Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 17

Thank you


I’m an easy woman:


Me too! I love Park Do Kyung!








You’re not going anywhere.








Thank you.









Drama Queen Act 3


“I got prettier because of love!”




It’s okay. It will be okay.










And then the pregnant lady…




Not everything’s about you.

But if you change for the better because you think that way,
I won’t stop you.




Lil bros. Lil shits.





Advice… turned odd.



She says: Please give our DoKyung lots of love



She replies: Can I take him and raise him? (Like you would about a pet)




Lil shit-in-law:





TaeJin ah… HAN TAE JIN!

  Come back to your senses. Come back!




What the heck is this.




The most childish couple ever:











Telling the truth:













I can’t stop you


So I’ll just accept what you decided.




TaeJin gets a clue.





Worse than jail

welcome to hell




HaeYoung gets a clue

and HaeYoung gets scared




Thinks he can outrun a car.

So he runs STRAIGHT.




Han TaeJin, for coming back,


Thank you.




Good shoes take you to good places


and save your life.




Thank you for living.

그냥… 고마워
(Geunyang… Gomawo)


2 thoughts on “Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 17

  1. I know I’m usually critical of Tae Jin but I’m so thrilled that like you said he came back. Now we can wait for the healing to commence. Thank you for not making such a grave mistake Tae Jin. Thank you for pulling back from the brink. And thank you Do Kyung for loving our crazing Hae Young right back.


    1. Yeah. I was so upset with him when he was flailing all over the overhead bridge rails.

      Hah, all the Thank yous. That’s why I titled this one “Thank you” rather than follow the original title.

      Liked by 1 person

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