Unnies’ Slam Dunk Ep 8

Just because I needed a new project and this episode wasn’t subbed.


Unnies’ Slam Dunk Episode 8:

After all the singing and Kim Sook getting her bus driving license, it’s back to working on actress Min HyoRin’s dream of becoming an idol member.

Musician-Producer Park JinYoung (JYP)  admits that there are cutesy ways of dancing, but since they’re going to be bar-girls in their MV (and because its lyrics are provocative, hur. What kind of title is “Shut Up!”), he suggests a more sexy approach, and Kim Sook directs his attention to Hong JinKyung’s… er… leotard/leggings with holes.

Haha! When he remarks that it’s rare to see people wear such things on variety, she comments that she normally goes and picks her kid up from school like this and Jessi agrees that it’s right to live young.

JYP calls for the dancers to come in to show the ladies the dance that they’re about to do. Save for Jessie, all of them are stunned, mouth open at the difficulty of the dance. Jessie likes it though while the only other music performer, Tiffany’s, not even there. At the solo dance break, Kim Sook asks if that’s supposed to be done by HyoRin but JYP replies that it’s Ra MiRan’s part. I thought this was HyoRin’s dream?


In any case, they’re all frozen, hahahahaha, and Jessie even has to remind Kim Sook that anything’s possible in the world. She even drove a bus!

HyoRin sighs that the music sounds like it’s 6 minutes long now and Kim Sook chirps that surely they’re not going to do all that, right? Hee, of course JYP says yes. Pfft, HyoRin is already regretting her dream.

JYP tries to assure them that the dance is actually very easy but these people who’ve never danced like that before already have their confidence hitting rock bottom. Kim Sook says as much, but JinKyung announces that she’s really happy with it, and wants to dance it as soon as possible, hee!

Since dancing requires strength, speed and flexibility, JYP decides to test their flexibility, as he knows that they don’t have the other two requirements now.

“Oh NO! I don’t have any flexibility!” complains Jessie, hur.

They all reach for the floor and HyoRin and Kim Sook’s got this, since their legs are short (their words not mine). MiRan’s fingers don’t even touch her own toes, so do Jessie’s and JYP has a menboong (mind freeze) right there and then, hee.


JYP emphasizes how important flexibility is to a dancer and shares that there’s no muscle that he doesn’t stretch every day. Kim Sook’s take away from that is that he’s probably going to live to 120. HA!

He starts teaching them a basic dance, the up-groove and the down-groove, done according to the straight beat or the staggered beat. Up groove example: GOD’s Mother. Down groove example: Hyun JinKyeong’s You In My Unclear Memories.

Their dance consists of the down groove and lightly kicking their feet forwards and the actual action is so simple that Kim Sook starts accusing him of looking down on them.

It’s not that simple, since there’re more details added to the dance steps and once JYP does the proper one, they all exclaim that it’s totally different! And the captions say: “Is the teacher playing with us?!”

Even Jessie doesn’t feel it and JYP tries to explain that it’s the same. Dance is all a lie – its making simple movements look difficult. I think you’re lying to me now.


He shows it to them step by step and they start feeling it… except for JinKyung, who starts moving like a robot. Pffft… she’s like the  one friend we all know with lousy motor skills right? HyoRin’s dream is like her nightmare. Jessie can’t even look at her, because if she does, she ends up messing up herself.

Since the last two in the row, Jessie and MiRan do so well, while the other three in front fail terribly, JYP asks MiRan and Jessie to swop places with them, and then he decides that this will the positions they’ll take in their choreography. With MiRan at the front and JinKyung relegated to the back, JinKyung sees it as her dancing the lousiest.

MiRan switches place with Jessie the professional artiste and JYP remarks that Jessie’s a good dancer. Jessie rebukes that, saying that all she knows is the groove and asks him to speak to her company regarding that. HA! What is he supposed to say to your boss?

They do the same routine again and do it pretty well, save for JinKyung. Oh dear.

JYP tries to teach her, one-on-one, and MiRan laughs that it just looks like she’s getting worse.

They do it again with the music and I feel so bad for JinKyung now! She starts screaming in frustration, hitting her legs and asking them if they’re idiots.

Now with the music, JYP realises that HyoRin does better than MiRan, and so the line changes again.

He instructs Jessi and HyoRin to do again alone and then it turns out that HyoRin is even better than Jessie!

HyoRin dances again, alone, to JYP’s very enthusiastic instructions and the other ladies’ encouragements.

After that, they go on to their next movement. Lol, they’re only done with 1 out of 4 routines that they have to learn today.

It’s basically shaking one’s hips and waving one’s right arm to the beat and… JinKyung flubs again. Oh poor thing, everyone’s focused on NOT looking at her. JYP laughs that it’s the first time he’s seen someone dance like her. Hey, I was once subjected to watching that once every week.


