Unnies Debut Stage!!!!! “Shut Up!”


Ra MiRan ft her son and Kim Sook after the cut.

So basically, this is from Sister’s Slamdunk, which shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you if you’ve been watching/following 1 Night 2 Days. It’s a KBS variety show about a group of ladies working towards their dream and this segment, it’s fulfilling actress Min HyoRin’s dream of being a K-pop idol.

I actually wanted to recap this from way back but… I made the wrong choice on which show to recap and I  now don’t have that much time, heh heh. I’m trying to see where I can squeeze time out, esp with Noodles and Oh HaeYoung done, but no promises!

If you have the time, you should totally watch this show, even though I admit that the subtitles releases are not very consistent. Here, some awesomeness from episode 12 to tempt you:


KimSook and JYP’s dancing lesson:



“What is this weird feeling of Deja vu?”





Ra MiRan’s filial son:


Son: “Mom, do you think you’re dancing well now?”

Ra MiRan: “I don’t think I’m dancing well.”



Ra Miran: “Leave the camera here and go sleep!”




But I want to continue filming you…





[A filial son who’s worrying for his mom?!]



Son: “Even when you went to the army (on Real Men, another variety show), you didn’t lose weight! You even gained weight!




Ra MiRan: “SHUT UP!”




[A nice son who blows a balloon without a word?!]

*lets air out in  his mom’s face, making it sound like a fart*

Ra MiRan: “Go in and SLEEP!”




*Keeps bothering mom*

[I don’t want to though] (Song lyrics)

Ra MiRan: “Go. In. And, SLEEEEPP~!!!”


Recapping takes hours... leave me a comment please? 😜

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