1 Night 2 Days S3 EP 129

1 Night 2 Days Episode 129: Let’s go to Ewha Womans University Part 3

After DongGu, Defconn and JongMin’s heartfelt lectures, it’s time for JoonYoung’s turn. He admits that he had thought about going the predictable way and lecturing about his life experiences or just giving them good advice… and then he realised that they’re impossible for him, ha.

Therefore, he came up with this:

The fourth lecture: Am I a Bad Boy?

He asks the girls if he looks like a bad guy and an overwhelming number of them reassuringly say no… but a “yes” punctures the moment. HAHA!

He laughs at the reaction, saying that he does get that kind of mixed reactions a lot and points out TaeHyun and DongGu as guys that are conventionally thought of as “nice guys”. He fails to mention any of the other guys, haha.

By “Bad Boys” and “Nice Guys”, JoonYoung was referring to man-woman relationships and therefore, today, he’s there to talk about his relationship experiences.

He asks what a bad guy is, giving examples of guys who “manage a fish pond” (string women along) or guys who send short messages in the middle of the night, then adds on that he wasn’t talking about himself!


He mentions his realisation that he was a rather selfish person and yet, it was important to him that he and the people around him were happy. He recalls his girlfriend, whom he got upset with for minor things like when she replied his messages too late, got too tired to act affectionate or just plain hung out with more guys than he would have liked. On the other hand, as a celebrity, he couldn’t do normal things for her like hold her hand in public or even express his love in dark cinema theatres. It was okay for him, but it was too pressuring for her, and they continued like that until they broke up.

It felt like love had changed and after they broke up, he suddenly regretted it. Time passed and he dated other girls, but his demeanour and approach towards dating never changed. After repeated failures, he came to the conclusion that he shouldn’t date, because he’d just end up hurting the other party, while he’d wallow in guilt.

He therefore thought hard about how he could overcome the loneliness from the ban on relationships that he had imposed on himself and his answer was… to put in more effort into his music. In other words, turn his work into his girlfriend, haha!

When it’s Question and Answer time, many hands are raised and a lucky lady gets picked. She asks when he thinks about the girlfriend he had broken up with the most and he replies that he just thought of her when he was giving his lecture and since words just aren’t enough, he sings a snippet from his new song, Mistake, that he’d wrote thinking of her.

After that, TaeHyun announces that it’s over for the remaining two and JunHo gripes that singing is cheating!

Then he goes up and sings Im JaeBeom’s Mark (Chuno OST), all super sad, HAHAHA!!!!

He introduces himself as “Baby Angel, Kim JunHo”, as someone in the audience had coined him, hur, and his lecture for today is how one can win every game by changing one’s mindset.

The fifth lecture: Nervousness will make you Lose. Enthusiasm (or passion/ heart flutters) will make you Win.

The he admits he’s nervous because of the previous four presentations. He couldn’t make up him mind whether to take his lecture down the funny route or be serious, hahah. He tells them what he always tells his juniors: Those who are prepared will be excited become while those not prepared get nervous (which doesn’t help their case). Therefore, he told them to always play the winning game.


He’d debuted on Gag Concert at the age of 26 and has been there through his twenties, thirties, and even in his early forties. The show’s currently at its 860th episode and his dream is to be there when it reaches its 1000th episode.

When they give him applause, he asks them if they know why Gag Con is his dream and he explains that it’s because the show makes his heart flutter. He loves making people laugh on stage and he adores his job for that. Hehehe, young JunHo is so cute and so thin!!

Then it’s already question and answer time and a lady waves both her arms in the air enthusiastically, heh heh.

She’s chosen to speak and she starts off by saying that she’s like this not because she’s nervous but because she’s excited, hahaha, and announces that her dream is to be a comedienne like him. WOO!!!

She asks him for advice that he can give to young comediennes like her and he replies that his lecture is especially important for people like her. His heart had always fluttered every time he’s on stage and he admits that the industry is one where constant self-betterment is of highest importance and that if one busts his or her audition due to nervousness, then he or she won’t get a call back.


He tells her to remember the phrase “think-do-habit-personality-fate”, which is short for “Thoughts become actions, actions become habits, habits shape your personality and that becomes your fate”. The auditions for new comedians will be held soon, so he urges her to try that out until she passes, which she should be able to do because he failed his four times.

He notes that many of them in the audience have become bored already, so he proposes a game of rock-paper-scissors where the winner gets a chance to hug DongGu. HA! HA! HAAAAAA!!!! This YAPS!

The auditorium erupts into screams and despite Defconn’s weak protests, he pushes through and nice DongGu plays along. Hee.

