1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 131

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 131: Overcoming Your and My Fears

As the night deepens in Ulleungdo, our boys are thrown into the second game to decide who gets to sleep where.

Pffft, Yoo PD insists on narrating his cheesy pre-prepared script about the “police station” getting reports of “mice invasions” on the island and JoonYoung immediately thinks of a childhood game that was popularised 10 years ago in the variety show Heroine 6. Hey, look at young JongMin ace the game!

It basically a fast-paced game of mental clarity and motor coordination aimed at catching those who can’t keep up. A number of “mice” are called out at the start and the players will have to either shout “caught” or “missed” while doing the corresponding actions as they go down the line. At the very end, right after the last “mouse” has been caught, all of the players have to shout “Manse!” and the person after the last one who caught the mouse has to call out the number of mice to be caught next and the game continues like that until someone messes up in any way and becomes the loser of the round. Yoo PD tells them that there’ll be a total of 5 rounds for this game and that everyone except for the one who messes up gets a point each round. This means that the points that DongGu and JunHo had earned earlier with the thief game doesn’t guarantee their stay indoors.


The game starts off and Yoo PD requests that the guys act cute for the cameras while the introductory tune plays, heh. JunHo starts swatting an imaginary fly, all cute, and is so over the top that TaeHyun calls him out for it. They go down the line in rapid succession and do awesomely well, until it’s DongGu’s turn. Although he’d shouted “Manse”, he hadn’t shouted out the number of mice to be caught for the next round and so becomes the one without a point for that round. YAPS starts scheming and tells the others to target blur-DongGu for the upcoming rounds.

They go again, with the introductory music and DongGu is so busy acting cute that he misses the beat and doesn’t call out the number of mice to be caught. JunHo gleefully points that out, screaming that he’s IT but SiYoon argues that whenever they start is up to him! Nobody contests that, so he blurts out a number and the game starts properly again.


Heh, only a few seconds in, JunHo becomes the loser as JongMin catches him off guard and does him in.

They continue onto the next round and JunHo’s the one who starts it off… and the one who also messes up by first saying “caught” but doing the actions for “missed” and then correcting his actions. It  doesn’t go past TaeHyun’s eagle eyes and JunHo gets called out for it. He’s not YAPS for nothing as he weasels his way out of failing by blaming the mistake on the ribbon that he’d stuck over his own eye, saying that he couldn’t see properly.

Yoo PD lets them go again and YAPS asks for the maximum number of mice that he can call out. The other guys know him too well and groan at him not to call a ridiculous number, though JongMin encourages him to call out 101 mice.

He ends up calling for 28 mice and they go into this hilariously, ridiculously long round of “caught!”, “missed!”, “caught”, “caught”, “missed!” and so on until they confuse themselves. Finally, the 28th mouse is caught and amazingly, they all shout “Manse” at the same time.

JongMin asks if it was right, which it has to be, since he’d followed their every move and counted every mouse. He was actually the one who’d shouted Manse first, only a split second earlier than the rest, and when Yoo PD asks how he had managed to do that, JongMin explains that he used his right brain to count and his left brain to confirm and keep track. Heh, he’s a genius, and TaeHyun admits that he hadn’t even counted, just relying on JongMin to know when the round ends.

After that very tiring round, they limit the maximum number of mice to 10 and 2 seconds later, it’s TaeHyun who fails the next round.

JunHo starts off, and then secures his loss by screaming “caught!” all while doing the actions for missed so clearly that he head desks, knowing that there’s no arguing it.


Then he does the same thing in the next round, HA!

TaeHyun and JunHo end up the ones designated to sleep outside. The guys all gather for the wrap up and Yoo PD tells them to head to the baseball field in the morning. The ones who get there first have an advantage.

TaeHyun and JunHo head off to their tents, acting like real estate agents and renters, and then settling in for the night. Heh, their tents are just right outside the other boys’ room and JongMin pops out to wish JunHo a good night and to rub in their faces that he’d had a good wash. JunHo wishes he has nightmares.

