Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 18 (Final)

While you grow old, while I grow fat



We’re not imaginary!


We even have sweaty palms!




Stronger than you




Stronger than you





(and now we know where SooKyung gets her acrobatic abilities from)







(and temper)




No matter what age


when it comes to “love”, we’re all teenagers
(But these two are extra hilarious)




Baby bird wants to fly


but… I don’t know if she’ll be fine,
or if I can let her go.


So I’ll let her go,


even if it breaks my heart




You terrible, terrible girl. 

You terrible daughter.








Hoon gets his break



Because he stood by his girl.

(“I love you!”)




What pregnant ladies do:




What moms and daughters really are like:


“Can’t you speak affectionately?”

“Since when have we ever spoken affectionately to each other?!”




This family is so weird, HA.

But they’re happy, and that’s all that matters.




Because I’m her mom,






and you’re the man she loves.




And because I’m her dad.




Heh heh! In your face!


“My children are proper!”

“Noona’s pregnant. For real.”




But no matter what your mother does or how ridiculous she is…


When you’re pregnant, you think of her.




Peace… sets you free


Even if sometimes you’ll remember your hurt,
you’re ready for new happiness.




Lil shits

are sometimes so damn adorable (and useful).




I wonder about your kid too.


and you keep saying “Rooftop Party”, but I keep hearing “Look that body”.




Is he superman or something?




Crazy. They’re all crazy.


But they’re the most reassuring when they’re at their craziest.




The End




The drama Oh HaeYoung Again,brought to you by:

Park HaeYoung.







Oh wait, wrong one!

Oh HaeYoung Again, brought to you by writer Park HaeYoung, director Song HyunWook

and cast and crew.



This episode was so weird for me… hahaha. But, the end! Oh HaeYoung Again, bye…~ T_T

Did I ever mention that I love, love, luuuurve Seo HyunJin’s pronunciation? It’s SO clear.

Also, since this is the last time… if you enjoyed the post, won’t you leave a message for me below??? Please? *Puppy dog eyes*


Je m’en vais, Au revoir. 안녕~
(I’m out, good bye.  Annyeong~)


16 thoughts on “Oh HaeYoung Again IMPcap Ep 18 (Final)

  1. Love the ending as well. Loved it! Loved it! Of course there’s a part of me that goes… am I sure it’s not all in her head. But nah! I shall hold on to believing that Do Kyung survived and they lived happily ever after. And might I add Tae Jin that you’re back to being a yummy piece of man candy now that you’ve got your head back in the game. Screw Chairman Jang. You’re so much better than him. Hahahaha.


  2. Just want to say I enjoyed reading your posts on OHYA very much. Instead of long wordy recaps, your recaps using photos and captions were refreshing and captured the gist of each episode so well. I literally swore, laughed and loved the characters with you. Thank you very much^^


    1. Yay!!! New commentor!!

      I liked doing the IMPcaps too. You learn so much so differently than when you do recaps. Made me appreciate the director even more.

      You’re welcome~


  3. since this is the last episode I agree we have to pop by your comment section to appreciate this and say thank you for all OHYA recaps. I love to read your recaps, it’s new for me to see this kind of recaps but you are doing really great.. it’s not 89%, I’m saying this 100% true. hahaha.


    1. Yay! New new new commentor!

      Really. You don’t have to wait till the last recap/IMPcap to say thanks, you know. Every time I put out something and get no comments, it feels like I’m talking to myself… T_T

      Heh, I will never know what inspired me to come up with IMPcaps, but I like myself for coming up with them (snerk).


      1. heee.. sorry, you are right, I must have sooner but I’m too immersed laughing and immediately go back to watch the part that you post in IMPcap hahaha. I will keep that in mind next time 🙂


  4. For once, evil mom did something good – manhandling Chairman Jang. And the way she strutted out, bow legged, like a gangsta! Ha ha…From 18 eps, only two scenes where you can sort of like her, the other one being her call to SK, about the pregnancy.

    Our Hae Young begging her mom to take her to DK – like a five year old throwing a tantrum, begging mom for her favourite candy! 😀

    And thank you for doing the image recap format – refreshing and lovely. 🙂


    1. Haa, I was so pissed with HaeYoung for doing that, but I understood why and how she could bear to to that – it’s all because of her confidence in her parents, esp her outspoken mother’s love, therefore I did that admittedly longish part in Mama Oh’s perspective up there.

      Mums the word, haha. All mums rule… when their baby’s messed with.


  5. I found you through your 3 Meals A Day posts and I’m glad I took at look around. I personally found Oh Hae Young Again to be one of the most enjoyable dramas I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely a happy place for me and now I feel like rewatching it.

    Loved your recaps.


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