DongGu plays against the audience and several rounds later, it’s down to two girls. They both wish for SiYoon’s autograph and a hug from him if they win. They play against each other and one wins, and other loses but DongGu doesn’t hesitate to give the loser a quick hug.

Thanks to DongGu, JunHo wins the girl’s hearts, hee!

Finally, it’s TaeHyun’s turn.

He smiles that during the Seoul University Special, he had that feeling of wanting his son, SooChan, to study there in the future and now at Ewha, he wishes that his two daughters could come study here in the future too.

He confesses that he’s more of a listener than a speaker, even as an actor, so he just throws the ball in the audience’s court and tells them to ask him questions so that he may offer them his thoughts and advise them if he can.

The sixth lecture: Live like … …

He asks for questions and a student raises her crutch, ha, and says that she’s lost interest in life. She wants to know the reason for it, since it’s making her lose her confidence. TaeHyun begins his answer by saying that he understands because his recent film (My Sassy Girl 2) failed terribly and so his self-confidence is currently hitting rock bottom. Hee, he has to tell the ladies not to feel sorry for him.

Losing interest in life is a normal phase that everyone goes through and he tells her not to be depressed because of it. The reason he chose that title for his lecture was because he had wanted to complete it with each and every one of their names. He wanted them to live like themselves, without comparing themselves to others and simply stay confident. That’s the best method.


Another student asks him how he’s stayed in love with his own high school sweetheart for so long (he married her), when she herself finds keeping a relationship so difficult to do in her own short life, heh.

He laughs that his own love life has actually been over romanticised and tells them to date a lot, since he couldn’t. He just lived his life his way and turned out like that, ha!

He was 31 when he first got married, which is considered young for a celebrity. He reveals that they had a pact to marry at 30, though he actually wanted to have a hit film before he married. HA, it didn’t happen before he hit 30 and his wife was actually totally furious about delaying their marriage for a year that she even told him to get lost.

So they broke up but they got back together and it was only after their marriage that he had hit films one after another, like Speedy Scandal. He concludes that life never goes the way you want it to, so just live in the moment and see where it takes you. He figures out that the student had recently broken up, so he tells her to cheer up, and all the old bachelors (and JunHo) chimes that there are lots of guys (in the world). HAHA! YAPS even points to JongMin, who sits chest out.

The last student asks what his final goal in life is and TaeHyun says that it’s just to act until he dies. However, he wants them to be more specific about their dreams, like him – he had wanted to be a singer, an actor and a director, so he decided then to become a director who acts in his movie and sings for its OST, Ahahahahhaaaaa!!!  In the end, he really fulfilled all of them (not for the same movie though).

The lectures come to an end, though YAPS never misses a chance to encourage them to vote for him so that he gets dinner.

Yoo IlYong PD has to chase them back to their seats, because there’s one more special lecturer that they’ve invited to share her stories with the students and an elderly lady with a beautiful, warm smile enters. No one really knows who she is though.

Even then, they loudly greet her when she greets them.

She declares that they’re pretty and giggles that she’s back at Ewha after 60 years. But she, Park KyungHee, isn’t a long-time alumna of Ewha because she’d only graduated in 2005, despite having entered in 1956. It took her a total of 50 years to get her graduation certificate and the girls all give her a big round of applause and one of them even shouts “I love you”.


The Ewha graduate explains that she had gotten married in the first semester of her third year and had to give up her education as per school rules and like her parents had wanted, so that her younger siblings could go to school.

It broke her heart so much to give up her education that she even dreamed of taking exams. In 2003, the school’s rule regarding expelled students lifted and she immediately, no matter what, applied for readmission for return to school.

However, at that time, her husband was severely ill and therefore, they had to live in the middle of the mountains in Ganghwado, where it took all day for her just to get to school. She couldn’t give up her desire to study, so she just did everything in the bus/trains/cars, sleeping there and studying there while getting to school every day.

Finally, she got her certificate. It wasn’t an easy road for her, because even the security guards in school would chase her around and try to kick her out, mistaking her for a troublesome old granny who had intended to bother the students.

Even after she had graduated, her thirst for learning was never quenched, and so she applied into the College of Rehabilitation and Welfare. She’s 80 now, but she’s still learning, and these days, she’s studying music, because her dream is to be able to play 10 instruments before she dies.

She’s doing that because she wants to go to hospitals and play music and bring joy to the patients there. Her point is that even at 80, you still can learn, so she wants the girls, many of whom whose eyes have turned red, to have hopes for their dreams. She had even written a love letter to all of them.

