paces outside, GilDo tells the hitman, “kidnap or whatever, just bring her to me”. He throws money at the guy and orders him to go right now. Dammit.

He confronts GilDo, asking what those guys where there for and GilDo simply replies half-asleep that they’re there to do something that he can’t do.


TaeHa quietly follows the guys to their van then races to his car the moment they move off. He desperately calls YeoKyung, who doesn’t pick up as she’s calling someone else (most likely the witness whose details DokGu had sent her).

The moment she gets into her car, the van of gangsters follows her. TaeHa’s numerous phone calls go unanswered because this girl doesn’t know the function of her mobile phone.

She drives to some forested area and all it takes is for her to get off her car for the gangsters to march up to her, punch her in the gut and drag her away.

TaeHa comes in time with a flying kick and frees her from their hold. He gently rests her against the front of her car and turns to face the gangsters, with the leader complaining about TaeHa’s lack of affection. TaeHa doesn’t care for his bullshit and tells them that “it you who started it, not me” and proceeds to cream them all, getting a few hits himself. YeoKyung starts fading.


Meanwhile, GilDo practices mini golf in his office and spots the wallet that TaeHa had left behind. He grins fondly as he looks through it and when he sees that there are just a few paltry bills in there, he takes his own wallet with thousand dollar bills and stuffs its entire contents in TaeHa’s wallet. Then, he comes across the old picture of all four of our kids. DAMN!

He reads the small note written behind and recognises the name Sarang Orphanage. He reels to recognise TaeHa and YeoKyung as kids in the picture…

TaeHa gets beaten up but still has the strength to stand up. He gets forced around by a thug as YeoKyung’s eyes go wide and she screams.

… and GilDo gapes to see child Choi SoonSeok in the picture, which is when Myeong enters his office.



DAMMIT YEOKYUNG! What are phones for if you won’t even use them? This episode, shit really hits the fan (how many times have I written that already?) as GilDo figures out the relationship between our 4 kids. That stupid damned photo. Do they not know what cloud services are? Put your picture in your safe internet account! Or in YeoKyung’s safe! Or something! Nooooooooooo!!!!!! I mean, GilDo still can hack the system but what are the chances of him doing that when he didn’t even know that it existed?

Aaaaargh!!!! Safety nets are off, loyalties are changing and it’s all in for our various characters as GilDo brings out his claws the more he’s backed into a corner. If anything, it’s our four kids who are in the greatest danger as they run around themselves, trying to figure things out and are always one step behind. Myeong is getting into dire straits, losing his one winning card and gaining the suspicions of his subordinates. YeoKyung is going crazy and rash with her desperation to get to the bottom of the parent’s murders. DaHae may be getting swayed by the accusations (which we know are facts) Myeong is throwing her way even though she says that she doesn’t get swayed (I think we all know the truth) and I think that she may be the lynch pin in whether the bad guys go down or whether it’ll be our kids who’ll be flung and trampled like old rags.

Let’s see… on their side they have… themselves and half of DokGu and one quarter of Prosecutor Ahn. DaHae’s still wishy washy and at least they have her support if they’re in any mortal danger themselves, though it’s debatable whether she will have any influence over her father regarding that.

She seems to want peace and her father back, a relationship that GilDo seems to want deep (deep deep deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep) inside him too, if their noodles meant anything significant. I do wonder if she has the power to convince him to give everything up and just return and be her dad.  But then, that can only happen if Myeong is willing to forgive him for taking his parents’ lives (I mean, even if Myeong takes everything away from GilDo, there’s nothing to assuage the devastation of his parents’ lost lives) and I wonder if that can even happen at all.

Although, GilDo isn’t doing himself favour by insulting everyone.

And TaeHa, my puppy. Eeps!

TaeHa said it the best when he screamed that he doesn’t know who or what to trust anymore.  Well, neither do I, and I like my revengy shows that way.


(Did it sound like I did a total 180 from the previous recaps? It’s because I really hated putting down this show when I knew for a fact that it’s a good show. My head knows that but my heart just wouldn’t follow. Well, that sucks for you, who reads the recaps and for me who does the recaps, so I went back and watched episode 1 and 2 and remembered how great this story was. I totally get Myeong’s need for revenge because seeing his mother and father turn into crisp right before his eyes and that haunting sight, smell, feel, noise and taste of the fire that did it must be traumatising for a child. I also remembered what made GilDo turn out this way and the aspects of his character – a lack of security paired with a dire need for survival and power so that he doesn’t ever experience such hell ever again – made him so damn intriguing to me and I felt for both and just really wanted to see them fight it out. Both characters are such poor little things but are such terrible beings (or have such terrible lives).

I think I forgot, because we got lost a little along the way when the ambiguity during Grandpa Go’s coma pushed them to the back and the other characters’ fights came to the fore (while GilDo was happily warming his seat as the Noodle Master and Myeong trying to push everyone away and slowly working his way up) and I just wasn’t that interested in what sounded like whining in comparison and I let that displeasure colour my drama-watching glasses. In any case, there’s three episodes more to go and let’s hope for the best. This episode should be given credit too, because it’s a damn good one.)



2 thoughts on “Master of Revenge Ep 17

  1. Oooh, I love this episode as well. Just started watching episode 18 and I’m sure it will be as amazing too. What just occurred to me though is how the hell was Gil Do able to guess the kids in the picture? Like was Tae Ha’s name written beneath Tae Ha’s face, and the same with Yeo Kyung? Or are they trying to tell us that those two look a lot like their childhood selves and Moo Myeong doesn’t look anything like his childhood self? Still trying to figure it all out because right now, I’m trying to make sense of it all.


    1. I guess they just really look a lot like their younger selves. Or, since he’d gone after their parents, he’d seen their childhood photos somewhere and well, he now knows who they exactly are, in relation to their parents. However, he’s never seen Choi SoonSeok as an adult.

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