Police Unit 38 Ep 10

I cannot! My IMPcaps just collapsed for this episode! I tried, but, NOPE! It’s too complicated to simply do it justice with just pictures. So, this is a full recap. Maybe the next episode will be back to IMPcaps. I only have one word for this episode: GOOD!

Police Unit 38 Episode 10:

JungDo looks in SungIl’s eyes and confesses that he’s using him. The 50 million cheated out the Bangs? He has no intention of using that to pay their taxes. Instead, he’s going to throw them all in Choi ChulWoo’s paper company, making Choi ChulWoo the con man and Bang PilGyu the con victim. With that, Bang PilGyu’s companies will all be investigated, clearly ripping open Pandora’s Box, where the truth of his companies is sure to cause a public furore and earn the media’s scrutiny. However, it’ll also reveal that SungIl illegally conned people into paying their taxes, bringing him and Mayor Chun GabSoo down.

SungIl panics, unable to believe it. He repeatedly asks JungDo if he really meant what he’d just said… and JungDo laughs, calling him cute for believing his words. SungIl sighs in relief, since it had sounded so real, and JungDo practically lays bare for him how cons work by referencing the information SungIl had revealed by talking about his brother-in-law with him. He advises SungIl to focus on conning Bang MinAh, and then tries to turn it on SungIl, by saying that he hurt his wee little heart, hee.


But later that night, he calls someone, telling him that SungIl suspects them and calls for their operation to be a little tighter in security. What the *beep*.

JaeSeong finds out from his minion that SungIl chose JungDo but JaeSeong is not worried at all, since the people around JungDo are criminals. Those are the kinds of people easiest to manipulate and threaten to become informants, and he smirks that someone just like that came to visit earlier.

At work, SungIl scuttles out of his office, but is closely followed by Commissioner Ahn. SungHee sees that and worries, so she sends her boss a message immediately. SungIl’s not such an ignorant teddy bear though, since he already knew that he was being followed. He calls SungHee then not to do such things any more, more worried for her safety.

Those are not just words of bravado because HakJoo comes out of nowhere and throws himself onto Commissioner Ahn’s car, acting like a car accident victim, hee.


The plan to fleece Bang MinAh is a-go, and SungIl accidentally-on-purpose bumps into her at Insadong. They relocate to his van and while he plays the corrupt officer, he pleads to her greatest motivator and implies that he’s working to help others weasel out of paying inheritance tax, calling the law unfair. She’s interested in the artefact that he has with him right now and threatens to leave if he doesn’t tell her where he got it from, so he complies and shows her the beauty that BangShil’s (Wallet) money got them and Bang MinAh’s greed bites on that expensive bait.

In order to get past her guard and suspicions, SungIl offers to give her the antique, in return for her silence about his team’s corruption. Bang MinAh takes the antique to an antique dealer to check it out and is taken back to be told that it really is the real deal.

Suspicions out of the way, she calls SungIl, requesting his services in helping her skirt the inheritance taxes. Con succeeded, trust earned.

Heh, JaWang (Keyboard) gets so excited that he grabs JiYeon’s (BangShil’s daughter) thigh and she smacks him in the head for the insolence.

And then the public officer proudly says, “I must be a good con man now.” HA!

The work day nears its end and JungDo’s request to act as his wife and have dinner with Bang HoSeok starts to trouble SungHee. Even though she’d refused to play along, JungDo still calls her that evening and even though she tells him to tell Bang HoSeok that she’s dead (ha!), JungDo appears right in front of her office building, all slicked up as that Chinese Businessman and with Bang HoSeok and wife in tow. I think this is what they call “not taking no for an answer”.

With Bang HoSeok looking on, she reluctantly plays along.


They go to a restaurant to celebrate “her birthday” (SungHee: “Today’s my birthday?”) and while she gives Bang HoSeok the look for eating so noisily, Bang HoSeok’s wife is staring at that same man with hearts in her eyes. Bang HoSeok brags that his wife liked that about him and that’s why she married him and then asks SungHee what she liked about her “husband” to have gone chasing after him in college.

JungDo doesn’t help and instead fans the flames, with a cheeky smirk on his face but SungHee doesn’t humour him and replies that she doesn’t remember. She doesn’t remember why she’d liked him, because the huge scar that he’d given her wiped all her good memories away. She’s obviously not saying that as the Chinese Businessman’s wife and JungDo’s smirk melts, his expression replaced by one of hurt and disappointment.

After dinner, JungDo and Bang HoSeok stand aside to talk business, while the “wives” wait a short distance away. The hearts in Bang HoSeok’s wife’s eyes are gone, replaced by disgust. She derides him, saying that she only married him because he was rich and, haha, SungHee’s face of incredulity at this about-turn is priceless. More priceless is her face when the wife suddenly turns the aegyeo on when Bang HoSeok comes to her side. HEE!