She knows that young adults nowadays have many worries, regarding their careers, their marriage and many things else and all she wants to tell them is that it’s okay not to try so hard when you’re having a hard time. She’s lived for 80 years already, and she’s learnt that you don’t have to struggle for everything. No matter whether you’re fast like a rabbit or slow like a tortoise, if you really want something, you will achieve it eventually, so there’s no need to rush. Take your time, you don’t have to be afraid. Just start.

It’s time for question and answer and a student majoring in music explains that even though she’s studying right now, she also wants to do many different things. However, many people around her are telling her to stop doing foolish things and only do necessary things, but she doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do, so she’s just left with constantly worrying about her uncertain future and just the thought of it drives her to tears. The wise Ms Park gives her thumbs up and tells her she’s the best and JunHo sings Don’t Cry by Park SangMin, heh, ever our walking radio station.


Ms Park encourages her to laugh, not cry. If you put your fears aside and just start, you will succeed again and again. The most successful of the elderly are musicians, because the elderlies have come to realise that music is our closest friend. Defconn consoles her, playing with a line from Wheesung’s song, telling her, “Don’t cry, you fool(ish girl), you’re the best”.

Ms Park has inspired them so much that another student from the Strings and Wind Instruments major stands up to tell her that she volunteers during school holidays and that she wishes to be of more help to her and others like her.

The lectures really come to an end and it’s time for the students to vote who gets to eat dinner (at midnight). At the table, JunHo comments that the students had so many worries and JongMin goes into this spiel about discrimination when it comes to giving them food and how it’s wrong.

Yoo PD asks if any of them have confidence that they’ll be one of the top three and JunHo says in a small voice that there’s no way, all while his hands inch upwards, haha!

When JongMin asks if he was really satisfied with his lecture, TaeHyun mutters that he really didn’t like the event, and the others complain that he just exploited SiYoon, heh, predicting that he’ll come dead last. DongGu defends him though.


Yoo PD reveals who came in fourth and its Defconn. On the other hand, JunHo gets third place.

With a total vote count of 98 (which is when TaeHyun collapses with no confidence in his lecture at all), TaeHyun comes in second. Pfft, he jumps right up.

JoonYoung comes in fifth and first place is up for grabs between JongMin and DongGu. Yoo PD reveals both at the same time and they’re momentarily shocked to see DongGu only get 6 votes.

But they soon come to their senses and gripe at Yoo PD for acting like they’re stupid and he admits that DongGu’s voting board had one more page which brings it up to 106 votes.

But that’s not all because there’s another page, making it a total of 206 votes for DongGu. He’s so touched that he announces that he’ll really safe keep it and hand it down to his children later on. Ha.

Also, this is the first time he’s not last in anything in 1 Night 2 Days after his first episode.

The winners gets their food and the losers can just look on enviously.

There’s an extra plate of Makguksu and JongMin tells them to give it to him. JoonYoung says that he’ll probably need to eat it with his hands and JongMin is totally fine with it.

He then proceeds to eat all those noodles in one mouthful. He sucks those noodles in like a vacuum, astonishing everyone else. JunHo, DongGu and TaeHyun even stop eating and JoonYoung and Defconn don’t even complain that JongMin doesn’t share.

That night/morning, they head towards the old residence hall and are led to some remote place. The scaredy cats start worrying about whether this is another scare special and Yoo PD has to explain to them that they’re here because the original plan was for them to play the lucky-or-not game, but because it’s too late, they can’t.

Before them is Ewha’s oldest residential hall, Hanwoorijib, where no men are allowed in and all the residents have a strict curfew at midnight.

JunHo lets out a big fart right then, and isn’t even shy about it. JoonYoung’s annoyed, so he gets up and farts right in YAPS’ face, haha! JunHo swears to poop in JoonYoung’s face.

Anyway, they have to play the sleeping game, which all the guys declare lame and we don’t even get to see a single second of it, only knowing that DongGu and JoonYoung won it.

The losers sleep in the tent right in front of the Ewha Campus Complex.


In the morning, JunHo crawls out even before the Morning music is played because it’s so hot and Defconn hits his head on a camera while getting out. It’s HongCha’s Cheer Up Song and they all groove to the music.

Because they scored three goals at the soccer game yesterday, they’re free to go home.

It’s the next trip already and DongGu arrives first, and JunHo next complaining about it being so early.

TaeHyun pops out of the roof hatch of his car and announces that he carpooled today. Tada! It’s JongMin he rode with, because JongMin’s manager slept in.

