1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 132

1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 132: Life Research during Summer Vacation

Summer vacation comes and the shenanigans come to an end. Before our boys leave though, they read the small note at the bottom of the page listing their emergency contacts.  Yoo PD will send TaeHyun a message for their next shooting, and TaeHyun should send it to JunHo, who’s to send it to JongMin and he to DongGu, he to JoonYoung and then to Defconn.

The day of the shoot comes and… JongMin comes earlier than expected, a swimming tube around his waist. Yoo PD hadn’t even expected him to come that early and is so confused, since his team hasn’t even set up the recording equipment yet. Right behind JongMin comes DongGu and Yoo PD is all perplexed at their early arrival. DongGu mutters that his message told him to meet at 8: 17AM and then JoonYoung reaches too.

Heh, Yoo PD asks who they were supposed to get their messages from and all suspicions of the mix up fall on Kim JunHo, aka, YAPS. HAHAHAHAHA.


The three guys go sit under a tree while they wait and JoonYoung and DongGu burst into laughter when they see Defconn arrive with a super huge swimming tube and wearing a… what is that… a Pikachu full body costume. Hee.

He sees the other guys’ ordinary clothes and starts punching JoonYoung with his float for changing the message and when he asks JongMin what he’s wearing, he gets the reply that it’s what he’d worn in the earlier shooting (2 weeks ago). They are all certain that it’s all Kim JunHo’s fault and swear to get revenge on YAPS, wanting to shove him into water.

They relocate to a grassy patch, totally uncovered from the sun and complain about the heat. JunHo comes along in his Narcissus outfit, moaning about it being too hot. He laughs at JongMin for coming early when JongMin calls him out for changing the message, hee, and they all wonder why TaeHyun isn’t here yet.

He arrives to join them soon enough, wondering loudly why they’d all arrived so early. He checks his message and confirms the time and continues to read out aloud, “the dress code is red and white”. Pfffft, he himself made JunHo come in his super-heat-retaining black leather outfit. YAPS got tricked too, hee!


Yoo PD reminds them of their homework which is make their sweet potatoes sprout and we go into individual videos taken by the guys themselves.

TaeHyun asks his kids to draw a growing sweet potato and SooChan’s drawing impresses him. 2 days later, the sweet potato that he’d left to soak in a cup still hasn’t grown anything and SooChan comments that he should throw it away and buy and replace it with one that has already sprouted. HAAAA! Are we sure this is not YAPS’ son?

Defconn gets about the same advice from Sech Kies’ Eun JiWon while at work and 4 days later, Defconn grouses that his sweet potato still isn’t growing. HAHAH! He makes all the other idols he meets at work coo and kiss the sweet potato.

DongGu, meanwhile, is still stuck at the Mirror of the Witch filming site and hasn’t gone home in 5 days. He entrusts his parents with his sweet potatoes and the captions call him a goose father (what they usually call dads who remain in Korea to work while sending their kids overseas to study where they believe greater opportunities abound). So sad.

JongMin goes into this super long and detailed description of how he prepares his sweet potato for growth, showering it with bottled water. He puts it in a cup of water and stands it by his window. The next day, he mutters that there’s been no change and the captions point out that it’s only been a day, hur. Every day, he does the recording, always starting with, “Hello, this is Kim JongMin.” OMG, he even put lactobacillus in his sweet potato’s water… One day, his sweet potato shocks him with its stench. I think it has rotted.

JoonYoung’s video starts off with him playing video games while his sweet potato soaks in a glass beside him, heh. One week later, he scathingly says that his sweet potato has grown roots but nothing else but upon closer inspection, there’s a small purple bud and he gets all excited. He brings his sweet potato to his kitchen to water it… and he actually just puts it under a running tap for 0.3 seconds. Heh, his videos are less about the sweet potatoes growing and more about him talking nonsense. He mutters that though it’s only his first time growing a sweet potato, he doesn’t want to do it ever again.


Kim JunHo sticks his sweet potato in a bottle and talks to JongMin over the phone. Then he goes on to coos and kiss his sweet potato, talk about it, and serenade it, all while wearing different outfits. But the weather outside (and the raindrops on his window) indicate that it was all done on the same day and probably the same hour, heh. That’s because he’d decided to put off recording about his sweet potato until it’d sprouted something but it didn’t want to cooperate.

TaeHyun’s sweet potato doesn’t sprout either and TaeEun suggests that he put it out in the sun and SooChan helps him with that.