After the two are gone, JungDo suggests that he and SungHee walk to where the taxis are. He doesn’t mean to the taxi stand nearby but to someplace far, far, away. I see through you!

SungHee asks what he’d talked about with Bang HoSeok and he freely shares that he’d persuaded him to go for a scheme more risky, but much more profitable than the one he’d promoted in his speech. That scheme is basically to mix some real artefacts among cheap replicas, buying the whole lot at a low price and then getting the real artefacts back out and selling them at their real, sky-high value. In short, buy low, sell high and earn a profit of 1000%. Heh, he knew that Bang HoSeok wouldn’t bite easily, due to the large amount of money required and had warmed him up by appealing to his greed. “Let’s become billionaires!”

SungHee gets a taxi and they part ways, amicable. JungDo calls SungHee once the taxi pulls off, and in the silence of the taxi’s backseat, through a phone, SungHee hears JungDo apologise for him being the only one left with the good memories.

JungDo strolls along the walkway, lost in the moment when he’d broken up with SungHee. Though he’d cruelly dumped her, saying that he’d never had feelings for her, his expression the moment he walked through the restaurant’s doors show otherwise. Even after he’d left the restaurant, he couldn’t bear to walk off and had forlornly peeked at her through the windows. Without a fight or a word, he’d followed JaeSeong when he’d come for him, only giving the cop a betrayed look.

JaeSeong had mocked his relationship with SungHee, unable to believe that it was real. It’s what gets JungDo to finally speak up, although he eventually succumbs to tears after just one line, “Ahjusshi, it was the first time since I was 20… I did something for real, and it ended up being fake.”

In the present, JungDo continues to walk, melancholy, and in the past, SungHee barely keeps herself together, downing a shot of alcohol even though she couldn’t drink.

A new day comes, and our conmen get to work at really conning the Bang siblings. JaWang is tasked with finding information about Chinese antiques and MiJoo with finding a certain product. HakJoo’s on stop-Commissioner-Ahn-at all -cost duty and SungIl is made to memorise everything about that product MiJoo is to find.


JungDo starts the ball rolling by calling Bang HoSeok, informing him that the sample that he wants to see is ready and Bang HoSeok calls his sister for help, who of course calls our corrupt public official and antique expert Baek SungIl.

The Bang siblings, the corrupt antiques-expert, the Chinese Businessman and MiJoo’s “priceless antique” gather at Bang HoSeok’s office, where SungIl gasps at the “cultural heritage”. Just like that, JungDo “proves” that his scheme is able to bring in 400% profit solely on one artefact and he effectively reels in Bang HoSeok. Bang MinAh is close to biting the bait.

He gets Bang HoSeok to sink 30 million in his scheme, heh.

SungIl drinks tea with Bang MinAh at her house and keeps up the ruse when Bang MinAh pushes him to tell her when his next shipment of antiques is coming. She apparently trusts him so much, just because he’s apparently as not-law-abiding as her, that she shows him her collection room, full of antiques that she’d collected over 20 years.


Their meeting is captured on camera by the NohSeung-replacement and Commissioner Ahn is informed. He in turn calls Mayor Chun and they both head to SungIl’s office, to confront him about their suspicions of him going after Bang PilGyu’s 50 million tax arrears.

SungIl’s not in the office though, and it’s especially suspicious when all his team members are still in office.

SungHee offers an excuse to cover him and Mayor Chun steps towards, her, asking if Sungil really went where she said he’d gone to. When she confirms it, he simply tells her toconvey his wish to meet Baek SungIl when he returns.

In his office with Commissioner Ahn he insists on knowing whether SungHee is in with SungIl’s con and Commissioner Ahn simply answers that he’s highly suspects that it’s true. He offers to give Bang PilGyu a heads up that he’s being conned but Mayor Ahn just sighs.


MiJoo sits opposite JaeSeong, where he threatens her into betraying JungDo and getting someone to bust him out. If she doesn’t follow his orders, he swears to get his minion to throw her back into jail again, but if she does, he promises that she can return to living her own life. Sir, you need to come up with better bargains because yours really suck.

MiJoo falls for it though, and comes clean to the Bang Siblings. They call their father, who slaps Bang HoSeok right across the face and calls him names but when the big baby burst into wailing sobs, his father takes him into his arms. Bang MinAh looks from a distance away, unimpassioned.

Bang PilGyu hears from MiJoo that Sa JaeSeong wants to be let out and he calls a prosecutor acquaintance.

Both SungIl and JungDo are called to the Bang’s house where MiJoo is also there. She’s distraught and begs Bang MinAh to let her go away, crying that she’s too ashamed to face JungDo. She even grabs at Bang MinAh, but nothing works. As the Bangs all wait for the sheep, MiJoo hides her face in her knees, close to tears.


