Master of Revenge Ep 18

As we hurtle towards finale week, loyalties change and truths keep coming out. Everyone’s turning against GilDo, both people from the past and present, and the stress is finally pulling out his inner monster and making him lonelier.


Master of Revenge; God of Noodles Episode 18:

OHTHANKGOODNESS, DokGu comes to save TaeHa from being stabbed. My heart! Don’t play with it like that!

DokGu sends TaeHa off with YeoKyung and stays behind to deal with the hitman. He recognises the thug and warns him not to mess with his people again. He advises him to go into hiding, saying that he doesn’t have the ability to come out alive from this mess involving numerous prosecutors and congressmen. He can’t even handle DokGu. For good measure, DokGu rolls a bunch of thousand dollar cheques and stuffs them in the thug’s mouth.

Myeong comes for his meeting with GilDo and GilDo starts off first, noting that DaHae was exceptionally nice to Myeong, both at the programme recording and when they were choosing the new Noodle Master. He asks if there’s a reason Myeong approached DaHae and Myeong fearlessly asks in return whether he’s asking that as the advisor to Goongrakwon or as DaHae’s father. It cracks me up how GilDo’s eyes go wide and how Myeong simply states that it’s an open secret that everyone knows. GilDo orders Myeong to stay away from DaHae but Myeong refuses to do that, no matter whether he’s saying that as the advisor or as a father.


Instead, he tells GilDo to get out of his office in three days, since this is not an office for the advisor of Goongrakwon and even tells him not to visit the kitchen.

Displeased, GilDo shows him TaeHa’s photo of all four of them together as kids and though Myeong is surprised, he keeps his expression in check. GilDo notes that Myeong had wanted to find and take a name back for his father and comments that he has some name-finding to do himself. If he succeeds, things will get interesting.

In a hospital somewhere, YeoKyung wakes under TaeHa’s worried watch. He tells her that GilDo will try to hurt her again and tries to persuade her to slow down, since she actually collapsed from exhaustion rather than because of that one punch to the gut, but all she says is that she’ll be continuing on her war path and points out that TaeHa can come save her again when she needs it. Lady, please.

Her mind wishes to go and persecute people as soon as possible but her body refuses to follow and she collapses when she tries to walk, weak in the legs. TaeHa catches her and tells her to sleep for a while.

In his office, GilDo stares at TaeHa’s wallet.


Once YeoKyung is tucked in for the night, TaeHa leaves her room and meets with DokGu who had been waiting outside. DokGu’s worried for them but TaeHa assures him that they’re all okay. Instead, he’s much more interested in what DokGu had told YeoKyung – that GilDo was the one who turned his father into a murderer – and DokGu confirms it, although he never actually heard GilDo say the words. But he remarks that giving Park MooTaek drugs and a knife meant just as much. DokGu really wants TaeHa to stay far from GilDo but TaeHa says that he can’t leave now. True, he went in for his friends’ sakes but he’s staying there to protect someone else (you mean DaHae?).

Alone, GilDo tries to call the hitman unsuccessfully. Heh, the hitman basically breaks his flip phone in two because there’s no such thing as the off button in those things.

The next day, DokGu calls GilDo, informing him that his hitmen have gone on the run, so there’s no use calling them. He warns GilDo to stop causing trouble, since not killing him was a choice DokGu made in order not to turn DaHae into an orphan rather because he can’t. If he continues, DokGu swears to re-enter Goongrakwon and kill GilDo for real.

TaeHa reports to GilDo for work and when GilDo remarks on his bust up face, he gives the excuse that he had fallen while drunk. That excuse doesn’t work on GilDo because he knows that TaeHa didn’t even have his wallet so there was no way he could have paid for his own drinks. TaeHa is chastened to be found out and takes his wallet back wordlessly.

He leaves the office and anxiously rummages through his wallet, horror dawning on him when he finds that the picture of all four of them had shifted position.

He meets Myeong in the storage and gets confirmation that GilDo had seen the photo, though Myeong phrases it like TaeHa had purposely showed GilDo the photo to backstab him. Really, you ass? Myeong repeats his mantra of demanding TaeHa leave Goongrakwon and TaeHa serves it right back to him. Of course, neither nag works, especially when Myeong says that he’ll be fine, thank you very much, and TaeHa passes Myeong the name of the hospital YeoKyung had been admitted to.

But YeoKyung’s another one whose pants are on fire because she’s not there when Myeong gets there, having checked out earlier. She’s in a car in the basement carpark with DokGu who fusses over her health (or lack of it), asking if it’s okay that she’s leaving so early. She gets a call from Myeong that she ignores. Myeong calls her again and she ignores it again.