Both JongMin and Defconn stall in their respective cars though, because JongMin has to do his makeup and Defconn has to draw on his eyebrows. Hee!

DongGu wonders if they’re going on a boat because they’re meeting at a light house and they gripe at TaeHyun when they spot a small statue displaying him filming with Song HyeKyo here. They therefore expect Song HyeGyo to appear any time but instead, what comes out is more food, like saury and chicken.

Yoo PD tells them to tuck in and they’re all suspicious, suspecting that they’re supposed to catch the ingredients used in all the dishes. They raise a ruckus, refusing to eat. But they do when Yoo PD tells them that they can just all eat everything within 10 minutes.

JoonYoung makes TaeHyun laugh when he picks up a piece of DeoDeok (some kind of mountain root) with his chopsticks and asks if it’s a fish.

JongMin is even complimented for his passion for ramen and even though none of them are told that they’re taking a boat, they talk about it like it’s a fact. Isn’t Yoo IlYong PD the one who almost died from sea sickness when they went squid fishing the other time?

They’re right though, because after breakfast, they’re all given anti-seasick medicine and told that their next destination is related to the food that they’ve just eaten – Ulleung Island, a place reachable by boat.

DongGu explains that Ulleung Island isn’t a place you can just go whenever you want to, because it all depends on the weather. Only with the sky’s permission can they then go there and JongMin gripes that the last time he went there he had such terrible sea sickness and an old reel reminds us that he’d lain incapacitated on the ground the whole way there, a sick bag in his hand.

He’s right when he mentions that Yoo Il Yong is the one with terrible sea sickness and Yoo IlYong PD says that he’s tired of fearing a boat trip and therefore, they’re all to go on this trip with him, which is themed, “Overcoming your and my fears”. Pfft.

TaeHyun declares he won’t go unless they assure him that there won’t be ghosts. Yoo PD doesn’t care and just insists that they repeat after him, “Overcoming our fears”, complete with the funny beat and accent. Then they’re off, just like that.

DongGu wonders what they’ll be doing, thinking that they’ll make them bungee jump and he really dislikes the idea. TaeHyun is really fixated on the ghosts while JoonYoung jokes that SiYoon might be covered in ping-pong balls.

Just a moment after Yoo PD declares that he’s already feeling sick, they reach the ferry terminal and they’re reassured when they see a huge cruise-ship. How do you get sea sick on that?

They board the ship and are excited that it’s even cool in there. The other passengers welcome them warmly as they go to their private area. They complain when they’re given the backward facing seat, accusing the crew of wanting them to get sick but Yoo PD insists that it’s the only way to film them because the cameras can’t fit the other side and DefConn produces a stack full of sick bags, ready for whoever needs it.


Nobody does though, because the skies are clear and waves are calm and they all sleep through the 3 and a half hour journey like babies.

They reach Ulleng Island, and the editing shows us the charms of Ulleung Island, played to Dick Punk’s Ulleungdo Twist. From its mystical, interesting natural structures to its underwater sea life and even its pumpkin taffy, Ulleung Island’s a wonderful place that attracts about 420,000 tourists a year.

Yoo PD congratulates them for a job well done for enduring the  boat ride over, heh, and tells them that they’ll be given an hour’s rest because the staff need time to set everything up.

They’re given a pop quiz about how many traffic lights there are on Ulleung Island (two), which JongMin gets right and rubs in their face.

They’re even given wild ginseng to eat and JongMin’s grimace cracks me up as he feels the bitterness with every muscle in his body.

Yoo PD sends them off to rest “until the energy from the ginseng kicks in” and his phrasing scares DongGu, haha. JunHo notes that they haven’t even done anything in 8 hours!


An hour later, they gather again and Yoo PD tells them that they’ll be playing their Dinner Game right now, in the middle of daylight.

JoonYoung jokes that there are no more fears for them to conquer and suggests Bungee jumping and the other guys join in. DongGu’s the only one who goes quiet and stiff as a rod and TaeHyun continues to say that there’s even a Bungee Jumping Station here in Ulleung Island… that only opens in 2019. Hee, DongGu whines in relief.

Yoo PD passes out a sticker book fashioned after a Chinese restaurant’s menu. The buys get excited over the food pictured there, food that they can get only if they acquire the required stickers.

They will be divided into two teams, depending on which of the two cars behind them they pick. They’ll then be sent off on different routes and the ones who reach the destination first may steal 5 stickers from the other team. It’s therefore a race.

