Police Unit 38 Ep 6

See that face? That’s the face of someone who got conned and can’t even report it. Ha!


Police Unit 38 Episode 6:

Sa JaeSeong scoffs at JungDo’s return-challenge and puts a pair of handcuffs on JungDo’s countertop, telling him to wear them when he comes to meet him before exiting the apartment himself.

JungDo flings Ma JinSeok’s contract on to the ground and curses before calling Ma JinSeok and informing him that JungDo will personally be coming down to complete the signing of the contract.

In the holding cell, JaWang (Keyboard) tries to tend to HakJoo’s (Burner) wound but HakJoo doesn’t let him. SungIl the innocent tries to catch the attention of a nearby cop, insisting that there’s some kind of miscommunication going on and MiJoo has to lay it all out for him that this is a trap in order to catch JungDo.

BangShil enjoys yet another cup of tea as Secretary Kim’s words regarding JungDo play in her mind. Her daughter, Choi JiYeon, comes in to whisper that our gang has been arrested and BangShil sharply asks for when that happened and where JungDo is right now.


JungDo’s at his apartment complex with the contract, being followed by JaeSeong’s men. They’re so obvious that JungDo just has to glance at them with their obvious in-ear pieces to realise that he’s being followed.

He comes to a stop in the middle of the road and checks their positions behind him using his phone as a reflector. He breaks into a sudden run along the pavement, and then the roads, where JaeSeong’s man chases after him in a car.

He throws a bicycle at the car’s windscreen and the cop sends it crashing into another car parked nearby. But, JaeSeong’s not done yet, because two other cars come for JungDo, and soon, he’s cornered.

He stands there, breathing hard and helpless, like a sitting (or standing) duck, thinking like it’s game over. A black car pulls up and sounds its horn.

JungDo turns to look at it, which is when the car’s back windows lower… to reveal BangShil! Whee!


He flail-runs all the way to the black sedan and hops in, closing the door just moments before the cops reach him. BangShil’s car drives off a short distance away and signals its presence to another black sedan of the exact same model and with the exact same number plate. Hahahahah!!!

One of JaeSeong’s subordinates follows a lone black sedan in his own white car, thinking that JungDo is in it. But then, BangShil’s other mini-me-car drives right beside that black sedan and confuses the cop. All three vehicles squeal their way down the roads, the sedans splitting up at the T-junctions. At a major 4-way intersection, yet another black sedan comes to play and all three sedans split in different directions, while the poor lone white car just drives straight ahead and stops at the kerb, JaeSeong’s subordinate giving up the chase.

JaeSeong finally catches up to his subordinates and kicks them in the shins for not getting JungDo. He’s livid and demands to know where Ma JinSeok is, fixated on getting JungDo. His subordinates plead for him to stop the shenanigans, since they’ve made such a big mess outside of their jurisdiction already for no good reason other than a speculation and are afraid of the backlash.

JaeSeong’s subordinates get simultaneous messages all of a sudden, and it’s an announcement declaring Sa JaeSeong a wanted man. What?

A couple of plainclothes cops (I think they’re cops, I can never trust this drama) come along and arrest him and now, instead of our JungDo, it’s Sa JaeSeong who’s the one in handcuffs. Hee!

Meanwhile, JungDo’s enjoying his mechanical car wash in BangShil’s car. He asks how she knows that he was there and she replies that she got a call from someone informing her that all the others had been captured while he alone was being chased and so she came to save him. She in turn asks him if he knows who called her and he answers that of course he doesn’t know. With a wry smile, she tells him to call her if he comes to know who it is.

At the police station, a Detective, Kim HongGil, receives a call that makes him scrunch his face in confusion. JiYeon struts into the station (with her lawyer) and addresses the cop by name, then turns to head towards the holding cell and tells the gang to come out, since they should finish what they started.


JungDo meets with Ma JinSeok at a coffee shop and presents him with the sales contract. Ma JinSeok stamps the contract and even calls his brother, who’s already at the bank, to wire the money over immediately. As they wait, Ma JinSeok offers JungDo another deal, proposing to give him a 3% commission if he agrees to leave SungIl out to dry.  (With SungIl, Ma JinSeok would have to pay a 5% commission which would then be shared equally between JungDo and SungIl, which comes up to only a 2.5% commission for JungDo.)

Heheh, SungIl comes along that moment and remarks that Ma JinSeok’s scum to the end. I love that JungDo tags him in and SungIl takes over JungDo’s seat.