DokGu urges her to let the hitmen go, explaining that cornering them will only put her in mortal danger. She drops the matter and confirms with DokGu that his witness is trustworthy, since she’ll subpoena him soon.

Very soon later, Congressman Choi gets an unexpected visit from Prosecutor Ahn with YeoKyung in tow. YeoKyung informs him that bringing his aide in was not enough to get to GilDo, so it seems like she’ll be needing to take him down. Of course, Congressman Choi hears that as a threat and asks Prosecutor Ahn to clarify what she just said. Prosecutor Ahn’s not interested though, haha, and acts like he doesn’t know anything.

YeoKyung gives him two choices – to voluntarily submit to interrogations for evading taxes and end up with a maximum punishment of a fine or be detained if he doesn’t cooperate and receive a minimum punishment of 3 years of jail time – and he chooses the first one, when Prosecutor Ahn continues to act daft. YeoKyung accepts his choice, on condition that he sell Ha JungTae (Kim GilDo) to her. She promises that she’ll make it worth his effort. Congressman Choi asks for some time to think about it.

Having failed his attempt to eradicate YeoKyung, GilDo pays a visit to Senator So, acting the meek little thing. He tries to get Senator So to exert his power and get YeoKyung to back off but Senator So is not interested in this dog fight, calling it none of his business. GilDo tries to threaten him with the money he’d invested in Goongrak Foundation but it doesn’t even sway him and he instead eyes the money in GilDo’s personal account, making GilDo burst out in anger. Senator So then tells him that’s why everyone wants the congressman’s badge, because with it, what he’s doing with Goongrak Foundation is not embezzlement but an investment. What?


The very bad no good day doesn’t end for GilDo who returns to his office, only to find KangSuk supervising the removal of all his artefacts in order to make place for the next Noodle Master, Myeong, who’s there, standing right behind her. She even suspends his company card and had his men in black fired.

GilDo shoots a look of disgust at Myeong, who simply smirks back.

Once he’s stomped out of the room, KangSuk warns Myeong to be careful of GilDo, because he’s going to stop at nothing to get everything back.

GilDo finds himself dumped into the annex building, the very place where Gramps had lain for 6 long years and eventually died in. Heh, that’s like banishing him. TaeHa’s there, asking why he won’t leave if he dislikes the place that much and GilDo replies that he won’t because the moment he leaves Goongrakwon, he won’t be able to return. Even TaeHa can see that GilDo is being cornered but GilDo grits through his teeth and asserts that he’ll get everything back, by winning the nomination and becoming a congressman.

Night falls and DaHae works on her computer after work. She thinks back to when Myeong had shown her evidence of her father having stolen someone else’s hard work and recipe when TaeHa stumbles into the room, looking embarrassed when she catches sight of his once more bust up face.

She sighs and asks if it’s due to GilDo again and he replies no, so she invites him in, since she has something to say to him.

With him sitting right across her, she pleads him to stop GilDo from doing any more bad things and for him to stop getting hurt. She asks him to promise her that but he just keeps his mouth shut and tells her to go to sleep since it’s late then leaves.

In his room, GilDo thinks.

The next morning, GilDo and TaeHa head to the private bank together, passing by and ignoring DaHae on the way.

GilDo withdraws a suitcase full of gold (how does he have the strength to carry that much?) and forgoes the extra security that the bank employee offers.


Those gold bars are for Senator So and GilDo heads to his office to personally deliver them, along with a copy of the confidential papers regarding his corruption. He turns to look at the very same safe that he’d stolen from years ago and heads there to put the gold bars in himself.

Job done and with a promise to give him the real copy after his enters Congress, Senator So passes him the answers to the interview questions that he’ll be asked at his nomination screening.

He tells GilDo to lie low until the day he gets into congress, since once YeoKyung (or someone like her) gets to him, he’ll be over. Before GilDo leaves, he smiles that GilDo will soon learn the reason people go crazy for that small congressman’s badge and they shake on it.

MiJa saunters through Goongrakwon’s hallways like the baddass that she is and interrupts GilDo mid preparation for his test into politics. She doesn’t pass up the chance to laugh at him being reduced to living in such a barren room and bitterly says that she doesn’t even have Goongrak Foundation now, since he’d taken that away from her. With nothing else to rely on, she demands his shares in Goongrakwon.

GilDo says that she’ll have to wait a little more for that and since she’s jumped ship, she hands over evidence that Myeong was the one who ruined Goongrakwon’s 100 anniversary banquet without even a request to do so. GilDo puts 2 and 2 together and realises that Myeong is Choi SoonSeok, something that MiJa confirms. She’s even added hospital records of his stab wound in there.