They decide to choose their cars in the order of DongGu, JongMin, JunHo, TaeHyun, Defconn then JoonYoung. DongGu goes to pick his car and YAPS tries to see DongGu’s reflection in his sunglasses by pretending to wipe them. JoonYoung even correctly guesses that both JongMin and DongGu are in Car B, the scarily accurate guy that he is.

They all try to trick the others regarding which car they choose and when JunHo goes off, TaeHyun shares with the rest that he just wants to avoid JongMin, because the theme is overcoming fears and JongMin takes forever to overcome his.

TaeHyun goes for his turn and when he opens the car door, he’s lets out an annoyed whine.

Defconn chooses Car B and laughs when he sees DongGu.

JoonYoung sees JunHo and TaeHyun in Car A and remarks “not bad”.

Choosing done, they all come out of their car, except for JongMin who’s nowhere to be found. Team Car A refuses Defconn’s insistence that JongMin is not in his team and they go to check the car boots. Smile! It’s JongMin in Car B’s boot!

Turns out, it was a pact between DongGu and JongMin to trick whoever choses their car and he totally acted nonchalant when Defconn came in.


Defconn looks on the bright side and says that they’ll win if the games are based on strength and JongMin agrees. If it requires courage, there’s DongGu and if it requires wits, there’s him. Pfft.

They choose their team names (A, Ohnae Ohnae, whatever that means and B, Pumpkin Candy).

They get into their cars are get going. Whee!

JunHo wows at the natural structures around while DongGu monotonously says that he’ll give his all because he’s not good at games. JongMin feels that he’s losing heart and tells him to just be as he always is, without thinking and Defconn agrees, asking when they’ve ever thought of anything. Haha. Cheer up DongGu ya. Even I can feel your reluctance on this side of the screen.

On the other hand, Team Ohnae Ohnae enjoys the cliff views.




Next week!

They’re thrown into their missions.


9 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 EP 129

  1. Woah, this recap was so long that even I didn’t want to read it to the end.

    And it so clearly shows that I was bored halfway through, haha!

    And I’m a bit worried for SiYoon. It’s clear that he’s not as bright as he usually is, right from the moment he stepped off his car, and the teasing about his failure at games is getting to him. His laugter doesn’t have the same cheerful ring to it. SiYoonie, hwaiting!!


    1. I only started watching from the last ep but am surprised that Donggu is last at everything. Seems like he would be winning everything, since he’s so smart and was a marine.


      1. He’s book smart but he isn’t street smart. And the other guys always take advantage of that, ha.

        He wins when it comes to brains and structured games (unless there is a chance for sabotage), but anything that requires instinct, he fails. So bad, haha.

        He reminds me of Gutaeng, only Gutaeng was so NOT optimistic.


  2. Thank you, I was surprised when I saw 4,405 words but I read it!!

    Kim Jun Ho, you sly dog you. Hehe!! Have you read the news about Yoo PD(lobster PD)? What do you think?


    1. I didn’t really think of anything… haha. What will happen will happen. I just need him to be overseeing editing because the latter half of this episode shows that Yoo Il Yong PD isn’t as strong at it. Actualy when I was doing the screencaps, I felt that with the first half too.

      But of course I hope our tired Crayfish can continue as Main PD too… he’s practically the 7th member.


      1. Yes! The editing was so weak. I actually like the second half, when they were on the island, since the captions was scarce compared in the lecture segments. I kept getting distracted since the captions would border on being cheesy, there was just too much of it. And, the music choices were just weird. From an OHYA Ost to Dugeun Dugeun to Lenka’s The Show all within a 1 minute scene.


      2. Haaaaa. I didn’t even register the captions. I was too busy recapping and getting sucked in by the lecturers themselves.

        Part 2 was really boring for me. Yoo IlYong PD needs to work on tighter editing.


  3. I’ve been following 2d1n since Lee Seung Gi joined but i did miss a few episodes here n there. Season 1 is the best n they said season 2 lacked of balance (Joo Won n Shi Kyung mostly won in games). Season 3 is promising. I like the balanced now n like it better after DongGu joins in. The maknae Joon young at least have a friend, yup he is an odd one. Unfortunately, the weather was calm, we couldnt see them suffer.. Heh heh, remembering MC mong the only perfectly fine while eating ramyun while other members sleep it off due to seasick. Tq for the recap.


    1. I don’t really mind that they didn’t suffer, but there was a weird choosing of which scenes go on air because those were shown for too long and were dragged on. I just hope that this episode was a one time thing.

      I liked it with DongGu too. I like his feisty optimism. It’s such a breath of fresh air compared to the veterans’ laid back laziness, haha. Though I’m a little worried that all the teasing is getting to him…


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