In her solo interview, she wonders why her body doesn’t listen to her and Kim Sook suggests that the production just make JinKyung a manager and take her out of the group. HAHAHAHAAA!!! So mean!

Jessie encourages her, saying that she can do it. She just needs 10 hours!

JYP does a personal lesson with her again and in the meantime, Jessie and Kim Sook wonder just what the problem is. Dear Jessie, not all tall people are terrible dancers.

Slowly but surely, JinKyung gets the steps right and she’s so overcome with feels and in the next practice, she even does better than Kim Sook, HA! Last in the row now belongs to Kim Sook.

JinKyung says in her solo interview that she’ll DEFINIETLY win over Kim Sook and Kim Sook steels in her interview that it’s going to be a tough fight between the 5th and 6th placing.

They go again and Jessie messes up, so JinKyung looks forward to taking over her place. MiRan, in between them, tells her to step over her first, hee.

Jessie messes up again! Oh no! Oh No! HEEEEEEE!!!!! She has to change places with MiRan!

They go again and again and they get it almost perfectly! YES!

It’s time for the next routine and Jessie attempts to steal her place back, laughing that it’ll be a big problem if she’s in third place among them! And then Kim Sook pipes up to announce her being in the last place. In other words, “please don’t complain if you’re in third place”.

The ladies all try dancing both routines in succession without pause and MiRan is the only one who does it right, so she goes straight to the front of the line as instructed by JYP. Kim Sook declares that the last two (her and JinKyung) are doomed.

Ra MiRan does so well that JYP’s so pleased that he gives her a hug and in their solo interviews, the other ladies express amazement at how well MiRan is at everything. She bungee jumps well, she sings well, she makes posters well, she raps well, she even dances well… what can’t she do?! And the show flashes back to her recruitment interview, when she’d remarked that you just do badly at whatever you can’t do/ do badly at. It turns out that she could say that because there’s nothing she can’t do.

Now with MiRan’s demonstration, JinKyung declares that the feeling is coming to her and Kim Sook tells her to try going up the ranks.

Tiffany’s off at SNSD’s concert.


Even during rest time, JinKyung requests JYP to teach her the first routine again.

Break time over, it’s time for the third routine and they’re all stumped except for Kim Sook, who gets it right away. JinKyung does so badly at it that I almost want to cry for her… and then she says, “I think I’ve got it!” Pfft.

She keeps sticking her butt out at odd times and in the end, is ordered to switch places with Kim Sook.

JinKyung’s so perplexed and says that she’s dancing the same way JYP does, when she does NOT. And then JYP apologises to her because from some time on, he’d stopped looking in her direction. HAAAA!

Jessie messes up, so she’s relegated to 4th in line, while Kim Sook is promoted to 3rd place. And then she messes up AGAIN and ends up in JinKyung’s last place. HEE!!!

Pfft, Jessie’s really terrible with this routine, while dance-wreaker JinKyung is doing okay, despite her fingers curling up like she’s imitating a mouse.


They move on to the 4th move, which is a move found a lot in aerobic dance and soon, they’re doing all four routines in succession along to the music.

MiRan does it Per.Fect.Ly while Kim Sook is sent to the last place. Heh, that means that JinKyung is in third place now, although JYP exasperatingly laughs that though her moves are correct, her dance is terrible to look at and because of that he can’t send her backwards! Ha!

Ooooh, HyoRin’s ordered to move to the back, so JinKyung’s 2nd place now. It’s not a good thing for JYP, since he dearly wants to send JinKyung to the back due to her very robotic moves but he can’t because technically, she’s doing right!

JinKyung swears in her solo interview to practise so hard at home that she’ll be at MiRan’s standard. Therefore, for her own practice, she requests JYP to dance again once more so that she can take a video… but then once he’s done, she apologises and asks him to do over, since she took a photo instead. Pwahahaha!

2 days later, Min HyoRin does a self-cam at home. Since she’d gotten a cold, she hasn’t been able to practise at all. That won’t do, so she’d called a junior who dances for practice together. Over the next few days, she practises, even while at a pictorial shooting.

Meanwhile, Kim Sook bounces her way to her radio station, shaking her booty in the lift that she shares with Song EunYi who teases her and all around KBS’s lobby.

JinKyung practices at home, in front of her daughter and her aunt who copies her.

In her solo-video, HyoRin apologises to the other unnies for making her dream so difficult and then puts on Tiffany’s new song I Just Wanna Dance.

Speaking of whom, Tiffany’s soon up for her performance elsewhere, but she still visits JinKyung and teaches her to sing. Once she leaves to change, JinKyung continues singing, but her voice won’t project itself. And then a staff reminds her to read her script and do her current job, hee.

Kim Sook comes to visit Tiffany in her dressing room too and she’s surprised when Tiffany busts out routine 1, even though she’s never learnt it from JYP. She asks the idol how she can dance so well. Um… because she’s waaaaay above the level of “this is a groove up and this is a groove down”?

