1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 130

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 130:

The race in Ulleungdo (“do” basically means island), Team Pumpkin Candy announces the dishes that they want the most: Defconn wants Bulgogi, DongGu wants Deodeok Squid Bulgogi while JongMin wants Ulleungdo Jjampong with abalones, which mean that they need to collect or win a total of at least 50 stickers.

On the other hand, Team Ohnae Ohnae is busy marveling a hill that looks like a bear.

They end up at a beach, their first destination, where JunHo complains that they keep doing things related to DongGu. Heh, just because it’s a beach it’s related to SiYoon?

Yoo PD announces that the first fear that they will overcome is fishing and they all groan. What?

Pfft, it turns out to be fishing in the deep waters with meter high waves that they’re thinking of while I was thinking of them sitting very boringly at the seaside and casting fishing poles.


For Ohnae Ohnae, they’re to catch Pacific Saury, while Team Pumpkin Candy is tasked to get barnacles.

Team Ohnae Ohnae bursts out in disbelief, since Pacific Sauries are only found in deep water. To make things worse, Yoo PD introduces them to the traditional method of catching those sauries – by hand – and JongMin makes matters worse by telling them that those fish have teeth. Ever the good guy,  DongGu reassures them that it’s okay, since they all have 10 fingers. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

The truth sinks in for them when Yoo PD shows them a clip of an Ulleungdo resident catching those fish exactly with the traditional method, but they brighten up when Yoo PD tells them that he’ll give them 2 stickers for their dinner-menu-scorecards per fish. They also have the option of catching those fish using fishing rods.

For Team Pumpkin Candy, they’ll be given 2 stickers per 100g of barnacles collected. Both teams will have a total of 40 minutes to carry out their tasks.


JunHo, JoonYoung and TaeHyun jet off on a speed boat to the flimsy raft built for them to catch those fish and they flail around when they get on it, screaming when one side starts to sink. Only one minute in, TaeHyun is already declaring that he’s giving up, ha!

On the other hand, Team Pumpkin Candy has to paddle themselves to the rocks where the barnacles are that’s a problem in itself. They even get beached on a flat protruding rock, HA!

TaeHyun tries his hand at fishing the traditional way and then yells that there’s nothing in the waters at all. Pfft, Yoo PD yells back then that because of the windy weather, fishing the traditional way doesn’t work. This is so lame, hahahaha.

They all therefore try to fish using the rods but TaeHyun can’t even extend his to use without problems. Hee.


JoonYoung is their only hope, as the only guy among them whose hobby is fishing. He does successfully fish one up and the sight of the wriggling fish excites the other two men. TaeHyun laughs that he could probably catch 50 fish (so that they get the maximum 100 stickers).

While JoonYoung pulls up fish after fish, Team Pumpkin Candy paddles their rafts in circles, hee. In the end, they’re pulled by a motorboat to their rocks.

They start to scrape those barnacles off the rocks, though there are more true limpets there than barnacles. They can’t figure out for sure which is which, so they just scrape everything. This is so not sustainable fishing.

JoonYoung pulls up a fat fish and asks JunHo to unhook it for him. YAPS does, but then hooks the fish back on his line, acting like he was the one who caught it and demands that everyone call him a fishing genius. Pffft.

Back on the rocks, JongMin picks everything, including true limpets and 5 minutes till time up, DongGu, the icon of integrity on 1 Night 2 Days, suggests that they add stones to their baskets. HAAAA!!!!

Their baskets are sent for weighing and Defconn remarks that the PD’s not as gullible anymore, since he throws their stones out. Hee. It only means that he’s not blind, not that he’s not gullible.

Team Pumpkin Candy gets a total weight of 580g of barnacles, despite DongGu blowing at the barnacles sitting on the scale from the top to increase their “weight”. That means that they get 10 stickers. Team Ohnae Ohnae gets 12 stickers for their 6 fish.

Both teams are then driven to the Hakbawi rocks, which is basically a cliff off the beach, though Team Ohnae Ohnae reaches first.


TaeHyun groans when he sees the markers 4m and 6m on the rock and Yoo PD confirms that they’re there to overcome their fear of heights.

All three kids complain that it’s not doable, asking if the crew has tried it out. Yoo PD replies that he jumped off those heights himself and that it’s perfectly fine. Ha, they have no more excuses.

