Master of Revenge Ep 19

TaeHa. Just… TaeHa.


Master of Revenge; God of Noodles:

With Congressman Choi gone, GilDo asks if he can take over his position and enter Congress. So TaeSeob doesn’t deny him the chance, since he had entered Congress the same way and since he can’t stop a monster. He only tells GilDo to stop acting as one.

Hwang goes in to testify against GilDo’s numerous crimes and requests full immunity for his own past crimes before he spills. YeoKyung asks for some time to consider the deal.

Three days later, she and Prosecutor Ahn wonder where Congressman Choi is, as he’s nowhere to be found and YeoKyung’s investigator barges into the room that moment and turns on the television, where the news reports that Congressman Choi has died in what seems to be a suicide.

TaeHa also learns of the same news and elsewhere, Senator So scoffs at them announcing that Congressman Choi was his right hand man. It turns out to simply be media play by him, in order to control who gets to enter Congress through that vacancy.


Senator So tells GilDo to lie low until the by-election and GilDo takes this moment of Senator So’s weakness in power to tell him to return all the money that he’d taken. Senator So has no choice any more, since he and GilDo are now in the same boat. He tells GilDo to bring him the original copy of that corruption report and GilDo returns that he’ll do that after he enters Congress, more because he’s learnt his lesson than because he still doesn’t have the report.

TaeHa reels after watching the news and remembers the night GilDo had insisted on going to Senator So’s house himself, contrasting his inaction to DaHae’s plea to stop her father from doing any more evil.

GilDo returns from his session with Senator So and tells TaeHa to go study, since GilDo’ll make him his aide when GilDo becomes a congressman.

YeoKyung learns from Prosecutor Ahn that’s she’s been ordered to stop investigating in Choi’s case and that he’ll be transferred. She apologises for ruining him like that and he agrees to that sentiment, smiling as if humouring her, since it’s kind of ridiculous that he’d worked so hard and come all this way just to fall because of a case she, a new comer, took.


He tells her that all is not lost, because he’s still a card that she hasn’t played. He gives her until the time he’s transferred to do her best to get GilDo. He waves off her appreciation, noting that he doesn’t deserve it since he’s supporting her based on a personal vendetta rather than because he’s working for justice.

GilDo arrives at Goongrakwon and is annoyed that his portrait is still hanging right beside Grandpa Go’s when he’s fired as Noodle Master just 3 years after attaining the title. He gripes at the manager to remove all traces of him at Goongrakwon. GilYong, who’s in the room, suddenly goes nervous and offers to remove the portrait himself, earning him odd looks from both TaeHa and GilDo.

GilYong takes the portrait to a secluded area and tears the board behind the portrait apart. He pulls out a document hidden in there that TaeHa snatches away without even a moment’s notice. It’s the original corruption report and TaeHa moves to safe keep it. GilYong tells him to return the document, since it’s important to YeoKyung, even if he doesn’t know what the heck it is, and TaeHa just says that he’ll keep it safer. You? You can’t even keep a 4R photo safe, how will you keep an A4 document safe?

TaeHa gets it his way when he stuns GilYong with the information that whoever has it will die and also because YeoKyung interrupts them by calling and requesting all of them (our 4 friends) to gather.

At ChiMyeon, Myeong wonders over Congressman Choi’s death, speculating that So TaeSeob and GilDo had something to do with it. The gang arrives and YeoKyung lays down her plans. She first announces that the one who turned TaeHa’s father into a murderer was Kim GilDo and she plans to go to Senator So and strike a deal with him using the corruption report before Myeong’s live show.

TaeHa notes that it won’t end simply by handing the report over to Senator So though, since he’ll most likely clean up his tracks, which means that YeoKyung will be in danger. The hard-headed girl just trusts her prosecutor position to keep her safe and doesn’t heed his opposition. She declares this the start of working together to defeat GilDo, when they’ve been working towards the same goal separately all those time. The whole time, GilYong looks like a lost puppy.


GilDo gets his suitcase of gold bars back and he counts the pieces in his barren room. HyunJeong comes in that moment and doesn’t miss his protective stance over the suitcase before him. She but she feigns ignorance and simply tries to convince him to go for a live show, using his election as bait. It’s a chance for him to get closer to the general public, who will then probably vote him into Congress.

HyunJeong leaves GilDo’s room and calls Myeong, telling him that the fish has taken the bait.

For her part, YeoKyung arranges a meeting with Senator So, enticing him with the corruption report.

Preparing for his entrance into politics, GilDo arranges a meeting with all the major shareholders of Goongrakwon (plus Myeong minus the Clan leader), planning to hand his shares over to one of them so that he doesn’t have to deal with the noodle house any more. He chooses MiJa, saying that she’s the only one he can trust, effectively scandalizing and offending his wife, KangSuk.


With the majority share, MiJa voices her opposition regarding Myeong as heir to Goongrakwon and demands that he prepare the Royal Pheasant Buckwheat Noodles on live television to prove all those rumours about him having taste blindness false. Myeong accepts the challenge and warns her not to raise any more road blocks for him if he does prove her wrong.