Now face to face with Ma JinSeok, he addresses Ma JinSeok in banmal and informs him casually that he, the moron, got conned. Lol, his words. He happily tells Ma JinSeok that the land he just bought at 6 million is only worth a mere $10 per pyeong, and there’s no raising its value because nothing can be done to it as it’s sitting right on top of the greenbelt.


At first, Ma JinSeok is in denial, so SungIl tells him to go check out the online cadastral map and sure enough, that land’s just worth $10.20.

He rushes to call his brother and shouts at him to stop the transfer. All hail the efficiency of banks, because the money’s gone through. HA!

Ma JinSeok’s completely flustered and humiliated and SungIl notes that it looks like the face of the Ajumma he had forced to down the expensive water. He tells Ma JinSeok to remember the feeling and understanding the truth, Ma JinSeok starts to beg SungIl and JungDo, even getting on his knees.

He gets into a temper when neither says anything and our gang comes in one by one, all of them looking terribly smug. Hee! But… are you sure that revealing your faces like this is safe? And the background music is killing me. (Na oetteokhae~ ~Na oetteokhae~?! (What do I do?!))

Ma JinSeok tries to call the police but SungIl takes his phone away and impolitely tells him to sit. $520,000 in local tax, $5.25 million in national taxes. He owed a total of $5.77 million in tax arrears, and they’re now paid in full. SungIl throws down the car key that Ma JinSeok had given him and then he flounces out , with our conmen following close behind, leaving Ma JinSeok to take all his anger out on the poor innocent furniture nearby alone.

Back in City Hall, the tax office gets a call – Ma JinSeok has repaid his taxes in full. Hee. The news shocks Baek SungIl from Division 1 and he runs to inform both Commissioner Ahn and city Mayor Chun GabSoo. While Mayor Chun is nonplussed, Commissioner Ahn is stunned by the news.

Commissioner Ahn explains that Ma JinSeok was a collaborator of Bang PilGyu’s, who in turn is connected to Choi ChulWoo. Both public servants must be eating out of Choi ChulWoo’s hands because Commissioner Ahn comments with no unclear terms that if he and his aides go down, so will them both. When Mayor Chun asks who was in charge of the case, SungIl’s name comes up.

In a meeting room elsewhere, SungHee is holding a meeting to go get Bang PilGyu. She brings the rest of the team up to speed, with additional information that Bang PilGyu is CEO of WooHyang Construction and Choi ChulWoo’s hometown junior. The main WooHyang Group itself has gone bankrupt.


A co-worker of hers asks why she’s suddenly digging this up when it’s more suited for a long term project and she replies that it’s an attempt at saving SungIl’s job. Their goal is not actually to get the money from Bang PilGyu but to put on a show using the media and turn the tide of public sentiment against Bang PilGyu. They believe that doing this to Ma JinSeok’s direct superior will cause Ma JinSeok to get cold feet and agree to their deal of retracting his accusations and complaints against SungIl in exchange for backing off, thereby saving SungIl from the disciplinary hearing and helping him keep his job.

NohSeung pipes up to claim credit for this was all his idea and SungHee notices that he’s got make up on, hee.

The team readies to head out and still waiting in their office is the guy who was pestering SungIl the other day. He’s PARK SANG-HO, and although SungHee tells him to go work instead of waste his time sitting there, he mutters that it’s not that easy though.

NohSeung gives SungHee the power to lead both his and her own team. In the car on the way there, she outlines their plan, which is basically to search everywhere and make a scene with Bang PilGyu’s riches, all while leaving the housekeeper’s room alone.


Chun GabSoo watches the news and sighs when he hears that a really severe typhoon is heading his way, one that is expected to cause more damage than the last huge typhoon from 6 years ago.

SungHee and team arrive at Bang PilGyu’s house, where all the journalists and their cameras are already waiting. When no one answers her call at the gate, SungHee calls for a ladder so that they can scale his walls. Is that even legal? Isn’t that trespassing?

Bang PilGyu’s not all that ignorant about all these because he sees everything that’s going on from his balcony up above.

Successful in getting past the gate, SungHee then heads to the front door and when no one answers again, she calls for the ladder yet again while NohSeung worries that there’s actually no one in there. She just says that she’s confident that someone’s inside, though she must not actually have known, since she visibly brightens when her co-worker checks and confirms that there are people in there.

They break Bang PilGyu’s electric lock (I’m never getting one of those) and righteously storm into the place, where Bang PilGyu sits, calmly, at his dining table, as if waiting for them.

NohSeung has a sobering flashback of the time when he’d last seen Bang PilGyu and lets SungHee take the reins.