They’re to jump off the cliffs at whatever heights they choose, and the total heights chosen will be added up. If they jump a total of 5m, then they’ll get 5 stickers. 10, if they jump a total of 10m and 20 stickers if they jump more than a combined total of 15m.

They go check out what it looks like at those heights and while TaeHyun screams at 4m, JoonYoung declares that it’s simply impossible to jump off at 6m. He suggests that they jump off the 4m mark first, in case that gives them courage. After several rounds of rock-scissors-papers, TaeHyun is IT.


Heh, JunHo’s so scared that the seagulls annoy him and he starts shouting at them to be quiet like this is their entire fault, pfft.

After a very short moment of whining, TaeHyun dives into the sea from 4m. But when asked if he can jump off at 6m, he answers no.

JoonYoung’s up for his turn at 4m and hesitates. That’s the moment Team Pumpkin Candy comes along. While JongMin practically whimpers in fear, DongGu jumps up in delight, clapping as he laughs that he LOVES this.

With the extra audience, JoonYoung musters up his courage and takes the plunge. And the moment he surfaces, he says he can’t do the 6m one.

One of the staff tells them that if they head up to the peak and see what it’s like up there, 4m and 6m will seem like nothing. TaeHyun climbs up to see what he’s talking about and he’s so shocked he can’t even stand.


It’s JunHo’s turn and he’s supposed to jump off at 6m but he hesitates so long that Yoo PD asks if he’s gonna go already. He tells TaeHyun, who’s sitting at the 6m mark, that if he jumps off at 6m, then he, JunHo, will jump off at 5m.

Neither does, so Defconn, who’s been waiting up there asks for them to let DongGu go first.

SiYoon decides on 6m and simply leaps from there into the sea without any fuss at all.

With that done, Defconn and TaeHyun bark at the two scaredy-cats JunHo and JongMin to just jump off already. They refuse, so Defconn screams that he’s just going to go now, at 6m.

Hee hee, he jumps off the cliff and plummets into the sea with a humongous splash, making TaeHyun laugh and when he resurfaces, he can’t really get his bearings right, but he looks so cute like that.

All that’s left for Team Pumpkin Candy is for JongMin to jump off at 4 meters and then they’ll reach the maximum height of 15 m, earning them 20 stickers. JongMin prepares to go, and DongGu encourages him from the side, “you can, you can, you can,”… but then JongMin falls back, declaring that he cannot! Oh sigh.

TaeHyun proposes to jump off at 6m to give JunHo the courage to jump off at 5m and tells JunHo to jump off right after him. JunHo  agrees and hollers, “Men, keep their promises!”

So TaeHyun does dive into the water again and JunHo can’t believe that he actually did it. He flails around on the rock and keeps hesitating, just. Not. going. I guess you’re a lady then.

Both JunHo and JongMin continue like that, even as Yoo PD does the countdown to the end of the mission and in the end, they really don’t jump. Lol, JongMin screams that he’d imagined that he did.


This means that both teams earn 10 stickers for the mission. The current score is Team Ohnae Ohnae with 22 stickers and Team Pumpkin Candy with 20 stickers.

They board their motor boats and see sights like Needle Point and Elephant Rock.

The boat with Team Ohnae Ohnae stops at Elephant Rock and TaeHyun wonders what in the world they’re going to do now, in the middle of the ocean.

It’s nothing too absurd, since Yoo PD just tells them that their third mission is to overcome their fear of quizzes. TaeHyun mutters that he’s so embarrassed with his poor performance at quizzes since his kids watch the show, aw. Here, they’ll be playing a quiz about elephants. They get 3 stickers for every answer right and get one sticker taken away for every answer wrong.


The first question is about the gestation periods of elephants. If they generally give birth every four years, then how long does an elephant stay pregnant for?

1) 10 months 2) 12 months 3) 22 months 4) 2 years.

On another boat, Team Pumpkin Candy gets the same question and DongGu shares that his tour guide in Thailand had told him that gestation periods are generally 2 months shorter than whole years and so, the other 2 members of the team decide to trust his answer, because he’s the only one whose ever ridden an elephant. Lol.