Senator So sits in his office, rifling his copy of the corruption report and harking back to the times when GilDo kept stalling in giving him the original versus YeoKyung trying to make a deal with him using the same report.

He chortles at their nerve to play him, which is when TaeHa comes in, with the incriminating report in hand (WHAT?!)  and demands that Senator So give YeoKyung everything she wants. That way, Senator So will get his report (WHAT?!?). Senator So smirks at TaeHa trying to act the hero when he’ll most certainly end up dead by his hands (or his lackey’s hands), but TaeHa returns his amusement with a stare of conviction. Whatever happened to team work?! I swear, these people…

As he leaves, TaeHa sees Yeokyung heading in his direction and hides, walking away only when she’s gone.

YeoKyuung arrives for her meeting with Senator So and requests for his help regarding giving Hwang immunity. Senator So just gives her a hard look and tells her to go get GilDo, blurting out that it’s naïve, unpredictable people like her that scares him. She wonders about his plural usage of the form “you”, but ultimately takes him at face value.

TaeHa returns to Goongrakwon, where GilYong waits anxiously for him, worrying about YeoKyung and wondering if TaeHa had done something wrong. TaeHa simply returns his nervous questions with the phrase that he’d “taken care of it” and tells GilYong to trust his words.

TaeHa strolls towards DaHae’s room with a heavy heart. She manages to call out to him before he knocks on her door and when she answers “maybe” when he asks whether she has time, he tells her to meet him in the car park, totally ignoring her cries that “maybe” could mean that she doesn’t have time.


It’s just her way of playing hard to get, since she runs into her room to prettify herself.

TaeHa’s thinking of a whole different thing, as Senator So’s promise to have him killed play over in his mind. DaHae bounces out into the parking lot to meet him and when TaeHa opens the door to the backseat out of habit, she whines at him, asking if she’s his boss.

He takes her out to eat dumplings at some remote area and completely misses her excitement. She takes that in stride, attributing his terrible EQ to his inexperience with dating and follows the flow of the mood, eating those dumplings too.

TaeHa breaks the moment by sharing his father’s story and tells her as a fellow child of a murderer not to run away and to accept that their fathers’ crimes are not theirs to bear. She looks at him in the eye, trying to read him and just says that if she still wants to run away, then he should hold her, so that she doesn’t.

Thy return back to Goongrakwon together and when it comes the time to part, DaHae startles him by smelling him. She tells him that she smells of cars, sweat and dumplings and the innocent bloke hilariously apologises for it. She smiles, then tells him that together, they create his smell, TaeHa’s smell.


She pecks him on the lips and turns to go, but TaeHa turns her right back and plants a longer one on her, and another one. Surprised at his suavity, she points that he’d never had a girlfriend before and he confirms that statement. However, that was his second kiss, he informs her, because she’d given him his first one when she was drunk. Neither of them knows how to respond to that, so TaeHa just bids her a hasty goodnight and goes. A short distance away, he stops and watches her walk away, thoughtful and letting out an uneasy sigh.

The day of the live show comes and DaHae smiles warmly at Myeong who’s preparing for it. She offers to help him out with the seasoning of the food, coming up with ways to signal the taste and quantity of different ingredients that should be added. However, he rejects her offer, telling her that he has to do this himself.

GilDo’s in his own annex room, putting his own make up (haha!), when HyunJeong comes to save him. She tells him not to be so nervous because she’ll help him present his positive, empathetic side to the audiences and he mutters that’s why he’s even doing this.

Senator So finally comes to a decision and puts in a call to the Prosecutor General. Prosecutor Ahn practically skips into YeoKyung’s office, delighted to present her an immediate arrest warrant and a non-indictment for Hwang. YeoKyung smiles to have gotten away, and even slams the door on her way out when Prosecutor Ahn asks if he should come along (for the show), ha ha!

It’s the beginning of the live broadcast as the public files into their places at Goongrakwon and HyunJeong confirms with Myeong that everything’s okay on his end, straightening his tie as excuse for the close meeting. Myeong tells her to take a question from a man in red among the audience when it comes to question time, and she looks around, not actually finding the person.


KangSuk and MiJa have come to join the live broadcast and one level above them, TaeHa watches, apprehensive. DaHae comes along and slips her hand into his, astonishing him for just a moment before he returns the gesture. She lets out a small smile at his acceptance but TaeHa remains serious and asks her to promise him that she won’t run away.

YeoKyung rushes over to Goongrakwon in her MPV, telling her investigator to step on it.

The times comes for questions and HyunJeong picks out the man in red as told to and GilDo’s eyes grow large as saucers when the man stands up to reveal himself as Hwang.

GilDo mutters “No” under his breath but Hwang continues anyway, shocking the whole room by asking GilDo how it feels like to murder a person. He fearlessly announces that GilDo had both killed a person himself and ordered someone killed and the producer is so flustered he demands his crew to drag Hwang out.

Senator So reads the DNA report confirming that DaHae is GilDo’s daughter in the comfort of his armchair while watching GilDo’s downfall on live broadcast. He grumbles that GilDo has just too many enemies. He calls someone and asks for a few guys – not gangsters, but people who can do some real work.