DongGu’s ready to sleep and he tells JongMin that this trip had been fantastic for him, since he’d been increasingly stressed due to filming (Mirror of the Witch). The day on the speed boats and the beautiful sights of Ulleungdo had washed his stress away and he remarks that it’s true that you really don’t have to think much here at 1 Night 2 Days. JongMin laughs and asks if he holds that sentiment even when he has to play table tennis and foot volleyball and DongGu pouts, heh. He mentions that SiYoon was cool when he jumped off the rock at 6m and Defconn chirps that JongMin actually had the ability and courage to jump off then.


JoonYoung is done washing up too and he complains when he ends up having to sleep next to JongMin and then jokingly tries to creep under JongMin’s covers.

The next day arrives and they all sit up and head out the moment the morning song is played.

They run all the way to the baseball field and JoonYoung cuts in front of the competition by taking the side road. They dance their way around the baseball field, picking between flags that are labelled “6 m underwater” and “440 m high”.

They all get their flags and wonder what that’s all about, and are told that those who’d chosen “6 m underwater” will be going 6 m underwater and those who’d chosen the other flag will be conquering their fear of hiking.

While SiYoon is supremely pleased with his choice of 440m, JoonYoung, who had chosen the same thing when he had all the choices, is completely irritated. Hee, SiYoon brightly chirps, asking if they’re going to climb up a cliff (as in rock-climb) and JoonYoung and JongMin who share the same bus as him look like they’re in hell.

In the other bus, TaeHyun, JunHo and Defconn wonder what in the world they’re going to do, grousing as they image themselves scuba diving or having to dive from a height again.

And in less than 24 hours, they’re yet on another boat and out at sea.

The other team are given “survival kits” for their climb and JoonYoung grumbles the whole way up.


TaeHyun and gang are sent to an island and walk leisurely to an underwater viewing gallery, the only one in Korea of it’s kind and admire the underwater scenery. It all seems too simple and good to be true, so TaeHyun suggests that they go dive underwater. Pfft, the others dislike the idea, so they do three rounds of rock-paper-scissors to decide who IT is and because he loses all three rounds, JunHo is the one who’s gonna get his feet wet.

Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun, JoonYoung, JongMin and SiYoon are ambling up the mountain, getting hotter and hotter by the minute. All their hard work pays off the moment they reach the top, where the breeze kisses their cheeks and the gorgeous valley and sea of Ulleungdo welcome them.

They perk up to find cucumber sticks and even rice balls in their survival kit and settle in to eat, happy.

On the other hand JunHo looks like he’s about to meet his death, all suited up in a diver’s suit and looking at the sea in dread like it’s the gate to hell.

With the help of a 1 Night 2 Days director, he enters the water and eases into the clear blue waters of the sea, soon enjoying himself.

The trip at the beautiful island of Ulleungdo comes to an end and it’s on to the next one, where they’re told to come in the outfit that embodies the moment in life when they were the most thoughtless.

Defconn steps out of his van right in front of an elementary school to fervent screams from numerous kids who all recognise him and one by one, the gang gathers. OMG, JoonYoung! HAHAHAHHAHA! He appears in an all-yellow Bruce Lee jumpsuit.

They all relocate to the elementary school’s field and send JoonYoung off for an emergency wardrobe rescue, because the jumpsuit doesn’t, uh, hide the parts that stick out of his lanky frame. Especially the part in front and near the waist.

JunHo’s nowhere to be seen, so Defconn wonders if they’re going to be a five-person show again. Speak of the devil, and JunHo arrives, to screams of little kids. PWHAHAHAHAHHAHAA, he struts in, dressed as a heavy metal rocker, complete with the ridiculous shaggy hair and leather jacket.


JoonYoung: “He thought the same as me!”

SiYoon: “He didn’t think at all!”

TaeHyun congratulates him for dressing the best he’s ever had since joining 1 Night 2 Days and asks him to sing a song so he does, to Bon Jovi’s You Give Love a Bad Name and then adds in some head banging for effect.

Yoo PD tells them to explain their clothing choices and DongGu says that he fashioned his outwear according to an old picture of himself. Defconn did the same and adds that the name tag that he has pinned on is reminiscent of the times when he was younger and really didn’t listen to his parents. Then Yoo PD remarks that he looks like a slightly chubbier version of Chucky, ha.