DongGu answers 22 months while Team Ohnae Ohnae chooses a full 2 years and so of course DongGu wins.

The reactions on the two boats couldn’t be more different, with DongGu jumping up in joy while TaeHyun grumbles that gestation periods are not fixed! Too bad they get it wrong, so they have to return a sticker. JongMin, on his side, has the gall to say that he would have scolded DongGu if he had gotten it wrong. Says the guy who’s answer to “what do you do when you see a bear” is “you hit it!”


The next question is about elephant farts. Hee. An average human farts about 300cc (cubic centimeters) a day (and JunHo interrupts to say that he farts about 500 cc), so how much does an elephant fart in a day?

1) 300 cc 2) 10 000 cc 3) 200 000 cc 4) 3 000 000 000 cc 5) It doesn’t fart. It only releases gas through its nose.

Ha, even Yoo PD can’t hide his laughter when he reads out the last option.

Come on guys, the elephant is a herbivore. Surely you know how much those things fart…

JunHo works the answer out by comparing his poop volume rate to that of an elephant while JongMin works it out through the number of times a human defecates a day as compared to the elephant. He works through ratios and comes up with 100, 000 cc. DongGu adds that the numbers should be doubled, so they come up with the answer of 200, 000 cc, while JunHo comes up with 10, 000 cc.

Tada, Team Pumpkin Candy wins it, while JunHo and TaeHyun laugh in disbelief at the ridiculously high amount.

The last game will be to play the TangSuYuk Game, which JoonYoung is a genius at.  However, this time, the word TangSuYuk will be replaced with El-E-Phant. It’s basically repeating the three syllables in alternate between the two people playing it.

Defconn goes up against the PD with them while JoonYoung goes against Yoo PD.

Pffft, Defconn rushes to start, insisting on taking the first syllable, only to fail the game just 3 syllables in. JoonYoung wins his, of course. Heh, Yoo PD didn’t even know how he’d lost, just knowing instinctively that he’d lost.

So Team Ohnae Ohnae wins 7 stickers this round while Team Pumpkin Candy wins 11 stickers. That puts them at 29 and 31 stickers respectively.

They pass by Samseonam and come to YeonDo Bridge, a passenger-only bridge which connects Ulleungdo and Gwaneumdo.


When their PD tells them that the bridge is their next destination, Defconn blurts out, “why?” and immediately thinks of the worst – bungee jumping.

It’s not bungee jumping that they’re going to do but getting over their fear of exercising. The show flashes back to their terrible stamina, ahahaha, so Yoo PD tells them that they’re here to train their muscles and expand their lungs. They’re to run a relay along the bridge, with a snack in hand and the last person has to feed a seagull that snack. What?

In any case, if they succeed within 1 minute, they get 10 stickers. In 50 seconds, 15 stickers and if they make it under 30 seconds, then they’ll get 50 stickers. Lol, it’s obvious which one is the impossible record.

Team Ohnae Ohnae goes first and JoonYoung goes dashing down the bridge, passing it to TaeHyun, who passes it to JunHo who tries to get a nearby seagull to just eat it already. Hee, the seagull just keeps flying away each time he approaches it. They fail.


Team Pumpkin Candy goes for their turn and DongGu zooms down the bridge and passes the snack to JongMin, who screams all the way down and passes it to Defconn… who has no luck with the seagulls either. Pfft. What in the world are they doing now…

They continue and continue like that, until the sun goes down but the seagulls just aren’t eating those snacks.

Yoo PD gives up too and decides to change the game. One member from each team will come up, blindfolded and guess which finger the snack is on his opponent’s finger. The one who guesses right will earn 5 stickers for their team.

It’s JongMin and JunHo, who each swear to eat the other’s finger, hah.

The first time they try, both get it wrong and as expected of dumb and dumber, they both chomp down on the fingers, refusing to let go.


The second time, the both get it RIGHT. But then neither wants to release their finger too, lol. TaeHyun remarks that they’re true rivals and Defconn suggests that they do this game with their feet.

They decide to make it simpler, choosing only between the finger on the left or right hand, and JunHo drives TaeHyun crazy with laughter when he picks his nose with the free finger, EW!

JongMin on the other hand licks his own no-snack finger, PFFT. I CAN’T BELIEVE THEM!

