Notice: I’ll be busy!

Time is making a prisoner outta me!

So, I know that I’ve been behind on some recaps and since I’ll be increasingly busy from now on, I thought I’d just let you guys know about what’s going to happen here.



1 Night 2 Days: Recaps will keep coming, though sometimes it may be a little later than usual.

New Journey to the West: Recaps will be continued, despite being so, so, so long after the episodes have aired, hehe.

Law of the Jungle: Recaps will be dropped. It’s been too long after the episodes have aired and this is the kind of show where the joys are in the little moments. Not very fun to recap.



Oh HaeYoung Again: IMPcaps will continue as per usual, since it takes comparatively a lot less time.

Master – God of Noodles: Recaps will come out this week. Although maybe not exactly the day after the episode airs like it usually is.

Police Unit 38: Episode 4’s recaps will be coming out on Friday/the weekends.

Yang BaekHee has returned: Last episode recap will be here… later rather than sooner.


In any case, have a good day!


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