Back to the present, Defconn shows the others his sweet potato that hasn’t sprouted anything save for mold even though he’d sat it in a wine glass. It’s repaid him by making his house smell, ha!!! JoonYoung’s sweet potato suffered the same fate, though at least it got to grow roots and sprout a little. DongGu’s wasn’t even submerged in water and so nothing had even happened at all, heh. JongMin’s one is just dead. Nothing happened at all to JunHo’s one.


TaeHyun wonders how their sweet potatoes had turned out like this and announces that he had raised his with love. He takes his out and the other guys’ jaws drop when they see the multiple short sprouts in his sweet potato. Whee!

JunHo refuses to believe that he’d made it happen and accuses him of replacing it.

In his individual video taken just three days before the current shooting, the truth is revealed, where TaeHyun confesses that his sweet potato hadn’t grown at all and had even rotted. He’d taken the sweet potato that his wife had been sprouting in her utility room and SooChan had laughed at him for attempting to fool the viewers. His wife tells him to tell the others that his sweet potato had undergone cosmetic surgery, HA! This family is already an old hand at tricking others.

As a result, the only one who actually made anything happen was Jung JoonYoung and Yoo PD calls for the others’ punishment. HA, it’s YoungJin the teacher who appears again to carry out their punishment, first by pulling their ears and then running a knuckle across their heads. That’s it. That’s all he rode 4 hours in a car for.

Since the theme is school (summer) vacation, Yoo PD asks them what they usually did then. DongGu brings up that circular time table that all Korean students have made at least one time or another (if not every day) in their lives and Yoo PD passes them the timetable that the production company had already made for them. There’s “sleeping”, “preparing for fun”, “playing with a novel’s characters”, “playing”, “eating”, “play until your nose bleeds”, “dinner” (until 9 pm) and then “play hotly/excitedly”. Everything’s about playing, ha.

They’re all bewildered by the “playing with a novel’s characters” and chirps that it’s exactly the time to be doing that now. They all think of ChunHyang (because of where they’re at), the female lead in the famous Korean folktale “The story of ChunHyang”. The guys all brighten in anticipation of a female guest.


Yoo PD reminds them of the book reports that they used to have to write while they were kids and so says that they’re here to meet the girl ChunHyang herself. DongGu and Defconn are totally excited and TaeHyun just asks for one of those actresses who’ve played ChunHyang to appear. Anyone is fine, just not those “ladies” from last week. Hee!

The game they’re going to play is “MongRyeong’s National State Examination” Quiz. MongRyeong was ChunHyang’s lover. The guys are to form into groups of two, with one acting as ChunHyang and the other as MongRyeong. Ha, no ladies coming out today.

MongRyeong just has to answer the questions correctly and the team that gets the most number of questions right earns a lottery ticket (it’s actually more like a coupon though). The lottery ticket can be used any time before the end of shooting tomorrow and the production will grant the winner any request. However, if MongRyeong gets the answer wrong, then ChunHyang will get a punishment.

A torture chair is brought out for the ChunHyangs. Ha, why do they have to test it out now? Poor JongMin, who is their guinea pig.


In order to choose who gets to be ChunHyang, Magistrate Park YoungJin appears again. Hee. They complain about his slippers and YoungJin hurries behind them. He’s to put wigs on those he picks to be ChunHyang and he stuffs one on JunHo’s already-wigged head, remarking that he loves manly voices. The other ChunHyangs are Defconn and DongGu. And then he’s off. HAHA!

DongGu preens using his phone as a mirror and then all the ChunHyangs come together to take a wefie. The MongRyeongs choose their ChunHyang through a game of chance (pull a string that’s connected to the ChunHyangs), though they don’t really know which string belongs to which ChunHyang since the strings go through a black box.

JunHo a little stunned when JunYoung picks him, having thought that it was TaeHyun who was pulling the string. Defconn tells him to come back to earth, since the real torture is having JongMin as his MongRyeong. And then he gets JongMin as his partner, HA!

The questions are all related to Korea. To clarify, only the ChunHyang whose MongRyeong answers correctly is spared from punishment. The others will have to go through torture. The first question is story related and Yoo PD asks what the ages of ChunHyang and MongRyeong when they first met and fell in love would add up to.

JongMin’s hand shoots into the air and he calls out 32 years, since they had a 2,8, youth. What?

Defconn tries to convince him otherwise, because his answer would mean that ChunHyang and MongRyeong met when they were just 16 and JoonYoung thinks that they met when they were 18. He chooses to answer 34 and TaeHyun goes with 36.

The correct answer is JongMin’s and 2, 8 youth meant that the person was 2 x 8 = 16 years old. Therefore, the answer is really 32.