JunHo explains that his rocker outfit was from the time he was hit the most by his parents – when he was in high school and was obsessed with Narcisuss (the American hardcore band). JongMin just says that when he was younger, he dated a lot over the phone. What? That’s a thing?

TaeHyun mutters that he’d never been hit before in school and JunHo is the complete opposite, as he brags that he really got hit a lot for lifting the girls’ skirts.


Yoo PD directs their attention to the building behind and introduces Seoul ChangDo Elementary School to them.

He passes them the school’s year book from 1992 and our boys are startled to find Kim JongMin’s photo in there. Wait, that’s for real? Then why does JongMin look so baffled?

Yoo PD informs them that the school principal had told them that Kim JongMin was the only student to ever become a celebrity in their school and the other guys push him to donate generously to the school as a very successful alumnus.

Yoo PD commands their attention again and announces that the theme for this trip is: Summer Special, 1 Night 2 Day’s Vacation Party.

The guys get confused, thinking that 1 Night is going on a break off air for real and our Concerned Pig refuses to believe it, insisting that they can’t end 1 Night 2 Days here like this. He still has debt to repay. He has to continue filming!

Yoo PD continues, telling them that filming will end the once vacation starts and the other guys murmur… and then he continues on to say that since it’s difficult to play with friends during vacation, they should play as much as their heart desires and leave no regrets today. Urgh, is this your thing, new Yoo PD, relaying fake situations like they’re real? Don’t play with my heart!

The first game of the day is Cutting Off Rubber Bands. Hurr, that’s a game that JunHo and Yoo PD both have ample experience in. Essentially, the game is to sneakily snip the girls’ rubber band chains (while they’re playing with them) in two and run off to safety without getting caught. At the mention of girls, the guys’ heads all cock in thousands of directions like chickens, expecting highly popular girl group TWICE to appear.

What appears are several Defconn-sized PDs wearing wigs, hee!

The game is set up and anyone who passes the safety line without getting caught gets breakfast while anyone else who gets caught will be dumped into an inflatable pool filled with water. They all groan (and JoonYoung peers downwards), moaning that it’ll mean that their carefully coordinated outfits will have to retire so quickly.

SiYoon gripes that he’s just going to come to 1 Night 2Days wearing a swimsuit in the future, and TaeHyun laughs to realise that on every trip since he’d come, they’ve been going into the water.

Yoo PD tells Defconn that he’s up and orders him to remove his mike.

The “ladies” play their game and Defconn titters, scared to go in and snip their rubber band chain.

He eventually does and the ladies all run after him like a mob gang. Noooooo!!!!!! He’s caught and dumped into the pool, HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

The other guys weakly laugh, intimidated, and Defconn shows them his overalls that got ripped.

JunHo’s up next and he claims to be able to do better than Defconn, since he runs faster. Pfft, turns out it’s all hogwash because he doesn’t even get half as far as Defconn did before getting pushed into the water, head first. Defconn comes to help him realise his loss better by flinging him left and right in the pool like he’s laundry.

Defconn welcomes JunHo to the losing team and they join the fearsome “ladies” in their game, swearing to dunk all the others in the pool.


TaeHyun goes next and tries to play hot and cold with the string, He cuts it, then runs in the opposite direction, but is caught, carried and dipped into the water several times before getting dumped in there.

It’s JongMin’s turn next and he’s completely  terrified by the whole group, especially when JunHo growls a kid’s song. He cuts the string, tries to run, but is caught and stripped right down to just his  bright yellow shorts. Pfft, they give him the same treatment they gave TaeHyun, except this time it’s face down, and then abandon him in the water, with JunHo scolding over his head for trying to come disturb the ladies’ game.

Hee hee, a staff comes to give him his mike and he plays with it, wondering where to clip it. He sets it dangling off his ear and JoonYoung saves him by giving him a vest to wear.

JoonYoung the yellow banana is up next and he cuts the chain. He runs off, but is promptly surrounded by those ladies overflowing with testosterone and so he decides to go the Bruce Lee way and tumbles into the inflatable pool voluntarily, ha! He screams that the pressure is no joke and when he comes up, he wriggles around, since the jumpsuit sticks to his body, hiding nothing, HEE!