He’s grateful for the information but asks how she got those and MiJa confesses that she and Myeong were once allies, working together to bring him down.

Armed with the new information and livid, GilDo storms into Myeong’s (and what was once his) office and accuses Myeong of being Choi SoonSeok. Myeong doesn’t even try to deny it and calls GilDo by his given name, even telling him the very address of the place he’d grown up in, declaring the place where he’d killed Senator So’s housekeeper, and even reciting the address where Myeong’s parents had lived and how GilDo had gone on to murder them and steal everything that was his father’s. Myeong grabs him by the throat and slams him against the wall, swearing to take everything from GilDo. He growls that it’s not the end yet and that there’s one more thing to take away from GilDo – the thing that GilDo absolutely doesn’t want taken away.

Myeong leaves as GilDo sinks to the ground and tells JungTae, Myeong’s father, that his kid is fantastic. In order to get to GilDo, he’s turned into a monster like GilDo. He monologues to the dead person that he’ll be sending his son to his side.


Myeong is trying to snuff his anger out at ChiMyeon when HyunJeong arrives for their meeting as he had requested. He asks her to create a new live programme for him, one where viewers can give feedback immediately but she’s a little hesitant, since cooking programmes require quite a bit of time and preparation.

He asks HyunJeong with a straight face if So TaeSeob is good and well, implying that he knows of her relationship with him. He invites her to come to ChiMyeon for a meal with Senator So and even with Ha JungTae (Kim GilDo), if she can.

HyunJeong knows what that means, and smiles that she’ll give it a try. Myeong insists that GilDo has to go on that live programme and whispers that none of this was his idea. They’re all HyunJeong’s. HyunJeong looks at him, amused, and hopes that he’ll just keep her relationship with Senator So a secret.

In yet another meeting between just the two of them, KangSuk asks MiJa if GilDo is doing fine and of course MiJa retorts that that’s not a question that should be directed at her. KangSuk spills the beans that she knows that they have been acting real chummy recently. KangSuk declares her intention to promote Myeong to Noodle Master. MiJa again proves that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned because she straight out tells KangSuk that Myeong has lost his sense of taste and is therefore not fit to be the Noodle Master and heir to Goongrakwon but all KangSuk does is laugh, disbelieving. She reminds MiJa again that Goongrakwon is hers. Okay, Gollum.


KangSuk continues to decorate and furnish GilDo’s old office as she pleases and has even had a rather creepy portrait of Myeong made. She hands Myeong his black uniform, a symbol of his status as Noodle Master at Goongrakwon, which he immediately wears and stares in the mirror with fierce determination, talking to his father in his head again, swearing to take everything that GilDo has so that he can’t return.

Meanwhile, GilDo is having the time of his life, playing Go against himself in his room and watching and learning to imitate the host of a programme on TV while lying in bed.

The day of his nomination screening comes and he insists on driving himself there, leaving TaeHa in Goongrakwon.

In her office, YeoKyung asks if there will be many reporters at the nomination grounds and her investigator says that they’ll come. YeoKyung asks if her investigator would like to go watch, heh.

At his screening, GilDo is interviewed by Senator So regarding his validity as a political candidate, with smiles for all.

Once the formalities are done, Senator So walks out with GilDo as flashes go off in their faces, courtesy of overeager reporters. At the end of the path, stands YeoKyung and her investigator, there to summon him for the investigation regarding Congressman Choi’s case. GilDo asks why she has to choose this absolute time and place to do this, which is such a stupid question.

With no other choice, due to the reporters, he follows her and is dumped into an interrogation room for seven straight hours, all alone.

YeoKyung isn’t even trying to do anything to him, content to wait it out, sure that Senator So and Congressman Choi are talking right now.

As she had predicted, the two are indeed discussing what they should do. Congressman Choi is reluctant to give in to YeoKyung’s request for a witness statement because of the prosecution’s track record of even continuing to “ruin” the lives of those corrupt politicians who did give in and yet he can’t actually stay away because then YeoKyung will detain him and he’ll have to go to jail. Also, if the prosecutors dig a little deeper, they’ll get the dirty details regarding Goongrak Foundation.


Congressman Choi is therefore there to ask Senator So to get him acquitted. Senator So eventually tells him to go in for witnessing and to stop the prosecutors from getting to Goongrak Foundation. Instead, he gives Congressman Choi permission to sell out GilDo and Congressman Choi is actually a little stunned at that, especially when he brings up the ginormous amount of money that GilDo had paid Senator So for the nomination and had gotten the cold remark that it wasn’t Senator So who demanded that money – it was GilDo who gave it willingly. Also, those who shall live will live and those who shall die will die.