Myeong chooses take the chance among the chaos to expose GilDo for who he really is, starting from claiming the Royal Pheasant Buckwheat Noodles being his father’s all the way to how GilDo had killed both his parents.

DaHae is completely floored by the revelation and makes to leave but TaeHa holds her back, telling her that if she runs now, then she’ll end up running all her life.

Myeong shows the cameras the old Wanted photo of GilDo’s and lists all of his crimes (that Myeong knows of) in severe detail. His cover completely ripped apart and exposed, GilDo strides into the audience, on his way out,seething in anger, wondering what he’d done so wrong to deserve the humiliation when all he’d ever done was strive to survive. He isn’t even given the chance to go as he pleases, because YeoKyung comes in right then, shoving the warrant for his arrest in his face.

In the car, GilDo  screams Choi SoonSeok’s name and when YeoKyung drives him to desperation by telling him to take a look at the world outside since he won’t be seeing it for the rest of his life, he head-butts his guards and arm-strangles the driver. He crashes the car into a nearby wall and runs through a convenient opening in the wire-fence.

The filming site in Goongrakwon is in disarray while tears pool in MiJa and KangSuk’s eyes at the realisation of the horrors. TaeHa responds to DaHae’s uncertain gaze with an embrace while Myeong sits in his office and watches the news report about GilDo’s escape.

TaeHa comes in and asks what he’s going to do, and when Myeong predicts that GilDo will come to him, TaeHa demands to know just what else he wants, when he’s already taken everything from GilDo and Myeong the Revenger says that he wants to see the expression on GilDo’s face when he’s lost everything. You’re going to lose something really important if you insist on going that far.

Giving up, TaeHa declares that he’s done with his debt to YeoKyung and is dumping YeoKyung on him, so that he himself can do what he needs to do. Myeong only gives a cursory frown at that.

GilDo stumbles out of an abandoned building, blood on his head and a bleeding wound in his abdomen. What just happened there?


He takes out his phone and it’s just sad to see him realise that even though he has numerous contacts in there, there’s no one he can call on in his hour of need.

DaHae comes through for him and calls him, but she’s promptly kidnapped. Seriously?

TaeHa receives a photo message from So TaeSeob showing DaHae’s all bound up with an accompanying message to come with the secret document alone if he wants DaHae safe and alive.

Ever the survivor, GilDo calls Senator So and tries to make a deal with the document that he doesn’t even have. So TaeSeob reveals that he knows that GilDo doesn’t have the document and makes his day worse for him by informing him that he’s got DaHae in his hands. GilDo proves not to be an unfeeling person/beast as he roars for So TaeSeob to leave the innocent girl alone and So TaeSeob tells him to go to a certain warehouse in order to exchange his life for hers.

TaeHa arrives at the warehouse first, where So TaeSeob is, waiting for him.


He demands to see DaHae first before he hands the document over. So TaeSeob acquiesces and lets him speak to DaHae over the phone, after he gets his thugs to abandon her at some remote area.

DaHae seems to sense that something is wrong with TaeHa when he fixates on not bringing her to eat at some place better and even tells her to remember his smell. She doesn’t know what he’s about to do, but commands him, panicked, not to hang up on her or she’ll hate him forever, until the day she dies.

TaeHa does though, and trying to hold back his tears, he sends a call to DokGu, telling him to go protect DaHae.

His loved one’s safety secured, he throws the damned document at So TaeSeob and his eyes redden as So TaeSeob leaves the room, knowing what’s about to happen. He doesn’t even flinch as one of So TaeSeob’s crooks steps towards him and in the field, DaHae sobs, squatting, hands together, as if praying.

TaeHa lies, weak, against some bags, his shirt covered in a pool of blood and wheezing heavily. Oh damn you.



*SPOILER* The preview doesn’t even leave anything to imagination as Myeong narrates that his friend died while they were going after GilDo. *SPOILER*

I have nothing interesting to say, so just leave comments and I’ll reply you. And I still don’t know for what reason GilDo would order YeoKyung’s parents killed. Can someone smarter enlighten me on that?

Noodles, thanks for being an ass.

How do I recap the next episode?!



For a real recap on Episode 20, please head on over to Alessandra Ebulu’s website Dramawithsdrinx. For the very short one, continue on to the next post.


3 thoughts on “Master of Revenge Ep 19

  1. Right now, my eyes are red-rimmed, I have a migraine from hell and my heart’s been pulverized. There’s nothing I can do but wheeze in pain because like you said the preview has me heartbroken. Seriously show? Seriously? We ask you leave at least our puppy couple alive and you kill of Tae Ha?! If Tae Ha’s not in witness protection or something and his cover’s that he’s dead, I will never forgive the show. Ever!!!! I didn’t sign up for this. Tae Ha!!!!!!!!!!!


      1. I shall wait till I’m recapping tomorrow to find out how the story ends. That way if Tae Ha’s truly dead, I shall be dealing with it just once. Don’t want to be dealt with a double blow. I don’t think my heart can survive it.


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