JongMin helps him by trying to tear his protective shorts off.

DongGu is last and JunHo is all amped up, ready to dunk one more person and calling for an encore of JongMin’s strip off. SiYoon chooses the quick and fast method, snipping the chain while the others were still getting into character and zipping off to safety. Of course the marine who’s record is 100m in 13 seconds ends up being the only one who gets to safety.

The other guys ask if DongGu’s the only one who gets to eat then, and Yoo PD clarifies that it’s not. He just gets to decide the order in which they get to choose their food.


JoonYoung and TaeHyun immediately start reminding him that they hadn’t even attempted to go catch him and JunHo can’t claim that, so he brags that he’d taken the road no navigation knows of, climbing up the hills and rolling down them, referring to SiYoon’s lecture at Ewha in an earlier episode, HA! YAPS has an answer to everything.

They’re sent into the classrooms and JongMin starts reminiscing about his time there. He remembers everything, up till Grade 5 and then nothing after that, joking that he must have exhausted all his memory before he entered middle school. They’re shown the various boxed lunches available, from a simple one to a traditional one to a super luxurious, 3 tier one. They all start sucking up to SiYoon and JongMin’s sentence of appeal is, “You may be younger than me, but I really respect you” and requests to go second.

YAPS asserts that he’s here because he took the road without the navigation and JongMin reminds SiYoon that JunHo had wanted to strip SiYoon of all his clothes if he ever got caught. JunHo rushes into an explanation, saying that even though he did have his hands on DongGu’s clothes, it was only because he’d wanted to remove SiYoon’s mike before the game, HAAAA!

SiYoon makes his choice and chooses JunHo to ge second, since he’d worked so hard and JongMin shouts in shock. SiYoon stone-facedly asks if anyone’s displeased by his decision and JongMin snaps back to reality, smarming that he really respects SiYoon.

SiYoon picks TaeHyun to go third, JunYoung to go fourth and then Defconn to go after. JongMin who had been repeating his mantra of respecting SiYoon all this time bursts into a “WOW! YOU’RE TOTAL TRASH!”


SiYoon strokes the largest lunchbox, wondering if he should take it and JunHo is all discouraging, nagging that it could backfire if he chooses something that he can’t finish. SiYoon chooses the normal, moderate box and JunHo immediately grabs the largest box that he’d told SiYoon not to take, ha!

Defconn takes the Kimbap, TaeHyun takes the traditional lunchbox and JongMin tries to pass off the Ramyeon onto JoonYoung. He’s touched and moved when JoonYoung lets him take the cute character lunchbox instead and DongGu laughs that it just seems like JoonYoung wanted the Ramyeon since he needed something to cure his hangover. Eesh, you alcoholic.


They’re not even allowed to eat in peace, since the food’s part of their next game, which is: “Eat in Secret. Don’t Get Caught.” Oh, 1 Night. Only you.

They’ll sit in a row in a classroom like students and they have to sneak-eat their food while a “teacher” carries on with the lesson. The teacher will turn around periodically and whoever gets caught eating will be punished.  Once done with their food, they’ll have to tell the teacher that they’re done in order to finish the mission and that’s important because they’re going to use the game to determine who gets what kind of homework later on.

Hehe, JunHo starts laughing and showing off his three-tier lunchbox, the lunchbox that turns the game into Mission Impossible for him.

The teacher walks in just then and HAHAHAHAHAHA!! it’s YoungJin, a comedian on Gag Concert and one half of the famous pair in the famous skit Two Persons’ Debate. He had played a supremely old fashioned stick in the mud patriarchal grump who disagreed with anything women did except for staying at home and his famous line was “and who will look after the cows?!?!” whenever the other party argued for more equality between the sexes.


Haha, he takes attendance and is nice, until it comes to his gagman senior Kim JunHo, which is when he tsks.

He tells the kids to put their lunchboxes under their desks and JunHo laughs, wondering how in the world he’s gonna fit his in there.

The game starts and YoungJin turns around. They all scarf down their food, but 2 seconds later, YoungJin has JunHo by the ear, catching him for so obviously eating in class. He hadn’t even tried to hide his lunchbox, hur.

