Ardently, Lightly IMPcap Ep 2


First you give away the winter wear I bought you.

Then you refuse to let me take payment from my customer.

Don’t you dare steal my Odaeng Sticks now!






Oh, so you don’t steal my Odaeng Sticks but you go fight for your friend?


May you fall on a sheet of ice!






JoonYoung gets suspended


But it’s his mom who’s more devastated.






I was always told to finish what I started.


So who wants to be completely beaten up?






Whom do you think I learnt my problem solving skills from?






That’s not my dad.


Not mine.





JoonYoung-ah, it wasn’t that he didn’t come for you.

It’s that he didn’t even know you existed.





Your father’s social standing was too high compared to hers.


That’s why your mom didn’t tell him.




But she still wanted you to do well

to show him that she could do well.




Omma, I don’t want you to live for me.





Even then… you’re my Mom…







I’m busy making my mom’s dream come true.


Don’t bother me with your lovelorn friend who can’t get her head on straight.




Gurl Please…

No man is worth your life.






It’s not that I don’t like him.


It’s that I like my best friend more.













She’s not the one who collided into my dad!







All Your Fault




I just wanted some Daddy-time




Return me my Daddy

or at least, get the right culprit.




The childish 200th place JoonYoung





He heard everything.




“Seduce Me”

Crazy Jerk




I think he studied too hard.


He’s gone crazy.





I asked you to wake up

not sleep forever…






I was such a Jerk







Dastardly Union





This is not Kim WooBin’s fan-support

This is all 100th place JoonYoung’s mom’s doing.




No Eul finally called




After a long time.

“She most definitely can’t be…

… my Eul.”



This drama is so pretty~


Recapping takes hours... leave me a comment please? 😜

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