And she proves it by rocking her stage.


A week later, they all gather in a room where the chairs are all arranged in a row and a projector has been prepared. Pfft, trust the model to come in the olden-day era Korean girl uniform, complete with the centre part.

JinKyung complains that she’d sent JYP clips of her singing her part and JYP not replying. She’d gotten one reply the first time she sent that over, but because his reply was too confusing, she’d sent another one, and another one, but then he’d never replied to those. The other girls, MiRan, Kim Sook and HyoRin have gotten replies though. Kim Sook even got a hear-teu.

HyoRin got a “good” and tips on how to control her breathing and MiRan got a “just sing with raw explosiveness like a crazy woman”. Oh no, that means that he only sent replies to people who sang well.

“What does no reply mean? That means that you have no answer (aka, you’re hopeless).” – Kim Sook.

Jessie comes in complaining about her pain from playing too much in Phuket and when Kim Sook asks her if she played in a bikini, she asks if she was supposed to play in her underwear instead, heh.

They all gape at her photo on SNS and MiRan tries to enlarge it the way you do a photo on a phone. Hee, it doesn’t work that way.


The show flashes back to a few days ago, when they’d gathered outside somewhere and met their idol seniors.

They’d twittered while waiting for their guests and Jessie brightens up when she sees Zico.

It’s Block B, who in turn are a little stunned when the ladies introduce themselves as “Slamdunk” and one of Block B tells them not to lie about being a girl group.

Kim Sook asks for their opinion on how our ladies’ teamwork look like and they split our ladies into into two groups according to age. Ei!

Kim Sook asks him what the style of the older group looks like and he says “fork”. What? MiRan busts out a rap asking what’s wrong with their style and raps that they can do anything. And then Tiffany has to be the maknae and reveal that MiRan likes Zico. A lot. Heh.

The others tease her and push her to go greet and hug her idol. Hee.

Kim Sook asks Block B to line the ladies up the way they should on stage for their ending position and HyoRin pipes up that this all started because it was her dream. Just for reference.

The three younger ladies are pulled out first and positioned while the other unnies’ faces behind go dark. But leaving the older ladies at the back was not what they meant, since they later put MiRan and Kim Sook squatting right in front beside HyoRin. And then they put the tallest, JinKyung, standing right behind the main, HyoRin, instructing her to pose like a new (pea) shoot. Haha.

The next idol to help them is YeSung from Super Junior and the ladies all greet him like idol rookies.

He wants to test their team work and… it’s that dibidibidib game. How do I explain this? Choose from three positions and if both players do the same thing the game’s over?

Kim Sook does a record 8 rounds and JinKyung does one. They’re all supposed to play against him and last longer than a certain period of time? I don’t get it.

Game done, YeSung tells them the secret to good teamwork – acknowledge each other’s differences.

Back in the present, PD tells them that they’re there to take an MBTI personality test in order to find out what those differences are. Ha, Jessie tells him not to give them an IQ test, since her IQ’s bad.


Kim Sook gasps that she’s done that MBTI test before with Song EunYi and reveals that while Song EunYi is the type to make and follow a plan, she’s someone who doesn’t even plan at all. HA!

MBTI is basically short for Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator and that’s what they’re going to do now.

They’re introduced to professional psychologist Park SangHee. Kim Sook points out that the psychologist had debuted as a girl group and crows that she’s the only one who knows that. Pffft, her group name was S.O.S.

She shares that the psychological test is not just to help them understand themselves but also to understand their teammates and how to deal when disagreements come up between them. And so Kim Sook suggests that Park JinYoung come take the test too, since they have way too many disagreements with him. HAAA!

They all take the test, though American Jessie has some problems even understanding the questions and her mutterings has Kim Sook, who’s sitting beside her, all confused, since she can’t focus.


JinKyung finishes first, so she offers to switch places and Kim Sook agrees, just in case her answers turn out to reflect Jessie’s personality because she got confused. The switch doesn’t just benefit Sook, since JinKyung ends up being Jessie’s translator. She explains everything to Jessie, making MiRan ooh in awe and a long time later, even Jessie’s done with her test.

Tiffany joins them for the results, having done hers in the morning.

Psychologist SangHee explains to them the 4 indicators/ dichotomies in Carl Jung’s theories. There’s extraversion and its opposite Introversion and… you can read more here. I’m sure you’ve all taken the online version of the tests one time or another.

They vote to have Kim Sook’s personality read first and it turns out that she’s an INFP, which HyoRin is too. Er… please go read up what that means in the link above.

Since Sook ranks high in perception, SangHee explains that as her probably disliking schedules and plans, which she agrees (she hates them because they feel so stifling) and says that’s why she doesn’t like Park JinYoung’s way. Hur, he’s the epitome and definition of a planner (the human version, not the paper/digital version).