Defconn praises JongMin for being good at history and JunHo tries to fob it off as a practise round. No such luck and the ladies from last week reappear as police officials here to torture them. DongGu and JunHo go through the torture and JunHo says that if ChunHyang and MongRyeong were a modern day love story, ChunHyang would have given in to the torture and just went with the lusty, corrupted magistrate and left MongRyeong behind already, hah.


The next question is math. If 2, 700, 000, 000 won was borrowed and the interest was 0.3%, what is the interest amount?

TaeHyun replies 81, 000, 000 won and gets it wrong. JongMin answers with the exact same answer later, so of course he gets it wrong. JoonYoung gets it wrong too and finally, TaeHyun gets it right with 8, 100, 000 won.

TaeHyun asks JoonYoung why he’d suddenly come up with 9, 000, 000 and JoonYoung blames that on JunHo, who’d used his calculator and mouthed that to him, ha!

Defconn is up for his punishment and he doesn’t like the smile on JongMin’s face. TaeHyun points out that JongMin had copied his wrong answer earlier. Heh, before JunHo gets tortured, he announces that he wants to spend the night with the corrupt governor and forgo the torture, HAHA!

The next question is Korean (the language ) and Yoo PD asks what the one word that describes armpit sweat is. Heh.


JoonYoung gets it right, even with the spelling, having taken inspiration for a letter from armpit hair, ha! JunHo teases Defconn for his over the top reaction and Defconn sticks the torture device under his leg and attempts to inflict the most pain though JunHo just imitates how Defconn had been earlier, hur.

The next question is about hairstyles and JongMin shocks Yoo PD by getting it right. Nobody actually believes that he knew about the name of the hairstyle without getting some sort of hint from elsewhere and Yoo PD remarks that it was the first time hearing that name while preparing for it. HAHAHA, JongMin gets so offended and JoonYoung points out that it’s because of the way he answers – “OH! OH! Ah… Niagara perm”. Defconn calls him a genius.

They get a food related question next and are shown a picture of a ciabatta. They’re asked to name it and I can’t believe that no one knows the answer when it’s everywhere in Korea. JunHo even asks if it’s not a biscuit (hardtack) and Defconn wonders if that’s not a block of soybean. Yoo PD even gives them a hint (Yoo PD: “it ends in ta!” JunHo: “Radio Star?”) and lets the MongRyeongs call a female helper, wife, girlfriend, etc and JongMin calls ShinJi, who was asleep. Heh, the others make a hell of a noise and he runs away. TaeHyun just video calls his wife and shows her the photo of the bread. She gets it right immediately. JongMin shares with the rest that ShinJi’s having that for breakfast..

JunHo’s up for punishment and while he screams in pain, the MongRyeongs encourage DongGu to put in more strength. Heh. It was DongGu who was torturing him.

The next time, it’s ChoonHyang’s turn to answer and MongRyeong’s turn to get a punishment.

DongGu choses the one about quotes and the ChunHyangs go complete the quotations that Yoo PD calls out. DongGu only gets two right out of three and while the others try to guess the answer, JoonYoung announces that he has no idea at all.


JunHo gets  two right too, having gotten stuck with “Words are best said” and completing it with “writings are best written”. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! The correct ending was “Meat is best chewed” and while JunHo was the one who came up with it, he is astounded to be told that he’s right, since he’d just copied it off a famous commercial.

Defconn gets stuck on his third question too and it’s DongGu who steals that question. Therefore, there’s a tie-breaker question but no one can answer so it’s open to the floor and JongMin comes up with an answer that’s really close. TaeHyun gets it right and therefore, DongGu and TaeHyun’s team wins the game.

Defconn takes pleasure in torturing JongMin and skinny JoonYoung slaps JunHo’s hand away.

The winners are given a pastry as their lottery ticket and they split it. When they want to use it, they will have to bring it back together in order to get their wish fulfilled. If either half gets lost or gets eaten, then their lottery ticket is invalid. Gullible DongGu lets Defconn hold it and barely saves his half from Defconn’s mouth.


The guys board their car and head off further inland to Surak Waterfall. There’s a showering waterfall there where the residents of the area actually shower in to relieve whatever ailments they have. Our guys already know that they’ll have to get into the water, having seen one of the staff in wet boots.

Wheee!!! Mr Yoo HoJin has joined them here and they all clap when he shares that he’s put on 3 kg. Please put on more weight.