YeongJin goes back to teach again… and then is interrupted by JunHo dropping his lunchbox. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

They return to eating their lunchboxes the moment YoungJin’s back is turned and the camera moves from actors TaeHyun, SiYoon… and then to comedian JongMin, who’s asked by YoungJin if he’d gotten stung by a bee because of his full mouth. HEE!

He even attempts to pass off an egg roll as his teeth!


The next time YoungJin turns around, no one’s obviously eating, so YoungJin asks JunHo to read out a word on the board and pffts when he can’t because he has a full mouth.

JoonYoung gets caught too, for trying to slurp his Ramyeon right at the moment when YoungJin turns around and JunHo tries to take the moment to inhale his Japchae but is also caught, lol.

YoungJin goes back to teaching and suddenly, during a moment of peace, DongGu pipes up, making YoungJin turn around, and DongGu just cheekily says that he really like’s today’s class. HAHAHAHHAAAAA! YAPS in the making here.

YoungJin tries to get JunHo but JunHo doesn’t fall for it and JongMin asks YoungJin for water. HAA!!

YeongJin surprises JunHo when he turns to face them the moment JunHo’s has half a sandwich sticking out of his mouth and JunHo covers it with his arm, then lowers his head, acting like he’s crying. JongMin comes to help his with his act, pretending to be the concerned and empathetic classmate. OMG, I think my tummy’s about to burst from all the laughter.

JunHo’s made to recite a poem, Defconn and JongMin almost get caught eating.

YeongJin goes on to recite the poem on the board and the moment he says, “lettuce seeds”, he turns around to find JunHo with a lettuce leaf in his hands. HA!

Soon after, JongMin finishes his lunch, followed by JoonYoung, and then Defconn.

YoungJin carries on with his lesson and strikes gold when he turns around to find all three of the remaining students mid-bite.

JunHo has had enough and just screams that he was busy eating his lunch when YoungJin asks what he’s doing, haha!

Later on, he alerts YoungJin to DongGu’s food stained hands and while DongGu makes excuses about staining his fingers to make his first love last and as a wish for his teacher’s health, pfffft, JunHo gobbles as much as he can.

JunHo gets caught with some grapes in hand and he passes it off as the new brooch for charity. He even hangs it on the teacher’s front pocket.

TaeHyun finishes his lunchbox first and it’s DongGu and JunHo left. They start eating faster and faster and DongGu gets caught with a large piece of seaweed hanging from his lips, hur.


Soon, he’s done and JunHo just gives up, having finished 2 tiers of his 3 tier lunchbox. Heh, I feel like they’re all going to suffer from indigestion soon.

Class over (at dusk), YoungJin has SiYoon pass some slips of notices, with instructions for their vacation homework.

Homework turns out to be growing a sweet potato, hur, and in the order that they finished their lunches, they go up to the teacher’s stand and grab their sweet potatoes. One of them is not like the others and in any case, they have until their next shooting to make their sweet potatoes grow as tall as possible.

Yoo PD warns them that the one with the shortest stem will suffer a large penalty the next time they meet and TaeHyun laughs, already imagining his youngest daughter, cutie pie SuJin, cutting off the sweet potato the moment it sprouts a stem.

DongGu pouts that he only goes home every 3-4 days and JunHo therefore comes up with a solution, suggesting that they all go eat the sweet potatoes now, along with shots of soju.

The End!


Next week!

They play in water again.



9 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 131

  1. Junho was hilarious here! 😀 And Jongmin, how did he manage to count all the mices though… 🙂 Genius indeed. 😀 And LOL at Junho’s same outfit in the next episode. 🙂 Water again, LOL. 😀


  2. Joon Young Thurman, hehe, the Yellow Banana!! Rocker Jun Ho!! This episode was so damn funny. Thank you for recapping it!!


  3. Props to Yoo I lying pd and staff, this was a hilarious episode and extremely re watchable too, I’m now on my 4th rewatch.


  4. Dunno how many time i’ve rewatch this episode…tbh. each time i felt stressed or down due to work..this is the one thing that can cheer me up. I supposed this brings back those sweet memories of childhood when we were all carefree and up to mischief.don’t tell me you guys never eat secretly in class…


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