Other INFPs include Andy Warhol, Johnny Depp and even J.K. Rowling. Then Sook and HyoRin go on a tangent about visiting the filming sites of the Harry Potter series.

The other ladies add in their impressions of the two, which is “nice”, “clear/ bright” and “innocent” and Kim Sook takes pleasure in being a “Min HyoRin kind of woman”.

After that, it’s Jessie and Ra MiRan, who are of the same type: ENTP. Again, read above.

Other ENTPs include Barack Obama (Jessie: “OBAMA?!?! BARRRRACK OBAMA?!”)  and Mao ZeDong. Pfftt, they’re the leaders of the world. Though they get their energies from outside the self, they’re creative people, and people who are straightforward.

The psychologist says that although there are extroverted people in their group, overall, they’re a bunch that leans more towards introversion. In fact, the most extroverted person is Tiffany, while the most introverted (though not extremely introverted) one is Hong JinKyung.

JinKyung agrees, but Sook disagrees and JinKyung apologises for being a pure girl who’s 180cm tall, pftt.


In her solo interview, she explains that she was originally a very introverted girl, but one day, her father had fainted and collapsed. Because of that, she’d gone on to become a model and worked on broadcasts to bring in the dough… and like this she worked, screaming and yelling on TV, even though it was so difficult for her to do so because it just wasn’t in her nature.

JinKyung is an ISTJ, a type that’s super rare in the world. The psychologist explains that she’s one who chases perfection in everything she does and the other unnies gripe that it doesn’t sound like her. Hee, she just says that the “diagnosis” gave her goosebumps, because, “it’s me!”

Other ISTJs include Warren Buffet and Korea’s ultimate lady, Shin Saimdang (you can find her on a 50, 000 won note). Ha! That’s suits the old-style clothe she’s wearing.

The other ladies realise that they haven’t understood much of JinKyung and Sook takes that time to remind them all that she’s a “Min HyoRin type of lady”, ha.

Finally, Tiffany’s an ENTJ, who really understands group dynamics. Her kind appear a lot in politics, like Margaret Thatcher and Tiffany stands up to do the princess/queen’s wave.


At the end of the result announcements, Ra MiRan’s biggest take away is JinKyung having an unexpected personality type. She knows that JinKyung’s charms and true personality aren’t obvious, but notes that there are times when that part of her comes out, like when she showed that she was smart.

JinKyung modestly says that she doesn’t know much, since she didn’t study much. Because she had to start work early in age, she’d forgone the opportunity to study in school and therefore read up a lot in order not to appear too ignorant.

In return, she comments that she’d thought that because MiRan had acted for a very long time, she’d be one of those orderly people, but in the end, she just “lives any o how”. ß Kim Sook’s words.

Tiffany tries to explain MiRan’s professionalism, describing her as one who works to become engrossed in her character when she acts, but is promptly shut down by MiRan’s “Not at all. I only remember the script.” Pfft.

Tiffany goes on to say that it’s great to have a little understanding when things get tough… and that’s something that the PD’s should do the best. Is that your attempt at kissing his ass? Or a notice? Hee.

They end it off with a cheer for Tiffany’s new song and next thing we know, they’re all waiting in front of the ladies toilet. HAHAHHA!

Since she’s taking so long, they wonder if she’s shitting in there (omg, how can you say this on national television) and sing a congratulations song for her solo debut when Tiffany finally appears.

The other ladies go sit among the audience at Music Bank(?), where JinKyung shouts, “JESSIE HWAITING!” PWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

HyoRin’s especially nervous at seeing Tiffany live out her dream.

Or rather, she’s reminded of the time she’d sung on stage for the solo single that she’d made in the past. Every time she sang, she’d always walked out from backstage, singing and sometimes, she would even slip. Every time she thinks of that, she’d love it so much. It’d felt like a dream, and even now, it still feels like a dream.


Next Week!

They get mentors!


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  1. From your recaps I can understand that you can understand korean. Thanks to your recaps, I acctually watch the show and understand what’s happening. But can I ask you a favour? can you sub this show, because it seems as though everyones has stopped subbing it. So international fans like me have been struggling as we cannot understand. I hope you can help. I know its a big favour but please we fans have been begging people to sub this show


    1. Subbing? Oh dear no.
      Recapping is one thing but subbing is a whole different beast. It will literally kill me through exhaustion.

      KBSWorld is subbing it too, although a month late. But still, it is subbing it. I know that there’s an area restriction placed on the asia-pacific region for their Youtube videos but if you’re hard core enough, that’s not going to stop you. (it’s easy to find out how to subvert it…)


  2. Thank you for this recap. I caught the part on MBTI when i was in Korea (first trip!) and had no idea what they were talking about then. I am a ISTP ! What about you?


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