TaeHyun falls to the ground in roaring laughter as they BOTH choose the free finger. OMG, I CANNOT WATCH THIS!

The fingers go into the mouths and when TaeHyun asks how the heck they could think so alike, JunHo clues in and starts spitting. Hee!


The next round, it’s JunHo who wins.

Therefore, it’s Team Ohnae Ohnae with a mere 32 stickers and Team Pumpkin candy with only 31 stickers. That means that all they’ll be eating are dried squids and in the bus to the restaurant, they all nag at Yoo PD to show the viewers the specialties of Ulleungdo, like Jjampong, Yakso Bulgogi, Deodok Squid Bulgogi, Octopus Samgyeopsal and other stuff. Even DongGu joins in, but it just looks like Yoo PD is feeling car sick and not even listening.

They pass by a huge gathering of police and wonder what happened there.

Both teams only end up ordering Limpet Kalguksu (knife-cut-noodles) as their stickers allow.

Yoo PD asks them to describe the food and JongMin goes first, starting off with a “Wow!” And because pictures say a thousand words, please refer to the picture below for what he’d said. When it comes to JunHo’s turn, he calls it the taste of his mother’s grandfather, almost making TaeHyun do a spit-take.

DongGu does the best, describing the strength of the limpets as they had clung onto the rocks. He says that he feels that strength and therefore the dish tastes of the rocks in the sea.

Yoo PD throws in an additional dish, Deodok Squid Bulgogi, which the team who wins a Link-The-Words-Game will get to eat. Team Ohnae Ohnae wins, because JongMin couldn’t think of anything that starts with Jeon. Oi! Since proper nouns were allowed, there’s Jeon JiHyun, Jeon DoYeon or even Jeon-Mun-Ga (which means expert).

After dinner, they head off to go play their Lucky-or-Not dinner game. Yoo PD tells that that Ulleungdo prides itself on having no thieves on the island and goes on to lament that there are actually two. The guys all sit up at that, talking about the police they’d seen earlier on the way and though he gets flustered, Yoo PD continues reading off his script, saying that he’s thinking of catching those thieves. HA, it’s just an introduction to the game called, “Let’s Catch the Thief”.


The guys all immediately accuse each other of being the thieves and laughing at each other’s terrible acting, finally sobering when they realise that the game hadn’t even started yet.

Yoo PD explains that they’ll be picking their roles out of a box. The police and thieves will sit together, where they’ll try to sniff each other out. They’ll choose a person and put to a vote whether he’s the thief or not. If the thieves survive all that and win, they get one point each, otherwise the policemen each win a point. The ones with the most number of points will earn a place in the room to sleep.

For some reason, they all go “bang bang bang” after reading their slips, hah.

They’re all completely confused and have no idea who to suspect or how even to start.

TaeHyun questions why JunHo’s touching his ear and JunHo waves it off by saying that his ear was itchy. The suspicions then go on to “why are you sitting like that” to “why are you touching your beard” and so on.


Defconn asks the group if the slip had written instructions for them. Blank-DongGu’s the only one who blurts out, “what” and JunYoung and Defconn start accusing him of being the thief. I don’t know why he’s so blank, but he’s been blank the whole day.

He even invites the gang to come vote him out if they so want to, though he remarks that they should look at the ones accusing him instead. JoonYoung and Defconn are sure then that he’s the thief, but then Defconn turns the whole situation on its head and suddenly starts accusing JoonYoung.

JunHo leaps up in agreement and soon, they’re all confused again, accusing each other.

JunHo asks Defconn to give him a reason why he’s not the thief and Defconn just says, “It’s really not me.” Pfft. That’s it.


They dare him to bet his beard on it and in the chaos, JongMin suddenly announces that if he’s the thief, he’ll shave off his eyebrows. What? HA! All the fingers point to him.

TaeHyun’s completely confused and asks if the thieves know who each other is. He asks what happens if a thief is caught without signalling to his partner his status and they all assume that he’s a thief, waiting for his partner to give him a sign, hee!

They vote him out and… nope, he’s an upright police officer! Oops!

Defconn wonders why he was so quiet then and why he’d asked that question and TaeHyun replies that he was just curious, ha.


They only have one more chance to choose the thief and DongGu says that he’d actually wondered the same thing as TaeHyun, except that he asks in a lot more detail.

