Beautiful Mind PSYCHcap Ep 8

Psychopaths aren’t the only Monsters

Contempt.                                                                                  Disappointment. Disgust.





Chairman Dad falls





Being Ridiculous

I’m totally not here to see you! I just enjoy speeding in your district during lunchtime, wearing an all-black full suit and sunglasses and getting caught by you. Really! I’m not here to see you! By the way, have you had lunch?




Complete Jerk stealing her thunder

Annoyed                                                                                  Shameless




Jadedness                                                                        Naivety


Then this time, I’ll give the world a chance.





Giving her a chance to prove him wrong





Get that stick out of your ass and focus on your patient.




Anger Management

Snarling at no one over the phone, ha!




Teamwork. Faith.

Help me treat the Chairman.





You asked them to come up with a something and she provides a hypothesis and all you do is fob the responsibility off onto her. Where do you think you’re sticking your finger at?!




All the complicated human emotions

embodied in three men. Haha.




Mistrust. Derision.                                                              Hurt. Betrayed.





and then he collapses…




We need Lee YoungOh back but…

The world’s reaction to the word psychopath/ anti-social disorder




Apprehension. Displeasure. Uncertainty.





Prying the real condition out

Frantic. Insulted/ Annoyed. Nonchalent. In a coma.









Confirming the condition: Heterogeneous FIPA

Since you want to define me by my condition, then I’ll just treat you like how you expect me to treat you without shame. After all,

I’m a psychopath





Surgery ends well, but all he can think of is money.


YoungOh-yah, your mind-friend?





Delighted                                                                                  Unsure







JiAn-ie… went to her mother.






Loss, Lost





Self Justification

It’s for the better good. All the sacrifices have to come up to something. The world will change if I just swallow my doubts.




Faith.                                                                      Defeat.


Disappointment.                                         Companionship.


She could have just cried alone without you there you know. So what’s this talk of, “I’m not interested in what you’re thinking or feeling”?



I miss Oh HaeYoung’s director…


8 thoughts on “Beautiful Mind PSYCHcap Ep 8

    1. Mostly cos the lighting in beautiful mind is not as beautiful. And beautiful mind is shot pretty straightforward, unlike HaeYoung’s which played with angles, depth and lighting.


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