Ardently, Lightly IMPcap Ep 1


If you were going to shoot him anyways…

…why did you bother fighting?!



Because it’s a drama.

We must be dramatic.




What a lousy excuse.

I refuse to die.




Because I’m going to die in real life anyways.




Die. Die. Die.


who are you all to tell me to die…




Aigoo-yah, look at kids these days…

Wailing like a Banshee over the death of her idol…’s drama character.






I’m in Deep Shit.




Do you really think that money can solve everything?!

Yup. Hi Ms Saimdang~




I swear I’m NOT a Creepster.

I’m just checking up everything about someone I knew
in the past through a Private Investigator.
Doesn’t everyone do that?




I’m cute aren’t I?


I’m PPL.






You Worked Hard Today~








I’m not eating the food not because it’s bad.

It’s because I can’t see it!




Standard Meet-Mom outfit:






The Fashion Police is displeased.
/*You don’t deserve Yukgaetang!*/




Omma, you’re too much.





I ask for money


and you give me a message of dismissal over the phone?!





The things I do just to be able to live…

Sigh, living is hard.




Noh Eul’s “Parents”





I will solve all your problems…


If you promise me a job.




Shin JoonYoung Fanatic:





The Fanatic’s Parents





Shin JoonYoung’s Makjang Secret








I know you


I dreamt of you once upon a dream






My life is on the line here

So PLEASE, Meet Me!!!











Desperate times call for Desperate measures!






Yeah, Desperate Times…

…call for Desperate Measures.




He’s such a Gentleman…




I came back,

so where are you?



Where were you,

My First Love?

I know you, you son of a bitch.


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