Sheep SungIl and JungDo arrive at the Bang residence and the first thing SungIl says is, “I think we got caught.”

Bang PilGyu’s men in black come for them and while Bang HoSeok manhandles JungDo, JungDo only has eyes for MiJoo. They’re sent to the police station and thrown into the holding sell for two days.

SungIl calls SungHee to put in that two days off and she worries about him but he just reassures her that he’s fine.

There’s nothing to worry about though, because no matter how much and whatever the Bang siblings say during the duo’s 48 hour detention, even with Bang PilGyu visiting the Police Commissioner, there’s no indicating them for fraud, since no money actually moved from the Bangs to the conmen, meaning that there’s no evidence that the conmen ever conned the Bangs. However, money did move the other way, so our conmen could technically report the Bangs for scamming them.

That’s not what our conmen are interested in though, and two days later, JungDo and SungIl go for lunch while scratching their itchy, unwashed bodies. They split up to inform the victims of their loss, with SungIl responsible for informing Bang MinAh and JungDo for Bang PilGyu. It seems like there’s more up JungDo’s sleeves, because he calls Secretary Kim, who notifies Chairman Wang that JungDo seems to be starting his real con now.


SungIl goes to Bang MinAh, and he starts off by asking if she really has no intent to pay her taxes. She doesn’t, and she’s still as rude and condescending, but the moment SungIl comes clean, that nasty smirk disappears.

HA! Apparently, MiJoo’s betrayal was just an excuse to steal Bang MinAh’s antique storage room’s key and make a wax copy out of it. While the guards outside the antique room were called out to deal with our duo, and during the two days when the entire household was busy with trying to indict JungDo and SungIl, the rest of our con team had swooped in and cleared that entire room, leaving nothing antique but old dust behind.

Bang MinAh sees that for herself and she collapses in that very room and SungIl comes in to crow that the team had liquidated everything within two days. It was done while they were locked up, so there’s no way to pin it on them. Now, it becomes Bang MinAh’s turn to beg SungIl to return everything. She tries to bribe him with 5 million but SungIl isn’t interested and orders her to call her father.

She does, and SungIl rattles out his name, certain that Bang PilGyu doesn’t recognise him even though he’d just met him a few days ago at Insadong and scolds him for claiming that he doesn’t owe the nation anything. He lets that slide, but he won’t let the harm that he’d inflicted on innocent people, like ChangHo and Park SangHo go. He tells Bang PilGyu to pay penance to them for the rest of his life and lists out the taxes he’d owed and declares that they’re all paid, in full. Bang PilGyu chuckles though, while SungIl tells Bang MinAh to live like a human from now on.

On his way out, SungIl gets a call from JungDo, informing him that he can’t pay Bang PilGyu’s taxes with the money they’d conned out of him. He needs that money for something else. WHAT?!

SungIl bursts out a fearsome roar, but all JungDo leaves him with is, “Ahjusshi, how could you trust the words of a conmen of all people?” SungIl tries to call JungDo over and over again to no avail and meanwhile, that conman turns to look at Bang PilGyu, who’d been sitting beside him, and asks what they’re going to do now.




To be honest, I didn’t prepare comments for this episode because I thought I was gonna do an IMPcap but NOOOOO, LIFE DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. And really, the only thing I was left with after this episode was whhhaaaaaaaaaat? WHHAAAAAAAAAAT? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!

Hah, I’ve gotta give this writer credit for doing his homework. Han JungHoon is a name I’ll remember forever.

This is a con in a con in a con and why does that remind me of inception? I just… what do I even say?

I’ve never really taken MiJoo’s betrayal for real because it would be so out of character for her to betray one of the very few people she trusts without even consulting him of her dilemma. Do you remember the way she’d pulled JungDo aside and refused to work with SungIl just because she doesn’t know him in Episode 3? That alone said enough about the strength of her loyalty to me because people who only have a few people, never betray the few people they have for nuts.

But I never, never expected JungDo to admit to conning SungIl right in front of Bang PilGyu. I think it was clear that JungDo had his own agenda this whole time, something to do with his dad and conning specific people. But right in front of Bang PilGyu? What’s going on? Maybe the con that he’d listed out right at the beginning of this episode was his real plan, albeit slightly tweaked? Because from the previews, it seems like JungDo’s ready to play with everyone’s minds. Friday, where are you???

4 thoughts on “Police Unit 38 Ep 10

  1. Ha, you couldn’t resist! I had the same reaction at the end as you, which was just saying, whaaaaattt? a whole bunch of times. I thought I was so smart in knowing that Mijoo was still working for the team, but, no. I am not smarter than the writer, confirmed.


  2. I swear, my mind blanked at that point. That ending. Jung Do!!!!!! I’m over here counting the hours until Friday. Thank goodness for the other dramas keeping my attention so far. They make the time fly by for me :).


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