JoonYoung starts accusing him and JongMin backs him up, so DongGu leaps up and calls for his… something and they take that momentary fluster as evidence that he’s the thief. DongGu works up a fuss insisting that it’s not him and JunHo has to grab him by the face to bring him back to earth, hee.

JunHo screams that the thief is Jung JoonYoung and while Defconn wonders whether to vote JoonYoung or JongMin out, JongMin turns the table on him and accuses HIM.

JongMin asks Defconn to bet on his beard and Defconn yells that he’ll do the Brazilian Wax if he’s the thief!


JunHo takes that overreaction as evidence that he’s the thief, then points the finger at JongMin, who swears to shave off all his hair if he’s the thief.

They all calm down and sit back down and Defconn asks if TaeHyun really has no right to say anything.

TaeHyun laughs that he’s completely confused and doesn’t even know what’s going on, nor is he interested in who the thief really is. All he knows is that he’s interested in seeing someone shave. PFFFT.

Defconn suggests that they all choose a person whom they think is the thief the most and JoonYoung’s picks are either DongGu or JunHo. He believes that the thief wouldn’t have anything to say to defend himself, so he’ll keep pushing and accusing others.

Defconn feels that it’s JongMin, based on the glance that JongMin had made in JoonYoung’s direction earlier. He says that JongMin looks like the thief the most and JoonYoung retorts that they ALL look like thieves/ the same.


DongGu chooses Defconn, which gets Defconns’ antennas sticking out and JunHo tries to convince him that he’s not it, pointing towards JoonYoung instead.

JoonYoung announces that he’s a police and they all erupt into shouts of, “I’m the police!”

Heh, it takes TaeHyun’s “I’m a police” to bring order back and he recites what he had read on his slip. He asks who had read that on their slip and JoonYoung’s hand shoots up, followed by JongMin and then JunHo, who’s a little hesitant. DongGu’s hand goes up last but it’s JunHo they attack and he just explains it off as him not hearing TaeHyun well.

The arguments escalate and suddenly Defconn’s holding a pair of scissors to his hair and the overreaction makes JoonYoung point his fingers at him.

JunHo follows the flow and agrees wholeheartedly, shouting though the chaos to vote him out.

They all do, except for JongMin, and Defconn has to announce his identity.


He… is a police(man). Haaaa!

Game over, they all reveal their identities, starting with JoonYoung, who’s the police.

They’re all stunned, then JunHo says, “Great job with your right ear”, and goes to shake DongGu’s hand. Haaa! This is the perfect game for YAPS.

Apparently, touching their right ear was the signal for the thieves to recognise their partner and the itch that JunHo had used to explain him touching his ear was an excuse to hide that signal He’d even cleverly deflected suspicion off him by asking why Defconn was touching his chin.

He laughs that his heart had almost leapt out of his chest when TaeHyun had asked him that question and says that it was so hard trying to cover DongGu’s behind. The show flashes back to the times when DongGu had invited the vote off and when he’d gone all flustered at being accused, hee.

Yoo PD asks TaeHyun if he’d actually understood the game and TaeHyun giggles that no, he didn’t and still doesn’t, hur.  He’s just shocked that the funniest thing isn’t happening, referring to Defconn’s declaration of doing a Brazilian Wax if he’s the thief. Hee!

JunHo remarks that it was easy to vote TaeHyun off since he was so quiet.

In any case, it’s the thieves who’ve won the game… though the sleeping games are not over yet.



Next Week!

They play on swings meant for kids.



11 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 130

  1. I’ll do brazilian waxing!!!! Best moment of the entire episode! Defconn jjang!

    I did not see that coming.

    “I don’t’ know why he’s so blank, but he’s been blank the whole day.” The enthusiasm is wearing off! And he’s definitely learning how to be sly, yay!

    Thank you!


    1. LOL, yeah. That and when JunHo and JongMin were being dirty. I was so Cha TaeHyun that moment.

      Hah, I just hope that’s the case with DongGu and nothing more serious. It only took 3 filmings, pfftt.


  2. Great recap! It’s fun to see the evolution of Dongguya! I’m still waiting for the moment when we get Junho, Junyoung and Donggu together in one team!

    Liked by 1 person

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