He’s still there when they’re at the stream and the other guys bug him to correct Yoo IlYong’s pronunciation of the word “concept”, totally ignoring the poor Yoo PD sitting right in front of them and who’s heading the entire production. And anyway, Yoo IlYong PD had always gotten the Korean pronunciation of the word right. The official Korean word is very Korean-ified but it’s right and Yoo HoJin tells our guys that Yoo IlYong sticks to the rules much more than he does, hee. I can tell from the way he edits the episodes.

The next game is musical floats, which is basically “musical chairs” in water with floats replacing the chairs. The one who wins that game and the one who dances the best get to eat lunch. DongGu pouts that he’s good at neither.

The food comes out and they all drool over it. JongMin pulls out a chicken leg and JoonYoung tells him not to touch it, since he can’t eat it anyway, aw. TaeHyun laughs that he’s no good at anything that will get him the food and DongGu commiserates in that feeling.

They prepare to go into the water and JongMin asks if they’d like to eat some fruits, eyeing someone’s fruits that had been left to cool in the stream. JunHo asks if he knows who those fruits belong to and JongMin has no idea, ha! JunHo hits him with his float.

The guys slide into the water and before the game even starts, there’s a different game to decide who has to be right behind Defconn.

Heh, they’re totally excited when TWICE’s Cheer Up is played to the delight of the onlookers. Defconn, are you shouting “Cheer Up” or are you shouting “Shut Up”? The music stops and they rush for a float. JunHo and JoonYoung end up fighting over one, which is when JongMin falls off his own float himself. HA! JoonYoung steals that float and JunHo and JongMin fight over the remaining float, hitting each other as is their usual scuffle. In the end, it’s JongMin who fails.


The next round continues and this time, it’s a fight between JoonYoung and DongGu. JoonYoung is at the disadvantage, but luckily for him, Defconn falls off his float and JoonYoung goes to grab that opportunity. He sits firmly in the float and though Defconn overturns him with pure brute force, Defconn is called out for cheating and is disqualified.

The next song is JoonYoung’s favourite song, Pick Me by Produce 101. The music stops and JoonYoung lunges for a float while JunHo lunges… face first into the water. HEE! He’s disqualified and Yoo PD remarks that it’s unexpected that TaeHyun is still in the game. Ah ha, that’s right, that’s such an interesting semi-final, with TaeHyun, JoonYoung and DongGu, the least expected survivors, still fighting it out.

Heh, time for a short break with YAPS’ Time where JunHo attempts to kick Defconn in the belly but instead has his foot caught. He’s forced into the water but in the end, it’s JongMin who sends both down.

The game to decide the last two starts and this time, JoonYoung fights for the float with TaeHyun. Seeing how TaeHyun had belly flopped onto his float, JoonYoung flips over to get on it butt-first and easily slides TaeHyun off, securing his place.


Therefore, the final is a game between close friends JoonYoung and DongGu. The song that comes out is Fantastic Baby but the ones to watch are not those who are going round the float but the eliminated who are putting their all into their dances. JongMin even B-boys!

The music stops but while JoonYoung attempts to secure his place the same way he did earlier, DongGu one ups him by sticking his knees into the hole and easily grabbing the float away.

He’s therefore the one who earns lunch and the others do a final dance to decide who gets to join him. Heh, they all dance to Big Bang’s Bang Bang Bang and JongMin, JunHo and Defconn have no chill whatsoever. JongMin does a hand hop, JunHo imitates James Bond while Defconn does a full body wave on the ground like a seal or walrus.

Yoo PD leaves the judging to the onlookers that have gathered and OMG, JunHo takes his shirt off. Since the volume of the cheers that all the guys get are around the same, they decide to just settle who the winner is through rock-paper-scissors. The finale ends up being a game between TaeHyun and JoonYoung and TaeHyun wins it.

Time for lunch and after drying off, they gather at the waterfall, where TaeHyun exclaims super loudly at the food that’s there. Defconn sings him a congratulation song and the other losers join in. DongGu notes that he and TaeHyun are the winners again after their earlier ChunHyang and MongRyeong game.

JoonYoung asks if there’s soy sauce and Yoo PD laughs why he’s asking for that when he can’t eat it anyway, aw.

TaeHyun teases JunHo with a huge clump of chicken meat but ultimately eats it himself. Hee, he screams when he pulls out a chicken foot and cringes, finding it disgusting. DongGu can eat it though, and he does, to JunHo’s exclamations of, “how manly!”

Food Ambassador DongGu starts eating the Seafood Pancake and then describes it, calling it crispy on the outside and soft on the inside like fried chicken. And because it’s thickly filled with all sorts of goodies, it’s wonderful. For the sake of tourism, I vote that he gets to eat everything on this show, haha. For the sake of tourism!