BangPilGyu greets her warmly, even asking if she’s eaten and before SungHee can read out the taxes that he’s not paid, he announces to the room of journalists with their cameras the exact amount that he owes. He knows that the tax officials are allowed to search his house as per the law, but requests to say his piece before they do that.


He turns the media stunt on its head by playing the sad ruined CEO, claiming that his Multi-Level Marketing company was an honest one that was the victim of a witch hunt and unfairly brought to ruins because they, the management, had refused to pay the previous president and his subordinates a single penny in bribes.

Despite this large warning sign, SungHee tells the others to carry out their plan. Her co-worker finds an expensive watch in the bare dressing room and when he attempts to repossess it for taxes, Bang PilGyu’s wife comes in to beg for mercy, saying that it was a precious gift from their daughter-in-law. She bursts into quiet sobs when the tax official stands firm and Bang PilGyu comes in to take her away, telling her that she should give it up for the country. This is getting terrible for our tax collectors’ images.

The rest of her subordinates find nothing either, since all the rooms are empty.

Realising that they’re in trouble, she tries to save the situation by asking Bang PilGyu to open the door to his secret room. She bashes through all his attempts to stop her from opening the safe and demands that he open it. He hence does so with a sigh and a request to know her name (which she gives) but all that’s in there in a printout of his father’s portrait. Wah waaaa…


As our tax collectors leave with their journalists, Bang PilGyu calls out to SungHee and smiles that if all this was just her attempt to put on a show, then he’ll let her go, but he warns that if she’s here to collect his taxes, then she’s in trouble. She steely replies that she came just to do her job.

Bang PilGyu is informed by his panicking son that Ma JinSeok has paid all his taxes and SungHee’s just as stunned to learn that when she returns to office.

She walks through the hallways and bumps into JungDo, who’s here on his way to meet SungIl.

She connects the dots and attributes Ma JinSeok’s sudden act of good citizenship to his con and cries that now they don’t have a way to save SungIl’s job, since there’s no way to make a deal with Ma JinSeok when he just got conned by them. This is all news to JungDo and she just flares at him for taking away their chance at saving SungIl’s job.

SungIl’s in the middle of preparing a memorial that evening for his colleague, MinShik, who also happens to be his brother-in-law. In the background, the news plays. The newscaster announces the planned increase in reward for disclosure of other’s hidden assets and plans for every rich person with high tax arrears to be assigned a dedicated tax officer to monitor their tax returns. It also reports that someone who had aided, abetted and had taken bribes from fraudsters has gotten arrested. Uh oh.

SungIl’s wife gripes that her brother’s her enemy for introducing him to her and mocks that even her mother agrees that SungIl’s foolish like a bear, heh. There’s no real heat to her words, so they’re just bickering.

JungDo comes to visit then as SungIl’s co-worker and is invited for dinner. He doesn’t get to eat much though, because SungIl’s wife keeps pestering him about his relationship status and SungIl has to snap for her to stop it.

JungDo turns his attention to SungIl’s daughter and asks in banmal how old she is. She returns (in banmal) that she’s in her first year of high school and JungDo asks how old that is. She retorts for him to calculate that himself, ha. He goes on to praise her looks and predicts that she must be popular in school and she scoffs that he’s a conman, right? What?!

Pfft, it just turns out to be an offhand remark, as she tells him not to suck up to her just because she’s his superior’s daughter. Haha, JungDo’s met his match.


JungDo and SungIl relocate to a pojangmacha outside, where JungDo asks about his relationship with MinShik and learns that MinShik had committed suicide because he was accused of taking bribes. SungIl sighs that he should have believed MinShik and regrets that his last words to his brother-in-law were to tell him to lie low, because SungIl has to get his pension.

JungDo reads more into the situation and asks if it was just that; if it wasn’t just because he had touched the wrong guy.

SungIl admits that MinShik had been ambitious and fearless and had gone after WooHyang. They’d even pasted repossession stickers all over Bang PilGyu’s possessions and everything, but they couldn’t even get close to Choi ChulWoo, the real head, when a phone call came and made everyone back out of the investigation, from Commissioner Ahn, to Division 1’s Baek SungIl to NohSeung and eventually even him, leaving MinShik all alone.


Anyway, he asks JungDo what he came to see him for and JungDo replies it wasn’t because he missed him, definitely not. JungDo asks why SungIl didn’t tell him about his situation with the disciplinary committee, when he could have used the scammed money into making a deal with Ma JinSeok to drop his case. SungIl mutters that it wouldn’t be fair of him to do that, after he’d promised to keep JungDo from jail if he’d delivered his side of the deal.

