Police Unit 38 IMPcap Ep 9


SungIl’s First Self-Planned Con Goes Well





Caught his tail



JiEun ah! Why do you talk for so long?!




JaeSeong’s Minions to the Rescue!







Planting Seeds of Suspicions


He framed me. You could end up like me.





Gapdong-ah, your proposal is kinda lousy

“Get evidence for me. I’ll get JungDo and you can go back to your ordinary life.”






Can I trust him?


JungDo: “We’re all in this together”






SungHee is not the Best Actress


/*I don’t know anything!*/




They say that Sperm Whale Skin is Supremely Thick

I think this guy’s skin is thicker.






So you’ll go on command for her but not for me?







Let It Go

You’ll feel better.





How can you say things so flippantly?






…says his fake wife

~whisper~ Act Angry! ~whisper~

“Gashina-ya! Can’t you just let it go?!”





“Xun JiHai… what did you break off your appointment with him?”




“Uri Nampyeon”
(Our Husband)

“I don’t know how great you are…”

But Our Husband just lost 100 million because of you.
So tomorrow, please, buy him a good meal.





She may be a good actress after all, hee!









Eo, Daddy, I’m not getting conned

“Don’t worry, your son is smart.”




And then he falls for their trap.







You’ll have to go on a Double Date with Me


“I did say that we can’t even if we died, okay? I said that.”





When. When did you refuse the double date at all, huh?
I’m not deaf you know.






Scamming Bang MinAh


Show her that we’re as dirty as her then make friends.






Plan Failed.

Because of this sperm whale.





“I’m more trust-able aren’t I? After all, I’m a Government Official”

So are all those corrupt politicians though…
And I don’t trust them.






“That detective was right. Ajusshi, I’m using you.”





2 thoughts on “Police Unit 38 IMPcap Ep 9

  1. Hahahaha — sperm whale! Is that random or is it some reference I’m missing?

    You’re right, that was a lousy proposal. Get me out of jail and you can go back to your miserable former life.


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