YeoKyung gets a call from Congressman Choi, giving her what she wants and happily, she releases GilDo, since she has no use for him anymore. GilDo scoffs that she didn’t even get to scratch him, asking if she’s gotten what she wants.

In Goongrakwon, TaeHa informs GilDo that Congressman Choi has come. Congressman Choi is not very happy as he announces that he’ll be going to the Special Department as a witness, noting that everyone who goes there never has a good ending.

Then Congressman Choi tells GilDo that it wasn’t like he wanted things to turn out this way and GilDo understands that he’s being thrown away. Congressman Choi tries to sooth him by bitterly offering to go grab a drink later on.


GilDo checks his phone and learns that he’d failed his nomination. Someone else had taken his place

Prosecutor Ahn is hilariously acting like YeoKyung’s new best friend, sitting in her office and revelling in GilDo’s downfall, saying that he feels so damned relieved. He asks YeoKyung what she’s planning to charge GilDo for and he happily claps at her answer of murder, then reminds her to keep her guard up.

Meanwhile, TaeHa stands guard outside GilDo’s private room at Goongrakwon. GilDo calls him in. He instructs TaeHa to drink and they both down shots after shots.

Many powerful shots later, TaeHa carries GilDo back to his room.

Assuming that the man’s asleep, TaeHa tells him at he knows that it was him who made his father a murderer but that he won’t be killing him. Instead, he’ll be right by his side to watch him cause his own demise. Despite what his own daughter had requested, he won’t be pulling him back or stopping him from doing any more evil things, since the only one who can actually do so is GilDo himself.

TaeHa leaves and GilDo opens his eyes, looking lonelier than I’ve ever seen him.


GilDo calls Senator So, telling him that he’s giving up on the nomination. Instead, he says that he can’t go to jail, and requests for a meeting between him, Senator So and Congressman Choi at Senator So’s house, promising to give them a present. Senator So agrees, since he should do that much.

Congressman Choi calls YeoKyung and unceremoniously backs out of his witness interrogation, the weasel, ha. Yeokyung calls to meet the witness on the form DokGu had sent her.

GilDo insists on riding his own car, slapping TaeHa when TaeHa tries to stop him and get him to think once more about what he’s about to do.

GilDo ends up in Senator So’s office in his own home, where Senator So and Congressman Choi are waiting for him, a storm brewing outside. Heh, a lighting strike scares Congressman Choi whilst the other two don’t even flinch. Congressman Choi is blithely carefree, even requesting that GilDo cough up his promised present soon. He laughs that GilDo will have other chances, since throughout the campaign, there will surely be people dropping out and creating vacancies that GilDo can then take over.


At the same time, YeoKyung interrogates the witness that DokGu had sent to her, with DokGu sitting in the same room right behind her. The witness turns out to be Ex-Secretary Hwang, here to dish out on all of GilDo’s past crimes, replete with evidence such as voice recordings.

Back in Senator So’s home, GilDo eyes the crystal cigarette tray on Senator So’s desk. He slowly walks towards it, recalling the words he’d said 30 years ago as he picks it up. Senator So calls him by his given name and demands him to stop but GilDo, as if possessed by the monster in him, picks it up and counts, 1, turning towards the Senator, 2, standing right beside the Senator and then, 3, proceeding to club Congressman Choi in the head with the cigarette tray.

Senator So stands up to face him, furious, and all GilDo says is that there’s now a vacancy in Congress. May he take over that spot?



Er mai gat. Did he just…?!

The monster has truly resurfaced now that GilDo’s been backed too far into the corner.

This episode fully displayed how Senator So could have lasted 5 and more terms in such a corrupt system. People who live will live and people who die will die? Wow.

There’s nothing more dangerous than an ally turned enemy and MiJa is proof of that. Once she finds herself betrayed, she goes all the way in destroying that person. She’s the one person who knows almost all of Myeong’s weaknesses and has access to find out more and it doesn’t seem like she spares any mercy for those not on her side, seeing how she’s going around announcing Myeong’s weaknesses even without asked. Myeong should thank his lucky stars that KangSuk’s a naïve one and blinded by her need to have Goongrakwon all to herself otherwise he’d be facing a difficult climb up a cliff just to get the power that he gets today.