SungIl admits that he did use violence, so there’s no arguing that, but since he never took bribes, he doesn’t think that he’ll get fired. At most, he’ll make it so that the punishment is limited to a mere suspension and JungDo laughs that it doesn’t seem he can pull that off though.

JungDo says that he has something to give to SungIl and when SungIl looks at him expectantly, JungDo smirks that he’s not giving it now.

Ma JinSeok is brought to Bang PilGyu and his son and admits that he got conned, which is how he ended up paying his taxes.

Bang PilGyu’s son makes to hit him, then holds back and commands JinSeok to hit himself. He’s not happy with JinSeok’s weak slaps and goes up to deliver the punches and kicks him himself, only stopping when Bang PilGyu tells him to.

Bang PilGyu sits next to JinSeok and essentially tells him that he’s cutting him off. JinSeok gets to his knees to beg for mercy, because if Bang PilGyu does this, then JinSeok’s family will go bankrupt. Bang PilGyu doesn’t care, and orders his son to wrap up all their businesses with JinSeok, which also means taking all of JinSeok’s nightclubs away from him.

In the car on the way home, Bang PilGyu tells his son not to use his chauffer so much, since it doesn’t fit in their image of a poor, down-on-their-luck family. His son apologises for having to do so because he himself is a terrible driver and in his attempt to explain his needing the driver, he actually ends up insulting the driver and jeers that the driver will never be able to amount to anything because all he knows is how to drive. Says the one who can’t even drive properly.


The apple didn’t fall far from the tree because Bang PilGyu refers to the tax officers as obnoxious bastards.

JungDo’s words and odd visit keep SungIl up that night, so he decides to head to HakJoo’s office to find out what the deal is. He tries to get his wife’s car keys, but his wife’s not that deep in her sleep yet for she mutters, asking him where he’s going. Oops. Heh. SungIl therefore has to walk the whole way there.

Our fraudsters are all meeting in HakJoo’s office, where earlier in the day, JungDo had tried to persuade them into helping Baek SungIl. He pleads to their humanity, stating that SungIl’s a good guy and remarks that it was nice to be on the good side of the law for once. He knows that they could just go back to their ways, but chirps that people like SungIl should remain where they are and not get bumped out, just so that there’ll always be people like SungIl to ensure that justice prevails. As per Act 38 in Korea’s law book, every citizen shall pay his taxes as outlined by the Act. Won’t they help SungIl uphold that?

Therefore, when SungIl arrives that night, he walks right into a meeting of our gang, who’s currently working on all the tax cases that his division’s in charge of. Eeee!!!! They’re there, planning to get taxes from 300 people in order stop SungIl’s dismissal.


Heol. I dislike this drama. It’s unpredictable and keeps proving me wrong every episode, making me look like a fool in the recaps. Bye bye Ma JinSeok? Or will you be joining our conmen in taking revenge?

But actually… Drama, it’s fine! Make me a fool every week, just be good! HAAA!!

It’s adorable to see the team actually bonding and this is the start of them becoming a real team. Before this they were all just collaborators. I still remain impressed by JungDo’s ability to read people, haha, because he always gets it right and frames his words, tone and body posture to become whatever it is that the other party will accept and expect. Conmen are still men (or women) as this last act shows, because all JungDo had to do was plead to their inner need for meaningfulness – something that everybody has. And nothing was needed to persuade our JungDo to help SungIl!

JungDo’s ability to persuade them so easily like this is only because they’re not hardened criminals only looking for a quick buck. They’re conmen not because they like the cash or the thrills alone but because that’s what they can do to survive. That’s evidenced by them all willing to take orders from JungDo without even trying to undermine him and take the 6 million for themselves as in the Ma JinSeok case (except BangShil, but she’s under orders from Chariman Wang to help JungDo).

They’ve always been on the fringe of society and I don’t believe that they’ve found any sort of meaning in their work before. Therefore, this proposal to do something good actually reaches out to them, because for once, they’re doing something that can be commended by respectful people, which after living so long facing scorn must be something they crave, even if subconsciously. Also, they’ve come to know SungIl, so I guess their sort-of affection for him aided them in making this decision.

SungHee and gang remain so painfully naïve and good that it really hurt to see them get played by Bang PilGyu like this. But then again, this guy owes $50 million. That’s not an amount the ordinary person can hide. Compare that to Ma JinSeok’s $5.77 million and Ma JinSeok suddenly looks like llama spit. SungHee will have to pull up her her britches and buy a belt because it’s going to get tough if she’s going to continue running after Bang PilGyu. First of all, she’s gotta stop having that tendency to be laser focused to the extent of ignoring all other (warning) signs and think a little more about how things might unfold and why. I fear that she may go the way MinShik did and talking about MinShik, I don’t actually believe that he committed suicide just because he was accused of bribery and lost his job. He didn’t seem that weak a person to me.