JunHo mentions that being able to eat at such a wonderful place is an honour and complains about not being able to eat. They even danced so hard earlier!

TaeHyun therefore suggests that if the losers want to eat, they should go stand under the waterfall. JunHo doesn’t like that idea and Defconn complains that they’d just changed. JongMin is all up for it though, especially when he’s told that he won’t just get one spoonful. He’ll be a diner at the table.

JoonYoung laughs that he really doesn’t want to go in but his tummy’s hungry. Defconn declares that he definitely won’t go in.

JongMin enters the water and backs off for a moment when he’s at the fountain’s edge, complaining that it’s too painful. He does go standing in the middle of it though and the guys all count to ten… and then count back to one because he didn’t hear them and won’t come out. HA!!!!


He finally emerges and returns, telling them all about how painful it was. Defconn declares that he’s gonna go. He wants the chicken and JoonYoung and JunHo follow his lead.

Yoo PD nags JongMin to put on his mike but he doesn’t care at all, busy stuffing his mouth with the seafood pancake, haha. A staff has to put it on him.

Defconn reaches the fountain first and flounders while enduring his 10 seconds.  He’s done and goes off straight to the food. JunHo goes in, screaming about the pain and looking totally battered. JoonYoung joins him too and when it ends, he’s so happy to be done with it that he yells out an unsolicited “1 Night, 2 Days!” I never knew this day would come.

JunHo reaches the table of food and grabs the Seafood Pancake with his bare hands, shoving everything into his mouth, haha. Nobody listens to Yoo PD’s shouts to wear their mikes.


Yoo PD asks JunHo about the experience and he just repeats that it was painful. The other victims butt in and Defconn says that he couldn’t see anything, so he moved forward without knowing anything. JunHo says that his aches have all gone, hur. Defconn plays along, saying that the headache he had is gone and JunHo continues to say that the eye that he couldn’t open is now wide open, HAAA!

Yoo PD asks if TaeHyun and DongGu won’t give the fountain a try and they’re like nope. Nopity, nopity, nope. Yoo PD tries to tempt them with fruits and TaeHyun relents while JunHo complains that there’s no more chicken meat.


TaeHyun weathers the fountain’s wrath and DongGu goes too, even throwing in a gratuitous hot-bod-shot by taking his shirt off. He yells “1 Night 2 Days” as per JunHo’s request.

While he returns, TaeHyun shares that after getting hit by the fountain, he’d burped and JunHo takes that a sign that he’s digested all his food.

Haha, more of DongGu’s body for you to see and as promised, Yoo PD presents them with their fruits. JunHo and JongMin don’t even peacefully eat and play with the fruits, imagining a slice of fruit to be a mouth guard and playing wrestling.

The episode comes to a close, just as Defconn sighs that it really feels like a vacation.



Next Week!

JunHo complains that DongGu has become too YAPS-like.


8 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 132

  1. Thanks for the recap! Haven’t had time to catch up on the episode, so reading this makes me extra eager to watch it now. Well-written and detailed too. Great job, and thanks again!


  2. Dong Gu’s face when he got caught torturing KJH was priceless! xD I miss Yoo PD (3 kg, lol!). The tube game was so much fun.

    Thank you!


    1. Heh, that face. There was another face that’d I’d screen-capped of DongGu when he had eaten the peach. That face of delight is just …%@^%#!!! Hahaha. But too bad I didn’t have space here to put it anywhere.

      There’re a lot of moments in this episode that would make for a wonderful picture-recap.


  3. For the sake of tourism indeed! And also, we need more Dong Gu in waterfalls, you know for research! Hee. Dancing King Kim Jong Min never dissapoints and Piggy Pikachu was so funny. Thanks for the recap.


  4. Honestly, i never watched 2D1N before siyoon joined. I am not a fan of variety show..the only other variety i watched was 3MAD and even that i only watched the ones with seo jin and taec. After that..zilch. not even interested in running man despite its huge following over here. Since siyoon is one of my fave actors and the fact that he rarely in variety shows..i thought i’d give it a go..and i have no regrets! I come to love the rest of the members even if i have no idea who they are..terrible, huh? But they all steal my heart and i am so glad donggu signed up…else i would missed knowing junho, taehyun, deffcon, jongmin and joonyoung. And that fight between junho and jongmin for the float made me fell off my chair, laughing..literally!


    1. Here as in…? Haha.

      Anyway, welcome to the 1 Night 2 Days Family! Every single one of them is precious and such a darling. Congratulations for finding such a wonderful programme! hee.


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