And GilDo’s very own inability to understand that very same principle came back to bite him in the ass in the form of Secretary Hwang. I was really perplexed as to why and how he could have let Hwang go and well… now we know that it’s so that this plot point could be played out. That’s why they say that you have to keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

TaeHa’s way of revenge is an interesting one and I think is the one that hits GilDo in the heart the most. To hear his loyal puppy admit that he’s believing in GilDo’s own power to do evil to bring himself down (even when his own daughter had requested him to stop GilDo) is like a one two punch, first a betrayal against GilDo’s affections (warped as they may be) and secondly, his complete lack in faith in GilDo having any sort of humanity. He’s really, and truly alone now.

Myeong himself is gearing up for the finale though sometimes I wonder if he’s really the main character because he mostly comes up in the episodes, thinking, “father, oh, father, I will avenge you!!!!” It’s happened in this episode and the last episode and sometimes, all I want to say is, “Myeong, your father’s dead. Try getting a shrink.” It’s funny how GilDo compared Myeong to himself, and saw Myeong turning into a monster like himself because Myeong is not even anywhere close to how dirty GilDo is. I only see Myeong as one who’s trying his hand at forgetting all humanity and navigating the world seemingly without a heart but he hasn’t actually done anything heartless save for pushing people away and shooting himself in the foot by not explaining his actions to MiJa, turning her from a very strong ally to a very dangerous enemy. I guess one could describe him as cold but to call him a monster… eh…

Anyway, with all the weaknesses bared out ready for stabbing and a mad, desperate monster on the loose, that’s a rather volatile situation we have here. Looks like Noodles is planning on going out with a bang.


5 thoughts on “Master of Revenge Ep 18

  1. Honestly, nothing’s as satisfying as seeing Gil Do get taken down brick by brick. I’m having such a swell time see everything unravel for him. As for Gang Sook and Seol Mi Ja’s conversation, firstly I think Moo Myeong might have told Gang Sook something, and secondly if that information had come from anyone else but Seol Mi Ja, Gang Sook would have probably listened. But she doesn’t trust Seol Mi Ja, and with good reason and that’s what’s driving her at the moment. Right now the people I want to survive the bloodbath: Da Hae Tae Ha and Dokku, Yeo Kyung and Gil Yong, and hopefully Moo Myeong (without him dirtying his hands though). Everyone else… well, I wish them all the luck. I just want our puppies and their Guardian, Dokku safe. Everyone else can tear each other apart.


    1. Funny thing is that I don’t actually hate GilDo that much? The guy’s bad, but so are Senator So and anyone else who’s playing the game, so I don’t really care how they tear each other apart. Like you, I just want our four kids and their guardians to be fine.

      I don’t know what Myeong could have told KangSuk to ease her worries over that and even if she has reason to keep her guard up when it comes to MiJa, she should have given at least some thought to info regarding Myeong’s lack of tasting abilities. Like hello, he’s supposed to be your head chef, wouldn’t you confirm that he’s okay in that area?

      Also, I don’t care what KangSuk thinks because the fact is that she’s a terrible manager and needs MiJa to run Goonrakwon. MiJa could have been her greatest ally and they could have become powerful forces not to be reckoned with but with how she’s so obviously scorned her, MiJa is now an enemy.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah. But at the same time, I think it’s also because Seol Mi Ja has always been operating with her secrets and has so created years of distrust between herself and Gang Sook. I think of their relationship as some sort of frenemy type relationship.
        As for Gil Do, I still hate him. Sure I understand that he’s a broken boy raised by a violent man but every time I think of Jung Tae’s fear when Gil Do cut the rope and how Gil Do burnt Moo Myeong’s parents alive, I rather hate his guts. The thing though is I hate all our baddies guts, including So Tae Sub as well. The man rubs me the wrong well.


      2. That’s true on MiJa’s part but damn, if KangSuk isn’t being stupid now. She just really, really sucks as a manager. I once said that I was sorry for her plight and I still am but she’s so terrible at the job that I’ve lost all sympathy.

        GilDo’s done some bad things but I’m not sure that the other baddies haven’t done things just as bad. The way Senator So operates, he most likely had someone indirectly killed.
        Indirectly killed vs directly killed doesn’t make much of a difference to me and just seeing GilDo being painted the bad one alone and going down alone upsets me.

        I still don’t get why GilDo would go after YeoKyung’s parents. Like what kind of motive was there, when GilDo wasn’t even keeping contact with Senator So. How do their deaths benefit GilDo?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I guess the part of why he had them killed will come to light in the next two episodes. I also think the reason everyone’s all ready to vilify Gil Do is because it’s his story we know and whose deeds we’ve witnessed. But make no mistake about it. I fully expect our girl Yeo Kyung to go after So Tae Sub as well. Because Gil Do isn’t going down alone. I want him to drag So Tae Sub kicking and screaming right along with him.

        Liked by 1 person

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