I admit to being a little appalled that JungDo’s plan to escape JaeSeong was… just to outrun him. Lol, that’s a terrible plan, JungDo. Glad for him that Karma came to save his ass in the form of BangShil. It was so hilarious seeing money save people and the creative way that BangShil did it with her three identical cars. And I love that JungDo’s actions are out of JaeSung’s jurisdiction, because it means that nasty JaeSeong is getting in trouble. Hee! I decided that he was nasty the moment that was revealed, because it means that he was not acting out of concern for JungDo at all, nor was he just doing his work, which leaves the conclusion that he’s just after JungDo to do him in. I like JungDo too much so anyone who tries to bring this fraudster down is a bad guy! This is so not logical, ha. But conmen play with your hearts more than they play with your head and this conman has stolen my heart.


And since this is a drama about cons, read all about the differences between illegal Pyramid Schemes and legal Multi-Level Marketing here. We should all get smarter regarding such things.



11 thoughts on “Police Unit 38 Ep 6

  1. Hahaha. I loved this episode as well! Loved it. Everybody got played. From our jerkface of a cop to Ma Jin Seok. Heck, even Sung Hee got played. This drama just keeps changing things for me, and it’s now that you said that I actually realize that there is a probability that Min Shik might have been killed and then it was framed as a suicide. If that’s the case, then I’m really worried for Sung Hee because girl is too idealistic and just keeps plunging into trouble. *Le Sigh*


      1. Like, I so don’t want to think of how much. Every time they mention the taxes, I stagger. Hahaha. And it has me itching to see exactly how our team will pull off the 50 million dollars con against Bang Pil Gyu because that is going to be one hell of a con. As for Choi Chul Woo, I wonder if they can even pull it off and if they will survive it when they do.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m pretty sure Jungdo was the one who called Wallet and was banking on her to save him from the mean detective. Running wasn’t his only plan, lol.

    I can’t believe Ma Jinseok’s con went through. I kind of felt sorry for him, although I would be sorrier if he weren’t such an a*hole. Hope he turns and helps them get Bang Pilgyu, I liked the actor in Marriage Contract when he turned.

    Sunghee isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but at least she’s persistent. Can’t wait for her to join the team and be badass.


    1. Really? You think JungDo called Wallet/ BangShil? I don’t think so though…

      Yes, Ma JinSeok, turn and show them what you’ve got!

      SungHee’s strength is her weakness, mainly because she’s too extreme and not reading the situation.


  3. Thanks for the recap! I actually semi gave up on watching this episode (I thought the plot would never get going!), but I’m so glad I came to read the recap here because now I’m going to watch it! Glad they finally got MJS because he is such an ass. I’m not hoping for redemption for him at all. He made his bed and deserves to sleep in it. If that makes me nasty then so be it. Haha. #sorrynotsorry


    1. You semi-gave up?? Why????? I think the drama’s tottering along at a good pace.

      Lol, I don’t need redemption for Ma JinSeok either but if he helps our gang, all the better for it. I want Bang PilGyu to fall too! And then Choi ChilWoo. And Ma JinSeok is the rat that knows how they work.


      1. Hehe. Well partly because I was pretty busy and partly because I’ve been WAITING for them to take down MJS since epi 3… And it just felt like they kept throwing obstacles at JD to stop him without much plot advancement- SungHee ratting on them, Wallet quitting, the car crash, JS and his interference… And I was wondering when they would finally bring him down! But I’m notoriously impatient so I t’s probably just me. 🙂


      2. Ah… I guess I was just more interested in the process than the outcome than you then.

        I’d rather see the good guys and the bad guys trip each other up all the time. Haha. Makes for entertainment. Plus, I wasn’t really that invested in taking Ma JinSeok down, since that’s a given.


  4. I’m glad MJS is gone, and that opened up a whole lot of other corrupt people so I guess it’s a cross between a case a week and chasing one person. Can’t wait for Sung Hee to join them, I felt so pained watching her get played by Bang Pil Gyu that I had to fast forward. Hope this is the thing that tips her to the “bad” side 😉


    1. Yeah, I prefer it that way (one baddie to a few episodes). Makes it less mechanical.

      I don’t actually mind SungHee not joining them since conning people is not her way. I just don’t want them to trip each other up.

      Liked by 1 person

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